A Soul’s Journey – Week 31

“A Love Lost………….”

Her friends were remarkable.

Her best friend got on the first plane out of Sydney and was in Singapore within 12 hours.

All her friend’s were  by her side within hours.

They had set up camp in her room and would not leave her side until they felt they could.

So from the elation of finishing school, to this.

That evening our house was swarming. The adults had all come over, there was more food and drink than you could poke a stick at and no one touched a thing.

I looked out through glazed eyes to see all the kids in a world of pain.

There were about twenty of them.

There were bodies just lying on the trampoline, some just sat alone by the edge of the pool, their legs dangling limply in the water, some just wandered aimlessly around the garden.

Some hugged, some laughed, some cried.

All were in disbelief.

The pain was palpable.

No one slept that night.

I got up after crying myself to sleep. In fact it was Jemima who came in to me and wrapped me in a massive cuddle and said everything was going to be fine.

I got up around 5am and took myself outside.

I was sleeping up, up – (on the third floor, next to Jemima).

I just sat out on the balcony, the moon and the stars still faintly visible in the early morning sky and I just looked out to the horizon and just cried.

Cried for my little girl.

Cried for his mum and dad, his little sister and brother, his friends.

Cried for a young life lost.

At least he was at peace now. That’s what they say isn’t it?