A Soul’s Journey – Week 22

“Just one more hurdle…….”

At this stage of my Spiritual Journey I was meditating daily.

I was receiving an increasing amount of messages from the non-physical realm.

Was this real or just my imagination?

It is a weird concept to wrap your head around. After all, we have only ever been taught that this physical world is our reality. Only weirdos and hippies talked about a world we couldn’t ‘see’.

Luckily I’m ok with weirdo’s and hippies and I embraced whole-heartedly this non-physical dimension.

With ardent fervour I wrote down all the information I was receiving and it proved to be extremely affirming. Guaranteed, sometime in the future I would re-read what I had written and it would have happened.

Exactly the way ‘they’ had told me.

I started receiving message from Angels and could now pick up their unique energy signatures. I was reading every book of Doreen Virtue’s and every week there was a new delivery from Amazon.

These were exciting times.

Confusing but exciting.

A whole new world had opened up right before my ‘eyes’.

I had been doing a meditation one day and Archangel Jophial came through. I hadn’t actually heard of her before, and after did some research.

This was one of the meditations I would never forget. I always kept a pen and paper handy in case I needed to write down the guidance.

This day I did.

There were many messages that day, but one in particular would stick in my mind, until the very moment it came true.

I had asked Archangel Jophial about Jemima. I asked if she was going to be ok.

She replied, ‘Yes. She is going to be fine, She just has one more hurdle to overcome”.

Sweet Jesus!

How many more hurdles was this poor girl going to have to endure?