A Soul’s Journey – Week 23

“Poor Julius…….”

In one of Doreen Virtue’s Angel books was a meditation called A Chakra Walk-Through.

It was one where you ‘walked’ through a passage-way and on either side of the passage was a coloured door.

It started at black – the Earth Star Chakra, and went up through all the colours of the rainbow – Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet.

You walked through and opened each door in turn. Someone would be in the room and would have a message for you.

This meditation I will never forget and I now realise just how important it has been to my spiritual journey.

There was a little boy in the first chakra centre, timid and shy his name was Michael. I wasn’t entirely sure of who he was but he could have been a young version of my father.

Behind the Red door was Archangel Uriel, the Orange door, Archangel Jophial sitting under an enormous oak tree, yellow butterflies surrounding her and behind the Yellow, a lady called Josephine, my first mother, from many lifetimes past.

Each had a beautiful, poignant message and one that would fill my heart with love.

In Anahata, the heart chakra, emerald green in colour, was my beloved papa, my mother’s father. I couldn’t see through the tears. With a message of love related to our shared passion for music.

But it was walking through the doors of the throat chakra and into The Blue Room, that would have the biggest impact.

For their in front of me stood Patrick.

Tall, dark, handsome and IRISH – it now comes in fours!!!

I ran towards him, wrapped my arms around him and sobbed at the reconnection.

“Where have you been???? What happened to you?? Where did you go?”

Hysterical and almost inconsolable he assured me everything was going to be ok, I had found him again and it was now time to heal.

I had now reconnected with the love of my life in another lifetime!!!

Poor Julius.

As if dealing with Mr X in this physical lifetime wasn’t enough, he now had to deal with my obsessive journey back through the non-physical dimension to find out who the hell Patrick was and where and why he had been taken from me.

One thing I was certain of is I had never felt heartache like I was feeling now and this meeting would turn out to be a huge element of my spiritual growth.

Trusting there was something I had to heal deep within my heart from several lifetimes past.