A Soul’s Journey – Week 32

“A Fresh Start………………”

I had rung the psychiatrist that day and we had all agreed that putting her back on some medication would be the best plan.

After the funeral, she just wanted to get out of Singapore.

She bought her plane trip back to Australia forward by a few weeks.

How was I going to leave her now?

How, after everything she had been through could I possibly leave her now.

We had all discussed moving back as a family, this would probably be best, but Jemima wouldn’t have it. She unselfishly said she wanted her brother to finish school here as she had.


No one would move for her.

She needed time to heal now. Time to grieve. Time to be.

She just wanted to be by herself.

Jemima and I boarded a plane late January and I would not be back to Singapore until mid March.

We found a beautiful apartment with city views. We had reconnected with our old family Doctor, who was a remarkable support for us as she always had been. We found a good psychologist. We furnished the apartment and had a spare room set up should she change her mind and would like someone to come in and live with her.

But she wouldn’t.

She spent the year by herself.

The five weeks was a fairly emotional one. One minute we’d be fine, the next inconsolable.

We had a side trip to Sydney and Jules and I went over to Perth for a family wedding.

Mimes had some friends visit and stay with her – they were all remarkable.

When I left mid March, I felt comfortable.

Comfortable in the knowledge she would be fine.

She had made it through the hardest part and now could finally start her own healing journey.