Rachael Cox

Rachael is a mother of four, app developer, a graphic designer, an author, an entrepreneur, an artist, a photographer and a lover of children, music, travel and adventure! Rachael is an advocate of empowering men, women and children throughout the world via education - creating sustainable and everlasting change.

Rachael is founder and CEO of TempleSoul, Radio Bambini and Child of the Week.
She is a certified ASHATI Master, ASHATI teacher and Intuitive Healer.

Having spent nearly 2 decades in the Graphic Design industry, moving three times within Australia (Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne); raising four children (one girl and three boys!) 8 years in Singapore and currently residing on the coast of Northern New South Wales, Rachael developed and released her first App – ‘Child of the Week’ in 2014 and in 2015 brought to life a website for children, 'Radio Bambini'.

After years of meditating and going within, Rachael soon realised there was more to life than Graphic Design and that her future lay in being of service to others. This led her down the path of Energy Healing. She studied healing through the Ashati International Institute of Energy Healing under Jerome Baudel and became a certified energy healer in April 2016 and has recently completed her study with Ashati.

As Rachael says, "The minute I started healing, my whole world changed. My focus became helping others transform their lives to align more with their own inner light. My dream is to help as many people as I can to find their own sacred space within, their own TempleSoul.

As a human race, we must strive for world peace - but first each and every person has to find their own inner peace. This in turn will radiate into the collective consciousness, bringing peace, harmony, compassion and love”.

In Singapore in May 2016 Rachael launched TempleSoul - A Sacred Space Within.

As Rachael explains her vision: "I wanted to create a Sacred Space full of love and light energy where people can just relax and feel comfortable. From the minute you leave your shoes at the front door, you enter a space where you can just be. Free of judgement and free of stress but full of support, love and happiness. TempleSoul is a little oasis tucked away amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life and when you walk through her doors you will feel an immediate sense of peace in a warm and trusting environment."

"I am an advocate for raising not only the individual's resonance but also the resonance of the collective consciousness of our earth. I believe we can achieve world peace, through persistence, perseverance, love and light. Let's start educating people about who they really are: Endless, timeless and limitless light beings full of love; powerful, peaceful and creative.”

As Rachael concludes: “The future of the world is in our hands: are you ready to take mine and see where it leads?”


  • Ashati Healer Training
    • Alsemia 1
    • Alsemia 2
    • Ashati 1
    • Ashati 2
    • Higher Senses (Psychic)
    • Working as a Healer (Energy Healing Practitioner)
    • Reiki 1
    • Reiki 2
    • Seichem 1
    • Seichem 2
    • Golden Dragon 1

  • Ashati Master Training
    • Ashati 3
    • Ascension 1
    • Alsemia 3
    • Soul Rescue (Mediumship)
    • Reiki 3
    • Seichem 3
    • Golden Dragon 2
    • Kundalini Reiki 1-9

  • Ascension Training
    • Ascension 2 - 5

  • Alsemia Training
    • Alsemia 4 - 13

  • Certified Ashati Teacher

  • Energy Therapies Association
  • my work

    It is my intention to make everyone who walks through the doors of TempleSoul to feel special, to feel loved and to feel welcome. You will be the only person in the space during an energy healing and after a relaxing 45 - 60 minute lie down we will sit down amongst the cushions with a cup of tea to discuss the healing. TempleSoul is a non-threatening environment where profound healing can take place. All you need is an open heart and an open mind. Energy Healing works to balance and clear blockages in our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body. We put so much effort into keeping our physical body strong through exercise and keeping it healthy through nutritious foods but what about our spiritual body??? Without that running smoothly, how can we expect our physical bodies to run smoothly?

    Come and experience all the love, light and healing TempleSoul offers.

    Keep your body all zen and your spirit all sparkly.