A Soul’s Journey – Week 25

“Piecing together the puzzle…….”

At times this Spiritual Journey has been arduous and at others just plain comical.

The search for Patrick was on and I was seeing every Psychic, Healer and Shaman in Singapore to find out just what went on.

I had done past life regressions, tried kinesiology, anything that would hopefully give me the information I so longed for.

But it was Clive Whitby who gave me the break-through I had been looking for.

I had met Clive a few times at varying spiritual events but it was a psychic reading at Sacred Space in the Peninsula Shopping Centre in Singapore that I received the information for which I had so desperately been searching.

I walked excitedly through the doors and the first thing he said to me, without any prompting was

“I don’t do past lives”

“Bummer”, I said, “Are you sure???”

See, this is exactly what I love about the non-physical world. How did he know I wanted so desperately to find out about my past lives?

We did the reading. I wasn’t very interested to be honest. I had become a little less excited once he said he didn’t do past lives.

We had nearly come to the end of the reading when he said,

“Alright. I have your last two past lives”

Bless you beautiful Clive, give it to me!!!

“Ok. So in your last life you were Chinese. It was early 1900’s. You were a man living in Beijing or Hong Kong”. Funny, two of my favourite places in Asia. “Go on”. “You were small but strong. You lived on your rickshaw, a bit of a loner. You died at 27.”

“I was stabbed wasn’t I??” (I have a fear of knives and can’t have them pointing at me)

“Yes, you were. Something to do with drugs.”

Interestingly enough, I got my first tattoo in Crown street Surrey Hills with my friend Sara Roe.

It was the Chinese symbol for boy.

I was 27.

“….and there’s another one”

“You are in the UK. You live on an enormous property, just you and your parents. You were raised by a governess and you are wearing a big white dress. You are around the age of 16. There are horses and stables, lots of little outhouses and a big, beautiful pond”

“Is Patrick there?” I asked fervently.