A Soul’s Journey – Week 37

“Nurturing The Wild Spirit (cont’d)……….”

Dani and I would continue our meditation journey together and each time we met, the distant rumbles of another beautiful storm would begin and signal our continuing journey.

I loved meditating with Dani, still do, and I loved painting what I saw when I meditated.

I hadn’t picked up a brush in a while, however for an artist it is like riding a bike.

It feels good to paint. Natural.

Painting after meditation for me, is not only an expression of what I saw but also part of the integration and channeling process.

Illustrating how I am feeling or what I am seeing is another tool for self-expression.

I can’t stress enough how valuable meditating with a teacher can be.

With a teacher you can deepen your practice.

Meditation is not just about sitting for prolonged periods of time, it is an ancient practice. A starting place to go within, expand your awareness, raise your vibration and open your heart.

A good teacher will offer you support and guide you through many different practices; Kriya breathing, Kundalini breath, Kapalbhati breathing or Light Skull Breath.

They will teach you how to manifest and access information from the non-physical realm.

A great teacher will give you all the tools you need to help and guide you back to your soul’s true path and when it’s time for you to leave the nest and pursue whatever it is you’re here to do, she will let you go with grace and love – always there should you need her.

The thing about spiritual teachers is that they are not competitive, completely supportive and know exactly what you are going through because they have been there themselves.

They are light-workers here to assist the ones who are slowly waking up to the magnificence and magic of who they truly are.

The timing was divine when I came upon Dani and I am very grateful for all she has taught me.

For her love, for her support and for her patience.

For her wisdom, her knowledge and her grace.

So, do yourselves a favour and go and find yourself a teacher, and learn this beautiful ancient practice from a wise-one.

You won’t regret it.