A Soul’s Journey – Week 26

“An 18th Century tale……..”

“Yes, Paddy’s here”

” Don’t tease me”, I said angrily – after all this was no joke!

“That’s what you called him” said Clive (mustn’t have picked up on that bit)

“What happened” I asked, a slight quiver in my voice.

“Aah the two of you were in love.  It was mid 1700’s. He was the farm boy and you the daughter of a wealthy aristocratic family in the UK. You lead quite a lonely life, your parents were there but not really present. They were busy at social functions and spent an inordinate amount of time travelling around the country side. You were left in the care of the governess whom you loved very much. But it was your time with Patrick you cherished the most. He was a little older than you, around 27. It was love at first sight. You spent every opportunity you could with him. You would watch him shoe the horses in the stable, fetch hay from the paddocks, load the tray and harness the horses. The two of you became inseparable. Your parents hadn’t paid much attention but the governess was acutely aware of what was going on. Night after night you would tiptoe down the stairs, quietly sneaking past the kitchen, grabbing something for Paddy on the way, and run down to the stone out-house where Patrick lived. The two of you would spend hours together, laughing, talking, falling in love”

“…but what happened” I asked, “My heart aches. Where did he go? What happened?”

“The two of you decided to get married. You shared the happy news with your mother and father. Unfortunately they weren’t on the same page and promptly told you, you were not marrying a farm hand, that was beneath you. So you decided to elope, but you were stopped at the gate and Patrick was sent away”

“Not long after, you died. Of a broken heart. That can happen you know”

How depressing. Knifed at 27 (my last past-life) and dead of a broken heart at 16. Wow. Good thing I came here today!!

But I had found my answer and for the next two years I would undertake a journey to heal my broken heart.

Every healer, psychic, shaman, light chiropractor, kinesiologist, everyone, mentioned my broken heart.

It was time to heal and heal I would. I would heal until that broken heart was whole again.

And through this healing I could now take the journey back to the Scared Space of my heart.

The Sacred Space that held the connection back to my true nature.

Thank you Patrick, for showing me the way.