A Soul’s Journey – Week 33

“The emptiest of feelings…….”

2015 had only just begun and we had sadly said goodbye to an old friend.

We had said goodbye to Mimes but had complete faith she would be ok.

Now it was back to Singapore and time to say goodbye to X.

I got a text one day that said he would like to give me something before he left.

We arranged to meet.

I got up that morning and Jules asked what I was doing that day.

Please don’t judge me here – I do tell the truth.


That day even!!!

I said I was going to meet John Vincent Gordon.

John had been a kind of mentor for me as I was setting up Radio Bambini. There was nothing unusual here.

Only the fact that I wasn’t meeting JVG, I was meeting X.

It’s getting like Days of Our Lives!!!

We met.

He gave me my gift – Spiritual in nature, and very close to my heart.

How did he know I loved this stuff?? I had never told him.

…and then we left.

It would be one of the last times I would see him.

He had entered suddenly and left just as suddenly, causing a ripple of confusion in his wake.

I rang Jules for coffee to fess up to my misdemeanour.

Poor Julius! I’d put him through quite a lot with my wandering heart, but he was gracious, a little bit angry, but on the whole gracious.

So that was that!

I can’t say when he left, I just got over him.


There was still a bit of work to do on that front, a little more soul searching, a little more seeking, a lot of letting go and a lot of surrendering, and much Spiritual growth to come.

All part of the journey I guess.