A Soul’s Journey – Week 9

“Number 1….”

It was to be a long road and by no means an easy one but as with everything there was to be a positive side to this seemingly negative situation.

Everything happens for a reason.

I decided to tell everyone I knew. I learnt from my own battle this was the right thing to do. I did ask Jemima whether this was ok and explained to her why.

The school was amazing, the staff, the principal, the councillors, the nurses. Everyone was aware.

Her friends were amazing. Alerting me always if the situation was getting out of control or whether this time she had cut too deeply.

My friends were amazing. Supporting me and helping me through it every step of the way.

My family were amazing. They supported all of us. Sending letters of encouragement to Mimes, giving us hugs when we felt helpless. I remember just sobbing in my mother’s arms telling her I was sorry, that I wasn’t sure I could save her.

In the midst of it all and all in one week I was told about a course that friends thought might be of interest for Mimes. Three times in one week, because it happens in three!!

It was called The Hoffman Process and no sooner had the third person told me about it, I was skyping Volker in Byron Bay. Two hours after that I was booked on a plane and enrolled in the course that would be a catalyst in the spiritual journey that was to come.

Although it wasn’t Jemima going it was me and I had to make sure Jules was on board first. I was not going anywhere unless he was with Jemima 24 hours a day for the 10 days I was gone.

I admit I was terrified of leaving but knew in my heart this was the best thing to do. She was in a hole and I was following her right down into it. I had to gather my strength, calm my nerve and ground myself so I could think clearly and do everything I could to help her out.