A Soul’s Journey – Week 3

“Oh take me back to the start……”

Julius and I have been together forever and I mean that quite literally.

We have certainly danced this merry dance before, time and time again.

I think that’s why when I first saw him mowing the lawns at his home in Barnard Street I knew from that very second I had just met my future husband.

My friend Naomi and I, all of 16 were having a dance, as we did, out in the ‘school room’. Aptly named because of the large blackboard that adorned its walls. We were dancing to Eric Clapton’s Rock and Roll Heart. We may have been playing guitar on some old wooden raquets. Well, we were 16! Just then I looked out the window and cruising past pushing a red Victa mower, curly hair just touching his shoulders, dark, skinny jeans, navy shearer’s tank and a pair of well worn blundstones, was Julius.

“Who’s that?” I asked nonchalantly.

“Oh, that’s my brother Jule. Haven’t you met?”

I tried hard not to show my true feelings or to say to my friend, “oh I just met my future husband” as that may have appeared a bit weird.

Nomes and I were sitting on the kitchen benches and in walked Jules.

“Hi, I don’t think we’ve met” he said, smiling broadly, “Would you like a cup of tea?”

I felt like saying I’d like more than a cup of tea, but politely nodded and said I’d love one, thank you.

It’s weird when that kind of thing happens. When you just know.

It seems that is my one psychic ability that is the most defined.

Claircognizance – The psychic ability of knowing.

We didn’t get together for a couple of years but boy did I have fun chasing him around the streets of Adelaide. Being in love with your friends brother was awkward to say the very least and did cause some upsets but being the friend of your sisters boyfriend made it very easy to track him down. I suddenly developed a keen interest in where my sister was going and what she was doing on the weekend.

My most vivid memory and one that I feel cemented our union took place at the front bar of the Norwood Hotel. I can’t remember when it was exactly but I had finally built up the courage to have a conversation with the guy I was deeply in love with. We spoke of our dreams, life our hopes. We got on extremely well and words cannot describe the intensity of my feelings. My sister Melissa and her then boyfriend, now husband, Peter were leaving and said “C’mon Rach, the taxi’s here”. We said goodbye and as I got to the front door I heard,”Hey Rach.” I turned around and with that same beautiful smile he said, “Sweet dreams”. I think Melissa and Peter may have had to pick me up off the floor as I may have fainted. That’s what love will do to you!

Fast forward to Swan Reach New Years Eve at Pauly George’s 1989/1990.

We stole our first kiss on the pier on the river and we have been together ever since.

We were married on May the 6th 1995 and welcomed our first daughter Jemima on October 8th 1996. The boys would come in 98, 01, and 04.