A Soul’s Journey – Week 38

“Cold November Rain…………..”

I said earlier it was a while until I could put X to bed and the full force of my suppressed feelings would not make themselves known until later in the year.

Much later.

We were again heading to the end of another year.

2015 was drawing to a close.

I had been meditating daily, drawing, painting, journaling, discovering, healing.

Slowly making my way back home.

My list of Spiritual practitioners grew steadily throughout the year.

I was discovering kinesiology, past life regression, new healers, fabulous psychics and my book shelf was slowly filling up with tomes by Doreen Virtue, Wayne Dyer and Florence Skovel Shin, the spare space adorned with crystals, mala beads and Oracle Cards.

I was making my way through Singapore’s Spiritual underbelly with wild abandon!

I would like to take a moment to express my gratitude to Jules who never for one minute dissed any of my spiritual journey – well perhaps on a couple of occasions 🙂

and in fact encouraged it.

He saw how it made me come alive, how it made me inquisitive, free and liberated.

He loved that I was awakening to my truth.

He didn’t like this bit though.

X was coming to town for a few days and I would try to hide my excitement with a shrug of the shoulders, a dismissive, disinterested look, and a non-committal attitude.

A tentative date was put in the diary but no firm plans arranged.

The days passed, his return date came and went.

It was apparent we were not to see him this trip.

I promptly popped myself to bed Friday and sauntered down the stairs Sunday citing a headache and sore throat.

Without saying anything more Jules just looked at me and said,

“Why don’t you go to Bali next week. Sort out your head and your heart”