A Soul’s Journey – Week 24

“To be sure, to be sure……..”

Ask anyone and they will all tell you of my lifelong obsession with all things Irish.

From U2 to Guiness, my Irish Great-Grandmother and my relatives from Ballybunion.

But nothing compared to my new obsession with Patrick.

From that chakra walk-through I gathered he was Irish, he was a farm-boy, he was about 27. He lived in a small little out-house made of stone and it was long enough ago that there was only a fire and candles to light the room.

There was that and the fact that he was incredibly handsome!

To be honest, he didn’t look that dissimilar to Jules – now I think about it there were many similarities.

Patrick played the lute – stay with me here- and wore baggy black pants, his bare chest being warmed by the glow from the open fire and his long curly hair just touching his shoulders.

Don’t worry! I too thought at this stage I was going completely mad.

I meditated so often now and visited Patrick every time. I wanted to know everything about us, what exactly had happened, why he had come back.

I told Jules, from what I could gather I lived in a big, stately home and was an only child. When everyone had gone to bed I would sneak through the kitchen, and out into the cool of the night. I would run barefoot down to the little stone cottage and just lie down and chat or listen to him play. There were many times I would just lay in his arms listening to him breathe and staring into the dying embers of the fire.

Always quick to be home and tucked up in bed by sunrise, should ma and pa come in to check on me.

Julius being the gorgeous and understanding husband he is even bought me a present one day from Patrick. He said he hoped I didn’t think he was weird, (because at this stage I sound like a completely normal person), and gave me a divine silver necklace he had found in Amoy Street in Singapore. It had written on it,

Just lay down with me.

I have worn it every day since.