A Soul’s Journey – Week 28

“Dancing a Merry Jig……”

There were a few squabbles over X during the year, usually late at night and after drinking way too much.

My birthday that year was out of control, in a fun way! My girlfriends had come to visit for three days and did we party like we never had before. It had been a while between drinks! Nothing like old friends to lift your spirits.

In terms of squabbles, Christmas night that year was a doozy and had my parents not been in the room across the hall probably would have been much louder and may have involved me storming out!

I understand completely how Julius must have felt but as I had said time and time again, there was nothing going on and it was completely one sided. At no stage in this crazy episode did X show anything other than friendship towards me.

Just try to leave him out of it.

That would become ever so much easier in the very near future.

I remember the night well.

I have never seen a happier man.

He danced up the driveway and into the living room a smile as big the sun lighting his face,

“Guess who’s moving overseas??????”

I played it cool.

I made it look as though that didn’t have any impact on me whatsoever!

What could I say?

So no sooner had X appeared, did he disappear.

But further on down the track, quite a fair way down, his reason for entering my life would make itself apparent.