A Soul’s Journey – Week 36

“Nurturing the Wild Spirit………..”

Singapore storms are by nature wild, sultry, unpredictable and fierce…..

and this one was no exception.

It was hands down THE biggest storm I had witnessed since I moved to Singapore five years earlier.

Not only that but we were in the very eye of it.

Lightening was actually accompanying the raging thunder, there was no time to count the distance in between.


It was right on top of us, all around us, on us and within us.

We kept calm and kept meditating, Dani’s voice rising slightly as she struggled to outmatch the deafening ire of the storm.

This storm had something to say and she was not letting anyone or anything get in her way. She would speak her truth and would not be interrupted.

Meanwhile, I was having an absolute ball!!!

Dani was using the storm now as part of the meditation and had me twirling and spinning up through the clouds, cleansing and clearing my energy and connecting with the vibrant, exciting electricity within.

It was awesome!!

I had never felt so alive!

I had never felt so connected to the Universe and more importantly to my own wild, sultry, unpredictable and fierce nature.

The storm raged on. The palm fronds were falling around us and although under cover we were now soaking wet.

We finished the meditation as the storm settled.

Her fury and anger had been expressed in the most magnificent and passionate way and had left a refreshed and cleansed world in her wake.

As the fury subsided, and in the distance the faint sound of the birds could be heard, signalling the end of the storm, Dani bought the meditation to a close.

I slowly bought my awareness back to my body, put my hands over my face, took a few, long, deep, slow breaths and slowly opened my eyes.

I looked at Dani and she at me.

Excitement and bewilderment was in both our eyes as we savoured the moment, a slight smirk on both our faces.

This was the defining moment that would mark the beginning of our Spiritual Journey together.

Colliding two old souls, in a most magical and mystical way.

A reunion so powerful it was felt to the very ends of the Universe.

The raging storm had started the process of remembering.

Remembering the truth of who we are and what we are capable of.

And I was beyond thrilled to have this ancient and wizened soul sitting in front of me, guiding and teaching me on this part of my journey.

Wild, Sultry, unpredicatble and fierce.jpg