A Soul’s Journey – Week 35

“The Meditation Teacher……….”

Ren was right, again.

As I said earlier, the first time I had practiced meditation was in Byron Bay in early 2013 and my experiences were profound.

I then meditated daily using the same techniques, receiving all sorts of delicious information from guides, angels, past lovers etc etc.

I loved hanging out in this space.

The non-physical is much more fun than the physical!

Full of Angels, light, happiness, joy, guidance and love.

Who wouldn’t want to hang out there!

When I first met Dani, it was a wild experience.

I had set up a beautiful space in my front yard at Watten Estate.

Candles, incense, fresh flowers from the garden.

It was a beautiful day.

Blue skies, birds chirping, a gentle breeze rustling and whistling through the leaves.

I had decided to do a course Dani offered one on one.

I wasn’t in the mood for crowds.

Dani guided me in to our first meditation together. We were visualising a beautiful day at the beach, sun shining, turquoise blue waves gently crashing on golden sands.

Then it started.

At first it was a distant rumbling and then there was a sudden drop in temperature.

Behind closed eyes, everything went dark.

As the consummate professional Dani changed direction and we were now leaving the beach behind and heading skyward toward the gathering clouds.