A Soul’s Journey – Week 4

“A Word On Healing”

So, if you’ve explored my blog and read the ‘About’ section or ‘Welcome to TempleSoul’ section you may have worked out I am a healer, an Intuitive Healer.

This change in profession, realisation or whatever you’d like to call it happened swiftly, very swiftly.

One minute I was a Graphic Designer putting together my website for kids, Radio Bambini and keeping my app, Child of the Week on the go, and the next I was studying like I have never studied before.

Quite literally!

I hated school and found studying both a chore and a bore.

This was different.

I couldn’t get enough.

I had been told by psychics, mediums and my meditation teacher that I was a healer, but sometimes you just have to find out for yourself. I had ignored the advice for years but in January of 2016 while sitting in a bar off Amoy Street in Singapore with my meditation teacher Dani and my Soul Sista, Renae, Dani simply said, “So Chook, when are you going to start that healing course?”

I started the next day.

One clairvoyant, the beautiful Heather Grace from Adelaide said when it happened, it would happen swiftly and there would be no turning back. She said I would write a blog that would be extremely popular (Well I am writing the blog, let’s see how popular it becomes!) and I seem to remember raising an eyebrow skeptically as I did back in 2014. She said 2016 would be the year my spiritual growth would grow exponentially. She wasn’t wrong.

I am currently studying with The Ashati International Institute of Energy Healing founded by Frenchman Jerome Baudel and in May 2016 started a Sacred Space in Singapore called TempleSoul offering yoga, meditation and energy healing.

But this blog will start a few years earlier and tie my previous four posts together.

So far we have got,

A husband and a loving union that spans 27 years

A daughter and three sons

A healing journey

……..and a love story going awry.