A Soul’s Journey – Week 27

“The journey is as important as the destination…….”

So the year was progressing.

We were having weekly visits to the psychologist with Jemima. She had recently broken up with her boyfriend of three years but all things considered she was making strong progress through her final year.

In Year 11 she hardly made it to school but she was in a better space now and working hard.

Julius had slowly adjusted to his new life and had managed to slowly unwind and enjoy his time off.

The four months of gardening leave had finished and he was lucky enough to find work with a consulting company, so at least we could see out the year in Singapore.

X and Patrick kept me occupied.

I had found out why Patrick had appeared in my life, but I was still unsure about X.

Whenever I went to see someone, psychic, healer etc I would never mention it, I would just wait and see if it came up.

There was talk of twin flames, of soul mates, even a karmic love triangle!!!

I’d heard it all!

But all the while I was learning.

Learning and growing and delving deep, deep, down inside.

Inside me – into my TempleSoul.

I have been fairly impatient with this whole journey as I wanted the answers, usually without doing the work, but as one of my teacher’s said,

“The journey is as important as the destination”,

and I know now what she means.

Less in a hurry these days and more accepting and appreciative of how the Universe works, knowing all happens in Divine Timing.

The quest for why X had shown up had lead me to uncover wonderful truths about me and helped me with some deep and profound healing.

It had also introduced me to a string of Spiritual teachers whose guidance, support and love during this healing process has been nothing short of extraordinary.