One night Silas summoned Inana to his chambers.

They had spent many a night together during the year, sexual encounters becoming more commonplace, more adventurous and daring.

He seemed to like the element of surprise, almost willing people to bear witness to their overtly sexual trysts.

While Inana enjoyed her time with him, there was no substance, no soul. It seemed he always had one eye on the door, never fully present. She felt he was biding his time until something better came along.

Inana guessed someone in his position of power could garner anything he wanted and should he get bored of what was on offer would simply procure something better.

She knew it was only a matter of time, but was still shocked when it happened.

There was something sinister lurking within, this she always knew but chose to ignore.

She craved love and attention but wished she had the strength to resist Silas, as deep down she knew he was just having a little fun with her.

She was still Inana, the palace Healer and servant of the King at his beck and call no matter her volition.

This night she carried the tray laden with goodies Silas had ordered from Winnies kitchen up to his chamber.

She already felt the unease in her body.

It was cold and clammy, a gentle hum of dread pulsated through her veins.

“Just pop it on the table Inana.”

His chest was bare, his mala hung seductively around his neck.

A young woman lay naked in his arms.

The look on his face was one of victory tinged with inherent satisfaction.

Perhaps he had heard of her visits to the prison to see Jack Henry, the man who had undermined him, who he had put away and sentenced to death.

Silas would definitely see that as a betrayal.

He was malicious, calculating and conscious of every move he made.

And there she was again.

Weak, powerless and disposable, a man dictating her fate. Smug and indignant, selfish and calculating, he seemed repugnant and very pleased with himself.

He had the upper hand, he held the power. It seemed to be the only way he could feel comfortable.

She thought at this moment she could never, ever trust again.


After a short while he descended the stairs. 

After almost eighteen months the stone wall had come down and she was standing face to face with the man who had only existed in her mind and in her heart.

He was bigger than she imagined, broad shouldered and tall but lithe and lean.

A little unkempt and dishevelled, his beard grew wild and unruly.

His hair was grey, cut short and his round rimmed glasses accentuated his light blue eyes.

He had beautiful, straight, white teeth, a rarity in these times and one of the first things she noticed.

To her at first he seemed distant, aloof, a little apprehensive.

He looked at her intently but with caution and distance. His stare intense and foreboding.

Inana was intrigued.

She looked at him lovingly and with acceptance, eager to embrace all she had felt for him, but it seemed he wasn’t quite ready for her open heart and intense feelings.

Her openness and self assuredness, even foreign to her.

When she spoke he listened, he never took his eyes off her. 

He was inquisitive, didn’t give much away and often used head gestures to answer yes or no rather than speaking. 

He rarely smiled during their hour together but when she left he said something about living his truth, to which she replied, “Oh, I don’t think you are” – he roared laughing.

His laugh would become Inana’s favourite thing about him.


On her way to the prison one day she noticed she felt a sense of anticipation, of excitement at speaking with him, spending time with him.

She felt she was finally breaking through.

In their first few months together he was showing no emotion at all, no feeling.

It was almost as if it were easier for him to get through life by not feeling, perhaps this is what intrigued her about him.

She felt life so intensely.

To Inana, no one could get through life without feeling.

Maybe in his line of work it made it easier to navigate his way through if he abandoned feeling and just stuck to the facts. 

She was more empathetic, feeling her way through life, perhaps naively ignoring the facts.

Facts to her seemed foreign, feelings to her, natural.

Facts to him seemed natural, feelings it seemed, foreign.

After almost a year together Inana believed she was here to teach him to feel again.

To feel alive after years of feeling dead inside, years of suppressing his feelings causing his own self- imprisonment.

She believed deep inside that he would find freedom from the confines of his prison when he learnt to love again, when he learnt to feel again.

Of course she couldn’t force it, this she knew.

She could help him, guide him, but ultimately the law of the Universe gives humans free will and he would learn as much as he needed from her and she from him.

When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.

Over the year, Inana had visited the prison almost weekly.

Jack Henry was showing positive signs – he was gaining weight, speaking, his spirits had lifted.

And then one day it happened.

Inana had gone through prison procedure but this day she was ushered into a different part of the prison.

She was told to go and wait on a chair in front of a winding staircase.

She was told that Jack Henry would see her shortly.

See her, she thought.

A wave of anxiety and anticipation flowed through her.


One day he was fetching water. It all happened so quickly.

A group of men came thundering through the campsite on horseback and although he was on his way back, water pitcher full to overflowing, he wasn’t quick enough.

A strong arm came down suddenly and in one fell swoop she was on that horse, six other men on horseback surrounding her.

It was the last time he would see her, and the last time she would see him, at least in that lifetime.

He carried that guilt around his entire life and searched for her every day, eventually dying of a broken heart as the prospect of ever finding her alluded him.

Perhaps he’d been looking for her in every lifetime since and she for him.

Perhaps the feeling she felt when he spoke in this lifetime was a soul recognition, one that stayed buried deep in her heart and also in his from the day they parted. A knowing. Patiently waiting, diligently until the spark was reignited, the slumber awakened from where they left off.

They would wait for each other, no matter how many lifetimes it took to find each other again.

Inana believed in soul recognition, in divine timing and that everything happened for a reason. 

This is what she would teach him.

Inana was conscious of every meeting she had. She believed nothing happened by coincidence, she believed all who crossed her path, crossed it for a reason.

Jack Henry was no exception.

In fact he intrigued her more than anyone she had met.

The subconscious plays an interesting role, somehow present but just out of reach; inexplicable, yet knowing at the same time.

While Silas had invoked a raw passion inside her, a deep desire to connect with him sexually, Jack had invoked something else entirely.

While she felt a deep desire to connect with him, it was a desire to connect with his soul, to unlock his full potential, his deep desire, his desire to feel on a level she felt he hadn’t felt for lifetimes.

Somewhere along the line he had forged the belief that feeling would get him into trouble and she was in his life to debunk that myth.

There was a depth and a substance to him, something deeper than raw sex, with him she could feel his heart.

When he spoke to her from behind that wall, there was something in his voice; kindness, compassion a softness she wanted to explore, on every level of her being.

She would keep coming to the prison, slowly chipping away at the seemingly impenetrable exterior.

With each meeting she would unlock a small part of him; she healing him, he unknowingly healing her.

Where once he was another patient requiring assistance with healing, he was now becoming more.


It wasn’t so much the words with which he spoke, but the feeling behind them.

Although broken and sorrowful she heard something else. She could tell he was kind, compassionate and fair.

He was a good man, she could feel it and when he spoke, he meant it.

There was an authenticity in his voice, and although initially quite clinical and reserved, wary of giving too much away to a stranger, after a time there was a vulnerability made accessible through trust.

In an unguarded moment his heart would open, a warmth and tenderness filling his often unattainable demeanour.

She didn’t warm to him immediately, it took time. She imagined for him also.

After a time a bond formed, an undeniable knowing as if the two had met before.

Their meeting had sparked a curiosity.

Whilst away from the prison, Inana would do her due diligence, delving into past lives to see why their paths may have crossed in this incarnation.

She could access two.

In the first lifetime they shared, he wore a waistcoat covering a checked shirt, sleeves rolled up, a trilby atop his head and he held a pipe in his hand.

He watched her lovingly and dutifully as she doted on their three children.

He laughed, looked at her and said, “I don’t know why I’m even here! You spend all your time with those children”.

She admired him but was distant, not fully open to his love.

He adored her and would do anything for her and although perplexed by her guarded heart, loved her unconditionally.

The second past life she saw was in America.

They were brother and sister. Inana around 12 or 13, he 18 or 19.

He would carry her around on his back, she talking incessantly, with enthusiasm and vigour, her imagination wild and unruly, he patiently listened, responding when he needed too, teaching her when he could.

There was no mother or father present, just the two of them, running from something. He, always on edge, hyper-vigilant and over-protective; she innocent, trusting and carefree. He loved her free spirit but her niavety intrigued him and worried him equally.

It seemed her love knew no bounds, her faith in human nature and her belief that everyone was good and kind made her an easy target.

At night, when they lay sleeping by the fire, he would keep watch, the slightest noise commanding a swift response.


His arrest caused an uproar among the people, many accusing the King of putting him there out of spite rather than any criminal behaviour, however the King’s counsel over-ruled anything and anyone and God help anyone who challenged him.

Inana knew that all too well.

The unforgiving nature of the prison had become too much, unbearable and Jack was withering away with each passing moment.

His wife and children had stopped visiting.

Word amongst prisoners was that she had left the village, given up hope and was starting life anew. He couldn’t imagine her giving up on him, it was positively heartbreaking but the uncertainty and demise of his demeanour was agonising for her also.

Imagining his fate a burden too much for her to bare.

Inana walked slowly down the notorious halls. The pungent smell of damp barely recognisable over the foul stench of rot, flesh wounds left unattended and pungent bodily excrement.

She held her scarf tightly to her face trying hard to stop herself from wrenching.

There was a cold stone wall between them, prison rules regarding the town Healer and this unobliging inmate.

Inana, generous in nature, bought Jack fresh bread, enough she thought for a week. She bought berries and produce from her garden, even some wild flowers and feathers she had found along the way to adorn his cell. She bought him books to read to make the days pass more easily.

She knew of his plight and was not pleased Silas could dictate so easily the fate of the innocent, a judicial system null and void under a kings counsel.

She was unable to see his face, the sound of his voice the only point of reference she had.

She could only imagine what he looked like; his stature and build, the colour of his eyes, the shape of his face, the projection of his jawline; a picture of him only existing in her mind.

He was going to be a more challenging patient, but Inana rarely feared defiance these days, her resilience strengthened by her treatment from Beirchardt and her perseverance reinforced by the support of Lilith and the nymphs in the Temple.

Jack Henry was unlike anyone Inana had met.

From their very first meeting she felt something different in him.

It was his voice.

Not so much the tone or temper, there was something underlying.

It took her a while to pin point the feeling.

When he spoke, she felt it.


She was called to Hertford Gaol for a particularly unamenable inmate.

Innana wouldn’t have used that adjective to describe him.

Broken maybe, but not unamenable.

The prison was in an old castle on the outskirts of Hertfordshire. Damp, unhealthy, insanitary and over-crowded, it was not her favourite place to visit.

She would get heckled by the inmates; spat at, ogled, objectified. She took it all in her stride, knowing the inmates behaviour was a reflection of the way they were treated inside.

All kinds of prisoners were mixed in together: men, women, children; the insane; serious criminals and petty criminals; people awaiting trial; and debtors.

Disease was rife and prisoners received scant, if any, medical attention.

Fresh water was not guaranteed and food was not supplied.

Prisoners relied on donations from family and friends, although if they could afford it the gaolers would provide such extras.

Jack Henry had been imprisoned for just over a decade.

They kept him apart from the other prisoners, not in solitary confinement for belligerent behaviour more so for his own safety. 

He had become unresponsive.

Bashings were commonplace and he was so thin now due to a lack of interest in food he seemed minutes from death. His composure suggested he would be happy if this outcome replaced his unbearable life.

Normally the guards wouldn’t care if someone just died where they lay, but Jack had a history with the prison.

The 17th century was not a particularly good time to be put on trial.

Punishments ranged from branding, whipping and burning – death, the penalty for over 200 offences. 

Jack Henry was himself a judicial officer, once a staunch upholder of the law who now found himself awaiting trial for treason.

Men found guilty of treason were sentenced to be drawn to the place of execution on a hurdle, hanged, cut down while still alive, and then disembowelled, castrated, beheaded and quartered.

A savage way to die, especially if the party were not guilty of their crime.

While Silas had shown Inana his softer side, she was well aware of his ice cold nature should something or someone oppose his sentiments, incite his wrath or fuel his indignation.

Jack Henry had done just that and was now incurring the full force of King Silas’s wrath.

A Soul’s Journey – 89


So over the course of the next six months, I will work with Myree, and I imagine with each session I will be brought into further alignment with my truth – releasing what no longer serves me and integrating what I need for this part of the journey.

And I will be making a safe passage for the kundalini to rise in its own time – according to divine timing.

A few days after the session I went for a walk with a dear friend also awakened to spirit and well and truly on her own beautiful path of awakening.

We chatted about Ashati – the energy healing course we are both doing.

I started in January of 2016 and did the first two modules in record time!

Then I had a break – quite a substantial break – years in fact.

Obviously to fully integrate the energies and make the necessary changes in my life to get me more into alignment with ‘self’.

The next part of the course is all about ascension – the raising of the frequency of the energy body so that it is more in alignment with spirit – and the truth of our being.

Oh, it’s quite the process, but I feel really ready for this next step and feel combining my energy healing practice with the kundalini coaching will be extremely beneficial.

So I reached out to my teachers at Ashati and I’m so glad I did.

I had completely forgotten how much I loved this course and how very grateful I am to have come across it.

Jerome and Francois could not have been more supportive and I could not have been more excited.

It’s also fabulous to have a buddy at the same stage as I am. When we go for our walks (social distancing in place of course) we can really chat and we understand each other and the process we are both going through.

It was she who said, “You need to do ascension 2 and 3” and as I’ve said before, I take this as guidance I must follow.

The time is right.

So the following day I booked my activation and had access to the workbook and online tutorials.


    One night Silas summoned Inana to his chambers. They had spent many a night together during the year, sexual encounters becoming more commonplace, more adventurous and daring. He seemed to like the element of surprise, almost willing people to bear witness to their overtly sexual trysts. While Inana enjoyed her time with him, there was… Read more: LXXXI
  • LXXX
    After a short while he descended the stairs.  After almost eighteen months the stone wall had come down and she was standing face to face with the man who had only existed in her mind and in her heart. He was bigger than she imagined, broad shouldered and tall but lithe and lean. A little… Read more: LXXX
    On her way to the prison one day she noticed she felt a sense of anticipation, of excitement at speaking with him, spending time with him. She felt she was finally breaking through. In their first few months together he was showing no emotion at all, no feeling. It was almost as if it were… Read more: LXXIX
    One day he was fetching water. It all happened so quickly. A group of men came thundering through the campsite on horseback and although he was on his way back, water pitcher full to overflowing, he wasn’t quick enough. A strong arm came down suddenly and in one fell swoop she was on that horse,… Read more: LXXVIII
    It wasn’t so much the words with which he spoke, but the feeling behind them. Although broken and sorrowful she heard something else. She could tell he was kind, compassionate and fair. He was a good man, she could feel it and when he spoke, he meant it. There was an authenticity in his voice,… Read more: LXXVII

A Soul’s Journey – 88

“Between What Was And What Is To Be……”

It was a pretty intense session.

I’ve had a lot of experience with healers and energy workers but this was the next level.

Understandably this session was quite raw and involved healing and releasing stuck energy relating to grief – around the heart, in the hips, and especially in the sacral chakra.

We cleared this energy.

We chatted about when and where my kundalini was active – Mostly in Singapore.

What has happened to my kundalini since I got back to Australia – I feel I have a lack of creativity and motivation (I imagine because I was holding grief in the sacral chakra).

We talked about my need for space and how important this is to my whole process – initially I said I needed three years. I wasn’t sure why but my intuition was telling me I needed three years for some process to occur. (She said I was bang on and I am in fact 18months through)

We talked about my connection with Egypt and the choice of the name TempleSoul for my business.

Incidentally, Myree is Egyptian and I had no idea.


I think not.

More serendipitous.

I talked about how I felt I was in limbo.

Myree put it as being between what was and what is to be.

I liked that.

We talked for about half an hour, and then it was time to connect energetically.

As I said, I have never felt energy like it.

I’m not sure if you’ve seen Finding Nemo, but it was kind of like when Marlin and Dory were riding the East Australian Current.

Fast – so, very fast.

It was like being in an ocean of codes and symbols – like an information super-highway, and it was blowing my mind.

She said I was able to fully let go as I was being supported and that I hadn’t allowed myself to do this over the last couple of years because I was holding space for our children.

Myree also said I was a high-speed being (one who processes energy very quickly) and that I was like a little red Ferrari. Although I was in a state of limbo – my wheels were on blocks with my engine revving at full capacity and the wheels spinning at high speed but stationary.

I cannot wait until those wheels hit the ground!

We talked about reclaiming my body, my sexuality.

There was tightness in the hips she thinks also had to do with me wanting to defend myself in this area.

She said many women who lived High Priestess lives experienced some pretty traumatic endings with the rise of patriarchy and there could be some trauma around that as well.

The guides were allowing me to feel and perceive permission to be fully in command of my life and be fully in command of the expression of that life –

The sexual energies, pleasure, and joy.

My healing gifts.

The flow of my awakening.

She also brought some better organization around the awakening process, so it wasn’t so chaotic – I am very appreciative of that!

Myree said I was bringing in a higher level of consciousness and in order to do this, I had to let go of the old structures and that my awakening wouldn’t tolerate any kind of imbalance.

“In a way you’ve been in a little bit of stasis because you had to make a lot of space and a lot of consensus and reality change has happened in your world – it’s massive!

And now, what’s going to happen is you’re going to release the structures, the old structures in your system and even as I say that there is a light that activates because the light and the consciousness and the speed, like the person that you’re going to be, most definitely, cannot run on those old structures, but you needed them to be in place to get you to where you are – you needed them to be there to do what you had to do in the past 18 months.”

So as my energy body finds balance, my outer world will change and alter to find balance as well.

As within, so without.

A Soul’s Journey – 87

“Preparation & Purification……”

I had to wait for four weeks.

Four weeks!!!!

I was busting, but the Universe was giving me another opportunity to practice patience.

The fifteen-minute chat seemed like one!

I had so much to say about the last 7 years and I didn’t want to leave out anything.

Once I stopped, I gratefully received the guidance as confirmation that a Kundalini awakening was indeed the process I was going through.

“So, you definitely have active kundalini, no question about it – it’s quite active in your lower chakras and then is filtering up through the upper chakras”

Oh my God! I love this journey!!!

‘In terms of direction, it does have an ascending process but will also move around”

“What happens when you have a radical awakening, is you start purifying – once you have the ignition and it’s activated you immediately go into purification process which you have been doing since 2013 and it’s a very busy time”

That it is!

That would explain all the tower moments I was experiencing.

Things change and move around, fall away and reorganize themselves to get you into alignment, because suddenly you are operating at a higher level of consciousness.

Soul contracts can abruptly end – as they did – friends will no longer be your friends, new friends will appear.

Everywhere you are out of alignment with your “Self”, things that are unfinished and everything that needs to come onto alignment for the rest of the journey all starts to happen.

So when there’s enough preparation and purification (I think I’ve had more than enough now!!!!)  the kundalini can rise through the system – and complete through certain subtle channels and support an expansion of consciousness – there’s no going back from that.

“You’re like pumping out the Shakti”

So what Myree does is support those in need through the transition. She’s able to stabilize things if they need it and see what’s going on with the kundalini process offering any tweaks and guidance throughout.

Straight after the 15minutes were up, I booked my first one-hour session.

A Soul’s Journey 86

“Kundalini – Goddess Of Transformation and Awakening……”

Within each and every one of us, there is masculine and feminine energy.

The masculine is associated with the right-hand side of the body, the feminine the left.

We want to find an equal balance of both within because then we can experience harmony – A merging of body and soul, spirit and matter – a divine union, a sacred marriage, the hieros gamos.

The Kundalini lies coiled within the sacrum or sacred bone and carries within it a sacred dimension.

Once the two energies are balanced, and the chakras cleared, the kundalini can make a safe passage from within the Sacrum up through Sushumna and out through Sahasrara – the Crown chakra.

This is indeed sacred work.

The work of Self Realization.

It is explained beautifully below –

Self-realization is a subtle inner experience which manifests when the kundalini rises from the sacrum along the spinal column to emerge from the crown of the head at the place known as the fontanelle.

Once awakened, the kundalini bathes the attention of the seeker in a state of serenity characterized by the slowing, and the gradual cessation of thoughts (Nirvichara Samadhi). The kundalini goes on to confer a state of contemplation and bliss (Ananda).

As she ascends the kundalini lifts the yogi’s attention to the Self. When his consciousness is immersed in the Self, the one seeking truth knows that he is the Spirit, for the Spirit enters his consciousness. There is no longer any dualism between knowing and being. These two states are merged in a single absolute, the sole reality of the Self.

When the kundalini (Mother Goddess) awakens, she lifts the Spirit (Shiva, the reflection of God the Father in the heart) until they are united in the limbic region of the brain (called in the Indian spiritual tradition Sahasrara). This is just above the region known to physicians as the thalamus, a Greek word meaning Bridal-Chamber. Thus yoga is the point of union between the human spirit and the Divine. But it is also the primordial divine union. which existed before the separation of the male principle (God the Father, the spirit) and the female (Adi Shakti, Kundalini) It is the union between the Bridegroom and the Bride described in the Song of Songs, the hieros gamos of the neo-platonists.”

The Search For The Divine Mother by Gwenaël Verez

As Ramana Maharshi said,

“To know the Self is to be the Self, for there are not two Selves. To know is to be. Awareness is Being”

Believe me, at times I have felt it would have been easier to give up the quest, just go back to being ignorant and unaware. The changes that have occurred in my life have been positively difficult – there is no other word to describe them, but something always pulls me back.

I’m not one to cut corners or leave a job half-finished, besides when you have felt the love that resides inside – even if only for a few seconds – you have felt it and so the quest begins because you know you are so much more than you think you are and you know that the treasure lies within.

And I for one am not going to let the treasure go undiscovered.

No, I will push on until the purifying fire of the kundalini burns away and destroys all impurities standing in the way of me being at one with my true Self.

“Self-Realization is the most important step a seeker can take because it opens up a new dimension – the Divine nature of man”

No, I’m not leaving this game, I have come too far.

So upon my return from my Soul Portraits retreat, I did some research of my own and that’s when I came upon my new Kundalini coach, Myree Morsi.

I signed up immediately for a complimentary 15-minute session.

A Soul’s Journey 85

“When The Student Is Ready, The Teacher Appears……”

For a long time, I have been asking the Universe for a teacher – to help me make sense of all the dramatic changes taking place in my life.

And for a long time – no teacher appeared.

It seems I was to be my own teacher – play my own game for a while.

So, as I painted my Soul Portrait, I also went within.

I took the chance to really do some inner work, through meditation, massage, kundalini dancing and creative expression, but it was some weeks later, I made sense of the puzzle.

I was indeed playing the game – and a pretty big game at that.

A game of profound transformation – quite literally changing the structure of my DNA – the very nature of my energy body.

And I can tell you, doing energetic work of that nature is bloody hard work!

There’s a lot of sacrifices, a great deal of change, and one has to have the most unwavering sense of faith and trust in the process because we are not given the answers, we have to search for them because that’s where the growth occurs.

If I was given a treasure map and also the answer to where the treasure was – that would be no fun – there would be no point in that – no learning, no growth, no adventure, no excitement.

No, life wants you to find your own answers, your own pieces of the puzzle so that you can grow, learn, and transform.

So eventually you may experience wholeness and completion.

If not in this lifetime, the next.

It’s not a race, just a game.

Maybe each lifetime we find just one piece of the puzzle.

Mine might be a 5000 piece puzzle – yours 100 – who knows, we’re all unique.

And we all have our own puzzle to complete, our own game to play and the only rule is – that you do it all with the highest energetic vibration –  love.

Yep, I hear you – that is not always easy, but it is imperative.

To play the game, you must be aware and you must do it with love.

Love and respect for the higher power guiding you and love and respect for yourself for putting your hand up and being brave enough to play the game.

So it seems my game, in this lifetime, is multi-faceted.

To experience my life force so I could become aware.

To become aware so I could start actively playing the game.

To actively start playing the game because then I would know what level I was at.

Because once I knew what level I was at, then I would be ready, and my new teacher would appear.



A Soul’s Journey 84

“The Game Of Life And How To Play It………”

What we need to do in our inner world reflects in our outer world.

There’s no coincidence that I have seen the CoronaVirus as a need to have gender equality in the world, as it is clearly what I seek in my own inner world.

A balance of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Energies within.

I’ve talked about my kundalini and the tower moments that have occurred in my life, but I have only just realized the enormity of what is going on recently.

I feel that is was at my recent SoulJourn in Byron Bay that I had this realization.

It was on this painting retreat that I painted my first self-portrait.

My ‘self’.

By the end of the ten days, I really loved my portrait, my ‘self’ and through my eyes, I could see the growth and transformation of my soul.

I could see a new me – one incredibly connected to the divine – to self –


more expansive,

more knowing,

more peaceful.

Ever since I had my spiritual awakening in 2013, I have been intrigued by my kundalini.

I painted it after meditations, researched it diligently, even activated it through my Energy Healing course.

Of course, this was my intuition speaking to me, lighting the way, giving me clues as to what I was to experience, if I chose to, on my unique journey.

In fact, when I felt my life force, had that magnificent heart-opening and experienced a profound sense of peace during the Hoffman Process – it was actually so much bigger than I could have ever imagined.

Then one month later, X popped in to activate my Kundalini Awakening Process.

Now I knew his coming into my life was no accident – and I am so pleased I have finally made the connection.

And with that connection and realization comes a profound sense of peace and I can finally make sense of all those tower moments and everything that has happened on my journey since 2013.

This is what the journey is about – discovering, healing, growing, transforming.

I just took a while to put all the pieces of the puzzle together.

Life is a game.

A game in which we learn and grow, discover belief systems and behavioral patterns – a game that can lead to profound transformations, where you are The Alchemist – capable of turning lead into gold, the negative to the positive, the low vibration to the high.

It’s quite an addictive game because we choose to have this human experience over and over again.

Becoming aware of this game – is the first step.

Playing the game, the second.



SoulSutras 95

“Standing In Your Power…….”

As the journey continues, sometimes I marvel at the time it takes me to understand things.

But when the penny drops and I finally ‘get it’ a little smile creeps across my face.

For those of you who have followed my journey, you will know a big part of it has been about learning how to stand in my power.

Standing in your power is related to the Solar Plexus chakra, and for me when I go against what it is authentically me – I feel pain just under the rib cage, right in the upper part of my tummy – exactly where the Solar Plexus Chakra is.

The journey we are all on is one of self-discovery.

What does it mean to stand in your power?

I thought it was all about flexing one’s authority, getting what you want, and being assertive.

Powerful people were quite scary people. Loud people. Controlling people.

I felt that to be powerful I had to showcase these qualities.

Now, remember we all look at things differently and the important people in our lives, and who we grow up with, people we have partnerships with – are all here to teach us lessons.

I could look at something completely different from how you look at something and there’s no right or wrong, it’s all perception.

So whether it rings true for you is inconsequential – I am merely showing you, teaching you that what we see and perceive isn’t necessarily the truth or the way.

So, I’ve always battled with being powerful as I believed, that to be powerful you had to be aggressive or angry and it just didn’t feel right to me.

And when something doesn’t feel right – it usually isn’t.

I have spent a good seven years working on this one aspect of myself and in one sentence a couple of days ago, my psychologist changed my view completely – just one sentence.

I woke up the other morning feeling terrible.




I went and got a coffee from the local coffee shop and LOLA by the Kinks was playing.

I texted my psychologist Shane to tell him, (another story) and he said:

“Have you ever listened to the lyrics of that song, it was very controversial”.

The day wore on, I didn’t google the lyrics, just rode out the day.

The following day I gave Shane a ring to have a chat.

We chatted about the lyrics of LOLA, and how it was all about someone standing in their authentic truth, standing in their power and at the end of our conversation, he simply said this,

“Rachael, what you are going through now is teaching you how to stand in your power.

And standing in your power doesn’t mean there’s a little square over there, and when you go and stand in it you are standing in your power.

No, it comes from within and it simply means to be yourself.

Your true, authentic self.

That’s what it means to stand in your power”


7 years!

There was nothing about assertiveness, aggression, or control – it was all about simply being true to yourself, just as Lola was.

Go on, stand in your power, I dare you!






A Soul’s Journey 82

“Coronavirus ……….A Rebalance?”

I sat in Rocket Park for hours last week, writing my thoughts on the Coronavirus, but I wasn’t happy – it just didn’t seem right.

So much has come to light and there are many opinions and many beautiful musings and it is so lovely to read all the beautiful, positive posts.

Yes, it’s lovely to watch the birds and the fish come back; it’s lovely to reconnect with family; it’s wonderful to savor the silence and the drop in frenetic energy we all emit on a daily basis. It’s nice to be peaceful, to be quiet, to have a second to gather our thoughts and remember what’s important to us and the planet as a whole.

But during last nights press conference by the Prime Minister of Australia Scott Morrison, I was shocked and horrified and all of a sudden saw something else come to light.

The whole of humanity is going through a tower moment, the likes of which we haven’t seen for years. For those of you who are regular readers of my blogs, A Soul’s Journey and SoulSutra’s – you will know of my own tower moment or moments, should I say and the importance of these moments, as uncomfortable as they are.

You will also know that I am in the middle of an awakening and as such have been working to raise my kundalini energy.

“The kundalini is the vehicle which makes it possible to attain the self.

She is symbolized in the Islamic tradition by the mare with a woman’s face, Al Buraq, which carried the prophet to the throne of Allah. The Archangel Gabriel, who accompanied the prophet, says of Al Buraq:

“I have no way other than Her to go to Him. I have no sign of Him other than Her”

Jnaneshwar used a similar image, calling the power which reveals the Spirit Shiva’s vessel:

“She is the Mother of the Worlds, the glory of the empire of the soul, who gives shelter to the tender sprouts of the seed of the universal. She is the lingam of the formless Absolute. The vessel of Shiva, the supreme Self”.

When the kundalini (The Mother Goddess) awakens, she lifts the Spirit (Shiva, the reflection of God the Father in the heart) until they are united in the limbic region of the brain (called in the Indian Spiritual tradition, Sahasrara).

This is just above the region known to physicians as the thalamus, a Greek word meaning Bridal-Chamber. Thus, yoga is the point of union between the human spirit and the Divine. But, it is also the primordial Divine Union, which existed before the separation of the male principle (God the Father, the Spirit) and the female (Adi Shakti, kundalini).

It is the Union between the Bridegroom and the Bride described in the Song of Songs, the Hieros Gamos of the neo-platonists. The cup of Hygeia and the serpent of Asclepios, Epidaura, which represents the pharmacist’s art, symbolise the ascent of the kundalini, and her union with the Spirit.

“In the Sahasrara, the Divine Power is united with Lord Shiva: This is true liberation. By this, we know the bliss”

www.amruta.org › the-divine-mother › 4-kundalini-and-self-realisation

So what was it PM Scott Morrison said?


A Soul’s Journey 83

“Coronavirus……The Importance Of Balance”

In explaining updated precautions during the Corona outbreak, the Prime Minister pledged

  • “$150 million to support domestic violence. That includes the work of 1800 Respect and MensLine, as we’re very aware of the greater stresses that are going on Australian families and households and that for most, we hope, home where people will be for a lot of time this year. It’ll be a safe place, but for many we know it’s not and we need to work to counter that threat to those individuals as well. And $74 million dollars to support mental health and we’re all going to need that help in the months ahead and that’s to support organisations like Lifeline and Kids Help Line and many others:”
  • “That provides, importantly, for those who may be getting daily exercise, particularly for women, that they wouldn’t be required to walk on their own and they’d be able to walk with another person”


Now, I have nothing but the utmost respect for our Prime Minister and the amazing job he and the Australian Government are doing to protect its citizens – I am merely taking two statements and looking at them from a much broader spiritual perspective.

I hope I don’t lose you.

In order for us to attain the self, we must have an equal balance within us of feminine and masculine energies, whether we are male or female.

The kundalini will not rise unless we have equilibrium inside – for love, the energy we all emanate from is both a mix of God and Goddess energy  – both masculine and feminine.

“Many traditions attach great importance to the feminine dimension of the Divine. It is She who is said to give liberation, spiritual rebirth, that is to say Union with the Self. The most significant example is the knowledge of the Kundalini in India.

We may wonder why the Western religions have attributed an exclusively masculine, patriarchal character to the Divine. Several thousand years ago, was not the only form of Divinity, the object of veneration, feminine and maternal?

What is responsible for this neglect, this confiscation? Has the original message of these religions been distorted to the point that we are today unaware of the Mother-Goddess?

And could the Age of Aquarius, which is said to mark a change of consciousness on a spiritual level, perhaps be the moment where humanity is able to re-discover this awareness of the Universal Mother?”

The Search For The Divine Mother by Gwenaël Verez

There must be a balance of divine masculine energy and divine feminine energy for there to be harmony.

And if there is harmony within you, then you will find there will be harmony in your outer world too.

Any form of disharmony will be brought to your attention for healing, so you can restore balance and peace within.

In 2020 I should not be listening to the Prime Minister telling us that he has to pledge millions of dollars in anticipation of there being domestic violence because of a stressful situation. It is wonderful that the Government is throwing money at this during this very challenging time to protect women and children but it is also a very disturbing society that this kind of behavior would rear its ugly head. The protection of women and children is paramount but there is much, much more at play here.

As I said before, the entire planet is going through a tower moment and what is being brought to light for us to see, for us to be able to recognize so we can change and heal?

I, as a woman, should be able to feel safe going for a walk at any time day or night.

The fact that I and millions of other women don’t – is not ok and I feel a deep rage inside me that I am not allowed this privilege.

And it is not okay for men to take their frustrations out on women and children just because they feel stressed.

It is never okay.

The treatment of women by men in this society needs to change and it needs to change now.

I challenge the Prime Minister to not merely throw money at mental health services and child protection services but throw money at the education system to really make the changes necessary to make a real difference to society.

If we address the problem in children from a young age, in a generation we hopefully won’t be needing these services and women and children will feel safe.

We need to implement education at the school level to make the desired changes by the time children become adults.

We have to teach children coping mechanisms in times of stress.

It has to become part of our structure, part of our nature, part of the education system.

It is actually time to remember who and what we are as energetic beings and this needs to be brought back in every classroom across Australia from kindergarten onwards.

I want you, Prime Minister to make this happen so we can see real change in the world.

If there is one thing we can learn from Coronavirus it is that the world is out of balance, so out of balance and we are being given the opportunity to change it.

Let’s not let this opportunity pass us by.




A Soul’s Journey 81


“Yes, there is fear,

Yes, there is isolation.

Yes, there is panic buying.

Yes, there is sickness.

Yes, there is even death.


They say that in Wuhan after so many years of noise, you can hear the birds again.

They say that after just a few weeks go quiet, the sky is no longer thick with fumes, but blue and pale and clear.

They say that in the streets of Assisi people are singing to each other across the empty squares, keeping their windows open so that those who are alone may hear the sound of family around them.

They say a hotel in the West of Ireland is offering free meals and delivery to the housebound.

Today a young woman I know is busy spreading fliers with her number through the neighbourhood so that the elders may have someone to call on.

Today churches, synagogues, mosques, and temples are preparing to welcome and shelter the homeless, the sick, the weary.

All over the world people are looking at their neighbours in a new way.

All over the world, people are waking up to a new reality.

To how big we really are.

To how little control we have.

To what really matters.

To love.

So we pray and we remember that yes there is fear.

But there does not have to be hate.

Yes, there is isolation.

But there does not have to be loneliness.

Yes, there is panic buying,

But there does not have to be meanness.

Yes, there is sickness.

But there does not to be disease of the soul.

Yes, there is even death.

But there can always be a rebirth of love.

Wake to the choices you make as to how to live now.

Today, breathe.

Listen, behind the factory noises of your panic.

The birds are singing again.

The sky is clearing.

Spring is coming.

And we are always encompassed by love.

Open the windows of your soul.

And though you may not be able to touch across the empty square,


Fr. Richard Hendrick, OFM

March 13th 2020

A Soul’s Journey 80

“Coronavirus – Time For A Re-set?……”

I have been asked by a number of people recently what I think about the Coronavirus from an energetic point of view.

And that’s all this is – my point of view.

It’s an incredibly intense and interesting time and I have been giving it a lot of thought and taking my time to reflect on the situation.

One of the things I learned during my time studying Energy Healing was the importance of observing.

Taking yourself out of the situation and looking at the bigger picture.

An article was brought to my attention recently by a dear friend and fellow Energy Healer,  and it really grabbed my attention.

The Zeta Message

Just as we have 7 main chakras or energy centres in our physical body, so too does the earth.

In short, a massive energy activation took place on January 12th this year at the time of the Saturn/Pluto conjunction.

This activation took place at Kata Tjuta and Uluru in Central Australia, the site of the Earth’s Solar Plexus chakra.

Aboriginal Lore tells of a ritual back in the Dreamtime that was interrupted and never completed.

This ritual was meant to open the way from the 4th – 5th world consciousness. (more on the later)

The article also talks of the Earth’s Solar Plexus chakra being the primary chakra for the maintenance of global health and vitality and overall health of the planet.

If things aren’t right here than the whole planet suffers.

It also talks about an influx of energy that will ‘blast’ through the ley lines (or songlines)  of the Earth connecting all the Earth’s chakras. From Central Australia, through Bali to Glastonbury and on to Lake Titicaca before it makes its way back to Central Australia.

Whether the two events are connected I don’t know, but I do know this.

As an individual, on an energetic level, when you have an influx of energy or divine light it is imperative, especially after an activation that you integrate and ground the energy into your physical body, so you get the benefits from it in the physical realm.

Heaven on earth – bringing the unseen into the seen.

Whenever I receive an energy activation from my teacher Jerome Baudel, I have to self heal for a period of twenty-one days.

This is so I can integrate and stabilize the energy within my physical body.

After I have integrated the energies into my physical body I can use that energy. It may come in the form of spiritual knowledge, psychic awareness, more acute intuition or knowing, health, wellness, and vitality or healing abilities.

Also after particularly big meditations/healings where I am consciously shifting energies, it is also important to have some quiet time for a period following. I take long walks in nature or swims in the ocean to ground the new energetic vibration into my physical being.

Before any of my SoulJourns, I not only do a cleanse before to prepare my body but I also detoxify my body during the process and for a period after until I can sense the energies have stabilized.

That process means no alcohol, no caffeine, no meat, and no dairy, and plenty of rest, quiet time, meditation and self-healing.

It just helps if your vessel is as clean and clear as possible, so you can receive as much of the energetic download as you can.

So why am I telling you this and what has it to do with the Coronavirus????

If the Earth is indeed integrating this new influx of light and energy, she needs rest, quiet and co-operation, both before, during and after.

The Great Mother needs stillness, and I guess she will enforce that in any way she sees fit.

This is a global pandemic – forcing people indoors and into self-isolation – it has shut down entire cities and countries, forced things to become quiet – we have no choice but to obey the rules to possibly re-set this overheated, frenetic energetic vibration.

And if it has nothing at all to do with this activation, it is offering all of humanity a time to re-set.

This is no accident.

This is a beautiful and valuable lesson for humanity.

A Soul’s Journey 79

“Peace. Love. TempleSoul……”

The following is a line from a Bernard Fanning song –

“How many times can we say we’ve hit the bottom
We still find a way further down
Whatever darkness should descend on us
We’ll still find our way around”

Over the past few years, I have had more of these moments than I care to remember and each time I had a tower moment I would think,

“Well this is it – this must be rock bottom”,

but then something else would come along and trump it.

I would sing this song in my mind and manage a slight wry smile.

That’s life.

There are times when life feels good, and there are times when it feels, well let’s be honest, feels like crap.

Tower moments occur for our growth.
We need to remember this as we navigate our way through the ebb and flow of life.

It’s not easy, and it’s important to remember that we are stronger than we think.

And this brings me to my Xmas message.


I’ve had the opportunity to think about this a great deal this year.

Peace is an internal state of being.

To be peaceful is simply a matter of choice.

We can’t rely on external factors to bring us to a state of peace.

Sure, external factors can contribute to a sense of peace and wellbeing but ultimately the choice lies within.

A sense of peace arises when you choose to practice forgiveness.
A sense of peace arises when you choose to practice acceptance.
A sense of peace arises when you choose to practice gratitude.

So, no matter what is going on around you – what drama, what tower moments – a sense of peace can be attained within – as energetic beings, this is who we intrinsically are – peace, love, and joy.

Remember that no person, place or thing can bring you peace – peace is simply a state of being – choosing to be peaceful is all you have to do to attain peace.

As life throws challenges at you, creates tower moments and makes you question everything you have ever known – know that everything is happening for a reason.

Trust the process.

You are so much more than you think you are.

Everything you need lies within you.

May we head towards the light in 2020 and if we encounter the darkness may we all still manage to find our way around.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

I look forward to bringing some peace and healing to your lives in 2020.

All my love,

TempleSoul xxx


A Soul’s Journey 77

So as I have quoted before,

” No man is your friend, no man is your enemy, every man is your teacher.”

Florence Skoval Shin

When you become aware of this you see people in a different light.

No one is there to hurt you in any way, shape or form but merely here as an actor in your play.

Here to help you grow and learn.

So for me, this is the way I try to look at all the people in my life – especially the ones I have fractious relationships with.

Sometimes I slip back into operating from my human self and the ego takes over and I get overwhelmed emotionally, and this is when I am thrown off-center.

This is where the arguing and fighting take over, the emotion rushes to the surface and you operate from the perspective of that emotion.

When I reflect on that workshop and the karmic cycle I can see how all the important relationships in my life reflect that massive pattern to me and have been all my life.

Wake up, wake up, wake up!!!!

Become aware, see life and its experiences for what they truly are.

This pattern has played out in my immediate family, in my relationship with Jules, certainly not all the time, but some of it, it has played out in my school environment, and with certain friends.

People have been making me feel like I have to silence my voice – so I could feel it and people have been sent to me to help me recognize what it feels like to be seen and heard – so I am aware of the difference – how that feels.

Try and become aware of your own patterns – the things that keep showing up in your life for they are here to teach you.

What pushes your buttons?

Who pushes your buttons?

What is it they are reflecting back to you?

When we learn to experience the situation/pattern/belief system fully, it allows us to transform and this is the souls’ growth.

The karmic cycle has ended – which means if I do come back again, I will not have to experience that particular scenario again.


Special thanks to everyone who attended the Melbourne Light Language Activation and helped me release and heal this monster.

To Michael Muir for being the world’s most compassionate facilitator and to Jason Snaddon for being a beautiful guide.

I feel very loved and supported.


Inanna opened the door to the stables.

There in front of her stood Lady, looking very uncomfortable with a big red bow around her neck.

“What’s going on here Lady” Inanna smiled.

She moved lovingly toward her.

“Happy Birthday Inanna”

Inanna turned around shocked and there stood Silas.

“For me?” she questioned “For you” he said lovingly.

“Oh Sire, I couldn’t. I couldn’t possibly accept her”

He looked deeply disappointed.

“I would be deeply offended if you didn’t” he said sternly. His look terrified her.

She curtsied, careful not to forget her manners “Oh thank you Sire. Thank you so much. I shall take the very best care of her. I promise you that”.

“I hope she brings you many years of joy.” He softened.

He came up behind her – and lent right into her. She thought her heart was going to stop beating. He stroked the horse.

She looked up at him. ‘Fancy a ride?” he said.

They shared a beautiful day.

They rode for miles and she felt the happiest she had since moving to the castle.

They just took it slowly through the castle grounds and beyond, talking and laughing as they rode. They came to the bottom of a steep hill.

“Race you to the top” He’d already taken off and Silas did not like to lose.

Little did he know, neither did Inanna.

Inanna made it to the top moments before him – she was a very accomplished rider.

“I’m impressed. Quite competitive I see”

They let the horses free to roam. Silas had Minnie prepare a picnic. Inanna could not believe the change in Silas.

She was shocked at his kindness, his openness, his softness.

It was a far cry from the King in front of his subjects – imperious, autocratic, strict, authoritarian, aloof and tyrannical.

Behind the veneer though, a glimpse of his truth – Loving and kind, tender and romantic.

They spent hours on top of the hill – she felt a shift in him at last. He was opening up, letting her in.

He was communicating – something he didn’t do very readily.

They rode back as the sun was setting.

He watched her from behind – she was such a graceful rider – in control and at ease.

He couldn’t take his eyes off her.

They tied the horses up. Old Tom had their water and chaff bags ready.

“I had the most beautiful day Sire, thank you”

“Call me Silas, Inanna”

“I had the most beautiful day Silas, thank you” she repeated, the sound of his name making his heart skip a beat.

She reached up and kissed him softly on the cheek.

He stared intently at her, took her face in his hands and kissed her deeply.

A Soul’s Journey 76

So I met Jules at the dog park at the end of our street after I had a sneaky double cheeseburger from Macca’s in Richmond – energy work can be hungry work!

We had had a bad week, and what was revealed, a necessary step for both of us, every situation pushing us closer to where we are meant to be.

After all that throat-clearing I had certainly found my voice, and I let it fly – with everything I hadn’t said for years.

It wasn’t until sometime later, I realized that the two things I had said to him, was that I felt I hadn’t been ‘seen’ by him in years and that I hadn’t been ‘heard’ by him in years.

While I was at the session and Michael was guiding me through, I kept thinking this was all related to past life experiences but as I was reflecting I realized I had been experiencing this phenomenon all my life.

Wake up, wake up, wake up!!

This is how life works.

We experience everything in the now.

We have to experience what we are here to transmute, here to end or learn from.

We are sent challenging moments to push us into change.

Things become so uncomfortable that one has no option but to change, to address this feeling because when we do, that is the time deep transformation occurs and that is what we are here for.

We are not solely here to find a life partner, get married, have kids and get a mortgage, there is so much more to the journey than that.

We are here to learn and grow.

To expand our conscious awareness so that we can become closer in vibration to our creator.

To expand our conscious awareness so that we can become closer to the vibration of love.

So we can finally see ourselves for who we are.

Magical, beautiful beings of love and light, eternal and immortal.

I bow to the Divine in you.

A Soul’s Journey 75

We took a break.

The tears were still flowing.

Beautiful Jason came and sat with me, he looked at me and quietly said,

“That’s why you came. You came to be seen and heard. It’s time”

Then he too started speaking in light language.

He is incredible.

It was like a familiar voice, one I recognized instantly.
I felt understood, and so incredibly supported and so at home.

Another beautiful lady came up and just put her hand on my heart.

“That was a big release,” she said, “I hope you don’t mind but I just need to put my hand on your heart.”

Another gorgeous soul came up and said thank you.

She said she felt I had to undergo that release not only for me but for everyone in the room and she was grateful to me for having the courage to show that vulnerability in a room full of ‘strangers’.

Something changed within me during that session aside from the obvious.

I had become more aware of the ever-present divine.

It is true, the universe does not let you down – it provides exactly what you need at exactly the right time, and I’m trying to articulate as best I can how I felt during that experience – but it was a unique moment.

It was though I was being initiated – connected with my soul tribe here on earth, even just for three hours.

The lightworkers, people who understood and accepted the higher order.

The Universe sent a room full of angels to help me process this energy – to help me transform the negative into the positive – to once again support me and remind me that I am the alchemist, and so too are you.


Silas was well aware that since Inanna had arrived at the palace, the mood had lifted – it wasn’t so sombre and bleak. With her it was sunshine and happiness – she was a great entertainer and made everyone feel welcome.

She spoilt Silas rotten and always had his favourite food and drinks for him and it was these little touches that began to open his heart.

King Silas entered the kitchen as was his routine these days – more so to see Inanna, than Minnie, but this morning sadly she wasn’t there.

This was Minnie’s chance.

“Do you think Inanna would like chocolate or vanilla, M’aam Lisa?”

“Oh, definitely vanilla, Minnie”

“You’re making a cake Minnie?”

“Why yes Sire, it’s Inanna’s birthday next week, Thursday.”

“Oh I see” he murmured and promptly left the kitchen after whispering something in Minnie’s ear.

Inanna had been at the temple that day to attend an important ritual, but she made sure she was back to bring Silas his supper.

She went to the kitchen at nine thirty as she always did, but to her surprise Silas had asked another of the servants to bring his supper.

She immediately went into self-doubt.

Had she offended him? Did he think she was a crazy nut-pot because she was a healer?

Had she read the signals all wrong? Did he not love her, like her even?

Was she making all this up?

She could feel their chemistry, she was sure.

It was beginning to mess with her head – so she tried busying herself. She would take extended walks or ride the horses to clear her head.

Silas was purposely making himself scarce.

Little did she know, he was keeping a close eye on her, during dinner, watching her from his bedroom window, he was aware of her every move.

He’d ignore her during the day, ask Minnie or another of the servants to bring his supper, why he even stopped going into the kitchen.

A week had passed and she was sick with worry.

What had she done to upset him?

She had almost forgotten it was her birthday.

Her friends could see what was going on and could see she was upset.

This is what Bella hated about Silas – he played games, he was a master manipulator, why couldn’t Inanna see it?

Love was blind, she supposed.

Minnie knew what was going on and kept her mouth shut and went along with the game.

Her friends decided to surprise Inanna the morning of her birthday with a trip back to her beloved temple.

With the help of William Abel and Lilith, they transformed the temple to a wonderland.

There were candles burning, fresh flowers everywhere and her favourite incense burning.

They had a beautiful breakfast prepared for her – breakfast being her favourite meal of the day.

She was overwhelmed by their generosity and kindness and never felt worthy enough of receiving such attention and love – the beliefs she made about herself firmly cemented in her field during her time with Beircheart.

They had a lovely morning with Bella and Zoe battling for the spotlight.

Both were large personalities and loved being the centre of attention, which suited Inanna perfectly because she did not.

Bella’s laugh could be heard from the temple to the neighbouring village it was that boisterous.

They were carrying on, talking about King Silas and the other men at the castle, at times being less than kind.

They had certainly managed to take Inanna’s mind off things and she was having a wonderful morning.

After some hours, Minnie came to find her.

“You’re needed in the stables Inanna darling. It’s one of the horses”.

Duty called.

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A Soul’s Journey 74

I took a deep breath and spoke.

I had my eyes closed tightly shut as the tears kept flowing, I was rocking and rubbing my third eye, hiding my face from everyone.

I knew I had to express how I was feeling – speak my truth and it was hard.

I said I was feeling deep humiliation. (I was feeling it too)

I said I felt that I had to hide, that it wasn’t safe for me to be seen.

I said I felt my voice wasn’t worth hearing.

I said I felt “they’ had stolen my truth.

The bottom line was I felt unworthy of being seen and heard.

It’s funny what comes up from the depths of our subconscious – this is the beauty of healing.

Things we bury deep and ignore come up and out to be healed – so the vibration is free to sing again.

This was a HUGE moment and this was the karmic cycle I had spent my entire life working through and was finally ready to end.

Michael came over to me and knelt gently in front of me, he took my hand and held it tightly.

I felt the support of every individual in that room – every angel, as though they had been divinely selected, the right people to help me at the right time.

It was like I was in a room full of old friends, it was as though I needed the support of that many people, of every one of them to help me through this monumental event.

I have experienced these dramatic releases before – I knew it was all for my highest and greatest good, that it was safe for me in this space.

So, back to Michael.

He held my hand gently, and I can’t remember exactly what he said but I do remember him saying this…..

I had lived this karmic cycle 4 times before and this was the final time.

This was the end of this particular lesson.

It was time for me to be seen and heard – it was safe for me to be seen and heard in this lifetime.

He is a remarkable man, a gentle, soothing soul – funny too.

To lighten a very heavy moment he said casually,

“$65 bucks to clear all that! That’s not too bad!”

A Soul’s Journey 73

When Michael started on the second session the tears flowed immediately – and they didn’t stop for a long time.

I was hysterical, sobbing.

But I was safe, the safest I had ever felt surrounded by a room full of strangers but so very at home with every one of these beings.

The Universe had supplied me with a room full of angels all there to support me through this enormous karmic ending.

Now it wasn’t just ending that day, it has been in the process of ending for some time now but I felt as though this was the full stop.

As the tears flowed, the facilitator Michael was acutely aware and he continued doing his thing but kept a very close eye on me, asking if I was alright.

At one stage he came up to me and said did I want someone to sit with their back against mine.
I asked Jason.

I was immediately soothed, calmed.

I had never sat with someone like that before – back to back, heart to heart.

It was powerful.

Jason has the most angelic aura – he’s an earth angel, one of my earthly guides and a beautiful man, very in tune.

He also gave me a green crystal to hold.

Michael had also placed two beautiful rose quartz crystals in my hands that I had brought with me and a  sphere of Mangano calcite my gorgeous daughter had given me a few weeks before, he placed that in my lap.

I calmed for a moment and then Michael asked if anyone wanted to share what they were going through.

Michael Muir – https://www.soulmagiccollective.com

Stoned Crystalshttps://www.stonedcrystals.com

A Soul’s Journey 72

As we were all gathering in the room I was beyond excited to see a familiar face.

We had shared the dance floor together for 7 weeks as we took part in a kundalini dance workshop in Fitzroy.

(I’ll chat about that awesome experience later!)

It was nice to see a familiar face.

She and Jason were the only ones I knew out of a room of some forty people.

It was quite simply one of the most extraordinary workshops I had ever attended.

We worked through each energy centre, each chakra starting at the root and after the heart, we had a break.

I turned to the girls next to me and they asked how I was feeling.

I said, “Faint, a bit weird and my throat is completely closing over and my ears are burning”.

In the next session, we started with the throat chakra.

And it was time to buckle up – Rachael was in da house!!

Was everyone ready for a touch of the dramatics??

I don’t plan these things, I can assure you – but I have learned to surrender to them fully, as they are a form of release.

We all have karmic cycles, things we go through, things we have chosen to experience this time around and this cycle was a BIG one and it was coming to a climactic end.

That’s why I want you to become aware, so you can go easy on yourself, see it for what it is.

I’d been getting guidance for some months that I was about to end a karmic cycle and was wondering what that could be.

Well, yes, there was one significant cycle coming to an end in my life, was that it??


Her body moved sensually and rhythmically to the music – she became luminous and alive when she moved.

It was as though she was in tune with her very essence her soul and he loved watching her embrace the music within.

When she moved her joy was contagious and at times he grabbed her pulling her close and swaying with her.

He’d let her lead and she admired him for this. It wasn’t easy for Silas to give control over to anyone.

She often wondered what he’d be like in the bedroom.

He was so powerful and controlling in his every day proceedings, how would this translate when he made love.

Would he be firm but strong, a little rough and ready? Inanna quite liked it that way.

Would he let a woman take control?

Or would he be attentive, slow and measured?

Would he let another woman join them and would he be open to practicing sacred sex?

When she looked at him, her mind wandered and she became very aware of him.

He was so close now she could literally hear his heart beat, and could feel him becoming aroused.

A Soul’s Journey 71

“Synchronicity and flow……”

The first text I received from him was completely out of the blue.

It was coming up to the 8th of August, which is a huge energetic gateway.

He sent me a link to an amazing article on LionsGate which helped me make sense of some of the turmoil I was experiencing at that time.

The second was a few weeks ago. It simply read…

“Thought this event might be of interest. Michael is amazing and his activations powerful. I’m going”, along with a link to the event.

I booked that very second.

It was two days ago, and I am still feeling the effects quite strongly – it was an incredible session and one I will remember forever.

Bare with me, it has got something to do with what I am going through at the moment.

When I arrived at the event at Caulfield, I didn’t know what to expect.

I knew Michael spoke light language and knew Jason did also.

For those of you unfamiliar with Light language, it is the Universal language and can only be understood through the heart.

It can be expressed through speaking, toning, and singing and it is beautiful.

To those who haven’t heard it before, it may seem a little freaky but as I have been on this journey a while I have come across it many times.

It’s so interesting and everyone’s interpretation, a little different.

One thing I have become acutely aware of during my dance through life, is that when I attend these lovely gatherings, and especially if there is a large number of people present – I have fairly dramatic reactions – I put this down to processing energy very quickly and let me tell you, this session was no exception.

A Soul’s Journey 70

I journal everything and have done it since 2013.

I have volumes of black books full of writing and painting and they are so incredibly enlightening.

When I write I remember things and it puts things in perspective and I can follow my journey and see how things evolve, or rather how things manifest into my physical reality.

You are co-creator of your universe, energetically tied to source energy and everyone and everything in this entire universe.

I am going through a massive transformation in my life and it has certainly had its ups and downs but being aware all of this is happening as it should and for a reason allows me to stay a little more grounded and centered – a little less flustered.

Life doesn’t happen by chance, there are beautiful synchronicities and nothing, absolutely nothing happens by accident.

I met a lovely man in Sydney when I was living there, Jason Snaddon is his name, I met him once.

He is The Abundance Activator.

He held a workshop in Crows Nest and I was fortunate enough to attend.

I knew he was special – from somewhere else.

I have come across a great many light-workers, ascended beings and you can tell by their eyes, they are different.

After the session, we had a chat and he had just moved to Melbourne.

When I arrived in Melbourne I let him know I was here, hopeful our paths would cross again one day soon.

And lo and behold they did!



Inanna had made some wonderful friends at the castle and they had all become extremely close.

Aside from M’aam Lisa and Minnie, she had become very close to Isabella Gina.

Bella was as black and white as you could get. She didn’t mince words and you knew exactly where you stood with her. Some were afraid of her but Inanna could see past the bravado to the kind and caring woman she was.

Inanna knew William would be perfect for her and had introduced the two – they had hit it off instantly.

He was the yin to her yang – He gentle and soft, she feisty and powerful.

Bella wasn’t too keen on King Silas and could see Inanna’s affection toward him. She thought him to be unstable and unpredictable – untrustworthy.

She was very protective of Inanna and did not want to see her get hurt. Bella had been at the palace a very long time and had seen many women come and go and she did not like the way Silas treated them.

Inanna listened to Bella and always went to her for advice. She was a very good judge of character and did not mince words.

She made her feelings be known from the outset – she thought Inanna should not trust Silas – he was a snake, a bullshitter, she could see it a mile off.

Zoe and Bibi were two cousin’s, so similar in looks and personality they would often be mistaken for sisters. Real beauties, they really made a name for themselves in the castle as the go to good time girls.

You were always guaranteed a fantastic time when you were with either of these two.

They were both strikingly beautiful – hard to ignore, with long blonde hair and sparkly blue eyes.

They loved music and singing and were the life of the party, that’s for sure.

They were a lovely compliment to Inanna’s sometimes reserved and intense nature.

They came from a long line of entertainers – The Sheridans as they were known around the land.

There seemed to be hundreds of them – they would come and go from the palace on their way through the village.

There was always a sing-a-long in the kitchen when a relative arrived, and Will Sheridan had a band called The Court Jesters and even the King would get up and dance occasionally, but only with Inanna.

Inanna loved dancing, and she giggled at Silas’s style – he wasn’t terribly co-ordinated, but William Abel, he on the other hand was a dancers dream! He matched Inanna move for move and once the two of them hit the dance floor – there was no chance of getting them off.

The Sheridan’s were all gifted in some way – but music, singing and acting was definitely their thing.

Inanna came alive with music and dancing and the King loved watching her move.

A Soul’s Journey – 69

“Wake Up, Wake Up, Wake Up……”

So why am I telling you all this?

Because I want you to become aware of the fact that you are an energetic being and when you are feeling unwell, or things aren’t going right – it is in your hands to change it.

If I kept on going the way things were – nothing in my life would have changed.

(and that’s fine if you’re happy with your life – don’t change it!)

But I wanted to change, so I had to take action, to change the vibration.

If we want something then we have to change our vibrational frequency to match what we want and to change that vibration, we may have to make drastic changes to our environment.

Have you ever been to a place and the vibe just doesn’t feel right??

Well, chances are you are trusting your intuition and the vibe isn’t right.

Some people are ‘awake’, some go through life ‘asleep’ and there are those who are ‘waking up’.

This simply means becoming aware of the fact that you are so much more than you think you are.

It would be my greatest wish if you all woke up to this simple fact.

If you become aware of your journey as a spiritual being, the road becomes a hell of a lot easier to navigate.

You realize things are happening for you, not to you.

That everyone you cross paths with is there to teach you something about yourself.

There is no good or bad, just perceptions of.

This physical reality is only part of the picture.

We are love – purely and simply.

When we die, we pass back into the light – we return home.

And you learn to become a conscious creator of your life, opening to the divine energies to help push you along.

It’s time to wake up people – wake up to the reality of who you are, and realize your enormous potential.

A Soul’s Journey – 68

There is a process taking place at the moment on this earthly plane.

It’s a process of ascension that allows a higher vibrational frequency to enter our physical beings here on earth.

It’s about vibrating at the frequency of the fifth dimension but remaining in the third.

Creating heaven on earth.

Our universe is made up of different vibrational frequencies. It’s divided into 4 realms and 12 dimensions. We, as physical beings are experiencing the third dimension.

Some of us are here to make this transition and to prepare the body for the higher vibrational frequency, things have to be released, the negative, the old, the outdated, anything that is going to prevent this transition from occurring.

The process must be trusted, the intuition listened to, not ignored.

A higher frequency cannot come about if we are vibrating at a lower one and lower ones are caused by all the nasties – jealousy, anger, rage, hate, you get the picture.

Raising your vibration, will, in turn, raise the vibration of the planet as we are all one connected energy – everything we do affects another, has an impact on the overall frequency of the entire planet and its human population.

It’s a process of purification, a process that clears negativity out of the individual’s energy field and even if those changes cause discomfort I want you to realize that through this process your soul is growing.

Discomfort is a good thing – feeling it and experiencing it even better because as humans we tend to repress uncomfortable feelings and that affects our energy.

A Soul’s Journey – 67

The more healing work you do, the closer your authentic truth is uncovered, or your light, if you prefer this term and the more your intuition is revealed.

I’ve also talked about The Untethered Soul and how Michael Singer says to ‘drop back’ all the time.

I didn’t quite understand this at first, but the more healing I do the more clarity I have.

For me dropping back means to release the ego, the mind, and trust spirit more, your heart.

I think one of the major things we have misinterpreted is that we are physical beings. Full stop.

We are not.

We are spiritual beings – eternal and everlasting, having a physical experience.

And by spiritual, I mean energetic beings.

I feel many of us live from the wrong perspective.

We all have to drop back – not fear death, not fear to live because this human experience is fleeting and one of many and when we are finished having this experience, we go back home.

Home to the flow.

Home to the eternal love.

This experience is not our reality – it’s just that – an experience, here for our souls’ growth and ascension.

Some of us choose to go through life with eyes closed and that is perfectly fine and some of us our high initiates, aware of the journey and our souls’ growth and live life from an entirely different perspective.

They are the calm ones, the unflustered ones – the ones willing to take risks, step out of their comfort zones, do the healing work required because they know, it’s all ok.


She gave up on Silas, or at least trying to push the healing on him – he just wasn’t ready.

For now, just being with him was enough.

Silas and Inanna could often be found in the kitchen garden where he would watch her make her healing potions and oils from plants and herbs – she really was an incredible talent.

She would talk him through the procedures, show him how it was done and then what could be done with the oils and potions she had made.

He talked to her about starting a business, harnessing this knowledge and building an empire.

She would laugh at him – Silas, ever the opportunist.

She was more interested in helping people, giving to the community, that’s what she was all about, he couldn’t understand this.

He would work on her.

Silas needed someone who would match his intelligence and Inanna certainly did this.

She was more than capable – independent, free thinking, non-judgmental and he learned a great deal when he was with her.

They would take long walks around the grounds of the castle and occasionally he would bring her fresh flowers from the garden.

He was beginning she thought to open up. It was obvious he had to garner ones trust before he would let his feelings be known.

Being vulnerable was not one of his strengths.

He asked her about her favourite colours, her favourite memories, her favourite songs – he enjoyed getting to know her.

She was open and warm.

He began to think she would make a good wife, but was hesitant as he also knew independence and freedom was something she cherished deeply and after her disastrous first marriage to Beircheart he wondered whether she would ever marry again.

Of course being King, he could demand her hand in marriage – but he knew this would destroy her and he admired her too much now to do that.

Inanna had also told him about her one true love and he wondered as he looked at her now, if she ever held out hope that he would return one day, whether the love for him was still in her heart.

This was always at the back of his mind.

Never before had anyone spoken of such a deep love – he thought it must have been one-of-a-kind, and wondered whether they could ever share such a deep connection

A Soul’s Journey – 66

“Am I going to live 90 years, or am I going to live 1 year, 90 times, over and over again?”
Wayne Dyer

I’ve talked a lot about my need for freedom and independence.

I am choosing not to go along with the structure and rigidity anymore but instead go with the flow and allow things to unfold naturally as the universe intended.

I’m learning to get out of my way – stop trying to shape things and let life flow through me more.

Trying to control things causes blocks – stops us from getting where we need to go.

I am in control.

I can shape this break-up any way I chose.

I can choose to make it nasty and aggressive or I can choose to make it loving and gentle and of course, I will choose the latter.

It is possible to keep the family together – it will just look a little different now.

For Jules and I, our family remains our priority and always will. Our kids come first.

It’s all about how you view life, it’s all perception.

We will always be a tight-knit family, no matter what that looks like.

I am confident about that.

For me, it is about having a different experience.

How will I know what else is out there if I keep doing the same thing?

A Soul’s Journey – 65

People will come along to frighten you.

They are your teachers – just there to help you reaffirm your decision – to remind you to find your centre and stand in your power.

I admit that when I made the decision I was terrified. I was walking down Glenferrie Road and the fear was very real.

It was visceral, the feeling, almost overwhelming.

What would it mean for the family?
What would it mean for Jules?
What would it mean for me?

I had to be strong – stand by my decision.

I had to honor the fear, walk with it until it had passed.

In my early days of studying Energy Healing with The Ashati Institute, if I was in a panic, I use to contact my beautiful teacher Jerome Baudel for guidance.

He would always remind me to self-heal.

“Keep the healing up, especially in challenging times”, he would say, “it moves the negative energy through more quickly”.

It was the best advice as it made such a difference to how I navigated my way through the fear, through the pain, through the sadness.

When you heal, you peel away the layers, like an onion.

You peel away the layers of negativity and eventually, you will come out the other side – stronger and more resilient.

Braver than you ever thought possible.

And eventually, you will come to the realization every experience is a good one, no matter how hard it feels.


For a personal intuitive healing, remote or in person, please click here


Healing helped people clear their energy.

Like an onion, it would peel away the layer’s one by one – each layer lifted brought you one step closer to the truth.

People hid behind masks – tightly held belief systems, hard to break habits, intense and deep emotion, fear, jealousy, hatred and anger.

Inanna believed your journey here on earth, in this time and space was for you to grow, evolve, learn and become.

Inanna believed whole-heartedly in the power of healing and was sure she had been a healer in many past lives before – it was the running thread throughout her lives.

It brought her so much joy and she could think of nothing better than sharing this gift with others.

Helping them uncover their truth, change their belief systems, step out of fear and into courage, raise their vibration – it was beautiful to watch.

She admired those who had the courage to front up and delve into something many didn’t understand.

Energy is invisible to most, but can be seen and felt by others.

She was absolutely passionate about teaching people about their energy bodies.

Yes we are physical beings, but we are non-physical as well.

We know we have a liver and lungs, organs and blood, a brain and a heart but many of us were unaware we also had chakras, and auras, spirits and souls.

Chakras were energy centres each one with their own qualities and gifts.

Each chakra had an energy body that made up the aura.

Our aura vibrated at a certain frequency and was evolving and changing every minute of every day, affecting our very natures.

Every thought, every word, every feeling, everything affected this energetic field, and if negative energy was left in the body and left to accumulate, it would eventually cause dis-ease within the physical vehicle.

Healers had a great gift, the gift of being in touch with this energy. They could feel it, see it and move it around.

Just as the body has five senses, taste, touch, sight, sound and smell, so too did each body possess five clair-senses .

Clairvoyance – Clear vision, Clairaudience – Clear hearing, Clairsentience – Clear feeling, Clairalience – Clear smelling, Claircognizance – Clear knowing

And everyone had the ability to develop these psychic sensitivities – it was just a matter of trust and faith and learning to tune in to the right frequency through meditation.

To Inanna, energy was the most important factor anyone needed to know about – every single thing in this entire universe is made of energy and the energy of each individual affected everything else on the planet.

In her eyes it was the single most important thing a person could learn – and she had made it her mission to teach all those willing to learn.

A Soul’s Journey – 64

For me, I guess it’s about balance, learning how to find freedom within a relationship – if indeed another relationship presents itself.

I’m lucky I don’t find being alone challenging – I quite enjoy my own company, doing my own thing, traveling by myself.

I find it hard to feel restricted in any way, and this presented a challenge in our marriage.

I’m not saying that would be the case for all people but it was for me.

I’m realizing now, that at the end of the day I need to live for myself and allow love to come through if and when it’s meant to.

We’re all on a journey, each unique, all with different lessons along the way.

If something doesn’t feel right, then change it.

I like to feel free and unbound, but I chose the exact opposite.

The more I expanded my conscious awareness – the more I uncovered my authenticity and the more I became uncomfortable with the structured, rigid environment.

I  had to pass through this structured world in order to realize what I really wanted, mining the gold from my previous relationship but now opening to experiencing a beautiful life in a completely unstructured way – more in line with my gypsy soul.

Seeing life from a different perspective – trusting myself, knowing it’s ok to go against the status quo and create a life that feels right for me.

There’s no right or wrong.

It’s entirely up to you to create the life you want.

It’s up to you to create a glorious new life if the old one no longer suits you. A new, high-vibrational life with no stuck or stagnant energy – removing all artifice, all construct and just living from your truth.

It’s possible.

It’s just a choice.

A Soul’s Journey – 63

I’ve always been a bit of a free spirit – freedom, and independence have always been important to me but for some reason, I have never chosen freedom and independence – I have chosen to be tied down and co-dependent.

As I said earlier, I went from being a child, a daughter in my parent’s home, to being a wife – I have never experienced independence.

When I look back now, I sort of see what it means to have built a life on unstable foundations.

Yes, we were in love, madly and deeply, that was undeniable, but we are two individual people wanting two unique and different experiences – I can see that now.

I know that being in a partnership does require a certain amount of sacrifice as two individuals create a life based on both their wants and desires – but there has to be equal give and take. If this is compromised then the tower will fall.

I now realize I wasn’t being true to myself.

I was 23, making a choice to be married for the rest of my life.

I was actually at a funeral recently and had a realization. During the eulogy, they spoke of a love that lastest a lifetime, a marriage of some 65 years.

I must admit, that hit me hard.

To me it represented love, but it also represented a chosen experience, a choice.

No one needs a partner to complete them – we are already complete. Yes, it is lovely to have someone to share the experience with, and happy days if that happens, but I do think so many of us put pressure on ourselves to find love in someone else when I feel the greatest love of all is self-love.

There’s no right or wrong – it’s how you want to experience it.

We are love at our core – already whole and complete – if we chose to share that love in holy matrimony according to what I believe our outdated rules and traditions, then that is our choice, if we chose not to, then that’s ok too.

Is it possible to share a beautiful long-lasting love without the caveats marriage creates?

Is it possible to share a long and meaningful relationship in your unique way?

To me, it made me question whether I just wanted to experience marriage or did I want to experience what I had always craved, freedom and independence?

Did I want just one experience in my life, or did I want many?

Did I want one partner in my life, or did I want many?

I felt I was in my garden looking beyond at a world of new and exciting possibilities – all I had to do was open the back gate and step outside.

Could I be that brave??

Or was I just being plain stupid?

A Soul’s Journey – 62

I arrived in Melbourne on Monday and received the text on Tuesday.

Trina said she had a cancelation and no one on the waitlist could fill the spot.

Thanks, Universe!

It seems the spot belonged to me.

Trina is a Medical Medium and I have only seen her in person twice.

The first time I saw her was in January of 2013 at the recommendation of a friend.
In Byron Bay two months later, I had a spiritual awakening – it changed my entire life.

The second time was in October of 2018.

I decided to move to Melbourne on my own that same year.

I know that when I see her, major changes take place and I only ever see her when I am ready for these to occur.

I go to different healers for different reasons.

I knew this shift would be big though, so I held my breath, listened to my intuition, plucked up the courage and waltzed on in.

I love the way she works and the changes and deep transformation her healing brings and this was no exception.

She gives guidance after the healing and I always tape it and transcribe it in my journal later so I don’t miss anything – but the thing that stood out for me was the following…

She told me that over the next year I would need to keep my centre. Meditate and heal daily and bring more of my self, my spirit down into my physical being.

It was the ‘keep your centre’ – that stood out the most.

From this place, you remain more grounded, become the observer, allow the chaos to rage around you, but remain mostly detached – knowing it is happening for you.

Of course, I had very human moments and extremely emotional moments. Moments of doubt and confusion of fear and sadness.

It is all part of the process.

It is so important to feel emotions, to honor what comes up, so then it can be healed.

Deciding to end something that on the whole was a beautiful experience is a big thing but I know it was the right thing.

There is something else waiting to be birthed and it couldn’t be birthed in that energetic vibration – well that’s what my intuition was telling me anyway!


That broke the ice and they were soon back on track.

Their nightly ritual resumed and Inanna was enthralled by all Silas’s stories from the past year.

She tended to his battle wounds, some still lingering and festering over the months.

She made it her duty to be his private physician, tending gently to his every want and need.

She offered him massage and healing, of which he declined both.

She had hoped one day he would take her up on the offer.

She knew there was a lot to heal but felt sure he’d much rather keep it in then ever bring it up to the light. There was a lot of deep emotion she felt sure he wasn’t ready to explore.

She wasn’t offended, just intrigued and longed to dive into his field and explore the deep connection they shared, but for now he wasn’t letting her in.

She loved his mystery and wanted to unravel it.

He wasn’t an easy nut to crack however, but she was patient and persistent. She knew not to push him too hard as he would always push back.

He was very guarded and the walls around his heart were very thick indeed.

She suspected it had something to do with his mother’s sudden death when he was young.

Inanna would bring it up occasionally and he would shut it down just as quickly, unwilling to talk about it.

The mood of the castle had lightened finally.

Inanna and Silas were getting on especially well and this made everyone happy.

Silas could see how much she’d grown, how many friends she had made and how happy she seemed.

She really did have such a lovely personality, a lovely energy to her.

She was cheeky and mischievous and then tender and gentle, he had grown very fond of her.

At times he wondered how anyone could like him, he was such a moody and aloof bastard at times.

To Inanna, his sense of self-worth, seemed compromised.

Who would think someone like Silas would ever have any self worth issues – he was exceptional looking, lived in a castle, had servants waiting on him hand and foot and he was a King, revered by many throughout the land.

Inanna felt he was hiding a sense of worthlessness behind a façade of superiority.

Rather than valuing himself, he seemed to measure his worth on his roles and material success, not to mention his womanly conquests.

She feared he had maybe even convinced himself that this is who he was. He definitely had an over-inflated ego and she felt this clouded his truth – his essence.

It was part of his mystery, part of his intrigue.

A Soul’s Journey – 61

“A lightning bolt of clarity and insight cuts through the lies and illusions you have been telling yourself, and now the truth comes to light. Your world may come crashing down before you, in ways you could never have imagined as you realize that you have been building your life on unstable foundations”

Yep, that’s how it unfolded.

One minute I was living the dream, the next a nightmare, and it all seemed to happen in the blink of an eye.

But throughout the chaos and confusion has come a sense of peace and clarity.

It has taken a while though.

I have retreated from the world for a year, gone within and dedicated myself to healing – an hour and a half every day.

In true Virgo style, I spent most of 2019 in Hermit mode.

There was a moment where it all came to a head, June 2018 and it was at this precise moment I knew it was time for a change.

When I want this to occur there is only one person I go and see.

Trina Lucas.

I have spoken of her before, so on a trip down to Melbourne in October of that year, I texted her.

I told her I was going to be in town for five days and I needed to see her.

She said there was no way – she was fully booked and had a waitlist.

That didn’t bother me in the slightest, I knew I was going to see her.

A Soul’s Journey – 60

I don’t make my choices following other people’s views.
I don’t make my choices following society’s views.
I don’t make my choices following vows and traditions.

I make my choices following my heart.

Well, now I do anyway.

It’s taken me a while to understand this concept – but now that I have made the bold move of stepping out independently – I don’t think I could ever go back.

I am following my heart and not regretting a minute of my decision.

Well, it’s early days and things may change – we’re always in a state of flux or flow.

It feels right. Now.

Sometimes it’s easier to stick with what we know – with what feels comfortable, with what we have vowed to do.

I probably could have just put up with the discomfort but I knew I wanted a different experience, something new.

We ignore the calling of our soul because usually, it’s urging us to step out of our comfort zone – after all, this brings the most amount of growth – and if that’s what your soul has chosen to experience in this lifetime, then that is what your soul will experience in this lifetime.

I was trusting my intuition implicitly.

I knew deep, deep down that this move was necessary.

Not only for my growth but Jule’s also.

We had come to the end of the line – it was time to change the energy – to bring in new experiences – ones that could further us along our path – help us in expanding our conscious awareness – further us on our spiritual journey.

Don’t get me wrong it was terrifying and it was not a decision I took lightly – and nor should it be.

There’s a great deal more than two people at play here – there are also four beautiful children – mothers and fathers, friends and families.

And I made the decision, quietly and privately, over a few years, with the help of counselors, psychologists, healers and by going within.

I wanted this decision to be made from the heart, not from the circumstances that were going on around us – Separation, the death of three friends in three months, financial failure, health problems of two of our closest friends, three job losses in three years and closing a business I so loved and cherished – Not to mention another international move and settling the kids into a new city and new school, for the third time in two years!

What Jules and I have, was and remains very special but some things had become stale – ways of being and interacting that were habitual, outdated – and so, so many tower moments.

The energy had become stagnant, and I felt compelled to change it.


It was late one night and Minnie, Master Mitchell, Old Tom and Inanna were all chatting in the kitchen.

Silas happened to be lurking nearby and listened in on the conversation, careful not to be seen.

Lilith had formed a strong bond with Master Mitchell and had ways of signalling him from the temple, when she required Inanna’s help.

They would meet at nightfall and Master Mitchell and Old Tom would help Inanna out of the castle without alerting anyone.

Security was strict when Silas was in residence.

Silas did not like to be undermined. He may have let Inanna get away with this before he went away but something had changed in him and he would have to show her he was still the boss.

Everything went as planned, Inanna made her way out of the castle and safely to the temple.

She spent the following few hours healing the sick and it was the middle of the night when she returned.

It was cold and quiet and she made her way across the moonlit fields and through the castle gate.

She was through and immediately felt safe – it was the run across the field that always terrified her, even though she knew she had Master Mitchell and Old Tom looking after her.

She had just pulled the hood of her cape down when she came to an abrupt stop.

She looked up. It was Silas.

He didn’t look happy and forced her against the castle walls. She felt the chill and the damp on her back.

He was definitely showing her he was still boss and he was to be obeyed.

“Can I help you Silas?”

“What were you doing Inanna?”

“I was at the Temple, healing Sire.”

“Without my permission?”

“Yes Sire, without your permission”

The sexual tension between them was tangible.

He stared at her, a look of longing in his eyes, she could tell he wanted to fuck her and hard.

She remained composed and strong.

“What am I going to do with you Inanna?” he said.

She smiled up at him seductively and said, “I’ve got a few ideas”.

A Soul’s Journey – 59

“The Upright Tower……”

“When the Tower card appears in a Tarot reading, expect the unexpected – massive change, upheaval, destruction and chaos. It may be a divorce, death of a loved one, financial failure, health problems, natural disaster, job loss or any event that shakes you to your core, affecting you spiritually, mentally and physically. There’s no escaping it. Change is here to tear things up, create chaos and destroy everything in its path (but trust me, it’s for your Highest Good).

Just when you think you’re safe and comfortable, a Tower moment hits and throws you for a loop. A lightning bolt of clarity and insight cuts through the lies and illusions you have been telling yourself, and now the truth comes to light. Your world may come crashing down before you, in ways you could never have imagined as you realize that you have been building your life on unstable foundations – false assumptions, mistruths, illusions, blatant lies, and so on. Everything you thought to be true has turned on its head. You are now questioning what is real and what is not; what you can rely upon and what you cannot trust. This can be very confusing and disorienting, especially when your core belief systems are challenged. But over time, you will come to see that your original beliefs were built on a false understanding, and your new belief systems are more representative of reality.

The best way forward is to let this structure self-destruct so you can re-build and re-focus. And let’s be real – with a card like the Tower, you have no choice but to surrender to the destruction and chaos, no matter how unwanted or painful. Change on this deep level is hard, but you need to trust that life is happening FOR you, not TO you and this is all for a reason. This destruction will allow new growth to emerge and your soul can evolve.

After a Tower experience, you will grow stronger, wiser and more resilient as you develop a new perspective on life you did not even know existed. These moments are necessary for your spiritual growth and enlightenment, and truth and honesty will bring about a positive change, even if you experience pain and anxiety throughout the process.

Thankfully, the Tower doesn’t always associate with pain and turmoil. If you are highly aware and in tune with your inner guidance system, then this Tarot card can indicate a spiritual awakening or revelation. You may be able to see the cracks forming and take action before the whole structure comes tumbling down. You may create a massive transformation before you reach the point where change is your only option. In its most positive form, the Tower card is your opportunity to break free from the old ways of thinking that have been holding you back.”


A Soul’s Journey – 58

“All Along The WatchTower……”

Lots of things led to the breakdown of our marriage.

I would say the last seven years were the toughest for both of us.

I’m not sure if you are familiar with the Tower card in tarot – but that was our life.

Moment upon moment of challenges, until something had to give.

We can look at these tower moments in a bad light or we can look at these tower moments as an opportunity to clear and cleanse – out with the old, in with the new.

So many catastrophic events were happening for us – forcing us to ‘see’ more clearly what was going on.

Both of us, at separate times over the last few years, thought maybe this was happening because our energies were out of alignment – things had changed.

When we do healing work (and I was doing a lot of it) – we are changing our vibration.
When we change things on the inside our outer world changes to accommodate the new energy frequency.

I wasn’t feeling happy, I wasn’t feeling myself, I was sick and tired of putting others needs ahead of mine – following someone else’s path and not my own.

It was time.

Time to choose comfort and all I’d ever known – or freedom, and all that represented to me?

A Soul’s Journey – 57

“A Choice of Comfort or Freedom……”

I did this because I didn’t want to create a stir.

In my mind, if I spoke out I would be reprimanded.

  • Speaking out wasn’t ladylike
  • Having my needs met wasn’t important
  • You put others first before yourself

I’m not proud of these belief systems, but I am proud of the fact that I have finally recognized them for what they are.


Detrimental to my happiness, my peace and my joy – detrimental to my self.

As we grow we create these belief systems, these patterns of behavior – and most of the time we don’t even realize we live our lives through this tainted lens or if we are aware, we think we are powerless to change them.

We are not.

We are powerful beyond measure and it just takes courage and strength to make the changes necessary to get you to be more in alignment with your authenticity.

If you’re not in alignment with your authenticity, your truth, you will feel unhappy – you may even begin to feel dis-ease in your body.

I had a beautiful marriage with a beautiful soul mate and I don’t regret one minute of it.

He will always play a starring role in my life. He is the father of our four children and a cherished friend.

So what changed??


Inanna made a point of taking her time.

She noticed Silas was quiet, reserved, and a little distant.

She also noticed he hadn’t taken his eyes off her.

She made her way slowly around the table chatting effortlessly to everyone, this time it was Inanna who commanded attention and certainly received it from everyone in the castle.

Silas could see how much she was adored. She was resilient and made the very best of her situation.

Silas knew she would prefer to live at the temple, healing full time but she knew this was her path for the time being and made the decision to enjoy it.

It seemed she had settled right in.

“Welcome home Sire” she said as she began pouring his wine.

“I hope your trip was a great success and Winter is not baring any scars from battle”

She looked at him briefly and he at her, he said nothing and gave even less.

She moved on.

The banquet certainly didn’t have the same tone or energy as the first one she had attended.

Silas had definitely changed, she sensed it would take a little longer for him to thaw out.

He was still making himself scarce, and this really did alter the energy of the entire castle.

When Silas was up, so were the people and when he was down, so were the people.

Inanna just kept on her way, dabbling in the garden, occasionally riding the horses.

He was surprised to see that she had stayed.

He kept his distance from her – however they had bumped into each other from time to time.

While he was away Inanna had come and gone from the castle through the main gates, at any time she pleased. Now he was back it was a different story.

If she wanted to heal she would either have to ask his permission or sneak out.

Master Mitchell and Old Tom had shown her a back entrance in the boughs of the castle where she could come and go undetected,

Now that Silas was back in residence she would have to resort to sneaking around.

She loved it down in the boughs of the castle.

It was cold and damp, a little mysterious – it felt like she was on an adventure when she was sneaking around the place.

A Soul’s Journey – 56

“Over and Over Again……..”

The Universe sets up little scenarios, especially for us, to help us grow.

Yes, you have heard it all before, life is a classroom.

If we don’t pass the test the first time, we will have to take the test again.

And again, and again, if we don’t learn the lesson.

I married quite young – at 23 years of age.

I had gone straight from being a daughter at home with my parents to being a wife, pregnant with my first child, six months after our wedding.

Reflecting one day on my marriage, it occurred to me that like my client – I kept choosing to do the same thing, over and over again, and it had finally been one time too many.

The Universe was giving me a lesson, and I was reacting the same way each time.

It took me a very long time to work out the decision I was making wasn’t in my best interest and it was time to choose differently.

I had chosen to put someone else’s happiness ahead of mine.

I didn’t know any better.

This is life – lessons can come in any shape or size and big life lessons are given to us – solely to us, as an individual for our unique soul’s growth.

I have worked out that this decision I kept making was all about self-worth or lack of it in my case.

Someone else’s happiness was more important than mine.

I had realized that every time we moved, I had sacrificed something I had loved, for my husbands’ job.

Now, this is not going to be a blog of self-pity – I am just bringing to light my shadow so I can help to illuminate yours.

There is no blame here – I chose to do that – it was my decision.

At not one moment of my 24-year marriage had I ever stood in my power – preferring to give my power away to another, to happily let someone else make all the decisions.

Now I’m not going into the reasons of why I may have adopted that pattern – I would be here til 2050!

I’m merely highlighting a behavioral pattern so you can become aware of yours – whatever they may be.

Each time I sacrificed my desires and needs – I sacrificed my power and I felt it.

Each time I gave away my power by letting someone else make a decision that wasn’t in line with my truth, I could feel it as a physical pain – in the guts – every time I denied myself happiness, I felt like someone was kicking me in the guts.

The solar plexus chakra which is the seat of your power sits at the bottom of the sternum, just at the end of the esophagus – and this is exactly where I would feel the pain and the worst thing is I blamed others for my pain.

Whereas the reality was, I was solely responsible for the pain.

By not honoring my needs, not articulating my needs, by putting someone else’s happiness over mine – I was only hurting myself.

A Soul’s Journey – 55

“Trust The Process…….”

It all started unraveling when we made the move back to Australia from Singapore in June 2017.

My marriage that is.

I didn’t want to move – I was the happiest I’d ever been in my life, but the universe stepped in and here I was, roaming the streets of North Sydney, feeling like a stranger in a strange land.

I tried to keep it together – my study had taught me to remain positive and optimistic – that where I was, was indeed where I was meant to be.

“Let it unfold naturally”, I’d tell myself, “trust the process”.

My clients mean more to me then they’ll ever know.

As I am healing them, they are healing me and as I am guiding them – they are guiding me.

I was becoming more and more aware of this and as I’d take my morning walks around Sydney Harbour I would ponder what my clients were teaching me.

Everyone’s our mirror – reflecting to us what we need to integrate or what we need to release.

Every person you come across and every dealing you have with them is helping you grow.

By becoming aware of this, any animosity or anger will be replaced by a sense of peace as you marvel at the divine workings of the Universe – always here to help you – bringing you the ‘perfect’ situation at the ‘perfect’ time.

I remember exactly where I was when I had an epiphany.

I had just given a client a healing and I felt she was disappointed as the guidance was similar to the previous few.

I explained to her that it would continue to be the same until she took action to make the story different.

Albert Einstein is widely credited with saying, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.”

It just hit me like a bolt out of the blue that I was indeed doing just that.

(A blog on perfection https://templesoul.com/soulsutras-86/)


Silas was back but it would be some months before Inanna came face to face with him.

He hadn’t asked her to bring supper, nor held any lavish dinners, he was barely seen at all, preferring to keep his head down and slowly readjust to life back behind the castle walls.

He was exhausted physically and emotionally and stayed in his room most of the time.

This was to be expected – the battlefields were gruesome and bloody and the scars from his time away would take time to heal.

He needed this time and she would give it to him.

Inanna seemed to have moved from a state of desperation to a state of acceptance.

Yes, she did love Silas, but knew beyond a shadow of a doubt, he would be the only one that would initiate this relationship – it wasn’t up to her, not in this lifetime.

She thought he could go either way and decided to step out of the way and see what unfolded.

Silas had obviously had enough time and scheduled a feast to thank the staff for looking after things while he was away.

He was curious to see if Inanna would be there, he had a feeling she wouldn’t have stayed around when he was gone, preferring to be at the temple instead.

She was very headstrong, and he admired this quality in her.

Inanna was feeling composed and self-assured – moving from a state of desperation to acceptance, altered the focal point back to centre, back to the present.

Letting go a helpful tool in releasing the binds and taking back the power.

She did look exceptionally beautiful this evening and may have spent a few extra minutes on her appearance and dress tonight.

Silas noticed a difference in her immediately, she seemed stronger, was holding herself differently.

He watched her as she moved gracefully around the room and when she got to Max, his mood changed.

Max was a gorgeous, gregarious Englishman and had been at the castle a while.

Inanna and he had forged a close bond while Silas was away.

He could see the way she relaxed totally in his company.

They seemed to read each other and shared the same sense of humour.

There was a knowing between them, an ease and she felt extremely comfortable around him and Silas noticed this.

It was the first time Silas had felt the pangs of jealousy where Inanna was concerned.

It was more to do with rejection. He knew he held the power over Inanna and now he felt he had lost it.

He didn’t like this feeling.

It felt foreign and uncomfortable.

A Soul’s Journey – 54

“Time flies……..”

Oh boy!

So much time has passed since I last wrote – for this particular blog anyway.

Three years in fact.

And my-oh-my how things have changed.

I write because it helps clear my energy, gets it out of my system and I hope through writing about my personal experiences – I may help you through yours.

My focus in this blog is on energy healing but more specifically energy and once you become aware of it, how it can change your life.

I would like to share what I have been taught and how it can help you navigate your way through this journey we call life.

I’m an Energy Healer – and everything I do, I do with that in mind.

I write when I feel compelled – I’m learning to trust my intuition so much more these days – using my internal compass to navigate my way through the tempest of life.

I’m not even going to try and pick up where I left off.

I feel like writing from the space I’m in now.

As we approach the end of another year, I feel for completion of a very big cycle and to usher in the exciting possibilities of a new one – I need to articulate all that’s been happening and so I take a deep breath and begin.


There was much excitement in The Village of Nor in anticipation of the king’s return home.

Inanna felt exhilaration, mixed with trepidation.

She wasn’t sure what to expect when he returned.

King Silas was volatile, unpredictable and while she liked this part of his personality it did make it more difficult to read him.

Her feelings for him hadn’t changed in the slightest and over the year, she had become a little more together, had learned to stand in her power a little bit more.

She and Lilith had dived deep into spiritual practice while he had been away and there was no doubt this helped her feel this way.

She had been working on her third chakra – Manipura, the City Of Jewel’s as it was known.

It shone yellow like the sun and was the seat of one’s power.

Lilith thought it would be very important moving forward that Inanna learnt to harness the energy of this beautiful chakra.

This chakra brought with it the gifts of clarity, self-confidence, knowledge, wisdom and the ability to make correct choices.

It was about radiating your power into the world.

Lilith had seen the woman Inanna had become over her months at the castle and when she was with Silas there was a sense of attachment and desperation she thought fuelled her actions.

Inanna was a strong girl, this she knew, and Lilith knew she was going to have to exert all her power if she chose Silas as a partner. She would need to meet him head on, or risk getting walked all over.

She would need to meet him at his level if there was going to be any equality in this partnership.


“So we were up
Throwin’ dice in the dark
I saw you late, last night, come to harm
I saw you dance in the devil’s arms

The night kept coming
Really nothing I could do
Eyes with a fire, unquenched, by peace
Curse the beauty, curse the queen

So we come
To a place of no return
Yours is the face, that makes my body burn
And here is the name that our sons will learn
Curse the beauty, curse the queen
Curse the beauty, leave me

So when you’re weak
When you are on your knees
I’ll do my best, with the time, that’s left
Sworn with your spirit, you’re fully fleshed

So fuck your dreams
And don’t you pick at our seams
I’ll turn into a monster for you, If you pay me enough
None of this counts, if you do, cloud up

So we come
To a place of no return
Yours is the face, which makes my body burn
And here is the name, that our sons will learn
Curse the beauty, curse the queen
Curse the beauty, leave me”

Lyrics, Mumford & Sons


Silas could sense his distaste and this seemed to make him even more antagonistic.

He started leering at the women, touching them inappropriately and all the while making sure the barman was in full view.

He delighted in pushing peoples buttons and the more he drank the more truculent he became.

Things were heating up in the tavern and getting pretty wild.

The men had been in battle for close to a year now and it was hard to just switch off from that mentality.

Testosterone fuelled their actions and it began to get ugly.

Silas would demand things from the barman, with no intention of paying for anything.

He was abusing his power and exerting his force and the poor little barman was helpless to stop him.

Silas was cunning and deceitful he could tell that just by looking at him.

Silas had worked out how to irk the little barman and took great satisfaction in doing so and all of a sudden his attention fell upon the barman’s sweetheart.

Acutely aware of his presence and his allure, he started on her.

He motioned for her to come and sit on his knee.

The barman was keeping a very close eye on things.

He was flirting and whispering in her ear – she thought it was harmless fun. Silas used it as a means to bait his enemy.

Silas looked directly at him and with a smirk on his face gently moved his hand up her skirt.

The barman couldn’t move fast enough.

He leapt over the table and had his hands wrapped around Silas’s neck in half a second.

He was livid and you could see it in his eyes.

It was on for young and old.

Punches were being thrown, glasses smashed, women screaming,

“Fuck you Silas.” the barman shouted, blood spilling from a cut above his eye and an open lip.

They were right in each other’s faces.

“I’ll turn into a monster for you, if you pay me enough”

Silas roared laughing,

“Oh, did you hear that everyone, a monster, who’d like to see that? I know I would”

“Get the fuck out of my tavern” he spat.

“I could have your head, you pathetic excuse for a man”

He turned and walked away, spitting at the barman’s feet.

“I’ll ruin that little shit one day – find out his name”

“He’s an Irishman Sire, Eamon’s his name”.


Silas had been travelling for months, the weather was abysmal and they had been sleeping rough for weeks.

They were months from the Castle and decided they would treat themselves and find a nice village to stay in for a few days.

They could shower, eat properly have someone wash their clothes.

They were wet and cold, hungry and tired – and their moods matched the dismal skies.

They rode into the Village of Bry at dusk. The horses were tired from months of battle and the men equally so. They had been hunting their food for the last few weeks and sleeping under the stars and they longed for a warm bed, a nice drink and full bellies.

The footman went ahead to inform the village of the King’s arrival.

Everyone busied themselves, making sure there was somewhere nice for the King to stay, that everything was neat and in order.

En masse they looked a very threatening bunch.

They rode into town and within minutes, men were coming out of no where, tying up the horses, offering food and showing them the way to their sleeping quarters.

Silas looked foreboding – he had been away for too long and his mood was low.

He was most unpleasant to be around when he was in these states – his temper was frayed and he was prone to outbursts of anger if he didn’t get his way.

They bathed, ate and slept.

The following night they decided to make their way to the local tavern.

They felt that some good food, good wine and some music, was just what they needed to lift their spirits.

The local taverns were always lively places, full of laughter and merriment, dancing and frivolity.

When Silas and his entourage walked in though it was a sight to behold.

There was a certain energy they brought with them. With chests out and a sense of purpose in their stride, they told everyone who was boss.

Silas was throwing his weight around and becoming increasingly demanding.

The Barman had no time for him at all.


Divine Dance

Divine sex – you know – you’ve always known.

The divine way you taught me

Teach me how, now.

On the slab, every time.

You know.

Take yourself higher and higher with me

For some reason each time with me


I’m Yours

You feel the serpent rise, you feel, you know.

I serve

I teach

I’m yours

You know

She’s here

You need the slab, on the slab

Spirit and serpent rises on the slab, you remember, you taught me
You created me and I am back

We are back.

You know what you want

You know what you need

You know what you see

Don’t be scared of your sex

She’s here

She wants to come back

She’s here

The Priestess

She’s here

Welcome Priestess

Feel her

It’s so important

Feel her

You are one, it’s all encompassing and magnificent





Divine sexual union and One.

Inanna, the goddess

With you again, seeking again

She’s here

Welcome Priestess


He couldn’t be more different from Inanna in this way – in this realm they were total opposites.

Inanna didn’t see the need to sleep with every man she came into contact with and certainly didn’t use sex to lift her self esteem – she was incredibly comfortable in her own skin and did not need anyone to validate her worth – especially not a man.

Apart from Beircheart, and this she didn’t even count, Eamon was the only man she’d ever made love to.

To her sex was a sacred act, her body a sacred temple.

Sexual and orgasmic energy was life force energy, creative energy and present within all of us.

She used the sacred act of sex and orgasm to manifest – she worked with source energy, not against it.

Sexual energy is a powerful force and when directed with ones intention, magical.

One of the most powerful experiences we can experience is the power of orgasmic energy.

This was Inanna’s view and her practice.

Alone, with a partner, or with multiple partners  – of the same sex or of different – she wasn’t fussed, it was the sacred act and the energy this produced, and the power of the energy this produced that she wanted to experience.

She wasn’t after instant gratification – she was after long and sacred practice – building the energy slowly over time. She wanted it to ebb and flow, be long lasting and meaningful.

She wanted to harness this energy, work with it, create magic with it – this was her sacred practice.

This potent energy could heal, could manifest, could connect you to source – it was all powerful and available anywhere, anytime.

No partner was even necessary, although helpful at times.


Silas and his men made their way around the country.

He was a different person when he donned his battle gear – powerful, strong, in control.

One couldn’t help but be intimidated in his presence.

Everyone bowed to the King as he rode adeptly through the country.

He would be gone for months, maybe even years and he had a job to do, villages to conquer, battles to fight – he became a very efficient leader.

But Inanna felt there was a darkness lurking just below the surface. She felt it had something to do with the fact, he really wasn’t this person the aggressive, alpha male and he was merely putting on a mask, when he put on those princely robes.

He didn’t want to fight, he didn’t want to conquer – it just wasn’t in his nature, but like so many things, this path was thrust upon him and who was he to tell them he wasn’t interested.

No, King Silas played the role very well – tough, resolute, unrelenting and inflexible.

When King Silas spoke, you listened.

He was king – in control and powerful and he exercised this power daily in the form of death and destruction and nightly in the form of women.

He could get any woman he desired – his sexuality was hard to resist.

Having these sorts of conquests seemed important to him.

He seemed to use sex manipulatively, to seduce others, to gratify himself, with no regard to the truth of his heart.

Perhaps he thought he could only be appreciated for his sexuality and attracted partners who fulfilled this belief.

Or maybe it was just because he was afraid of getting too close, of exposing the truth in his heart, of exploring the deeper areas of a relationship, preferring to have the sex without the baggage.

To Inanna, a partner offered more than just temporary relief. She knew real intimacy could heal, that sexuality was an integral part of that process.

If only Silas could risk allowing more of his vulnerability to show.

There was no doubt he was smooth and seductive and there was a different woman almost every night.

He was sewing his wild oats all over the kingdom.

Old habits, die hard.


Silas had gone for what seemed like an eternity.

Inanna spent more and more time at the temple, often staying there for months at a time.

Everyone at the castle had grown very fond of Inanna and protective.

Even though she tried to hide her feelings for Silas, she couldn’t, the look of love and the chemistry between them noticeable to all.

They knew with Silas away, Inanna would be lost, so they allowed her to stay at the temple as often as she liked, only calling her back when someone needed some healing.

She loved being back there, spending time in ritual and with Ren and Lilith.

It had been wonderful to spend time again with William too and they had made a regular date to the wine barrels at their favourite little tavern in town.

Inanna had met a beautiful bunch of girls there also who would become life long friends.

There was Jane and Natasha, Rima and Lisa, Kirrily and Ren – they were a fun bunch of girls – roudy and lively with a lot of spunk. They smoked and drank and didn’t take any nonsense from anyone. They were all strong women, independent and interesting.

They were supportive and loving and would do anything for each other – it was the sisterhood at its finest.

They talked and laughed and gossiped – and asked Inanna an inordinate amount of questions about King Silas and wanted to know everything that went on behind the castle gates.

He had been gone six months now and she wondered if she’d ever see him again.

She thought of him every minute of every day and spent her nights drifting off to sleep dreaming of him.

She was often called back to the palace to check on the animals, in particular the horses.

She loved the walk from the temple to the castle and often dreamt of walking it arm and arm with Silas.

It was a particularly beautiful day when Inanna was called and she made her way up to the stables.

Old Tom was very chatty today and she was finding out all the latest news from the castle.

Old Tom was a little like Mrs Emmett – the eyes and ears of the castle.

“So Inanna” he said with a wink, “I suppose you caught up with old Silas when he returned last week?”

He knew by the look on her face, she hadn’t.

“Oh, he was in town then was he?” she replied.

“Just back for some provisions and the like” he went on nervously.

She continued with the horses while holding back the tears, it was as though she had been stabbed in the heart.

He could see the pain etched all over her face and decided not to say much more.

“Will that be all then Old Tom”

“Inanna love, I’m sure he wanted to see you”

He gave her a big hug and she thought she would dissolve in floods of tears at his embrace, but she left those for when she was in Lilith’s arms.

It was at this point she realized the extent of her love for him.

She just simply couldn’t bear to be without him and when she was, her heart ached.

She spent the next week in bed at the Temple.

Nothing it seemed could raise her spirits. Lilith tried and Ren, they even got William Abel in – no luck.

She was despondent and low.

Lilith took her to the waterfall – a sacred place she frequently visited but seldom told anyone about.

Water held divine healing properties and this, she thought was just what Inanna needed.

She taught her an ancient and time-worn tradition – a cleansing, purification and blessing ritual.

Inanna practiced it every day for weeks, until she herself noticed a shift in her energy.


These nightly meetings took place for months.

Silas and Inanna had formed a very strong bond, a deep relationship and they could communicate easily these days.

He was keen to learn everything about her, and she about him.

They shared the same sense of humour, liked the same things – and there was chemistry, that’s for sure.

Curiously though, neither of them would admit their feelings to the other.

Was it stubbornness, or did they see in each other’s eyes the fear of rejection?

Both wanted to say more but for some reason they with held.

It was as though Silas held up a mirror to her soul and at times this made her uncomfortable, perhaps for him it was the same.

Inanna had grown very fond of Silas and enjoyed life at the castle.

He seemed to pop up wherever she was and he always called for her should he need anything done.

She was upset to learn that he was going away for a while.

This terrified her.

She felt a connection so strongly between them and when she was with him, there was a glimpse of the Inanna of old.

When she was with Silas she felt bold and brave, strong and sexy, confident and whole – she felt herself.

It was as though she couldn’t be this person without him, and dreaded the days he wasn’t around.

He made her feel alive.

Of course Inanna was the one asked to bring Silas his horse.

She knew he was leaving and this upset her terribly.

She didn’t know for how long he was going and this made her heart break.

Will the chemistry still be there when he got back? Would he miss her as much as she would miss him?

Would he ever return?

It was the first time she had felt something for anyone since her beloved Eamon, and she was still a little guarded in the area of love given what she had been through with Beircheart.

As he was sitting atop his stallion, all dressed up in his battle gear he looked powerful, strong – she admired these qualities in him.

As she brushed the horse, she looked up at Silas and with a look of longing asked,

“Do you have to go?”

And there it was – a moment of surrender – and with that she had exposed the treasures of her heart.


Inanna had a terrible night that night.

Minnie looked after her.

She was vomiting and feverish – alcohol certainly did not agree with her.

She was crying and upset and had a fitful sleep.

She swore off that dreadful stuff right there and then – it was not for her.

Silas came into the kitchen that morning, he was more chipper than usual – lighter.

“Good morning Minnie. It’s a beautiful day – I shall take breakfast in the courtyard by the southern tower. Inanna can bring it.”

“Oh, I am sorry Sire, Inanna is unwell this morning. She is spending the day in the temple. She will be back this evening,”

She was unsure how the King would react – he was usually such a gruff and unappealing fellow, but on this occasion he let it slide.

“Well, I shall see her this evening when she brings me my supper”.

It became a nightly ritual now and one Inanna looked forward to very much.

Silas knew not to offer her wine and instead made sure there was a pot of tea for her.

Inanna was beginning to think he enjoyed the nights with her as much as she did with him.

He relaxed and opened up a little bit more each time she visited.

He told her all about his life, how his mother had died when he was young leaving him with his father.

His father took lots of mistresses – there were always women coming and going and when he died in battle – Silas inherited the throne, and a few of his father’s traits thought Inanna.

He was twenty-one.

He didn’t look much older than this now.

“I saw you noticed my beads. They were my fathers.” He took them off and handed them to her.

She knew them as Mala beads – prayer beads.

She looked curiously at the Ankh.

“He was Egyptian”

“Aah, that explains the Ankh.” Said Inanna.

“Are you familiar with Egyptian mythology?” “A little’ she said.

“The Ankh represents the beauty of life” continued Inanna. “It certainly does” he replied.

“Tell me about you Inanna, I’m interested in your life”.

She told him everything and he listened intently. Inanna was an open book – she wasn’t ashamed of her life – she knew all facets of it were important and relevant.

She told Silas how she missed the temple terribly and that healing was her passion. She missed Lilith and Ren but she had also made some lovely friends at the castle.

He seemed genuinely interested in the healing but she didn’t know whether this was just a ruse or he actually was.

“You have a way with horses. Do you like them?”

“Oh yes Sire, very much. I used to ride daily. It would be my dream to have a horse of my own again one day.”


He was standing over by the fire.

His sleeping quarters were astonishing – bigger than her entire temple.

The candlelight made him even more breathtaking and she could barely look at him.

He was wearing black trousers and a sash, his white linen shirt fell loose and unbuttoned. He was broad-shouldered and strong.

He had a scar that ran from his throat to his heart, he caught her looking at it and she quickly averted her gaze.

“Where would you like it Sire?”

“Just over there on the table is fine Inanna.”

He made a point of using her name at every opportunity.

“Will that be all Sire?”

She spent a lot of time looking at the ground and kept eye contact to a minimum.

When she looked deep into his eyes – it was different from anything she’d ever felt.

They’d known each other before – and there was a deep and ancient love between them – she could feel it and wondered whether he could too.

“I saw you looking at my scar before” his hand gently touched the wound.

He spent some time retelling the story of a great battle in the forest, she wondered where he had found his voice.

He made some quip about past lives and karma.

She smirked – had he been doing his homework or did he too dabble in the great mysteries?

He was certainly different from the man she had served in front of his entourage, she wondered what had happened between now and then or was it just that he had taken of his robes and become who he was?

He made his way over to the tray and poured two drinks.

‘Would you care to join me Inanna?” he handed her one.

She looked agitated and felt even more so. She thought her legs may give way beneath her.

“Come”, he grabbed her gently by the shoulder and sat her down – he could see she was incapable of doing anything unaided.

The glass shook in her hand.

“Do I make you nervous Inanna?” he smiled – his big brown eyes staring directly at hers.

“Slightly Sire” she smiled back.

He poured her another.

“This should relax you”

He chatted openly and kept drinking and pouring her more wine. She didn’t drink that often so was becoming extremely light headed and giddy.

She had relaxed enough to laugh at his jokes but truth be told she had drunk so much she had lost track of what he was saying.

He could see she’d had enough.

‘Well I think that’s enough for tonight Inanna.”

“Yes Sire, sleep well.”

She tried to compose herself as she walked toward the door, but was having all sorts of trouble. Everything was out of form and wobbly.

She managed to get to the door when he spoke.


She turned around. He had his shirt off, his bare chest exposed. A mala hung loosely around his neck.

She stood staring, perhaps a little too long.

He was a terribly sexy man.

“The tray”

“Oh, yes, of course Sire”

She hurriedly took the tray and made her way out of the room. She rested for a moment on the other side of the door and then raced down the stairs toward the kitchen.

King Silas laughed as the sound of the tray and glasses hitting the floor echoed through the chamber.


There was no doubt Silas unlocked something in her.

It was as though she got in touch with something very deep inside herself when she was with him – it was almost primitive and she could imagine if she gave herself to him, it would be tender yet wild.

Sensuality and sexuality – he held both, he was mystical and exotic but she sensed he could be psychologically dangerous.

He gave off so much sexual energy and like water it was deep and she could see women sensed that when they were in his presence.

She sensed it too.

Inanna was rattled and flustered for the remainder of the night.

She was dropping things, spilling things – Silas took great pleasure in seeing her this way.

Everyone had gone thankfully and it was some hours later.

The staff sat around the kitchen table – Minnie was telling stories and keeping them all entertained. Inanna relaxed for the first time since that fateful moment.

M’aam Lisa came to the kitchen door,

“King Silas will take his supper now. Inanna, he’d like you to bring it”.

She felt sick.

She looked at Minnie who could see what had transpired over the course of the night. Much like Mrs Emmett she made it her business to know exactly what was going on between these castle walls.

The two of them shared a moment together.

She neatened her hair, freshened her up and calmed her down with a shot of warm port.

“Remember who you are Inanna – calm, self-assured, alluring” she added cheekily. “Go on now darlin’, you’ll be right”.

Inanna took the tray in her hands – she was visibly shaking and had to take a moment to breathe – deeply.

She was terrified.

Terrified of loving him, terrified he wouldn’t love her back, terrified he would hurt her, terrified he would leave.

Never before had anyone evoked such turmoil within.

This love felt terrifying, unfamiliar – what had he awoken in her and was she ready for it?

She took a deep breath and knocked on the door.


Inanna was assigned a job in the kitchen.

This suited her perfectly, as her healing did involve plants and herbs.

Perhaps all was not lost.

Inanna was introduced to Minnie, head of the kitchen. Minnie obviously enjoyed her tucker, had a jolly disposition and Inanna warmed to her instantly.

After some months she had learned the ropes of the kitchen. Inanna was a very fast learner.

There was a beautiful garden adjoining the main kitchen – full of fresh vegetables and fruit trees, herbs and plants, it was Inanna’s idea of heaven. She had spent her childhood learning all about these from the neighbouring medicine woman and her memory still served her well.

Inanna spent an inordinate amount of time out there. She had explained to Minnie that she was a healer and when the kitchen wasn’t busy, Minnie would let Inanna mix tinctures and potions under the eaves outside.

Should anyone in the castle need them, they knew exactly where to go.

She had quite the stockpile now and news had spread fast that the village healer was in their midst.

The castle always seemed busy when Silas was around, and at the end of another exhausting day, Minnie sat all the workers down and gave instructions for the following nights big feast.

Tomorrow evening, there was to be a big celebration to be held in the castle – a welcoming of sorts.

The King would be enjoying a feast with his entourage and the lowly servants could all wait on him.

“How wonderful” thought Inanna, “Yesterday a healer and today a servant of the kings” how life could change in the blink of an eye.

Dinner was rowdy that night.

King Silas was in good spirits. His horse had made a complete recovery and he had exercised his power and provided employment to the lowly. He felt good about himself.

The men were drinking too much, leering and making inappropriate gestures and comments.

Inanna hated nights like these.

Why men had to turn into lecherous, lewd and debauched parodies of themselves when they drank was beyond her. Did they think that it was attractive, appealing to the opposite sex?

Silas was being loud too – loud and obnoxious.

Inanna was standing on the opposite side of the room and although there were many servants that night, Silas wanted her attention.

Gesticulating wildly and in a rather thunderous voice, he roared, “You, fetch me some wine”.

She knew he was diverting his rhetoric at her and could feel the eyes of the room fall upon her – but she was not giving him the satisfaction of turning to him – she kept on her way, this was no way to speak to anyone.

“You” he yelled, a little louder this time, “I said, bring, me, my, wine.” The last four words said with significant pauses so she could understand his command clearly.

She turned and looked at him in disgust – his tone and manner was inappropriate and degrading.

She was not amused.

He gestured her to come.

She waited for what seemed like an eternity and then made her way slowly across the room.

She held his gaze the entire way, poured his wine and passed him the goblet.

She wanted to throw it on his head – but thought the better of it.

The tables erupted with cheers and jeers.

She remained unmoved.

“Thank you, Inanna” he said smugly, obviously very pleased he knew her name.

He grabbed the wine and as he did his finger lightly grazed the palm of her hand.

It was the first time they had touched.

She looked away.

It was as though a thousand volts of electricity had just passed through her body – she had no idea what was happening.

Yes, she was a healer and felt things often, but this was new to her, she had never felt this way before.

She felt as though her whole being had broken apart – it was as though everything she knew was being rewritten, in that one touch, at that very second she realized she had changed forever.

When she looked deep into Eamon’s eyes, she saw love.

When she looked deep into Silas’s eyes, she saw herself.


The time had come.

Inanna had packed the last of her things and said goodbye to Ren and William Able and finally to Lilith.

“Inanna, you’re only going a hundred feet up the road. We will see each other often. I am sure you will be able to come and visit the temple when you please.”

Inanna was indignant.

She grabbed her bag and walked to the castle, she refused to let anyone accompany her.

They were told of the day’s proceedings in the courtyard of the castle.

Everyone was beyond excited at this once in a lifetime honour and saw it as a privilege, that they were the chosen ones, everyone, except Inanna. She felt her rights had been abused and she wasn’t the slightest bit amused – her fury was written all over her face.

They all filed into the Great Hall, one by one.

It was opulent and ostentatious – and the refines of this temple felt very restrictive indeed.

If it wasn’t bad enough that she had been forced to abandon what she loved to come and work for the king, she now had to bow before him and accept graciously her new life – one that he had chosen for her.

Far from seeing the opportunity such an honour could bring, Inanna only saw hardship, veiled by the anger of her emotions.

She knelt reluctantly – the energy in the hall was electric, full of excitement, a new beginning for these lowly peasants.

She turned to the woman next to her.

She had a beautiful face, flawless skin, and a nurturing smile. She made Inanna feel a bit more at ease. She held out her hand.

‘I’m M’aam Lisa” she whispered, “It’s a pleasure to meet your acquaintance”.

She was so polite, and seemed a little nervous and shy.

“Inanna”, she said quietly back.

Inanna was kneeling at the right hand side of the corridor. It was all very stately and over the top. M’aam Lisa knelt by her right side.

The trumpets sounded and heads were bowed.

Under no circumstances were you to look at the king as he made his way through the crowd that was made very clear from the beginning.

One was not allowed to speak, or look at the king.

“This should be a fun place to work” said Inanna to M’aam Lisa.

She smirked and held her finger to her lips, urging Inanna to be quiet.

And then in he walked.

As hard as it was for Inanna to admit, he did have incredible energy, presence, and it felt particularly strong today.

He made his way slowly through the throngs of new workers.

Inanna couldn’t help herself, as soon as he approached her she raised her head towards him, looking him directly in the eye, she wanted him to see her contempt.

His pace slowed as he approached her. M’aam Lisa’s head almost hit the floor she would never have had the courage to look at the king.

She didn’t know whether Inanna was mad or fearless, perhaps she was both.

King Silas stopped in front of her and looked towards her – he read her immediately.

If it were anyone else he would have been furious but he simply looked ahead and resumed his walk.

She had hoped he’d got the message.


Inanna stood in front of Lilith positively fuming.

“I’m sorry Inanna dear but these are orders from the castle, and you must obey”.

Inanna was exasperated.

“How long has this tradition been going on?” She asked furiously.

“As long as I can remember Inanna dear, it is a great honour to be asked to work at the castle.”

Inanna sat down clutching the scroll in her hand.

Some honour! She pointed out to Lilith she wasn’t being asked, this wasn’t a question, it was an order. She couldn’t say, no thank you, even if she wanted to.

Why was it that there were men in her life that deemed it their responsibility to make decisions on her behalf? It had happened with her father when he married her off to the repugnant Beircheart Laird and now it was happening with the King.

This was not her choice, this was not something she wanted to do.

She did not like being told what to do and she desperately did not want to give up her life as a healer and become a servant of the kings!

No matter how handsome he was.

She loved her life at the temple. She was the happiest she had ever been.

It was times like these she hated being a woman.

Where were her rights?

Where was her freedom of choice?

She felt stuck and trapped in this male dominated world.

She felt a sense of powerlessness, of hopelessness.

She knew her purpose in life was to fulfil her potential, to grow and to learn – and she felt the men in her life were inhibiting this freedom of expression, limiting her, holding her back.

It was at these moments Inanna fell back into her old habits and belief systems, forgetting she had the power to change the circumstances.

She had an over-baring father who had taken it upon himself to make the ‘right’ decisions for Inanna and now it was as though history was repeating itself.

To Inanna she had no choice.

It was her fate and in two weeks she would become an employee of the mighty King Silas.


Inanna spent the following days going back and forth to the castle and by the end of the week the horse was beginning to stand.

Inanna and he had forged a very strong bond and she looked forward to going to the stables each and every day.

She didn’t see much of Silas that week and thought he may be avoiding her on purpose, but when she did see him, she didn’t feel quite so jumpy in his presence and in fact purposely started conversation.

Inanna let the words she spoke come from her heart, not her head and she was a very good listener.

For Silas, it was the other way around.

His words were measured, well thought out.

She could tell there was someone completely different lurking behind those kingly robes and she felt determined to uncover it, even if it did make him uncomfortable.

He gave little at first but slowly opened up as the week progressed.

Inanna had a quick wit and a vibrant personality – and she was pleased when she could make the king laugh, it was such a rare event to see him smile, that making him laugh was a job very well done.

The energy in the stables had changed. Everyone was feeling uplifted and positive. There was no doubt the king’s horse would be fine.

Inanna took things very slowly with the horse and a few weeks later took him for a walk through the castle grounds. She ran everything by Silas, the last thing she wanted to do was upset his Royal Highness.

She was shocked when he asked if he could join them on their walk.

It was a stunning Autumn day. The drop in temperature had reflected the onset of Winter and it was Inanna’s favourite time of year.

The leaves were beginning to change and the castle grounds were vast and beautiful, Mother Nature visible in all that surrounded them and she marvelled at her beauty often – picking up a golden leaf or bright red one, a feather, pointing out a glorious tree, effortlessly changing with the seasons.

If only we could be as in tune as the trees.

Standing strong and steady when wild winds blew, allowing change gracefully and without restraint – there was so much we could learn from them.

Inanna seemed to do all the talking, and to Silas she became almost childlike when she was out and about in nature, she came alive. She knew a lot about the healing properties of all the native flowers and herbs in the garden and he marvelled at her extensive knowledge.

They walked back to the stables, Inanna’s arms were laden with treasures from their morning walk and he had taken over guiding the horse. She had placed a large white feather in her hair. The king admired her open heart. Everyone was always so contrived, obliging around him, of course he had procured this himself, but she, she was different – open and honest, unafraid and wistful.

They made their way to the stables.

He was standing opposite her taking off the horses bridle.

She smiled sweetly at him.

“You’re beautiful” he said, “I’ve never seen your equal. What’s your name?”

“It was true”, Inanna thought. They’d never been properly introduced. He knew her only as the healer.

Acutely aware of how he had treated her at the square, she gave a wry smile and without uttering a word turned and promptly walked from the stables.

He smiled and for a moment so too, did his heart.


The procedure went well and the horse barely moved.

It took some hours and Inanna had worked well into the night.

Master Mitchell had organised some tea for Inanna, once he saw the horse was stable. She was grateful for this very sweet gesture.

She finally sat down.

Inanna was incredibly humble and just went about her business gracefully and quietly. She had a rare talent, that was obvious, but she didn’t advertise the fact and let the buzz grow quietly around her, naturally and organically.

King Silas hadn’t said anything throughout the night, just watched her silently from a hay bale in the corner.

Inanna chatted freely and openly with Old Tom and Master Mitchell and explained how she would stay with the horse until morning and then come back every few hours for the next week to check on him.

Silas was visibly relieved but seemed to have trouble expressing his emotions and gratitude.

The three got up from their seats when they saw the king rise.

“ I can’t thank you enough” he said awkwardly, barely looking at any of them and promptly left the stables.

He didn’t even pat the horse on his way out.

Inanna felt for him.

She could sense he had more to say, but felt he didn’t quite know how, a sign of immaturity perhaps.

There were many men like this, afraid of being vulnerable.

Inanna felt many of them saw vulnerability as a weakness and imagined the King would feel this very strongly.

He was the leader of a country after all.

To show vulnerability was to show frailty.

Maybe it was this of which Silas was afraid.


All eyes were on Inanna now.

If she could save the king’s horse there would be much to celebrate.

If she didn’t, she shuddered to think.

She created space around her, took a few deep breaths and got to work.

She calmed the horse first.

Garnered his trust.

He was so beautiful and it pained her to see him like this. After all we are all connected, we all emanate from the same source, just seemingly separate.

Everyone was quiet. They were mesmerised by Inanna.

No-one had managed to settle the horse, not even King Silas.

Just as she had done with Lady before, she lay down with him now, her body against the horses. He calmed instantly.

She’d never learnt the art of healing animal’s, she just knew it instinctively and trusted herself completely.

She felt at ease with animals, could “talk’ to them it seemed. She had this gift since she was a child. It was as natural to her as walking.

King Silas watched her attentively.

She was gentle, knowing and she had a look in her eyes that both frightened him and exhilarated him.

She was powerful, this he knew just by watching her. She possessed something, radiated an energy he wasn’t familiar with.

After some time, she came to a seated position in front of the horse. She told the horse exactly what she was going to do.

She would inspect the wound, anesthetize it with some alcohol, this would sting a little. She would wait some time before pulling out the arrow. He wouldn’t feel a thing.

She would clean and dress the wound and check on him regularly and stay with him throughout the night.

She wouldn’t leave his side.

The horse nuzzled her and closed his eyes.


Inanna felt terribly jumpy. Gone was the self-assured woman in the square and in her place a bundle of nerves.

Master Mitchell could sense her apprehension but quickly put her at ease.

He wasn’t like the other guards, distant or aloof, there was a warmness behind his eyes. She felt an instant liking for him and her instincts proved right – they seldom lead her astray.

He would become a very trusted confidante behind the castle walls, and could sense very clearly Inanna’s fluctuating moods.

Master Mitchell filled her in, so she was prepared for what lay ahead.

King Silas had been out hunting and his beloved horse had been accidently struck with an arrow.

He was beside himself. That horse meant the world to him. He would rather lose a leg, than lose his horse.

He wasn’t in a good way and when he felt things were out of his control he could become belligerent and aggressive.

“Oh great” she thought, “Just what I need”.

“Who called for me?” asked Inanna

“Oh, that was Old Tom. He speaks so fondly of you and when Silas brought his injured horse back to the stables he knew there was only one person to call – The Healer.”

They were close now, and the butterflies in the pit of her stomach returned.

“Best, not to say too much Inanna. When he’s in a state like this, keep conversation to a minimum”.

She smiled nervously.

She gathered herself. This was the moment. What would reveal itself behind those doors?

Master Mitchell opened the door.

Silas was distraught, dishevelled.

“What took you so long”, he roared.

Inanna stepped out from the shadows.

He flinched.

“I’m sorry Sire, I came as quickly as I could. What seems to be the problem?”

He looked inquisitively at Master Mitchell and then turned his head toward Old Tom.

“She’s very good Sire. I have seen her tend to the horses myself. You can trust her”

Was he questioning her ability? Was it because she was a woman?

This made her blood boil.

She walked straight past him and directly to the horse.

The horse was in a state too.

Inanna gave strict instructions to Old Tom and Master Mitchell and told Silas to make himself scarce.

He refused.


Some months passed and talk of King Silas was still on everyone’s lips. Inanna found she couldn’t go anywhere without someone mentioning him.

She found this exasperating, because even at the slightest mention of his name, something stirred inside her.

She couldn’t quite pinpoint it – it was like excitement mixed with terror.

She wanted him desperately but at the same time wanted to run away as far as she could.

Inanna busied herself, tending to her garden, healing the sick and herself, when one day out of the blue, she was called to the castle.

Her stomach dropped.

Her feelings were so strong she felt as though everyone else could feel them too.

Would she bump into him and if she did what would she do?

She felt sick.

Lilith could sense her trepidation

“What’s troubling you Inanna dear?”

“It’s Silas, Lilith. I have been unable to stop thinking about him since that meeting in the square. Never before has anyone evoked such a reaction in my being – my essence. It frightens me, makes me nervous.”

“Stay centred Inanna, connected to your truth. Remember your essence and stand there, in that space – that space of wisdom and knowing, where there is no fear, just pure consciousness – pure love. You know it Inanna. Let’s spend a moment connecting to that space. You’ll be fine. You may not even see him.”

“It’s best not to think about the outcome Inanna, stay present, worrying about what could be will only keep you in fear. Everything happens for a reason dear. The palace calls. Off you go”

She packed her healing bag, as she assumed that is why she had been called and made her way to the castle.

It was nearing dark and the road was quiet.

She thought about the guidance Lilith had given her but try as she might, Silas rattled her.

She was a mess and had no idea why.

Her experience of love was varied.

With Eamon, it was as natural as the wind. She felt open, confident and uninhibited.

With Beircheart it was unnatural. She felt exposed, violated and dirty.

With Silas, it was different again.

She felt so strongly for him, but was terrified at the same time.

She was still in love with Eamon and wondered if it were possible to love another at the same time. It was confusing and frustrating and made her feel awkward and uneasy.

She was soon at the castle gates.

“Inanna Florence Sir” she stated, for the second time. The guard was as a gruff as he was the first.

“Aaah, yes, the king’s horse. Show her the way Master Mitchell”.

Inanna’s stomach dropped for the second time that day.


Over the next few weeks, her ritual would become her focus She found that if she concentrated on ritual and her healing, her thoughts of Silas would lessen.

Lilith noticed her absence and distraction and would often find her staring aimlessly at the castle.

Silas had awoken something in her, unlocked something and it frightened her a little.

Whatever it was it felt overwhelming, big, out-of-control, and was very sexual in nature.

Her practice with the nymphs had reflected this

She was becoming more expressive, more experimental.

She felt safe with the women around, protected and held.

She could open herself and her sexual practice with ease. She ran the show and felt empowered and comfortable at the helm, but when it came to men she felt differently.

What she felt when she looked at Silas, felt foreign, unnatural and she relayed this to Lilith.

“Inanna, your challenge is to allow the full expression of your sexuality in all its beauty and power – the rawness and the wildness.

You do it with the nymphs easily and in time you will trust men enough to open to them again.

What are you scared of dear – letting go of your wildness, being overwhelmed or are you scared of  being hurt? This is only natural after what you’ve been through. If you are holding yourself back sexually, the chances are that you are holding back your love as well.

Try not to bring your beliefs and past experiences into the present.

Trust yourself Inanna, trust your body and open your heart – to yourself and others.

All loving is a risk Inanna, allow yourself to be vulnerable. When you allow this, you tap into incredible power.

Don’t be scared of showing your love, Inanna – who knows what lays on the other side of fear.”


She hadn’t thought about making love for a long time. Her healing and spiritual work now occupied most of her days and her experiences with Beircheart made her shudder at the thought.

The rituals that involved the women were of a highly sexual nature, but she didn’t think of them as making love. She saw them as a necessary part of transcendence and her spiritual practice.

She enjoyed it immensely and it did make her orgasm, and she used this energy to transform her own.

Sexual energy was very powerful and when harnessed correctly could be used for all manner of things.

The way to connect to this energy was through pleasure and touch. It was possible to orgasm without penetration and she had become adept at this.

Inanna would combine the breath of yoga and meditation to aid the process and call in the women to pleasure her at times too. This was all part of sacred practice and was to be done only on the marble altar in the water temple.

Inanna knew the importance of channelling this energy and directed it to enrich her life and raise her conscious awareness.

Sex after all was the driving force of nature, the essence of creation, passion and artistic expression.

Women, the vehicles of life, emulate the divine mother Gaia, who gives birth to all.

She knew we were all sexual beings and she knew the path of sexual transformation.

It was not about denial, over-indulgence or repression.

It was about acknowledgement: acknowledgement of yourself as a sexual being.

It was about acceptance and honouring your sexual energy. It was a part of you and couldn’t be repressed or destroyed no matter how hard you tried.

Inanna knew that this very primal energy was part of her very essence and she needed to integrate it for wholeness and completion.

A part of her energy was repressed under the control of Beircheart and she was in the process of calling it back.


She saw the depth of his desire in his eyes, and felt the weight of it on her body.

He wanted her, and she him.

He kissed her gently on the lips and then made his way down her throat, caressing her, awakening her with his touch.

He was tender and took his time, exploring all of her – tasting her, feeling her, embracing her – body and soul.

She was hungry for him now, ready to receive him – her breath slowed as she prepared to welcome him in.

She surrendered and opened to him – the bliss and ecstasy overtaking her.


The crowd all got to their feet and ran wildly after the King and all of his men,  shouting and clapping frantically.

She stood in the square until the dust settled and the crowd emptied.

She watched as he made his way up the long hill and disappeared behind the palace gates.

He did indeed command attention.

He too had presence and she was sure he was not to be trifled with.

“I heard you made quite the scene in the square today Inanna”, said Lilith later that evening.

“News travels fast. Let me guess, Mrs Emmett?” she smiled.

“Oh not only her Inanna, I’m afraid you were the talk of the town. You may well be for centuries to come”.

“What did you think of the King?” she asked curiously.

She was interested because she’d heard Inanna describe Eamon at length and knew the King shared strong similarities – well in looks anyway.

That’s where it ended.


“Guarded. With a heart as cold as a dungeon” she said dramatically with a smirk on her face.

She was sure just by looking at him there lay a treasure trove of secrets and betrayal inside. She felt him to be emotionally void and unable to express himself. It was as though his heart had been closed tight for years, as he shielded himself from love and happiness should he get hurt.

All that aside, she saw something within him.

She felt something too.

And for the life of her she couldn’t stop thinking about him all day. She would brush the thoughts aside and then out of nowhere she would catch herself thinking about him again.

“Who was this man, and what did he want with her?”

She was sure, beyond a shadow of a doubt that he would play a starring role in the story of her life.

After healing and meditation, she went to bed and drifted off with one thing on her mind


Inanna recognized him instantly although they had never met before.

‘He’s back”, she thought in her mind.

He was gorgeous, there was no other word for him.

He was striking. Dark and brooding with big brown eyes, olive skin and shoulder length curly black hair – just her type.

He was younger than she thought he would be.

He was rattled, unhinged and stared intently right through her.

She remained unmoved, her eyes locked firmly on his.

He was taken aback by her doggedness, perplexed by her confidence – he’d never come across anyone like her.

His footman raised his hand, “Step aside for the King” he roared, sending shockwaves through the crowd.

No one was game to look up, should they have their head chopped off.

No one spoke to the King, without being spoken to first.

Inanna turned her head to look at him. She raised an eyebrow and stood firmly to the spot.

The sound of the horses armour and their frequent snorts the only thing audible now.

Inanna retained her composure, unrattled and unmoved she looked back at the King, a wry smile gracing her lips.

After what seemed like an eternity she stepped aside, just enough to let the horse through and at the last minute, taking her cue form her beloved Eamon, bowed her head and made a dramatic and over the top curtsy.

The horses were kicked into motion, disdain lingered in their wake.


She didn’t bother changing, and unbeknownst to her, she had a cute little soil mark running down the side of her cheek. Her hair was scruffy from the gardening, but she still looked radiant. Even if she were dressed in rags she would look beautiful. She still had her dirty apron on over her pretty white dress.

Lilith wondered if she was doing this on purpose.

She had a strange habit of wanting to irk those in power, shake things up a little. She liked to push the boundaries and did so when she could.

Lilith loved this about Inanna, she liked a woman with a little tenacity, a little pizazz.

One shouldn’t be too serious all the time.

Inanna shoved some old clippings in the pocket of her apron, brushed her hair into place with her forearm and started the long walk down to the village.

The energy was palpable and even Mother Nature had turned on a show for the King.

Yes, everything was going in his favour today.

There were people everywhere. Not only was the entire village out but it seemed everyone within a hundred mile radius was there too.

The flags were hoisted high and everyone had donned their finest rags to welcome King Silas home.

There was excitement and anticipation and not only amongst the adults, the children were hysterical too, running around hurriedly, big smiles on their faces.

The crowd were gathered in the square and along the road all the way to the castle of the King.

There were little stalls set up, showing off the local farmers’ produce and the wares of the local tradesmen. The villagers needed to let King Silas know the town had prospered even when he was gone and they had all done their very best to ensure the village still remained good enough for the King.

Inanna greeted everyone warmly. She noticed they were all looking a little bemused as she wandered through the streets. Never before had they seen her so slovenly. She was always so well groomed.

Still, dressed as she was, she still garnered looks from everyone.

It was the way she held herself, the way she caught your eye – she was confident, yet graceful, powerful yet gentle, a real enigma.

She had presence.

She knew it and so did everyone around her.

When Inanna stood firmly in her feminine essence it was a sight to behold.

You could feel it and you could see it.

The street leading up to the square was packed.

Everyone was chattering excitedly, there were squeals of delight coming from the little children, and people were gesticulating wildly.

King Silas must be close now.

Inanna could see Mrs Emmett right up there in the front row, making sure she didn’t miss a thing, she would be talking about this moment for years to come.

As she made her way through the town square the energy changed.

A hurried silence graced the crowd and everyone moved to the side.

They all bowed down on one knee and Inanna was taken by surprise.

She hadn’t met a King before and certainly wasn’t told about the protocol when one arrived.

Before she knew it she was standing face to face with the King’s horse.

Inanna’s response was natural and easy.

The horse was riled up and rearing wildly.

She grabbed him by the bridle and whispered, “There, there you beauty. It’s ok”

She stroked the side of his face until he calmed.

He was exquisite, a beautiful, big, black stallion. Dark, stubborn and wild just like his rider it would turn out.

The crowd watched on aghast. What was this mad woman doing?

“He’s beautiful. I’ve never seen his equal. What’s his name?”

It was a moment or two before their eyes met.


The King’s arrival had every single person in the village feverish, everyone in the village, except Inanna. She found the whole thing comical.

She had never held much respect for the establishment, everyone was equal after all, and she didn’t care much for rules, preferring to play by her own.

Everyone was running around maniacally painting, fixing the cobblestones, planting things, grooming things – they had to make everything perfect for the return of the mighty King Silas.

Inanna had been summoned to the castle numerous times that week.

She had to make sure all the horses were in tip top shape and everyone in the palace healthy.

There couldn’t be anyone or anything in less than perfect working order.

“Who was this man who commanded so much attention?” she wondered.

She smirked as she made her way back to her beloved temple, far from the madness of the castle and the village. There were some beautiful spring flowers she collected in the fields outside the castle on her walk home.

Flowers and candles were Inanna’s favourite things.

She felt so happy and content.

She had transformed the temple into a place of beauty and warmth.

Everyone who walked through her doors immediately felt peace and calm. They felt they had a safe space to heal and a trusted confidante to tell their deepest worries and desires to.

Inanna could be trusted and all those who came to her for healing knew this.

It was a new day – the big day.

Inanna had been busy this morning in the garden. She had never been that keen on gardening although both Eamon and her sister Frances were both avid gardeners, so she had learnt some tricks along the way. It was such an exquisite day she just wanted to be outside amongst nature.

This, beside the temple was her favourite place to be.

She often took long strolls beyond the village like she used to when she was a little girl.

She knew her way around very well now.

The energy of the village had been growing steadily throughout the morning and by lunchtime it was positively frantic.

“Are you going down to the village for the arrival of the King Inanna?”

“Well I might have to Lilith, I simply must see for myself what all the fuss is about”


It had been years since Inanna was brought to the Village of Nor – broken, battered and bruised but she had managed to transform herself from broken woman to fearless warrior.

She diligently followed her practice and the guidance of Lilith and all those around her. She knew everyone she encountered on her path was a guide.

She liked to play a game where she imagined herself as the only person on the planet – everyone else was an actor in her play – there to teach her and help her grow.

She was now able to see the beauty in all – for all contained the gift of the holy spirit within.

Everyone was presented to her at exactly the right time and in exactly the right place.

Eamon, her sisters, her mother and father, Ren and Lilith, William Able and Old man Tom, why even Beircheart.

Every experience she encountered taught her something about herself. She learned to dance with the flow of life rather than waste her energy fighting against it.

She knew she held the power.

She was the great alchemist.

She was in charge of turning the lead to gold, the negative to positive.

The power lay within.

The power lay within each and every one of us.

Ren and Inanna had taken a short stroll to the village.

It was a spectacular day. The first whispers of spring evident in the new growth on the trees, the music of the birdsong and the warmth in the wind.

Spring was unfolding and there seemed to be an air of excitement amongst the Villagers.

They stopped by William Able’s for a hug and a chat. When you received a hug from William it was like having your whole being shrouded in love.

They visited the florist, Fleur, the grocer and the candle maker. Inanna loved candles and there were always plenty in the temple.

As they made their way back through the village, arms laden with fresh produce and plenty of candles, they passed Mrs Emmett. They looked at each other and smiled a knowing smile. They tried to bow their heads and hurry past but it was always tricky to pass by unnoticed.

“Have you heard the news?”, she shrieked,

“The King, the King is returning”.

She was mildly hysterical.

“Aah, the elusive King Silas, so he wasn’t a figment of everyone’s imagination after all”, Inanna said quietly, a tiny smirk gracing her lips.


Inanna’s popularity was growing and she began to hold healing circles for the local community.

She would combine her love of music to help heal and uplift, connecting with people’s deepest emotions, bringing then to the surface and setting them free.

People felt a little lighter, a little brighter after they had seen Inanna.

The people trusted her completely and went to her for all manner of things: dream interpretation, astrology readings, healings and meditation. She held women’s circles, new moon and full moon circles. She started teaching all those who wanted to learn and they could see the benefits it brought almost instantly.

There were those who went home and took action and there were those who didn’t.

Those who didn’t were always disappointed when they came back for a reading and nothing had changed.

“You have to work with the Universe” she would say, “it’s not going to do all the work for you”, she would laugh.

Inanna started forming very solid relationships with all those she taught and healed.

Life in the village sustained her in a way she didn’t think possible.

Healing had brought richness and meaning to her life again.

She knew that all she had endured in her life, the good and the bad, had brought her to this place, this exact moment in time and she felt blessed and so very fortunate.

Her days were different now.

She no longer thought of the past as much but tried to remain as present as she could, preferring to look at each new day as a gift, a chance to start anew, to be re-born.

Eamon was never far from her heart and she never lost hope and prayed daily that she would be reunited with him in this lifetime. She stayed positive and only thought of the happy memories the two shared.

She thought of her family too, her sisters and her mother. They would be older now and she wondered what had become of them. She also prayed that she would be reunited with them at some stage.

She had forgiven her father and Beircheart and she had freed herself of all pain. She still held both in her prayers and offered them love and healing light. She hoped with all her heart there was not another woman at the end of Beircheart’s fists, or worse.

Love was the ultimate healing energy, very powerful indeed, capable of miracles.

She wished a miracle for him now.


Inanna’s sacred practice took on new meaning.

She had started the journey back home, and now it was impossible to know of any other way of being, always seeking, always learning, always growing.

She would spend hours in the scared temple atop the altar.

The nymphs would prepare her body for ritual.

They would strip her naked and stand her in the sacred water. They would wash her clean, each and every part of her, and once clean she would make her way up to the marble altar.

The practice took place either during the daylight or under the lunar light depending on what she was intending to transform.

Her energy work was as important to her as breathing and it was her desire to teach as many people as she could about their incredible energetic bodies.

Once people became aware of this, their lives would change forever.

They would open themselves up to a world of magic and wonder. They would see themselves for who and what they were – incredible beings capable of instant manifestation and profound transformation.

Fear and anger, jealousy and rage would disappear and in its place, gratitude and love, trust and faith.

Inanna’s spiritual practice kept her calm and peaceful and connected her to source energy – the energy of pure love and the source of all life.

When she connected she became one with the divine, the great creator, and this was a great source of power, available not only to her but to anyone and everyone.

Once connected she could receive clear guidance: guidance in its purest form: guidance that would align her to her truth.

Opening up and connecting with source energy allowed her to receive an influx of divine wisdom and knowledge that she, in turn could use to light the way ahead not only for herself but for others too.

Connecting with the divine feminine energy was an act of worship, to oneself and Mother Earth, the Divine Mother. It is the energy of giving birth – not only to procreate but to give birth to new ideas, expressions and dreams.

The Divine Feminine is part of all – man and woman and Inanna knew the importance of creating an equal balance between her masculine and feminine energies, for once she had a balance of these, the kundalini energy could rise.

She knew too that her sexual energy was her life force energy.

When Inanna connected with this energy she felt vital. Creative surges would follow and she felt confident and self-assured.

The practice only involved women at this stage as she still carried the scars of Beircheart.

It took a long time for her to even allow a woman to touch her, but she did understand the importance of allowing this to happen and not closing herself off to this aspect of herself completely.

She had enjoyed making love to Eamon and was sure she could learn to trust men again, but it would be some time before she would allow a man to enter her sacred temple.


“Strength she brings, it lives inside. Her sexual self, she cannot hide.

Sultry, feminine, strong and wise, she brings her lovers, deep inside.

Two inside, three or four, her men, her women, she calls for more.

But then she stops there is but one. He joins her now, under the current sun.

They join together, their tender kiss. They dissolve as one – orgasmic bliss.

The double helix, the serpent’s coil. Sexual wisdom for one, for all.

I see it now, the green and blue. You are here for me, I am here for you.”


The main castle was surrounded by beautiful, manicured courtyards and there were people scurrying about everywhere.

They held brooms, bridles even loaves of bread. It was a hive of activity in there.

Inanna was hopeful the guard would stay with her and show her the way back once she’d finished as she would surely be lost inside these palace walls forever if she had to find her own way out.

They took so many twists and turns. They went down alleyways, up stairs, down stairs and through tunnels until eventually they made their way to the stables.

The stables were breathtaking. Eamon would have loved it here.

It was a far cry from the modest stables at her father’s home. These were something else all together.

They were bigger than her home. They had proper rooves with gables and each horse had its own little stable. It was out of this world.

The guard introduced Inanna to a lovely older gentleman, Bryan Thomas. He looked after the horses and the stables.

He gave a nudge and a wink and said, “Everyone round ‘ere calls me Tom, love”

He was in a bit of a panic. If he lost a horse while King Silas was away he would be out of a job in a second. Inanna was his last hope. He had tried everything and everyone in the village.

Inanna made her way gently to the mare. She was an old thing but Inanna felt sure she had a few good years left in her yet.

It was a wound that had been left to fester, causing discomfort in the horse and seemed to be spreading quite quickly now.

She was a natural and the horse settled in her presence immediately. She even lay down for her.

Old Tom couldn’t believe his eyes, this mare was a stubborn old lady and had not quietened down for anyone, in fact it was quite the opposite. She reared and snorted and pawed the ground when anyone came near her.

For Inanna she lay still.

The two of them spent some time just being, together. Inanna wanted to get to know her first. She could feel the energy in humans and could also feel it in animals. It was a real gift and one she was grateful for.

After she had spent some time with the horse she went and washed up and mixed some herbs to dress the wound. Once this was done, the horse would be right in no time. The wound itself wasn’t all that bad, it was the horses temperament that needed the most work.

Inanna had extraordinary empathy for all things. It did make things hard at times, but as she matured she learnt to work with this ability quite comfortably.

It was this the horse likely picked up on: her calmness, her knowingness, her empathy. She could read horses as well as she could read humans.

She was very confident the horse would improve dramatically within the next twenty-four hours and promised Old Tom she would be back to check on her as often as she could. She would change the dressing daily for the next week.

As promised she visited the castle daily and by day six the old mare was as good as new. Inanna was desperate to hop on, it had been years since she had ridden and it was something she missed daily. Old Tom thought the two of them should go for a ride, to test her out, see if she was back to her old self.

Inanna thought this was a great idea and didn’t even bother checking with Lilith first as surely she would say no.

The old mare was a little sensitive and touchy, so Inanna decided to ride bare back. They wouldn’t be going far or for very long.

Old Tom was amazed at how easily Inanna made the horse a bridle out of rope. He helped her up, she felt a wave of happiness she hadn’t felt for ages, this old mare would take good care of Inanna, she could feel it.

They rode a short way through the castle then out into the open fields. Inanna was careful not to just take off but did manage a slow trot and a short canter, just to see if she could handle it.

Old Tom marvelled at the way she rode. He hadn’t seen anyone as natural as Inanna, ever.

It was a joy to behold.


It was a day like any other when all of a sudden there was a visitor to the temple – an important visitor by the looks.

Inanna went to fetch Lilith.

She was out the back hanging her washing when Lilith came back excitedly.

Inanna you have been asked to the castle.

“Me?” Inanna said with surprise and mock amusement.

“Your good name is travelling far and wide Inanna – the palace does not call just any old healer.

There’s a horse – an old mare that needs seeing to.”

Inanna was out the front door immediately.

“Not so fast” called out Lilith, “I will have to run you through the protocol, darling.”


This was no ordinary visit – not everyone was summoned by royalty.

There were many rules, and

A – Inanna didn’t care much for rules or the establishment and

B – She didn’t have a very good memory and was terrified she would forget everything Lilith told her.

“Relax, Inanna dear, the king has been away fighting for years. While he is not there, the palace will be forgiving should you make a mistake. If King Silas was in town however, well that would be a different story” she laughed.

Who was this King Silas? Inanna wasn’t sure she liked the sound of him.

She took her medicine bag and made her way to the castle gates.

It was a beautiful castle, she’d never seen anything like it before.

It was huge, with a wide moat running all the way around it.

She approached the gatehouse apprehensively.

Normally she would be full of confidence but this great stone structure made her weak at the knees.

From far away the castle looked much less imposing – up close it looked terrifying.

“Name please?” someone yelled from the gatehouse.

“Inanna Florence Sir. I’m the Healer here to tend to a sick mare.”

“The guard will show you the way.”

She followed quickly behind a very well dressed guard. He wasn’t slowing down for her either.

If she thought the castle was imposing standing outside its walls, just wait until she made her way through the gates.

It quite simple took her breath away.


In rare circumstances Ren and Inanna would venture into town at night.

Ren thought it was high time Inanna was shown the real world – she couldn’t spend every minute of every day healing and meditating in the temple – she was becoming as dull as dishwater.

It was just what she needed.

This particular night, they went down to the local ale-house, a big step for Inanna these days.

They even had a pint themselves.

Inanna never drank, it was just something she had never tried before. She had seen what it did to Beircheart and really had no desire, but she realised it didn’t turn everyone into a monstrous pig – just some.

She didn’t love the taste, but did notice it helped her relax. It helped her relax so much that she and Ren even managed a dance. Inanna felt that familiar feeling and it was wonderful.

For the first time in a long time, she felt herself – wild, free and uninhibited, it had been a while.

They were laughing and having a lovely time when all of a sudden she was bumped out of the way. Ren had to catch her to break her fall.

A man turned to her extremely apologeticly, he was quite a wild dancer himself.

He sat her down at the barrels were they had left their drinks. He insisted on staying with them until he could tell she was alright.

He was a gorgeous soul, with a big heart. They were friends straight away.

He was cute too – he had a little beard hiding big rosy cheeks and was never without his glasses – he couldn’t see two feet in front of him, but it was his crazy white teeth you noticed first and his big, huge smile. It was contagious and when he laughed he would bring his hand up to his mouth, and shrug his shoulders.

He had an interest in all things spiritual, like she, and he had a real openness about him. He was gentle and kind and was to be her first male friend in a long time.

She would meet him often.

They would lie in the fields behind the palace, making up crazy stories about the king, or they would just hold each other’s hands and meditate.

There was nothing sexual about their union, it was purely platonic – just two friends, helping each other out on their journey through life.

William would always be there for her, a trusted confidante, and in years to come, her best friend’s husband.


Sometimes lessons present themselves again and again.

If we don’t learn the first time perhaps we’ll learn the second, or the third or the fourth.

We will just keep repeating the same pattern until the lesson has been learnt – this is the way of the Universe.

So the quicker we become aware, the quicker we can learn and move on to the next lesson.

During Inanna’s short life forgiveness was rather a large theme and now she was under the guidance of Lilith she would be able to work on this so she didn’t have to learn it over and over again, forgiveness would become second nature.

Lilith could see Inanna was coming back to her self.

She was more self-assured these days and every so often a glimpse of that wicked wit would rise up to the surface.

She was getting more comfortable with the rituals and seemed to be a little bit more comfortable connecting with the sexual energy inside.

Obviously under the control of Beircheart, the connection to this energy, this divine feminine energy was lost. Rather than celebrating it, Inanna would repress it out of fear.

She would do anything she could to make it disappear, to make herself seem more unattractive and less alluring. She didn’t want him anywhere near her.

The scars from this wound would take many years to heal but Inanna was determined to bring herself back to wholeness, back to the carefree and wild spirit she once was.

The rituals that took place in the Sacred Temple were as old as time.

The women would harness their sexual energy and use it to heal and transform.

Inanna had well and truly shut down that part of herself but Lilith knew it was where her power lay – it’s where all the High Priestesses harnessed their power, it was what made them extraordinary healers and gifted teachers.

It was an ancient art and one that Inanna would become passionately involved with over time.

It was Lilith’s job to help her harness the sexual energy, to teach her the ways of the High Priestess.

To the villagers Inanna was mysterious, and many would pass by Mrs Emmett’s to try and find out who she was and from where she came.

Everyone knew everyone in the village and some made it their business to know all. She steered clear of old Mrs Emmett, if she caught her eye, she wouldn’t be let loose for hours. If anyone in the village wanted to know anything, they would just pay Mrs Emmett a visit. She had a knack and a way of extracting all your personal information and then made it her duty to share it with all.

The villagers were intrigued with Inanna – there was little known about her background, only that an old farmer had brought her here some time ago, to see the healer.

There was no-one like Inanna in the town. When she walked past everyone noticed her.

She oozed sexuality – it was the first thing one noticed about her. It radiated from her eyes – but it was also present in the way she held herself.

She was quietly confident and held her head high. She would look directly into your eyes as she passed and always gave a smile and a polite nod of the head. She wasn’t aloof, she was warm and gentle and people knew she could be trusted.

Inanna was beginning to make a name for herself as the preferred healer in town and Lilith was more than happy to hand the baton to her. Lilith had to make sure the visitors were genuine however as there seemed to be a definite increase in male visitors to the temple since her arrival.

Inanna was making some good friends too.

One such friend was William Able.


It took strength and persistence, but eventually the light would reappear through Inanna’s eyes and sometimes on a rare occasion they could hear Inanna chanting or singing softly to herself.

She was a diligent student there was no doubt about that, and her love for energy healing grew stronger and stronger. She couldn’t get enough of it.

It became her passion. Out of the darkness came the light.

She would have to learn forgiveness, again.

The one man that made Inanna shake with fear was Beircheart Laird and the only way Inanna would rid herself of fear, of guilt, of anger and shame was through forgiveness.

It is through forgiveness, we find freedom.

She had learnt this when her father sent Eamon away and married her off to that beastly thug, to be brutally bashed and raped. He didn’t think that would happen, but it did and Inanna still harboured resentment towards him also.

This was what would come up in these moments of darkness. Something would happen to lift the scab, to reveal the unhealed wound. The wound slowly bleeds, just to let you know it is still there – still trapped in the field.

It was important to acknowledge the pain, to feel the grief, to sit with it, as hard as that was, in those moments of silence.

Becoming aware of the pain is one of the greatest tools of transformation.

 I acknowledge the pain and suffering I feel and realize it is here to teach me so that I may grow and expand my knowledge of love, as that is what I am here to learn.

It was through this pain that Inanna would uncover her greatest gift. She may not be aware of this now but in the years to come she would.

Everything happens for a reason.

She would meditate on this often, sometimes alone, sometimes with Ren or Lilith.

To look at something objectively, to look at it from above – a different perspective – allowed you to look at the situation differently.

“Change the way you look at things, and the things you look at will change”. (1)

Rather than playing the victim, release the anger, offer forgiveness, take back the power and free yourself.

Look at the situation as a lesson, a gift. In time one will come to realize this is what it is.

Life is a journey in self-discovery, a treasure hunt of the heart.

We must find our way back to love, back to the truth of who we are, and we can do this through forgiveness.

(1) Dr Wayne Dyer


The Darkness

Explore the darkness and the light it shines, the fear in front and the joy behind.

For the dark we see and the shame it brings. To others is light or a heart that sings.

From darkness we run, from darkness we hide, escaping to light, but the dark stays inside.

Without the dark, there is no light. Faith and trust, gives the blind child sight.

There is no dark, there is no light, faith and trust, gives the blind child sight.

There is no dark, there is no light, there is no wrong, there is no right.

Without the dark, there is no light. Faith and trust, gives the blind child sight.


Inanna was in a great space more often then not and with each passing day a little more of her came back.

A day did not go by where she didn’t visit the horses, desperate to ride, to feel that freedom again.

She even started making her way into the village.

Lilith was taking things slowly with Inanna, careful not to push her too far, too early.

Learning the art of healing took strength and courage and was taxing emotionally and mentally, so she made sure Inanna had plenty of down time, plenty of time to play again – to have no worries and be as carefree as possible.

Lilith knew she was on the mend, but could also see she still harboured the darkness within.

Sometimes Inanna would go to her room, and the injured soul would present itself again.

She wouldn’t leave her room for days, sometimes even weeks. She would be quiet, unapproachable, distant.

Lilith would use this time as a teachable moment, guiding Inanna through the process.

“The darkness is just as important as the light. How could one recognise the light if it weren’t for the darkness? It is here to teach us Inanna, to better us.”

“It is important”, she would say, “to make the darkness visible.”

“It is important to bring it into the light, so that the negative vibration does not remain in the energy field. This can cause irreparable damage to the physical being if left unattended.”

She would try and encourage her to speak – to voice what was inside but this proved difficult for Inanna. Even as a little girl she suffered throat infections when her true voice was being repressed.

Lilith would work on her throat chakra, the fifth chakra, Vishuddha.

Blue like a clear sky on a summer’s day, this chakra is the first of the higher chakras and is located in the region of the neck and shoulders.

The gift of this chakra is being able to express your authentic voice, accepting your uniqueness and speaking your truth.

The silence Lilith was met with, meant Inanna’s throat chakra was blocked or unbalanced.

She was unable to express her truth or find her voice.

Lilith imagined Inanna was silenced at some stage in her life when she spoke her truth and stood up for what she believed. There were people out there who thought this was not a woman’s place.

Inanna would let Lilith heal her and usually after a session there would be sadness and grief. Deep, deep grief and a fear so strong of speaking her truth it was becoming debilitating.

She would start Inanna chanting to get the throat chakra balanced again – to get her to physically move sound through this region to aid the healing process.

At first Inanna couldn’t utter a sound.

Lilith would take her into the sacred temple, lay her on the slab, anoint her throat and begin the chant. Inanna would lie there, terrified, looking up at the sky above.

It took weeks to get even the slightest of murmurs out of her: those who have been beaten are often the last to rise.


Inanna was still too weak to move but was able to sit up in bed now, propped up with pillows. It was time to get some food into her if she was going to regain her strength.

She met the delightful Ren and they were instant friends – she felt as though she had known her forever – they shared an unbreakable bond.

The strength of their friendship would grow and grow and she would turn out to be one of Inanna’s greatest teachers.

Inanna started with one meal a day, slowly increasing it over the weeks. Much trauma had been bestowed upon her and her weak and feeble body had suffered enormously. It would take time, baby steps, which suited Inanna just fine as she had nowhere to go and nowhere to be.

After some weeks, she managed to actually get out of bed unaided. There was always someone nearby as they weren’t quite sure of just how much damage Inanna sustained. It would be some time before everyone would feel comfortable leaving her. She could now get herself to the washroom, where someone would meet her, should she need any help.

The day the miracle occurred was when she was able to walk outside and down to the stables, the colour almost instantly returning to her face at the site of the horses. She could brush them but was not allowed to ride. It would be years before she was back in the saddle.

For now it was enough.

Inanna found great comfort in these majestic animals and they in her.

The horses played a massive part in her recovery. Inanna wasn’t yet ready to make her way into town. She was still fragile and being among throngs of people terrified her.

On occasions she would still be subjected to harrowing nightmares and would wake in a cold sweat, shaking and crying. Ren would get up calmly and pat her hair or hold her gently in her arms until she fell back to sleep.

Inanna was surrounded by angels, this she knew, and she was extremely grateful.

The old medicine woman taught Inanna to give thanks each and every night before she went to sleep.

“Give thanks Inanna, for all the wonderful things you have to be grateful for. It will bring you back to the present, which is a true gift – helping you realize just how fortunate you are my dear”, she would say.

Even when Eamon left, she would give thanks for having had the chance to meet him, to know love and to feel it so deeply. To have someone who would hold the space for her just to be: to be her self, unapologetically.

As the months went by and her strength increased, Lilith started to teach Inanna.

In Inanna, Lilith saw something extraordinary, an energy. She was different from others.

She had a sexual energy about her and Lilith doubted Inanna even knew she possessed it.

When Lilith first set eyes on Inanna, even battered and bruised she knew she had met her successor.

Inanna was to be the next High Priestess of Nor.


She wasn’t at all familiar with her surroundings but far from panicking she just lay there. She too could see the glow of the moon out her little window. It was glorious: soothing and calming, energising and illuminating.

She started to remember: the pain, the stinging, the blood, the cold, she shivered as she recalled the atrocities, but one thing was for sure – she knew she was now far away from that reality and out of harm’s way.

She rested.

She remembered nothing of the past few weeks. In fact the last thing she remembered was being in that cold and awful place, with that cold and awful man and her head hitting the ground. She must have passed out cold after that.

As she rested, she thought.

“How did I survive?”

“Who rescued me?”

“Why did I survive when all I wanted to do was die?” and “Where am I?”

All that mattered was that she was somewhere sacred, somewhere safe.

The chanting continued well into the night and Inanna must have drifted off to sleep as when she awoke again, it was morning.

No one was around and she just lay still, gazing out the window.

The sky was clear and blue, a cool breeze drifted through kissing her cheek lightly and rustling her hair – the bird song was comforting but unfamiliar. She was in a different place.

She was far from home, far from Beircheart. She missed her family terribly and just wanted to run home to them but she was terrified they would send her back to him. She would remain where she was for now, until she was strong enough mentally and physically to make a proper decision.

She had learnt that making rash decisions based on your emotions wasn’t such a great idea. Making decisions when the mind was clear and the emotions stable was much better.

She heard the door open and turned her head gently.

An extraordinary woman stood in the doorway, older, attractive, with beautiful grey, thick hair falling naturally around her face.

She was wise, Inanna could see it in her eyes.

The wise woman back in her neighbouring village had the same look in her eyes.

They were different, hard to explain – but it was as though someone else was inhabiting their body. There was an innate calmness to them and she wished one day she could be as relaxed and knowing as they.

Lilith smiled sweetly and said, “Welcome back Inanna darling”.

Inanna managed a smile back.

Lilith came over and sat by her side stroking her hair and her face – she was warm and kind and Inanna felt immediately at ease.


It would be a month before there were any signs of life.

Lilith and Ren had monitored her around the clock.

Lilith used essential oils on her daily, gently massaging her wounds, the strong smell of eucalyptus making itself known. She wanted to be sure the physical symptoms were all healed before she began to delve deeper.

Their hard work had paid off, after a few weeks the swelling had gone down and all that remained were a few pale yellow bruises.

In the candle light Inanna looked serene, peaceful.

It was as though she was happy just resting and she would wake when she was ready.

Micheál had long gone but said he would be back when he could, to check on Inanna and if they could get word to him as soon as she awoke he would appreciate it.

It was time for the full moon ritual.

Ren had become part of the family here at TempleNor. She would stay and live out the rest of her days here.

They left Inanna sleeping soundly and slipped away quietly to attend the ritual in the main temple.

The temple was extraordinary and reserved for ritual only.

It was the domain of the High Priestess.

It was beautiful – there was no other word to describe it. When you entered you knew you were in a sacred space.

Fresh, fragrant flowers not only aided its beauty but the smell was extraordinary. Candles adorned each corner of the temple adding to the ambient atmosphere.

In the middle of this vast space stood a magnificent marble alter, surrounded by water. It had steps leading up to it. Above it was a huge open circular gap in the ceiling. It was built with the trajectory of the moon in mind.

The sound of the chanting and the pungent smell of flowers and incense wafted throughout the temple.

It was immediately calming and the sound and smell drifted effortlessly through the temple eventually making its way to Inanna’s room.

She smelt it first and then heard it – she thought she was in heaven – somewhere so angelic and divine, so familiar, but when she opened her eyes she was confused.


They made their way through the gates of Nor, exhausted and spent.

It had been a long and emotional journey and now they were finally here, the enormity of what they had achieved becoming apparent.

Micheál felt he could sleep for a week.

The town was quietening down for the night, the distant sound of laughter and merriment emanating from the local ale house making its way across the cobble stone road., the last of the children running home to their mothers before the scolding would start.

But it was straight to the temple for these weary travellers.

The temple was not far from the castle walls, it was one of the only buildings that was allowed to be in the vicinity. The other town folk had to keep their distance.

The king didn’t want to rub shoulders with the lowly peasants below and wanted to be far away from the noise and mischief of the commoners and gypsy’s, but he took comfort the medicine woman and the High Priestess were close by, should he need either quickly.

It was at the Temple of Nor, Inanna would stay for the foreseeable future. It would take that long for her to regain her strength and confidence, after all she had been through.

Lilith welcomed them in.

She’d already prepared a bed for Inanna – in a private space so she could recover in peace.

Lilith looked at her grimly.

It had been days of travel and at least another three days she had been laying in the dirt. The injuries she sustained were numerous and they were the ones on the surface.

Lilith hadn’t even fully checked her yet.

She had a fire burning and a broth on the hob.

Ren and Micheál laid her down and filled Lilith in on the last few days.

Ren insisted on staying. The two, she was sure, were soul sisters and she wanted to be with Inanna while she healed.

It was late.

Lilith made Inanna clean and comfortable, bade farewell to Micheál and went to bed for the night. She woke on occasion to check Inanna who lay still and silent.

She wondered whether she would ever regain her strength.

A part of her, she thought, may have given up.


Micheál was feeling much more positive today and so very grateful to all whom had held the space for Inanna to heal the night prior.

He was also most grateful for warm water, some new clothes and a full belly. His horse had also received some love and attention and you could see the benefits it reaped.

Micheál agreed to Ren accompanying them forward. It would give him time to concentrate on the road ahead and his trusty old mare and Ren could tend to Inanna – keeping her comfortable and warm.

Inanna had not opened her eyes or uttered a word but she had a very weak pulse and for this they were thankful.

It wouldn’t be long now, another overnight stop and then a full days drive before they would reach the Priestess Lilith.

The day progressed well.

They took things slowly and Ren made it possible for a much quicker journey.

Their overnight stay was much like the last couple. The villagers managed to get Inanna in and out of the cart with minimal fuss and kept her warm and fed overnight and then it was off again.

It was the final leg of their journey and Inanna was still alive!

Hope had relaced desperation and fear and with each turn of the carts wheel they were closer to salvation.

The journey had taken its toll on Micheál, he was an old man after all.

He had decided he would take a few days or maybe more at the next village to recover before embarking on the long trip back home.

Inanna was still non-responsive but Ren spent the days sending healing energy into her being, silently meditating and occasionally chanting. Micheál loved the chanting – it was hypnotic and soothing and broke the monotony nicely.

It was not far now.

The Village of Nor was a larger village that fed all the smaller villages that surrounded it.

The Kings opulent castle loomed over everything and provided jobs for many of the people in the village. During the day it was a hive of activity and the townspeople would meet in the square daily to trade and sell their wares.

There was a butcher, a baker, stonemason and weaver, a wheelwright, roofer and farmers by the number.

There was the local cobbler, the grocer, armourer and carpenter. Everything was available.

Some enjoyed the hustle and bustle of a bigger town but old Micheál much preferred the serenity and peace of his very solitary lot.

No-one to bother him, no noise to contend with – just that which nature provided. There was little threat of invasion, given there was no king living near him.

He did have an old friend who lived in the village though and it was with him he would reside until he had the strength to move on and of course, to ensure Inanna was on the mend. He’d most certainly grown very fond of her now and would not leave her side until he was sure she would make a full recovery.

Inanna in time would come to appreciate her guardian angel Micheál and all he had done for her, after all it was he who saved her life.


There was a leader who guided tonight’s healing.

The leader was usually an elder. Taught this ancient modality from her mother who had been taught from hers and so on and so forth.

This ancient feminine wisdom kept alive through the generations, each one knowing the importance of not allowing this sacred knowledge to die.

The sacred feminine – the divine essence beyond form or duality is present within every woman and is the source of her primal power.

These women knew that activating and being in touch with this vital life-force would keep them powerful and present. The goddess energy fuels creativity, pleasure and bliss, connecting women over centuries to that very sexual, wild and uninhibited energy – capable of great transformation, transcendence and profound healing.

The leader tonight was Ren.

Ren had presence and would command attention with her every move. She knew exactly what she was doing and stood firmly in her power and radiated her light genuinely and authentically.

She had a thick mane of blonde hair that fell down past her shoulders. Her eyes were the most extraordinary green – you could see the magic and wisdom behind them.

She took some wild sage and smudged the room.

The others had gathered around Inanna and had placed their hands on different parts of her body.

Ren had cleared, blessed and protected the sacred space and begun the healing ritual.

She used healing oils, incense and candles and chanted well-known incantations.

The energy was palpable and one could feel they were in the presence of the divine.

The energy had lifted, had become less dense and you could almost see the healing taking place in Inanna now, the light beginning to do its work – the light of divine love, all healing and ever present, available to everyone, anytime and the source of everyone and everything.

The men of the local village fully supported this sacred ritual and knew beyond a shadow of a doubt the power and wisdom behind it. They had seen miracles take place on numerous occasions and realized how lucky they were to be in the company of such divine wisdom.

The men revered this sacred practice and supported their woman whole-heartedly. It was the women who were in charge of this village, aware of the moon cycles, the medicinal qualities of the local herbs and acutely in touch with this wisdom.

They honoured it, protected it and shared it. It was a way of life, a part of life and an important part of not only the women’s lives, but their men’s also.

Inanna had been receiving the healing energies well into the night.

As the circle came to a close, they offered thanks to the God and Goddess energies and it would be Ren who would stay with Inanna throughout the night.

In fact Ren had decided she would accompany Inanna and Micheál on their journey to see Lilith.

Ren saw something very special in Inanna.

She could tell just by looking at her that she too was a healer: a wise woman, a woman that when healed herself would be unable be kept in the shadows any longer.

It was Inanna’s divine path in this lifetime – Ren could see it in her aura.

She would be a beacon of light for both men and women and the time to rise was upon her.


The villagers ahead where beginning to grow worried when there was no sign of them.

It was too dark now to send someone to find them but they would leave just before dawn and make their way down the road in the direction from which the two would be coming.

They were elated when some hours later the men and their horses returned with the old farmer and his cart close behind.

Once again the villagers gathered around. There was nothing more warming than seeing the people rally together to help – and in this case to help a total stranger.

They hurriedly took Inanna into the warmth and it was a blessing they had more time to stay put here as it would give them time to stabilize her before making the next leg of this laborious journey.

It would also give Micheál time to bathe himself and get some proper food into him, his rations well and truly exhausted from the previous day and night.

They also had time to rest the horse and have a good look at the cart and make the necessary repairs if need be.

Again it was the women of the village who tended to Inanna.

There was something special about the sisterhood and moments like these brought them together and forced them to rise.

They would hold a sacred women’s healing circle for Inanna once night fell and when they had bathed her, changed her and fed her.

Getting water and food into her was crucial.

To their surprise they managed to get a few teaspoons of hearty broth into her and she had managed miraculously to keep it down.

Woman’s circles and Healing circles were commonplace. They were usually guided by the cycles of the moon – the moon offering feminine wisdom, the sun masculine.

The light of the full moon was especially healing and offered cleansing properties to the energy field and the heart space. The full moon energies help to purge and release all that no longer serves while the new moon is for setting intentions and sewing the seeds.

The moon represents women’s beauty, women’s bodies and women’s wisdom and her monthly cycles so clearly mirror their own. She is mysterious, magical and wise and the women used the energy to manifest, harness their sexual energy, for creative inspiration and to connect to higher realms, to release and to integrate.

They couldn’t wait for the moon to be at the perfect juncture, they would proceed regardless.

These sacred circles were a safe space for women to gather, to use their voices and share their stories. They used these circles to empower, uplift and share wisdom. It was important for the women of the day to remain in touch with their feminine strength as it provided them with ancient wisdom and knowledge and kept them positive and strong.

Inanna was especially blessed to be part of these circles tonight. Someone seemed to be watching over her.

The women prepared the sacred space for the Healing circle.

Tonight the focus would be on Inanna and the intention, physical, emotional and spiritual healing.

When a group gathered for healing the energies were intensified and this was much needed tonight.


Again, they woke as dawn broke.

Ailis had tendered beautifully to Inanna throughout the night and had even managed to pop her in a new nightdress. She couldn’t bear to send her off in that soiled and bedraggled rag.

She had gently managed to wash the dried blood from Inanna’s face, arms and legs.

Ailis had wondered who this animal was that could inflict such harm on a defenceless young woman.

“Why she must be no older than nineteen”, she thought.

She had daughters of her own and was immediately drawn to Inanna’s mother. She would be heartbroken to see her little one in this much pain. Ailis would do everything a mother would do to care for this injured soul.

She could see in the lamp light she was a pretty young thing, even under the bruises and scars and prayed not only for a speedy recovery but that one day she would find a soul willing to love her and care for her as she deserved. She also prayed that Inanna’s thoughts of men wouldn’t be tainted by this one vicious encounter.

No woman deserved to be treated this way – ever.

Although Ailis had only spent a night in Inanna’s company she had already grown fond of her and wanted nothing but for her to heal and return to perfect health.

Fergus again had the duty of lifting Inanna to the cart. The villagers had managed to make it a little more comfortable and they had put a cover on it so that it would protect Inanna from the elements.

Ailis packed some food and tea for Micheál and they set out on the long ride to the next village.

The day seemed to drag on and on.

Low and thick, grey clouds covered the light and warmth of the sun and there was a bitter wind blowing head on. It was to be a long and arduous day, made more so by a problem with one of the cart’s wheels.

The road was full of pot-holes and was like thick sludge in some parts due to the heavy rain.

The cart had fallen into a ditch in the road and it seemed it would be impossible to free it.

He worked on it for what seemed like hours whilst also keeping an eye on Inanna. At least she looked stable. He thanked God for small mercies.

He sat by the road, defeated and fearing the two of them would be there all night if no one came along to help. Surely they would freeze to death.

It was now beginning to get darker and as the sun sank, so too did his hopes.

There was nothing else he could do but climb in alongside Inanna. He wasn’t sure it was the right thing to do but felt sure it was the only thing he could do.

His priority was her well-being and it was imperative he kept her warm.


Micheál went as fast as he could but the road was rough and full of potholes and he had to decide whether speed or gentleness was his best method.

He would stop every now and then to check on Inanna and try to give her some water. He would hold her gently, tilting her head and opening her mouth just enough to get a little in.

When she managed a cough he was elated.

She was alive and conscious, finally.

He had no idea how much damage Beircheart had caused in that short amount of time.

Physical damage was one thing, emotional damage another. He was certain Inanna would carry the scars of this abuse for the rest of her life, perhaps even lifetimes from now.

He travelled a long way that day but was determined to make it to the next village.

He lit a small oil lamp that he strung up on an old branch tied to his seat so he could at least see the path a few feet in front of him.

His speed was severely hampered in the dark and he was getting frustrated, but he took some comfort in the fact he knew Beircheart would not be following behind.

He reached the next village a few hours after dark. He himself was tired and hungry.

The villagers made their way out to greet him.

Micheál jumped off the seat, sore, his body painful and aching, the adrenalin from this morning well and truly worn off.

Fergus jumped onto the back of the tray, careful of his every move. He looked at Inanna gravely.

He took her in his arms, she was the weight of a small child. Her features barely noticeable, her face covered in yellowing bruises and scars. Even if she wanted to open her eyes he feared she couldn’t, the swelling keeping them glued shut for now.

Ailis had a bed made by the fire and was determined to look after this young lady all through the night if she had to.

She was an old friend of Micháel’s and would do anything for him – she knew this girl was important to him, she didn’t need any clarification on that.

She laid her out and decided it was too risky to bathe her now. Her body was weak and would take a long time to recover.

As Fergus and Micheál ate their broth and downed a well-deserved ale, Ailis would tend to Inanna.

She sat close by her all night, keeping her warm, and patting her forehead when the sweat would appear.

She was running a high fever now and this worried Ailis.

Perhaps it would be better to keep her here for the next few days, instead of taking her from one extreme temperature to the other, but it was agreed at first light, getting her to the healer was far more important.


Micheál had anticipated he would have to save Innana at some stage.

He had sent messages out to the three local villages he would have to pass through to get to the healer.

He requested warm fires, healing broths and soups, rugs and clean warm clothing.

He made sure the villagers new Inanna was gravely ill.

He was days away from any real help and he knew his chances of getting to the medicine woman with Inanna alive were slim, but he would take his chance. At least she would die while someone was trying to help her, rather than hurt her.

He knew of only one medicine woman who could save her now.

She was revered throughout the land such was her prowess.

She was The High Priestess of the county, the healer Lilith and Micheál knew she was Inanna’s last hope.

He came prepared that morning.

He had warm blankets in the back of his modest horse and cart – his old mare was slow these days, but his only choice. The villagers had prepared some very plain broth and tea for Inanna to sip, although he didn’t realise the horrifying state of her being.

He had a shovel too, in case he met with hostility.

He knew the ride to the next village would be long – and being winter – the light short.

He made his way early that morning, the moon still visible out to the East. It lit his path perfectly. He was terrified he would be too late and was now beginning to panic.

He grew frantic, sensing something dire.

Inanna lay still, unmoved for days. She was soiled, broken and bruised. Beircheart would kick her as he walked past to see if she was still breathing.

Micháel arrived at the front of the house as dawn broke. All of a sudden his strength grew and with it his courage – he could have taken out an army of one hundred men that morning.

He pulled up and secured his horse.

He walked up that filthy broken stone path to the opening that was the front door.

He could hear Beircheart was still at it in the bedroom with another of his conquests. He was frantic now, running from room to room.

Beircheart shouted as he tripped in the dark and sent an old pewter mug with yeterday’s ale flying onto the hearth.

He came wheeling out half naked, his ire and rage making his pale complexion puce.

“Where is she” Micháel said in a calm and measured way.

Beircheart roared laughing at the sight of this weak and feeble farmer, standing there with his shovel. He could kill him with a single blow.

“Out back” he shouted, laughing heartily.

“Your too late old man”

Micheál’s heart broke and he raced out the back shouting her name. And then he saw her: under the back verandah laying on the freezing cold dirt. He ran to her side. He had no time to check her pulse, she looked frightening – dead – like there was not a breath of life in her.

He scooped her up in his arms, her lifeless and battered body laid limp.

He made his way slowly through the house to the mock protestations of Beicheart.

They made their way to the horse and cart and Micheál laid her on the tray, covering her in blankets. He tried to get some fresh water into her, but to no avail.

Before they left, he took a minute and knelt down beside her.

He prayed silently for either a miracle or a quick and painless passing.


The beatings got worse when one particular night and on one extremely rare occasion they made their way to the nearby village for an outing.

Beircheart was particularly proud to show Inanna off and for a fleeting moment Inanna could forget her worries and enjoy herself.

She absolutely adored music and loved dancing even more.

When she danced she could feel her life force. She felt carefree and wild and let herself go completely – it was her happy place.

She couldn’t remember the last time she danced, she thinks it was under the light of the full moon with Eamon.

The beat of the Gaelic drums were making their way through her body, she moved in time with the music effortlessly and gracefully. When she danced people noticed her – there was freedom of expression in her movement, her heart was open and her happiness radiated with each step she made. When she danced her playful personality shone through. She was expressive and at times flirtatious.

She was never short of a dance partner and Beircheart noticed.

Far from enjoying the night, his mood was growing wilder with every beat of his Bodhrán, his jealousy and possessiveness growing deep and dark inside him.

Beircheart’s jealousy was more a reflection of his inability to trust Inanna and it spoke volumes about his self-worth and when they got home the beatings were relentless, he let his fists do all the talking, the rage in his eyes terrifying.

Her decline started immediately after this beating, she knew this time she was close to death.

She couldn’t understand that someone would beat the life out of her when she was merely expressing herself – being herself.

Was she that bad?

She began to believe she was. She was so weak now, that Beircheart started looking elsewhere to exert his masculine prowess.

She was thankful to the Universe for this tiny blessing.

Having intercourse with Inanna had indeed lost its pleasure. He had damaged her, she thought, irreparably.

He would bring different women home night after night.

They would jeer and snigger at Inanna, he would spit on her occasionally, right in her face, just to let her know of his contempt for her.

He could not care less whether she lived or died but preferred it was the latter, as did she.

She grew weaker and weaker with each passing day. He didn’t allow her to eat or drink and now she just lay on the cold hard ground where she fell.

Farmer Micheál continued to drive by the stone house – it seemed lifeless. He would stay out the front until he saw movement inside – he too was terrified of Beircheart and knew he was no match for his strength. He was worried sick as the weather had turned. There was a cold wind that whipped through the fields, the rain lashed the country and he knew this winter was going to be long and harsh.

On day three he could stand it no longer.


She counted each one of them, thirteen in total.

He stopped when her head hit the ground.

He had literally knocked the life right out of her.

When she came to later that night all was still and dark.

She thought this was probably a better option than sleeping with him. She would avoid this at all costs.

She lay on the cold, stone floor, her head throbbing and her face stinging.

If she thought the wrath of her father was something to behold, then Beircheart’s was on another level.

How she thought she could outrun this beast of a man actually made her smile. She took solace in the fact that Eamon would laugh at her tenacity and be so proud of her for giving it a go.

She would have to reassess – think of another plan of escape because there was no way in hell she was staying here.

Minutes turned to hours, hours to days, days to weeks and weeks to months, her life becoming less and less her own as the minutes passed, her desperation compounded by her loneliness.

Her day consisted of arising at dawn: cleaning, tending to the farm, cooking, mending, daily beatings and sexual experiences that had scarred her for life.

She doubted she could ever bare children after the brutal penetrations that took part each and every night. There was nothing Inanna could do as his strength was so much greater than hers. If she was thin and weak before there was literally nothing of her now.

She tried to take her mind elsewhere when these torrid events were happening. She tried to picture gentle and loving Eamon holding her in his arms. There was not a singular bone in Eamon’s body that could ever hurt anyone.

The only brightness to her otherwise bleak and soulless existence was her morning exchanges with the old farmer from next door, Micheál.

Every morning as she made her way down to the freezing river to wash away the remnants of last night’s beatings and rapes, beautiful farmer Micheál would come by at exactly the same time each and every day of the week.

He would tip his tartan cap and say in a loud and happy voice, “Top o’ the mornin’ to ya Inanna”

She was grateful there was someone nearby who knew she existed.

She wondered if he spoke loudly enough to let Beircheart know he was keeping an eye on things. There was nothing he could do to stop the nightly abuse but at least he knew Inanna was there. That she was still alive.

Inanna constantly wondered what Beircheart’s upbringing must have been like for him to be so aggressive and his attitude towards women so repulsive.

Not only was there physical abuse but verbal abuse too and this had eventually taken its toll on Inanna’s carefree spirit as well.

He got his way.

Inanna was now compliant.

She was quiet and reserved, she showed absolutely not a single sign of the once radiant, bright, tenacious woman she once was.


Inanna awoke suddenly, her mother and sisters all shaking her excitedly – today was the big day.

She had dreaded it since she was introduced to Beircheart.

Her mother had laid out her own wedding dress on the bed for Inanna to wear.

Millicent and Frances had been out early that morning foraging for flowers. They had gathered two baskets full and were so pleased with their efforts.

The girls were in charge of the wedding bouquet.

Inanna wanted nothing structured and neat, preferring natural and informal.

She didn’t like fuss and she didn’t like bother and on this particular day did not care to be the centre of attention either.

She wanted to get this over with as soon as possible.

Freedom and Eamon awaited and she was not going to let a little thing like marriage or a big thug like Beircheart stand in her way.

For the first time in what seemed like an eternity Inanna felt strangely excited.

She was absolutely sure she could pull this off.

He was big and cumbersome, she was lithe and lean – surely she could outrun this big lug of a man. She could get under and over the bracken in the forest and make her way to the neighbouring village in no time. The medicine woman would take her in and cover for her until they could search no longer.

She knew that forest like the back of her hand.

Once that ceremony was over and they were in the carriage she would wait only a moment before making her escape. This will surprise him as he wouldn’t be expecting it.

There was no way in the world Inanna would be sharing a bed with that man tonight.

The ceremony came and went with minimal fuss.

Inanna being pleasant but not overly so.

There was a little celebration to follow and then many tears as she prepared to leave, mainly her mother’s and Millie’s.

There was not a tear to be seen in her father’s eyes, quite the contrary. He looked positively radiant, exultant even.

Finally this recalcitrant young lady would be out of his hands and he could concentrate on the two more obliging sisters.

As Beircheart grabbed her hand she flinched, a chill ran down her spine.

She read people’s energy very well and felt it even more strongly.


She felt serene, weightless.

Her body floated effortlessly through the water for what seemed like an eternity.

Her struggle was over and with eyes wide open she traced the rays of the sun that had broken through the surface of the ocean.

Finally she had succumbed and allowed the waves to carry her gently to her watery grave.

Finally, she had learnt to surrender and let go.

Let go of the pain, the sorrow, the hatred and the anger and in its place she felt profound peace.

A warmth enveloped her heart and she felt a deep-seated love for everyone and everything who had touched her short life.

Inanna was finally free.


For the entire four weeks that followed Inanna wasn’t left alone once.

Either her mother or one of her sisters was with her at all times. They were so fearful she would run away or do something even worse.

She was nill by mouth now and looked worse than ever. Her mother wondered how she even had the strength to stand.

The days were somehow racing by and Inanna spent all of them looking out the window at the little stone hut.

She could not believe how her life could change so dramatically: in love one minute, desperate and alone the next.

“What kind of world was this?” she thought.

How and why was this her fate?

She thought she must have done something terrible in a past life to deserve this.


She knew enough about energy to know conserving it was important at this stage.

She decided she would go along with this whole wedding caper and once she was away from the home, she would be free.

Free to run as far away as she possibly could. She would do so in the carriage on the way home from the nuptials.

She would play along long enough to make her escape.

She had it all meticulously planned.

Her mothers and sisters noticed her change of attitude and were worried about her sudden compliance.

She was eating small amounts of soup in the week leading up to the event and was even beginning to smile and talk.

Inanna was a little unpredictable and you never knew quite knew what would happen when she was around – she was so full of surprises.

They could tell she had a plan of some sort but were not sure what.

Her mother tried to ween it out of her but Inanna was being nothing but loving and reassuring.

She was not letting her plan be vexed now.


“Inanna, I’d like you to meet Beircheart Laird”

Unattractive was the first word that came to mind; unattractive and unappealing.

He was orange, and white – not at all to her taste and the polar opposite of her beloved Eamon.

He was big too and his skin freckly and weathered.

He had an oversized beard and she wondered what was hidden beneath his hat.

His head was big and round, to match his 6 foot five build.

To Inanna he was uninviting and very plain – there was nothing exotic about him at all.

No depth to his eyes, no beauty to his soul.

It was very clear he was after one thing and one thing only and Inanna was sure it wasn’t an intelligent conversation.

He eyed her learingly – it was both distasteful and arrogant.

He took off his hat, smiled and nodded politely.

Inanna stood looking in disbelief.

“Inanna” her father hurriedly prompted.

She curtsied.

A look of disgust was written all over her face and her father was getting more livid by the minute.

How dare she embarrass him like this after all the hard work he’d put into finding her a husband.

He looked for a man who he thought could ‘handle’ Inanna. Someone tough, someone who could sort her out, so to speak. Keep her in line.

There was no way he was going to raise a headstrong daughter to be the town healer, the resident witch. He would have none of that.

His view was that a woman’s place was in the home – tending lovingly to her husband.

“Inanna, this is your husband. He is of good stock, I think the two of you will be very happy”, he pronounced proudly.

“A land-owner” Inanna thought given the surname Laird. Her father was always enamoured by the wealthy – she not the slightest bit interested.

“Ha” she laughed in her father’s face, a wry smile gracing her lips,

“Over my dead body”.

She cursed, turned and left the room.

When her father had shown Beircheart to the door he promised him Inanna would be ready to marry him next month as planned and then he went immediately to find her.

Thankfully this time her mother knew what was in store for her and locked her in her room, refusing to let her husband enter. She calmed him and said she would speak to Inanna and have her ready to wed within the month.


Inanna’s father was growing tired of her moping around – her silent presence fell thick and heavy on the house.

Soon the whole vibration of the home matched hers and everyone seemed to walk around shrouded in an aura of sadness.

When Inanna was young she used to lift the vibration of everyone in the house. She would paint, dance and sing. The whole room filled with her unique energy and you couldn’t help but feel happy and uplifted when she was around.

But the mood had long changed and her father thought it was high time he did something about this.

She would never find a husband at the rate she was going.

Who would even look at an emaciated, drawn, unhappy, sour looking woman.

No, it would be up to him to sort her out.

He knew of just the gentleman.

Inanna was summonsed down from her room late one afternoon.

Her mother was paying extra special attention to her that morning and she did find this odd. She washed and braided her hair and put her in a very feminine looking gown.

It wasn’t one Inanna would wear ordinarily but she had lost her spark and couldn’t be bothered arguing anymore, it was a waste of her precious energy.

“You look beautiful Inanna”, her mother said proudly as she brushed the side of her face with her hand.

She really was extraordinarily beautiful, a little too thin these days but beautiful none the less.

Inanna’s body had suffered a similar fate to her mother’s but hers was due to her emotional trauma.

She was a shadow of her former self, her body lithe, her cheekbones shallow, her eyes sunken and drawn. Her once ample bosom now sat so close to her chest she could be mistaken for someone half her age. Gone were all the curves that celebrated her femininity, all the things that celebrated her womanhood – and in its place stood a withered and gaunt soul.

“A woman has to have a little meat on her bones, some curves and shape to hold on to”, her father always use to say – not that her mother had any, she was skin and bone, the years of anxiety and fear had taken a toll on her once beautiful figure.

Inanna often wondered if he found his curves elsewhere.

Nothing would surprise her anymore – although in this day and age, marriage hardly meant monogamy, it meant more a good woman to bare children and carry on the bloodline and to cook, mend and sew.

The idea of marriage to anyone but Eamon made Inanna bilious.

She didn’t even entertain the idea.

She felt her name being hollered up the stairway.

“Go now” her mother whispered, kissing her gently on the cheek.

Inanna looked at her curiously – “What was going on?” she pondered.

She made her way down into the ‘good’ room – well only good when someone important was visiting.

She pushed open the door and standing in front of her were two men – her father and another.


Six months had passed and Inanna still only uttered a word when she had to.

She started experiencing throat infections that were so bad she would be laid up in bed with high fevers and chills for weeks. The medicine woman from the neighbouring village visited almost daily.

She would bring essential oils, harvested from the leaves, flowers and roots in the forest – Mother Nature always generously providing.

Through a process of distillation she would extract the highly concentrated form of the plant, which contained its original medicinal properties.

This art had been handed down from generation to generation.

Peppermint acted as an antibacterial agent and also contained menthol, which soothed the throat.

Lavender had anti-inflammatory properties and Echinacea to treat the cold systems when the illness settled on her chest.

She would explain to Inanna, that her illness wasn’t something she was able to fix entirely.

To heal completely, Inanna had to play a part herself.

She was getting these recurrent infections because she had stopped speaking her truth and she was supressing her voice. By doing this she was causing blockages in her energy field and this was becoming disease in her body.

When the illness spread to her chest it was heart-ache – her heart was literally aching and her breath was restricted. The tightness intolerable. She was with-holding her love and it was presenting itself as unpleasant symptoms in her body.

“The body is your greatest gift Inanna – it will tell you the eternal whispers of your soul, it will alert you when something’s not right. Please don’t ignore its guidance now” she would say.

“You are much wiser than you think Inanna darling, we all are. We just choose not to uncover our truth, it’s greatness so powerful it frightens us”

“We are magical beings filled with love and light and capable of profound healing and transformation”

Inanna knew at this point her light had faded – suffocated by the anger and the grief. Her love couldn’t be found in any corner of her being and it was making her physically ill.

“When something is wrong inside of you Inanna, your body will gently guide you to what it is, either through illness or heightened emotions. Little aches, pains and twinges. Sometimes it is strong enough to even kill you. Learn to listen to its flutters Inanna – your spirit gets your attention by sending messages through your bodies – your mental, emotional and physical bodies.”

“Learn to listen Inanna – don’t block out the guidance with your hatred and anger – it’s only harming you my dear”.

Inanna knew the truth in her words but she was so weak, she didn’t have the energy to even acknowledge what the medicine woman had said.

She would just stare blankly out the window, expressionless.

As ill as she was, she was absorbing the information and she would try to make the anger go away.

She would try, just for a couple of minutes a day, to not think of Eamon and what her father had done, but the force was too strong, the memories were etched in her mind and at this stage she found it impossible to forget.

“Forgiveness will free you Inanna, hatred will trap you. It’s your choice my darling. Choose wisely”.


Her mother tried to hug her when she arrived home – she offered to bathe her and pop her into bed.

“It was for the best Inanna” she murmured, not game enough to look her in the eye.

Millie ran up to her, relieved at having her sister home; Frances took one look at her and knew without a shadow of a doubt, she would never have her sister home.

She spent weeks in bed talking to no one.

She would get up only to bathe on occasions. She had barely eaten in that time and her fragility was reflected in her waif like frame.

Her only solace, her horses.

She would ride daily for hours on end and every time she did she was hopeful Eamon would appear from behind a hay stack or an old oak tree, but he never did.

She would brush and feed the horses and walk slowly past Eamon’s old out-house, happy memories filling her heart for just a minute, a fleeting smile gracing her lips momentarily.

It seemed easier to hold the pain and anger inside, rather than the love. She held such great fury against her father and every time she caught a glimpse of him, the rage would grow inside.

Eamon was a reflection of love, her father of hate.

Her heart ached and it made her blind – blind with fury and blind with rage.

Gone was the gorgeous free spirit full of love for everything and everyone.

Gone was the cheeky Miss, brimming with confidence and wild stories.

Gone was her self-assured nature, her wicked wit and her infectious smile.

But what stayed was the knowingness in her eyes.

Her Grandmother Lillian used to say she could kill with just one look.

When your eyes met hers, it was as though she could read everything about you.

This scared some but excited others.

Her father couldn’t bare it. She would know exactly what he was thinking, would cut him off at the pass, finishing his sentences for him. She would say things she could never possibly have known about him.

She wouldn’t show her skills to everyone, as witchcraft was highly frowned upon in this age: punishable by death. Her mother and Inanna always knew she had the gift – her father wished she didn’t.

As if it wasn’t unpalatable enough that she was outspoken and single minded – but that his daughter, his own flesh and blood could be into healing and Wicca of all things was just too much for him to take.

She wasn’t to talk about it in front of him but when she was really mad at him, she would tease him with her profound knowledge, making him irate.

It was the only tool she had left now.

Her generous and kind spirit had become spiteful and unkind – to him anyway.

She was developing a distaste for men and it grew by the hour.


How could Inanna ever think of marrying a lowly servant – a farm-boy – what was she thinking bringing disgrace to the family in that manner?

In Eamon, Innana didn’t see a lowly worker, when she looked at him, she saw only his heart and in it – pure love.

Inanna stood in her power initially – fighting for her right to choose, but her father only thought of her assertiveness as unladylike and aggressive.

To Inanna being powerful meant you could be kind while still having healthy boundaries and not letting people push you around.

Her father found this exasperating and tiresome – she was a woman and she would act as such: subservient, diligent and silent.

The men made the rules around here.

Inanna was having none of it.

Her already fractious relationship with her father had become even more so – the damage irreparable.

Eamon and Inanna decided to run away.

They would elope and start that life together they had dreamt of.

Inanna packed her things with the help of her sisters. Millicent often cried and held onto Inanna for dear life. The sisters were all very close and she was going to miss them both terribly. Frances was older and wiser and had seen the whole love story unfold. She understood the love the two shared and thought it would be best to let this free spirit run wild.

There was never anyone that could ever keep Inanna trapped in a cage.

After some years at the farm, Eamon knew the property like the back of his hand.

They would leave via the Western gate under the cover of darkness.

No one ever went to that part of the property. The trail was hard and worn, only decipherable to someone who had trod its path countless times before, as he had done.

They held each other’s hands as they made their way, a sense of excitement and anticipation tinged with sadness. Inanna wasn’t sure whether she would ever see her beloved mother or sisters again, but she was sure in time her father would forgive her actions and welcome her back into the family home.

It took some time to reach the gate, having to stop intermittently for Eamon to remove a thorn from Inanna’s skin, in the dark this proved challenging.

Inanna felt exhilarated – finally free of her father’s tight grip.

Eamon put his hand on the gate, their future but a short step away.

But as he unlocked the gate, their hopes were dashed as her father came from behind and grabbed Inanna violently.

She stood there, frozen to the spot, her body cold and stiff.

He didn’t even raise his voice, his rifle did all the talking.

Eamon was instructed to leave the property immediately and never step foot on his land again.

He turned Inanna around with such force she lost her footing.

She tried to turn around to see Eamon, to catch a glimpse of him one last time, but her fathers grip and pace made it difficult.

She knew there was no point in struggling, the bruises already forming on her arm.

And with each passing step her heart grew a little colder.

Tears ran quietly down her cheeks.


If it was possible to die of a broken heart – Inanna felt sure this would be her fate.

Every single day was worse than the last, an unbearable darkness descended upon her.

She took no joy in anything anymore – the anger had subsided and in its place lingered bitterness.

She spent more and more time locked away in her bedroom refusing to interact with the outside world, refusing at times to even eat – her appetite lost.

She couldn’t bear to look at her father and refused to speak to him – at the moment it was impossible to forgive – the hurt too raw, too fresh in her mind.

She played the picture of their last moment together over and over again in her mind – her heart ached and it was as though a part of her soul had been removed. It was at this point in time she doubted she would ever feel whole again – she doubted she would ever love again – her soul mate, the love of her life – gone.

She didn’t know where and she didn’t know how she would ever find him again.

She had thought about running away – she had even thought about killing herself, so unbearable was her pain.

It would be quite simple – she would just drown herself in the lake – she thought drowning would be quite peaceful once the struggle was over, that was her thinking anyway.

Everything she looked at was tainted by her sadness and grief – she simply could not find joy in anything anymore.

The only thing keeping her home was her mother and her sisters.

Her mother’s heart broke for Inanna – they felt each other’s pain as if it were their own.

Not strong enough to stand up to her over-bearing husband, Inanna’s mother just sat by and watched the whole catastrophe unfold.

When Inanna and Eamon went to her father to tell them of their plans they were not met with love and happiness as they had expected, they were met with hostility and rage.

“Over my dead body” roared his words – his body livid, shaking with anger.


The first time they made love was raw but gentle.

They had waited long enough and it was time to unleash the pent up energy inside.

With Eamon she felt safe, so loved – it was unlike anything she had ever experienced.

With him she felt whole and complete, understood and protected.

He seemed to know exactly what her body wanted and needed at the time – seducing her with his gentle hands and adoring gaze.

He was attentive and present – every time they made love he was present.

She could give herself to him freely and uninhibited.

She loved him with all her heart and not because he was her first love.

This love was special – a soul connection – she could feel it in every fibre of her being.

To love another is a privilege but to be loved in return a gift.

Making love to Eamon felt like more than just making love, so much more.

It felt like a sacred act – one where the two of them became one, not just with each other but with the entire universe.

When she made love to Eamon, her heart exploded and her entire body orgasmed – she became the moon and the stars – everything in the galaxy – timeless and limitless.

The quest was over – she had found her twin soul – the truest of loves.

When they made love, these two souls came together again as one – no duality, no time, just one eternal energy of love.

With him she found her eternal spirit, one with his, one with all – their bond was pure Alchemy.

When he looked at her he saw the moon and the stars in her eyes, she could see in his, his tremendous love for her.

He showed his affection in his words, actions, in his touch – he would lay down his life for her and she for him.

This was an old love, a familiar love – they had been reunited in this lifetime, to take up where they left off. This she knew.

When they were apart it was agonising – one half not complete without the other.

This would be a long and enduring love, a love story like no other – she felt grateful and humbled he loved her back.

After some time they decided they couldn’t bare to be apart and talked often about their future – a simple life – raising a family, tending to the land, making a modest living.

Eamon and Inanna had it all perfectly planned.

Her father though, had other ideas.


He lived in a tiny stone hut, not far from the main house, close to the stables.

The hut had a bed and a fire place, with a little window framing the vast lake behind.

Inanna had made a habit of sneaking quietly down there in the dead of night, once she was sure everyone was asleep.

Her sisters were very good at covering for her when their father’s suspicions were raised.

When all was quiet, she’d run down the stairs, past the kitchen in her nightdress and bare feet.

Her tousled hair fell naturally. Unkempt from laying in bed.

She loved sitting in front of the fire just chatting to him.

Sometimes she would enjoy laying next to him, his arms wrapped around her, his warm breath tickling the back of her bare neck.

Nothing needed to be said.

The love between the two of them grew stronger and stronger with each passing day.

She spent more time in the stables, more time in the garden and less time with the medicine woman in the neighbouring village.

Her whole demeanour changed.

She was a little softer, a little more open.

With Eamon she didn’t feel the need to be assertive, to exert her will as she did with her father.

Eamon simply held the space for her to be exactly who she was.

He didn’t try and change her, mould her into someone she wasn’t: he adored every part of her.

Her wicked sense of humour, her sense of adventure and curiosity, her ability to stand up for herself – that bit he loved the most.

She was feisty but also had a gentleness about her, a quality he thought only women possessed.

She was wise and patient, expressive and nurturing and when her heart was open everyone close to her could feel it.

Her love radiated from her being, her eyes sparkled and when he looked at her he could see eternity in her eyes.


Her life changed forever when, as a 16 year old girl, she looked out the window and saw a young man – the latest farmboy.

Her father’s harsh ways meant he went through them quite regularly and she was used to seeing men come and go: tending to the horses, keeping the hedges trimmed and the grounds neat and tidy.

As soon as she locked eyes on him, she felt something stir deep inside her.

It was a knowing – a warm feeling that sent flutters through her entire body.

It would be days before she would meet him.


Inanna had a deep love of horses and rode them daily.

She was always brushing them, feeding them and spent most of  her time down in the stables.

She had a magnificent black stallion, Mr Tim, and had just been for a long ride.

As she approached the stables, she slowed to a trot, preparing to dismount.

Out of nowhere a hand came out and grabbed the bridle.

She looked down, a little cross at first. She was more than capable of getting herself off her horse.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you”.

And there he was.

She’d never been in love before and found it curious she was feeling this way having never said a word to the young man in front of her. The feeling was unmistakable. The knowing undeniable.

Inanna let him guide her off her horse and let him lead it to the stables.

“I’m Eamon” he said – “The new Farmboy”. He bowed in front of her, an exaggerated and over the top gesture.

She smiled coyly and nodded.

His eyes were a deep, dark brown. His hair long, black and curly. His skin olive.

He wasn’t a huge man, quite the opposite, but his arms were well defined from all his hard labour.

It was his skin she noticed first – smooth, unmarked, familiar.

He had a lovely Irish lilt and a gentleness and kindness of heart she had never encountered before.

He had a way about him, an ease.

He was to be her first love.



Inanna was a striking girl. Even when she was young, she was sultry.


Different from her two sisters with dark brown hair falling to her shoulders framing her oval face and beautiful bone structure. Her light blue eyes and olive skin setting her apart from her fairer sisters.

Both had light hair and green eyes, their temperament matched their fairer complexions and Inanna’s matched hers.

She was feisty, and from a very young age expressed herself through her spoken word.

Inanna didn’t let anyone push her around: She held firm her beliefs and fought for her rights.

Should anyone try and persuade her otherwise, they would get a defiant young lady – firm, powerful and unwavering.

Not everyone deemed these characteristics charming and her father looked upon her with disdain.

She was made to feel that her strong-willed nature was inappropriate, and when she did speak out, she found she was being told to hold her tongue.

She didn’t fit the mould and her father found this intolerable.

Her sisters were no trouble at all. Happy to don a pretty dress, and sit with their mother in the afternoon sun learning how to knit, darn and crochet.

Inanna had other ideas.

She had a wild and carefree spirit – untameable – with a thirst for excitement and adventure.

While her sisters were learning to become wonderful mothers, wives and home-makers, Inanna would be in the neighbouring village with the local medicine woman healing, mixing tinctures and learning about natural herbal remedies.

From a young age she showed flair in this field. She would bring home every injured animal she found on the forest floor and nurse them back to health, releasing them when she saw they could fend for themselves.  Their home became a menagerie at times.

Inanna and her mother had a very special bond – they had a knowing that didn’t need to be shared through words, it could be exchanged through one glance – the wisdom crystal clear between the two of them.

Her mother saw in her what many others did not, and at every opportunity encouraged Inanna to be spontaneous, wild and carefree. She saw her unpredictable and untamed spirit every time she looked in her eyes.

Her beauty, coupled with her open heart and open mind would hold her in good stead. She had an unwavering sense of justice and would do anything in her power to defend the meek and the mild.

Yes, she was powerful.

Yes, she was strong.

She knew Inanna would encounter trouble during her life for being this way, but her mother also knew she could hold her own and that she was here to pave the way for the sisterhood to rise.

There was definitely something about her. Something that set her apart. All those who came into contact with her could feel it.

The path was already set, the wheels were in motion. The ride would at times be wild and unimaginable.

To Inanna her life was going to be one, big adventure.

She dreamed of travelling far and wide: healing and teaching all the way.

Her father had other ideas.

Her path would be of his choosing, not hers: as a woman she would make all the wrong decisions.

Her father was desperate to fit her in a mould of what he thought young women should be like. Inanna, pushed the boundaries at every opportunity to show him not all women were alike.

It was ok for her to be assertive and powerful – it was ok for her to have opinions and views and it was ok for her to share them and not suppress them.

This caused many a heated argument, and Inanna would spend many nights crying herself to sleep after a heavy hand set her wild views straight.


That familiar taste ran down the back of her throat as it had done so many times before.

She stood staring out at the moonless sky, the river just a few feet away, barely visible in the darkness: a reflection of her own soul?

Wasn’t the new moon all about sewing the seeds of something new?

New beginnings, new intentions, fresh starts?

The pain wasn’t so bad. It was his words that ran over and over in her mind – keeping her enslaved:






They were said so often and with such vigour, they had become part of her psyche. Had moulded into her energy field – becoming her.

“Why don’t I have the courage to leave?”, she asked herself in the silence.

To leave and start anew.

She knew she deserved better, but she no longer had the strength.

The tears stung the cut under her eye. She wept silently as the woman she once was, died slowly inside.

SoulSutras 94

What do you do in times of grief?

I can’t begin to believe the devastation so many would be feeling at this moment and it’s hard to put into words anything that would compensate for the loss and confusion those who are left behind, and touched in any way by this tragedy in New Zealand would be feeling.

How is it possible one person can have so much hate, so much anger and so much fury inside him that he could be driven to perform such atrocity?

Such is the power of a polluted mind and such riled emotion.

My heart goes out to each and every one of those affected by this callous act and I send nothing but love to all.


“No man is your friend, no man is your enemy, every man is your teacher”


Let the above quote by Florence Skoval Shin lead us in the right direction.

This quote forces us to look at this situation differently – to look at this killer as a teacher – to use him to broaden our minds about what it means to be human, what it means to feel pain and more importantly how we can use this pain to transcend into love.

Always out of these tragedies comes an outpouring of human emotion. The news travels far and wide and we see people, total strangers distraught, laying wreaths, leaving messages of love and hope, helping out any way they can – this is love in action.

We have to remember that love is what we are at our core, and love is bigger than hate.

We have to use this tragedy to move out of hate and into love.

We have to view this as another opportunity for growth and learning and we have to stop talking about it and do something about it so we can prevent things like this happening to others.

We have to use this opportunity to teach and reinforce the importance – above all else of love and peace and this has to begin in each individual person.

Before we can become a human race based on the principals of love – we have to do the work and find our own TempleSoul.


Let’s use the tragedy in New Zealand as a teachable moment and let none of these poor innocent men, women and children die in vein.

Let’s take our power of free will and change the vibration of this planet – each of us, as individuals has a part to play in raising the resonance of earth and transcend the lower vibrational energies of hate and operate only at the frequency of divine love.

As hard and challenging as it is to be love in a situation like this, we have to step into love, we have to step into forgiveness and we have to meditate on peace.

At our core, in our hearts, we are made of love and everything that energy encapsulates – joy, peace, kindness, compassion and happiness, amongst other things.


At our core we are not black or white, yellow or brown – we are love.

At our core we are not short or tall, fat or thin, pretty or ugly – we are love.

At our core we are not Catholic, Muslim, Hindi or Scientologists – we are love.

At our core we are not Arabic, Australian, Kiwis or Brits – we are love.

At our core we are not angry, hurtful, hateful or spiteful – we are love.

At our core we are not even male or female – we are just love – pure and simple.


We choose to take this human journey to try and find our way back to love and we are given circumstances that will rock that very foundation so we can make a choice – one we can make at every single situation that comes our way over our lifetime.

Do I choose love and forgiveness or do I choose hate and anger?

That gunman chose anger and hate and look at the result of that.

Look at the result of that polluted mind and that riled emotion.

Look at the power of thought and become aware of how that power shapes your reality.

Look at the importance of observing your thoughts and keeping them at a high vibration – positive and peaceful.

If one thinks over and over again such negativity about others – the result can be catastrophic and in this case is.

Sadly we can’t change what has happened – we cannot bring back the dead – but when the grieving and the hurt subsides let’s hope we can choose to hold love in our hearts –


Love for the person who died so that we could be forced into action.

Love for the person who died so that we can learn forgiveness.

Love for the person who died so that we can choose love.


Let this be an opportunity for each and every one of us to be the light which is within our hearts.


Today’s song is “Don’t Dream It’s Over” by Crowded House.

“Hey now, hey now
Don’t dream it’s over
Hey now, hey now
When the world comes in
They come, they come
To build a wall between us
We know they won’t win”

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SoulSutras 93

“You and Me Babe, How About It? cont…….”

Making love is not only about procreating and having orgasms, although that is a positive side effect.

It is a sacred act, one capable of showing you who you really are – taking you back to wholeness, merging your physical and spiritual natures as one.

It is a sacred act, capable of profound healing.

It is a sacred act, capable of great transformation.

The ancient High-Priestess would use this knowledge of this sacred act to heal and uplift. To transmute and transcend.

They were respected as the great healers.

They knew how to tap into this incredible energy and work with it, and people came to them to heal, to reconnect and to transcend.

A great many of us walking the earth now, in our current incarnation were High-Priestesses and still have this ancient knowledge locked away in our DNA, but over time this ancient wisdom was rebuked rather than revered and it is time to bring it up into the light again.

Divine feminine sexual energy is powerful – and for women it is our natural vibration.

It is a source available to us and within us and when unleashed is unstoppable.

It is wild, and to some may feel uncontrollable, which is why over the centuries people have tried to tame this incredible life force.

When we don’t understand something, we tend not to like it, we tend to try and push it away, get rid of it – and this has resulted in the suppression of the divine feminine and all the beautiful wisdom that goes with it.

Women, standing in their divine sexual power are strong, they are immovable, they are powerful beyond belief and to those who aren’t familiar with this energy it can be terrifying.

I have come across beautiful men, who know what this energy is, and love it.

They happily hold the space for me to express it in its wild and purest form.

I am incredibly lucky in this lifetime to have Julius as my companion, for he too is aware of its incredible power and importance. And he is more than happy to open himself fully so that he too can experience the benefits this profound reconnection brings.

The next time you make love I don’t want you to think about it as a chore, or do it to keep someone happy. I want you to do it so that you can unlock the divine feminine wisdom that resides within you.

I want you to open yourself up to experience love through divine orgasmic bliss.

I want you to make love to reconnect to your self – that wise and ancient being you know you are.

Put all you know about love making aside and let me take you on a beautiful spiritual ride back home.

Home to your true nature, your real self.

I would like to help you unlock this divine feminine wisdom, so that you too can raise the resonance of the planet through the sacred sexual act of making love and reconnect your physical self to your spiritual self.

“A lovestruck Romeo

sang the streets of serenade

laying everybody low

with a love song that he made”

This week’s inspirational song is ‘Romeo & Juliet’ by Dire Straits, and you can listen to it now on TempleTunes – as you listen, tune in to the wild, primal life force within and harness its energy, to reconnect you back to ‘self’.

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SoulSutras 92

“You and Me Babe, How about It?……..”

Last weeks blog on ‘Forgiveness’ was inspired by Mary Magdalene and this weeks blog on divine sexual energy is similarly inspired.

When I first started meditating I used to see the double helix, through my third eye – electric blue and shimmering, pulsing through my source connection channel – I had no idea what it was.

One thing I have learned on this journey is to try not to understand but trust that the answer will come.

Sometimes it comes in a light bulb moment, an epiphany. Sometimes your guides and angels will teach you through the Socratic method, letting you experience the situation for yourself.

Be open to receiving guidance in whatever form it comes. It may not come straight away but it will come, when you are ready for it, in divine timing.

The song I chose this week is very close to my heart and brings back such a beautiful fond memory of falling in love.

Falling in love feels so special because it’s a reconnection of our physical body to our spirit body, and in spirit we are pure love.

Making love feels so special because it’s a reconnection of our physical body to our spirit body, and in spirit we are pure love.

What you are feeling is a reconnection to ‘self’ – you in your purest form.

That’s not to say falling in love is the only way to reconnect, there are numerous other ways, but it is one way, and what a lovely way it is.

When I was 16 I fell in love – head over heels in love, I had never experienced anything like it before.

And when we made love I used to cry.

I had never experienced anything like it, that feeling of pure love, pure bliss, ancient harmony coupled with ancient wisdom.

It bought with it a feeling of wholeness, of completion.

It felt like coming home.

Coming home to my heart.

Coming home to the love inside.

Making love is not just about achieving orgasm but about experiencing divine union.

It is not dirty.

It is not slutty.

It is not wrong.

It is connection

It is wisdom

It is union.

It is pure love.

When two consenting adults make love, there is so much more to it.

It’s not about how many times you do it a week, or how many partners you have, it is about connection.

Connection to source and connection to self – this is the love making I know.

The importance of letting go and becoming aware when making love will make your experience a much more powerful one, linking you and your partner in an energetic flow of love – the double helix – the perfect mergence of divine masculine and feminine – the perfect mergence of our physical aspect with our spiritual.

If you are like me and have been married a long time this is an aspect of love making you may have forgotten about.

In the midst of raising children, school runs, working, studying, love making can at times feel more like a chore, but I encourage you to reset.

To view making love as that – making love, not as a something you have to do to keep your partner satisfied.

I want you to remember the love you have for each other.

I want you to experience the love you have for each other.

I want you to experience the love you have for each other, and then you will experience the love you have for your self.

You are here together to remind each other of who you are as an eternal, spiritual being – one filled with love, one filled with compassion and one filled with ecstatic joy.

Divine sexual energy is a powerful force and one that can be harnessed and used for manifestation, inspiration and creation.

Let’s get to it!!

Part two Wednesday

SoulSutras 91

“Forgiveness cont……..”

Sometimes it takes time to truly learn the art of forgiveness.

If you are hurting so badly and have so much anger inside that it feels like forgiveness is impossible, maybe this is your chance.

Forgiveness is a choice and it’s a wise one because what it will do is free you – clear your precious energy.

The Alchemist is about turning lead into gold: We as spiritual beings have the opportunity and the power to do the same.

We have the power inside us to transmute that negative energy into positive energy through forgiveness.

If you hold onto anger, jealousy or hatred – and you feed it with more anger, jealousy and hatred – every time you think of what happened, you are simply destroying yourself.

This is dangerous.

If you expend your energy thinking about a situation that has wronged you or harmed you, you are adding fuel to the fire……and what happens when we do this?

The energy grows: untamed and out of control – blinding all in its path and consuming everything with its fury.

This then becomes YOUR energy.

You have become the energy against which you were rebelling.

If you harbour resentment, anger and fury for long periods of time, you become that energy – harming no one but you.

Through forgiveness – and I mean truly forgiving – you free yourself from those negative thoughts and emotions; those negative words and actions and you protect your energy.


You bring light to the darkness.


You transmute the anger to love.

You transmute the jealousy to love.

You transmute the hatred to love.

You transmute the lead to gold.


You are the Alchemist – all powerful and in control.


Another person’s actions are their own.

Keep it that way.

How we react to the situation is up to us.

Learning to forgive is an act that will hold you in very good stead.

It will lead to more happiness, more joy and more peace.

Forgiveness not only frees you – it also disconnects you from the other person.

No one has really wronged you, they have just given you a lesson in forgiveness.


Keep that TempleSoul of yours clean, loving and forgiving and with every opportunity life gives you to forgive, say “thank you” for this valuable lesson.


And so it is.


“So break my step,

And relent

You forgave and I won’t forget”

This week’s inspirational song is ‘I Will Wait’ by Mumford & Sons and you can listen to it now on TempleTunes – turn it up loud and dance around the room, offering forgiveness to all.

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SoulSutras 90



How does it feel to carry that anger in your heart?

Does it lessen as the days go by?”

Mary Magdalene, the movie.


This week’s blog has been inspired by the movie, Mary Magdalene – which I watched both last night and the night before.

I’ve never really understood the importance of forgiveness but the enormity of it really hit me last night.

I’m all about inner peace.

TempleSoul is all about finding your own inner peace, your own TempleSoul.

If we raise the resonance of each individual, we raise the resonance of the entire planet.


The power lies within, it does not reside outside of us.


Forgiveness is a very important step in achieving inner peace.

The following was an excerpt from the movie….


“The Kingdom is here now.

It’s not something we can see with our own eyes.

It’s within us now.

All we have to do is let go of our anguish, our resentment and we become like children, just as he said.

The kingdom cannot be built through conflict, not by opposition, not by destruction.

It grows within us with every act of love and care, with our forgiveness.

We have the power to lift the people

Just as he did

And then we will be free,

Just as he is”


The kingdom – is inner peace.

We can’t see it, as it’s not a physical thing, it is a state of being.

We need to not only let go of anguish and resentment, but also hate, fear, anger and jealousy  – anything that goes against love and kindness.

It’s available to us to experience in every moment of our lives and we can achieve it by being love and being kindness and being compassionate. We can experience it only when we let go of any anger that we are feeling inside because while we carry that anger within, we cannot feel peace.

To become like a child may have a double meaning – children trust and forgive and let go effortlessly. We can only find our TempleSoul, if we are like a child – meaning……

We can only find the love inside our hearts, if we let go – of the anger inside and trust like a child – then we find the kingdom – inner peace and eternal love.

Alternatively, like a child could mean living as an extension of divine love – the greater energy of love (often referred to as God, All that is, The Universe etc etc) being the parent and we being a child in that union.

Anything that goes against the energy of love will stop you from feeling it and therefore stop you from achieving inner peace.

“The kingdom cannot be built through conflict, not by opposition, not by destruction”

We as individuals are our own kingdom, and we as a collective whole are a kingdom.

We cannot achieve inner peace while we have any inner conflict, if we oppose love with our actions or we destroy our sense of well being with negative thoughts, words, emotions or actions.

Similarly we cannot achieve world peace through conflict.

We cannot achieve world peace through opposition.

We cannot achieve world peace through destruction,


We can only achieve inner peace and world peace through the act of love.

We can only achieve inner peace and world peace through the act of kindness.

We can only achieve inner peace and world peace through the act of forgiveness.


How will you choose to live your life??



SoulSutras 89

Authenticity cont…..

You are living your authentic truth when you are happy, when things flow effortlessly towards you, doors mysteriously open, the path ahead is well lit and you can see it clearly.

You are living your authentic truth when you jump out of bed each morning and feel grateful to be alive, eager to see what the day brings.

You are in flow, you are aligned with your truth and you are being authentic.

To live your authentic truth sometimes takes great courage but I can guarantee you when you are in line with your soul truth and you are living your life with authenticity, naturally in flow, you can’t help but be happy, peaceful and joyful.

Being true to yourself, no matter what that looks like, is the greatest gift you could give yourself.

Being authentic means to not hide behind a mask of who you thinkyou should be.

Being authentic means to be your self – without compromise.

Learn to honor your soul, learn to honor your authenticity.

Where does your heart lie?

This will get you on your right path.

Always follow your heart, let your heart be your guide.

Do what you love and what so moves your soul – when you learn to do this, you will be living authentically.

By being authentic we are coming back to truth – our soul’s calling.

Authenticity comes from the heart, not the head.

So many of us are a certain way because we’ve been moulded by society, by schools, by families even by friends.

Sometimes we find ourselves living a life we are not aligned with and let me tell you there are no blocks to living your authentic truth – only ones you place in front of yourself.

If we are not following our heart’s truth we can end up creating subconscious blocks that can manifest in our physical reality, in the shape of illness.

A sore throat can manifest because we are holding back, we are not speaking our truth.

Stomach problems can arise if we are not standing in our power, if we are constantly suppressing ourselves, hiding our truth.

Hip problems can occur when we are fearful of the future and taking steps in the direction of our truth.

The right side represents the masculine, the left the feminine.

So be aware of what side your illness or discomfort appears.

If it presents itself on the right side, the issue could lie with a male figure in your life – a husband, partner, son, grandfather etc.

The left side is connected to, or could be connected to a mother, sister, wife or indeed your own feminine energy.

That’s where healing is so fascinating, and physical symptoms can be rectified in some cases immediately just by understanding where the ailment is stemming from.

We block ourselves through blocking our truth.

I’ve been a graphic designer most of my life working in television – a fast paced, tight deadline, high-energy job.

I was told by a number of healers and psychics for years that I was a healer – years before I had even contemplating doing energy healing.

Finally I listened to the guidance and started my course – it changed my life forever, and brought me into alignment with my souls calling and I have never, ever looked back.

Sure, I’m still a graphic designer and it is a vital part of my offering. I design all my offerings and in cases where others contribute to the design process I am keeping a very strict eye on them.

Tap into the source of your authenticity and live your truth openly and confidently, honour yourself and your own unique and sparkly light.

“Sugar, come on! Show your soul,

You’re keeping your love under control”

This week’s inspirational song is Original Of The Species by U2 and you can listen to it on TempleTunes – turn it up loud and dance around the room, authentically and without reservation.

Your light deserves to shine.

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SoulSutras 88


The reason I meditate is to still the mind, to create space within and to tune in to my authentic heart – my soul song.

I still the mind so I can listen to my heart.

I listen to my heart because then I can hear the whispers of my soul – my spirit – my authentic self.

I create space and by this I mean I clear my ‘energetic’ space to allow for the new to enter.

I do this through my healing – giving myself regular sessions to clear the energy – this is what energy healing is all about, helping you clear out the old, the unwanted, the no longer necessary, the negative – all the things that are taking up space in your precious energy field.

Why would I want to do that?

When our energetic field is compromised, and by that I mean clogged up with negative energy, it affects our vision, our ability to see clearly. It can also cause serious disease in our physical bodies if left untreated.

When we clear our energy field we get closer to our authentic self, not the projected self – not the ego.

I so often come across clients who are so convincing with their I am’s– and I always caution them to be mindful of the words they use and who they say they are – they say it with such conviction, they start to believe it.

I ama stay at home mother

I aman investment banker

I ama graphic designer

I aman accountant, (sorry about that)

If we pigeon hole ourselves and believe with every fiber of our being that we are what we say we are then we give ourselves no chance to be anything else.

If you believe you are one thing, how can you ever open up to the possibility of being something else? Maybe if you opened your heart to that higher power and let it flow through you effortlessly, without blocking it with your very convincing I am’s– imagine what could open up for you.

Maybe if you let go and listened to your spirit’s true calling, your authentic self – you might be something entirely different – and you may find yourself on an exciting new adventure, one that you never deemed possible.

If you can dream it, you can be it.

I often say to my clients,

“ Right now, at this very moment, if you could be anyone or anything in the world – what would you be?”

I’d like you to answer that question now.

If you said something entirely different from who or what you are being now I’d like you to ask yourself why?

Why aren’t you living your truth?

Why aren’t you being your authentic self?

And I’d rather not get excuses, I’d rather get action.

I want you right now to take steps to align yourself with your truth. It doesn’t have to be a huge step – just a little step every day in the direction of your truth.

But how do you know if you’re living your authentic truth, aligning with your authentic spirit?

SoulSutras 87

Perfect – real and illusion, cont…….

How are you going??

Are things feeling more peaceful???

When you detach and learn not to expect something to be a certain way, let things happen as they should without force and control – perfectly – then you’re life and the way you move through it will begin to flow so much more smoothly.

Peace comes from inside – no matter what’s going on outside.

Peace comes when we are able to just accept things for what they are, and not have to react aggressively or angrily. Peace comes when we are able to detach ourselves from people who are no good for us. Peace comes when we let go of harboring resentment or anger at someone who we think has hurt us. Peace comes when we learn not to be jealous, spiteful or hurtful.

Accept every situation as perfect.

Instead of thinking, 

Why is this happening tome?


Why is this happening for me? 

What is my learning from this situation, person or nightmare?

You’ll soon see that indeed everything that happens for you is happening perfectly.

Why not let yourself make mistakes, and happily look at what you can learn from them, not beat yourself up over them.

Instead of striving for perfection, know you are perfect just as you are.

So as you go about your day today, think of me and smile at your adversity, smile at your misfortunes, smile at your achievements, smile at the grump who served you coffee this morning, smile, because everything that is happening for you today is happening perfectly.

I hope you have the most perfect day.

And tonight as you are drifting off to sleep I want you to log on to TempleTunes and listen to Lou Reed’s Perfect Day,and be glad you spent the day with you – you perfectly gorgeous being.

SoulSutras 86

Perfect – Real or Illusion?

Perfect – real andillusion.

On the one hand, perfect conjures up a kind of feeling that everything has to be ‘right’ and ‘just’ or a ‘certain way’ for us to be happy and joyful.

But perfection can make you feel undervalued, unloved and not enough.

Striving to be perfect in everything you do is exhausting and a very stressful way to live indeed.

On the other hand – knowing you areperfect – just as you are – whole and complete can help you live a stress free life.

At the core of your being, in the centre of your heart – lies your truth.

That’s why so many light workers tell you to ‘go within’ or ‘find the space inside your heart’, it’s because it is there that everything is perfect.

We create an idea of what perfect is and what it is not – it is just based on our individual perception.

How do you view perfect?

I would like you to spend today practicing the following –

No matter what happens to you throughout the day, whatever the experience ‘appears’ to be – whether you deem it to be fabulous or frustrating, a success or a failure, spend a moment just letting it be.

Detach from reacting to the situation out of habit or fear and view it from the outside looking in.

I want you to take a different view, today and everyday.

Instead of stewing all day over your morning coffee that wasn’t quite hot enough, your partner not texting you back, being cut off on your morning commute, not getting that raise you were hoping for, not getting that promotion you were after – whatever the case may be – I want you to take a different view.

I want you to experience that moment for what it is – perfect!

Bad, good or indifferent – it is perfect – whole and complete.

Perfectly designed by you, for you, so that you can move into alignment with the greatest version of your ‘self’.

Every person you meet has stepped across your path at the perfect time and for the perfect purpose, so that you can move into alignment with the greatest version of your ‘self’.

Every situation you encounter has been sent to you at the perfecttime and for the perfectpurpose, so that you can move into alignment with the greatest version of your ‘self’.

Not your perceived ego self, but your soul truth – your spirit – your real self, your perfectself.

What a gift!

Aren’t you lucky!!

SoulSutras 85

How Do You Handle Stress cont………

Faith & Trust.

Now, before you get hysterical like I use to and stop reading, let me explain further.

When I started meditating I use to get this guidance over and over again.

I was angry because I didn’t really understand what it meant.

But now I do.

I have been through some incredibly challenging times over the past 7 years, but I’m not alone.

We all face hardship on our journey through life – I am certainly not the only one, and hardship brings with it stress.

Stress is a bi-product of your reaction to a situation and your reaction is merely a choice.

It is important to relinquish control of a situation you know you can’t change.

Stress arises when we feel overwhelmed, out of control, uncertain, uncomfortable.

When you notice you are stressed – snappy, tense, clenched fist, clenched jaw, first, take a deep breath,

And then

Have faith.

The universe always works in your favor.

You’ve probably heard the universe often dismantles the old to make way for the new.

And the new always arrives, and is always in line with the path you are meant to be on.

If some drastic situation arises in your life, take a step back – – relinquish control and let it unfold, naturally, in it’s own way and in it’s own time.

You don’t have to have all the answers.

You can just let things be.

Have faith that everything is happening for a reason.

And trust.

Trust in a higher plan.

You can’t go through life pushing, forcing and controlling – if a situation is meant to be then it will be, if a partnership is meant to be, then it will be.

If you lose your job, don’t stress, trust there will be another, better suited and more aligned with your values.

If you lose a partner, don’t stress have faith the right person hasn’t shown up for you yet and trust that they will show up when they are meant to.

Having trust and faith enables you to let go, relinquish control, let things be.

This in turn lowers your stress levels as you let everything unfold as it should.

Sometimes the best thing you can do is step back. 

Don’t anticipate an outcome – let the universe surprise you!

The next time someone is squeezing your skull –breathe – and connect with your inner TempleSoul, that place of calm and knowing and say,

I have complete trust and faith that what is transpiring in my life is for my own highest and greatest good. And so it is.

Then let it go.

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SoulSutras 84

How Do You Handle Stress?

I was sitting in my office the other day, Finders Keepers on Riversdale Road, and looked up and noticed a woman on the far side of the café.

She looked familiar.

So familiar.

You know you know them but you can’t quite place them.

It has been ten years since I’ve lived in Melbourne so I had to dig quite deep.

Was it school, kindy, yoga????

And then it hit me, she was my old neighbor, at least I was pretty sure.

I finished my coffee and my blog and grappled with whether I would go and interrupt her.

I did.

What did I have to lose?

I excused myself and then asked if she had lived in my neighborhood.

She hesitated and replied yes with a quizzical look on her face.

I said, “It’s me Annie, Rachael, from Percy Street!”

She jumped up, screamed and gave me a massive hug.

We had such a lovely chat and I met her gorgeous son I had held as a baby just before we left for Singapore – now ten years old.

I am so glad I took the chance to go and speak with her. We exchanged numbers and rekindled a lovely friendship.

So why am I telling you this story and what has this got to do with stress???

Well, she said to me,

“ I noticed you sitting there typing away on your computer and I thought, I have never seen such a relaxed and content woman, I wish I could be like that!”.

So how do I stay so relaxed and comfortable, even in the midst of turmoil and uncertainty – which is my life right now?

SoulSutras 83


So we have established we are an energetic being, and we are part of one eternal energetic field that vibrates at the highest frequency – love.

How beautiful.

You are love, at your core and it is from this we come and to this we return.

Our universe is made up of realms and dimensions and they all vibrate at different frequencies.

I like to think of our Universe as a 12 story building and as we go from the first floor to the twelfth we resonate at higher and higher frequencies, the twelfth being pure love.

So by becoming aware of how we work, we can start getting rid of all the lower vibrational energies trapped within our being, and start resonating at a higher frequency – aligned with love and peace.

If you think of your own being in terms of this 12 story building – the aim is to try and vibrate as close as you can to the top stories.

I tell you what – when you take the lift to the 12th floor, it’s a pretty spectacular view!

So by understanding you are energy, by understanding resonance, by understanding lower and higher vibrational frequencies, you will begin to understand how the universe works, and you will begin to understand that we are not only one with the universal energy of love, but we are all connected to each other – extensions of one divine frequency.

Are you still with me???

Feel free to start a chat if you are feeling confused. And I will be more than happy to answer your questions.

Negative energies also become trapped in our field – not only our field, but everyone’s field – all of our collective energy flows into the larger field of consciousness and creates either peace or turmoil on a global scale depending on what we are emitting.

Think of yourself as a little transmitter – transmitting negative or positive energy out into a bigger energetic grid.

What are you transmitting??

If we emit love, joy and happiness can you imagine the state of the world???

Can you see what might happen if we emit fear, sadness and loathing???

We would have a hostile, aggressive, fearful world – what are you seeing now???

Finding your own inner peace is not only beneficial for you but beneficial for the entire planet, the entire universe.

Send out good vibes – receive good vibes.

It is possible to live a peaceful and joyful life and I’m about to show you how.

Welcome to your journey, your journey within to find your own TempleSoul.

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It is my wish to make you happy and to make you feel alive!




SoulSutras 82


“My TempleSoul – Your TempleSoul

Is the place inside

It’s where there’s no need to run

Where there’s no need to hide

It’s where Golden Light streams from deep in your heart,

It’s where calmness descends and self-love starts.

It’s where freedom and joy

Dance together as one

It’s where spirit and soul

Bathe in the sun

It’s where you love all around you

And speak as you should

It’s where you live in spirit

It’s your soul neighbourhood

Your TempleSoul – is where your true voice sings

So listen to that voice

And feel the joy that it brings.”

Jules – SoulPoet

Before we get started I want to familiarize you with your spiritual body. 

I’m sure it’s not something many of you have considered or been taught about but it’s really important you know a few basic principles about the universe and you, as a spiritual being – that way what I teach you will make more sense.

Why is this important???

Because just like nutrition and exercise is important for our physical and mental health and knowing how these things affect our bodies, we need to know how we work as an energetic being – as our energy, our vibration, creates our reality.

When you become aware of this, you can start to manifest what you want into your physical reality.

When you become aware of this, you can start directing your energy towards the things you want and you will become mindful of not directing your energy towards the things you don’t want.

Everyone and everything is energy – everything in this entire universe.

We are not matter, we are energy – energy vibrating at different frequencies – and all part of ‘one’ eternal energetic field.

I’m trying to keep this simple, so as not to lose you and we will get down to practicalities as soon as next week, but I feel it’s important to know this first.

You are energy, your words are energy, your thoughts and feelings are energy.

When we talk about lower vibrational energies we are merely talking about negative energies that lower your vibration.

Hate, jealousy, sadness and fear are some examples of what can lower our vibration.

Happiness, joy, gratitude and love are some examples of what can raise our vibration.

Why do we need to raise our vibration??

Because then we can live a life filled with happiness, joy, gratitude and love – peace on earth, as they say.

What I am passionate about teaching is a simple way for you to find your own TempleSoul – all of you on an individual basis because ultimately that will raise the resonance of the entire planet – the entire universe and that’s the ultimate goal.

Peace on Earth.

SoulSutras 81

“An Alternative View……”

I threw myself into my energy healing course with great vigour – with passion and with purpose.

Those who know me well will attest I do that with everything I love and this was no exception.

This energy healing thing, really resonated with me.

I went from enroling in the course in January 2016 to opening TempleSoul – the physical space in Singapore in May of that same year.

I opened my own space as I wanted it to reflect my energy, my style, my uniqueness – this was very important to me.

The same goes for teaching.

I want to teach you in my own way, in my own style, my own uniqueness.

When I heal, I see everyday people, every day.

People like you, going through every day challenges most of us face daily.

My job is to help you, through the ancient practice of energy healing.

As I am Intuitive, I get a reading from your higher self with guidance about what you need now – at this very present moment in time to help you through whatever it is you are facing.

This is my clients favorite part of the healing and it always resonates very deeply.

That’s what I’m here to do, to hold your hand and give you practical solutions to your problems.

To give you guidance and advice that you can put into practice immediately with astonishing results.

I’ve taken all that I’ve learned over the last three years of study and gathered it all up and will deliver it in a way everyday people can understand.

Just little things you can do, every day, to help you smile throughout your day and your journey through life.

As challenges arise throughout your day, as they will, I will be there to guide you through.

So I’m changing direction.

I think I’ve told you enough of my story and I’d like to now bring you ‘life’ stories.

Life stories we all share – life lessons we all face.

To build a strong community of like minded people (who aren’t so interested in angels and tarot but more interested in the science behind the human body – the energetic vehicle that we all are) as it’s being shown to me.

Through ‘real’ life experiences that you are experiencing and I am experiencing – 

divorce, heartache, job loss, financial pressure, unrequited love, uncertainty, fear, blocks, the list goes on.

Sounds fun doesn’t it???

But don’t worry, this blog is all about bringing light to the darkness – or in other words, bringing peace to the challenges you are facing.

I’m going to show you a different way of looking at life, give you an alternative view.

It’s all about perception.

So, I’m going to base this years blog on the healings I give.

The inspiration and guidance I receive each and every day to help you love and enjoy every day here on earth – even if the times are tough – in fact especially when the times are tough.

You are important to me.

Your wellbeing is important to me.

I am here for you.




PS I haven’t forgotten what I said to you at the end of last year. So stay tuned for the TempleSoul Sealed Section – SoulSeductions – which will be available later this year.

TempleSoul – A Sanctuary Within


SoulSutras 80

“Be The Teacher You Wished You Had…….”

Last night as I drifted off to sleep I was thinking of the best way to teach you.

My latest book, TempleSoul – A Sanctuary Within, was written with the soul purpose of helping you navigate your way through life more peacefully, mindfully and joyfully.

This is why we’re here – having this physical experience so we can raise our vibration, so that not only we as individuals feel more peaceful but we as a collective feel more peaceful.

I want to teach you how to become your own TempleSoul.

When I attended the HayHouse Writers Workshop in Melbourne in 2018, I was lucky enough to see Rebecca Campbell, author of Light Is The New Black and Rise Sister Rise.

Something she said really struck a cord and has stayed with me since then.

She said,

“Be the teacher you wished you had”.

All of my teachers have been incredible and I feel blessed that each and every one of them crossed my path. They all offered incredible guidance and wisdom in their own unique way.

But for me there seemed to be something missing.

(Which I later found while studying energy healing with Ashati)

I’m a pretty straight forward person, honest and upfront and do not get me wrong I love ALL things spiritual no matter what form it arrives. But no-one really taught me ‘how’ the Universe worked, or ‘who’ we were as energetic beings, or ‘why’ we were having this life experience.

There was talk of tribes gathering and circles forming, the sisterhood rising but I wanted practical guidance.

The type of guidance I could use every day to make my life more peaceful, more joyful.

I wanted something to help me navigate my way through the often turbulent waters of life.

Times change, people change, perceptions change and it is important we change with it.

It is important to relate to people in a real sense, relate to people in a way they understand.

I feel it is my duty to teach spirituality in a new way – one that you will understand. I want to take the ‘weird’ and ‘crazy’ out of spirituality because whether you like it or not you are a spiritual being –  A spiritual being having a physical experience.

You are an energetic being and if you know the way you work as an energetic being, you will dance with the flow of life effortlessly, with grace and ease.

SoulSutras 79

“Should I Stay Or Should I Go……………”

We all have choices in life.

It’s one of the great things about being human.

But when you’re in a marriage with children involved you usually make choices with everyone’s best interests at heart, rarely are they based solely on yourneeds and yourneeds alone.

But this last year and the challenges it brought with it pushed me to actually stand in my power and affirm what is was that  Ineeded.

It’s not selfish to have your needs met – it is a necessity.

If we deny ourselves what we really desire in life, based on the happiness of others it is a recipe for disaster!

What came out of last years big challenge for me, was the realization I had lived my entire life making other people happy.

Don’t get me wrong I was happy to, but I was putting myself and my needs last, and sometimes, not at all.

When Jules and I sat down at our first Barefoot Investor date night at the Boozy Rouge in Richmond, (More on that later) I wrote on the table cloth how many houses we had lived in while we had been married.

The answer was 19.

I was actually tired.

I was exhausted.

Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne, Singapore, Sydney, Melbourne. (And they were just the places we lived)

Moving, moving, moving.

Unpacking boxes, culling, re-sorting, canceling, readdressing, new schools, new houses, new cars, 

Oh dear.


It was time to lay down some roots.

The six weeks in solitude gave me the space to really dive deep, deep into my soul and find out what it was that Ireally wanted going forward.

Where I wanted to expend my energy.

What was taking up space unnecessarily in my body?

What needed to stay?

What needed to go?

It was my turn now – well you know it always has been but I am only just realizing the fine balance between giving and receiving.

Do you give too much and feel unworthy of receiving???

Are you aware of what is taking up space, energetically in your body?

What is it that needs to stay and what is it that needs to go?

SoulSutras 78

“Attached to nothing, connected to everything……..”

This year as the clock ticked over to the new year, a personal number eight year for me, I have never felt so relaxed, so at peace and so content.

This year as the clock ticked over I didn’t feel the need to madly make new years resolutions, be thinner, be happier, be fitter, create this, create that, go here, go there.


I think for the first time in my life I was completely happy with myself, happy just to be, knowing all was perfectly in its place and I was exactly where I was meant to be.

Having that knowledge brings with it such a profound sense of peace.

I have spent the last seven years madly doing, doing, doing.

I’ve created apps, websites for kids, written a book, started another, opened three new businesses, created a candle and incense range, created a jewellery range, illustrated a picture book for kids, traveled the world  – it has literally been go, go, go and now it’s time to 




To breathe and just to be.

The work is done – the foundations are set.

The most important thing for me to do right now is just to open my heart and watch life flow through me, bringing life and movement to all the offerings I have created from spirit, from my heart.

There’s no sense of urgency, no feelings of regret, there’s not a million thoughts racing around my head, there is just a profound sense of peace.

And a feeling that all is well – I have learnt to let go and put my faith and trust in that much higher power – that part of me that is unpenetrable, unmovable, unflustered – calm, knowing and wise.

Attached to nothing, connected to everything.

(Anon – These are not my words but someone else’s)

But of course peace rarely comes from a smooth ride – we learn to become peaceful on this journey when we go through the tough times, when we overcome difficulties, illness, death, separation, change, movement, unexpected surprises and as with everyone, we certainly have had our fair share.

SoulSutras 77

“I Can Breathe…………Now”

A warm welcome back to TempleSoul and a Happy New Year to you all.

I have taken some time off to be by myself over the last couple of months.

I moved…..again, which is not unusual for this gypsy soul but this move is going to be for the next four years at the very least!

(I say that now with firm conviction, but realize that’s not how it always works)

I have been with my current partner for the last thirty years and at 47 that is most of my life. Time alone hasn’t served much of a place in my life and towards the end of last year I decided I needed some time out – just for me, to clear my head, create some space and reflect on where I’d been and where I was at.

Four children, a partner, a brown dog and constantly moving hasn’t left much time just for me.

It was time to reassess.

The last seven years have been extremely challenging and last year was no exception, possibly the most challenging but as I always say, if you are aware and in tune to the workings of the universe you will know that every situation whether you deem it to be a challenge or not is for your learning and growth.

I will be discussing these challenges as they will be ones you yourself have no doubt faced at some stage of your lives, but that’s for later.

What’s important now is now.

I drove down to Melbourne on November 16thlast year, armed with all I would need for the coming weeks. (Until the family arrived later that year).

I would have six weeks off.

Just me.




It was truly a life changing experience.




It was just me, for six glorious weeks.

I knew this alone time was critical for me. It would be make or break if I didn’t affirm my power and have my needs met and get the space I needed.

The move back from Singapore was tough but closing down TempleSoul one of the hardest things I have ever had to do.

But what came out of that was one of the greatest learning’s of my life.

“We are people borne of sound

The songs are in our eyes

Gonna wear them like a crown”

Bono, U2

SoulSutras 76

“Let’s Talk About Sex Baby…………….”

And for my final post for this year why don’t we finish on a high note.

A beautiful orgasmic ride back to our suppressed sexual energy.

In the very early hours of the 22nd of September, as dawn was breaking,  I could hear Jules channeling – this is a very regular occurrence now and usually happens after I have done a massive meditation, asked for guidance or have done some healing work.

Aah, we are blessed to be experiencing this human life and we are blessed to be on a journey through it with the guides and angels beside us.

This is an exert from the 4 pages of guidance we received.

“So, I received some guidance on a practice to share with you and think we should go with spirit and honour the guidance. I also received information for you regarding the transmutation of sexual energy.”

As I said earlier it is important to integrate this energy.

“We were both right last night. You are right that fully accessing your sexual energy unlocks limitless abundance in terms of creativity, strength, success, the manifestation of dreams and desires, achievements of goals etc – but to achieve this you must completely and totally surrender to the physical as a critical sense. To burn away the dominant, patriarchal suppression of your deepest sensual, sexual, physical, erotic desires, you must fully embrace and experience them first.

This may only take a short time, but it must be a mindful, present and physical process shared in divine union with an open heart without fear, hesitation or shame. In a safe, loving and nurturing environment.

I am here to support you and guide your heart, your body and your gorgeous soul through this part of the amazing journey you are on.

Let’s step into it together”

Lucky me.

Lucky I didn’t divorce him!

It’s been a big year, a big forty seven but hopefully through reading my blog and following my journey you will see that everything that happens to you, happens for a reason; that every person you meet is a teacher and guide and please remember life is to be enjoyed, not endured.

Stay playful and stay tuned.

TempleSoul is about to get a whole lot sexier.

Merry Christmas.

SoulSutras 75

“It is safe for me to be a strong, sexy and powerful woman”

Martin had also said that my upper chakras were open and all good but from the solar plexus down were somewhat blocked.

This makes sense.

The Root chakra represents safety.

The Sacral chakra represents sexuality.

The Solar Plexus represents power.

“It is safe for me to be a strong, sexy and powerful woman”

The following session was amazing and not only did I eventually manage to find my voice but I asserted myself and made a declaration to stand firmly in my divine feminine power and make no apologies.

I finally realised how important this was to not only bring me to wholeness but to connect with my creativity, to birth new projects, to be confident and above all be fearless.

We need this sexual energy ladies and we need to connect with it quickly.

It is part of us.

It is our strength.

Our voice.

Our truth.

And boy is it strong and when you are standing as a woman with your divine sexual energy fully integrated you, my sister, will be unstoppable.

SoulSutras 74

“Harnessing the Power Of Your Sexual Energy……….”

Is this why I was rejecting Jules all of a sudden?

Was the fear so strong, so old, so intense that I would rather run away than face it?

Thankfully in all our years of marriage sex has never been an issue and Jules is the most open, sensual lover and he creates a safe space for me to explore and play in that realm in any way I choose.

He is totally open to anything I want to try and I realise now why we are together and why our union and bond is so strong.

He is here for so many reasons but one is to be there so I can fully let go and surrender to the power of my divine sexual feminine energy that I have actually been suppressing for many years.

He is here to help me integrate what I have been running away from.

He is here to honour and nourish my sensual, sexual powerful feminine essence.

I have been frightened of its power.

I have been frightened of its strength.

I was overwhelmed and terrified, such was my conditioning through growing up, school and societal teachings.

Sexual energy is unlike anything I have ever felt, when it is fully brought into awareness it is boundless, limitless and incredible.

Ladies, this is what we are made of and this is what the patriarchy has been trying to keep hidden over the millennia and I implore you to dig deep and come with me on a voyage of self discovery to reclaim your own sexual energy that I have no doubt has been suppressed in one way or another across your lifetime, just by the mere fact that you are a woman.


SoulSutras 73

“Sexual Energy…………..”

“Your challenge is to allow the full expression of your sexuality in all its beauty and power.

Are you really scared of letting go of your wildness?

Scared of being overwhelmed or overwhelming?

It’s all about staying connected and in touch with feeling. For the true expression of sexuality demands that the feelings of the heart are connected to the body.

You need to take a leap of faith and recognise that in staying connected with your body and your heart, everything else will follow.

Start again.

Behave as if you have never made love before and are about to begin on a whole new voyage of discovery.

Your body knows how and when to make love. Trust it. Let go of expectations and preconceptions of how things are supposed to be, and just stay with the present.

All loving is a risk, but in allowing vulnerability, you tap into into incredible power.

Above all, don’t be scared of showing your love”.

The Mirror Cards – Geoff Charley, Lucy Lidell

Nick picked up on this in the following session.

He felt I was hiding that sexuality – holding back a little, not giving myself completely – was this the missing piece of the puzzle??

Was this sexual energy actually the energy I was afraid of?

Was I fearful of fully expressing this, of tapping into this incredibly powerful energy?

SoulSutras 72

“Fear, There and Everywhere………..”

After that first session and before my second, which I had booked the following Monday I went over some of my various readings and healings, even my earliest meditations I had transcribed and they all mentioned the fear.

This is the thing with shadow work.

We’re not always aware of what’s lurking beneath because we have hidden it away in the shadows for so long.

Equally important though was what was this fear stemming from?

When you do energy work and bring in the energy from Source it makes its way through the crown and down through the chakras. Any blockages will be revealed the deeper you get into your work. When the energy can’t get through, the next lesson is brought forth.

It is brought forth so we can remove the stagnant and blocked energy that is likely to be keeping us stuck in old and outdated belief systems which may be preventing us from moving forward.

Shadow work is so important as by suppressing traits we deem less than desirable we are ignoring and suppressing a part of ourselves.

My fear stemmed from when I was a very little girl.

I re-read a reading Clive gave me some weeks earlier that said fear was preventing me from fully moving forward and that it was stuck in my hips.

So that was what was being released while I was with WildFrau – the fear was what was rising up to be healed and the sickness I had after the acupuncture wasn’t in fact a clearing but was actually fear of facing what was coming up – more a kind of repulsion or aversion.

Also my need to run away, to leave my marriage, to be by myself was also a form of running away from myself of not wanting to face it, the fear that I had locked away for so very long.

I did a huge meditation on the Sunday and before I did it I pulled two cards. One from the mirror deck and one from the ……Oracle.

One was Sexuality and the other Dark Night Of The Soul

SoulSutras 71

“Facing The Fear……”

It was cold down at Bondi – a fierce wind was blowing up from the sea and it baffled me how those desperate surfers could be out there in such conditions.

I heard my name from behind and turned around to see a very gentle, smiling man – I immediately felt at peace.

We walked over to the soundproof music rooms.

“Oh God” I thought – “more screaming!”

We had a chat, one that would see me talking incessantly, skirting around the issue, not wanting to go there – open up Pandoras box…..again. Eventually I stopped talking and started listening.

He just said one word.


And this was what we would work on today, that and some bashing with a metre length of plastic pipe.

I will be honest – I’ve done a lot of that in the past and I just wanted to do the breath work.

In the last half an hour we gave it a go.

I knew it would be awesome – I love working with the breath.

It was different to anything I had done before.

I lay down on a mat and breathed in through an open mouth and out through an open mouth.

The facilitator, in this case Martin guided me through the process.

It was so fascinating.

It started almost straight away – and there it was – the fear…..deep, dark fear, lurking in a deep, dark place.

The session was amazing and in it Martin was trying to coax out my voice. He was asking me just to make a single sound from this place of fear and no matter how hard I tried absolutely nothing would come out.

I just kept thinking, “Just one sound, that’s all I have to do, make just one sound”.

The session ended and I hadn’t managed to make a single solitary sound, but I had connected with the fear.

This was the next challenge – to clear the fear out of the body and there was no other way to do it but to connect with it, clear it and heal it.

This was going to be hard.

Hard and uncomfortable.




SoulSutras 70

“Lemon Breakdown………”

The next few weeks were very difficult.

I was not myself.

Reclusive and emotional I spent my days on the couch in quiet introspection.

I picked up another book, Am I Going Mad” by Marlyse Carroll which I actually bought for my son but which I found extremely beneficial.

In it the author mentioned Breath Work and that triggered a memory.

Years ago a psychic had said for me to do breath work, not meditation, breath work.

So I picked up my phone and goggled Breath Work Sydney.

I’ll be honest so much had transpired since I started kundalini yoga – things were coming to a head and all I wanted to do was run away.

Run away and be by myself.

It was so bad at one stage I was ready to walk out on my marriage altogether.

To start a new.

I’m a strong girl, capable and independent.

Was it time to experience life differently?

I have been with Jules since I was 16, married since I was 23, that’s 23 years this year – it is all I have known.

This was seriously what was going through my mind.

Luckily, doing the work I do, I was aware.

I picked up the phone and rang Martin Wilks.

He asked me why I wanted to do the session.

I said because I wasn’t sure I wanted to be married anymore and I wanted to find out whether I was coming from a place of truth or reacting to current circumstances.

I would meet him that Friday at Bondi Pavillion.


Marlyse Carroll  Am I Going Mad

Martin Wilks  www.martinwilks.org


SoulSutras 69

“An Uncomfortable Ride………”

You are probably wondering why one would put themselves through this.

But that’s why we’re here.

That’s why we have chosen to have a physical experience.

To learn and to hopefully grow.

To learn to grow from our experiences and flow with life more peacefully and gracefully knowing that all we experience is for our learning and growth.

Since I started my journey all those years ago I knew the kundalini would play a starring role.

When you become aware of what is happening you can work with the energy and at your pace – although the guidance after the session was “Rest To Create” – so I might try and take that on board.

We work on raising the kundalini to get back to wholeness to get back to the truth of who we are as a spiritual being.

To learn to silence the ego, so the heart may have its turn.

It’s true, it’s not always a pleasant experience but I believe one that is well worth the pain. It’s severity depends on a whole list of factors – past lives, and ego structure and the nervous system has to be strong enough to receive this powerful energy transmission for it to be able to rise fully and safely.

Sometimes it takes lifetimes to rise and lifetimes of conscious meditation and energy work to clear the path so it can rise – each of us is unique, each of us different and our journey’s will differ accordingly to what we have chosen to learn in this lifetime, to what we as individuals have called forth as lessons.

As those higher chakras open it can challenge the ego and that’s why it takes time – time to fully integrate these energetic changes as you learn to live a heart based existence and not an ego based one.

I know I’m still in the throws of integration and I admit I feel sad and angry and I can’t explain why but I fully trust this amazing and magical process and know when all is released and all is integrated I shall be born anew.

The light of consciousness exposes the darkness of the psyche – the shadow side and we have to learn to embrace this, not to shy away from it or pretend it’s not there as that’s where blockages start.

Embrace the shadows, so you can fully bask in the light.

Kundalini awakening restructures your entire nervous system and that in turn affects your entire being – mind, body and soul.

As each individual chakra is cleansed and balanced a new awareness arises, your conscious awareness expands and you ‘see’ things from your mind’s eye – your heart – and your perspective becomes much more pure and loving.

And when the kundalini makes its way up it then comes back down to its final resting place within the heart.

The benefits of a kundalini rising are many and varied. Increased artistic expression may present itself, stamina and your energy levels rise, your spiritual powers and psychic abilities will be heightened and as the kundalini is sexual in nature an increase in sexual energy may be welcomed.

Bring it on!

SoulSutras 68

“You Are So Much More Than You Think You Are……”

It was really interesting because this session picked up from where it left off.

This time I was with four other beautiful women – one French, one South African, one Argentinian, one German and the token Aussie – me!

There was still wild, uncontrollable movement in the hips and there was still sadness in that ‘spot’.

We worked on this a little more and it subsided.

This session there was no screaming though – just tears – some more gentle releasing and clearing.

The second session was interesting in that there was a quietness and stillness to the session. There was a lot of white light and peace – it was all quiet and all internal. The group on the whole was quiet and the music was in line with the healing during the session.

We had a break after this session before commencing the final one.

The final one was my absolute favourite and so different from all the others.

It was a transmission – an influx of new light energy and it was blissful and cathartic – I could feel it just streaming in – straight from the higher levels of consciousness through Katrin and into me.

Words cannot describe the pure state of bliss one feels as this occurs.

And it just didn’t stop. For the full hour as I breathed in, the light would enter and as I breathed out the light would integrate – it felt amazing.

The kundalini energy can often be likened to a full body orgasm as at times that is what it feels like. You kind of have to experience it to believe it.

I have experienced the full force of this sexual energy and its power and it is so profound and so life-altering that one really needs to know how to channel such an intense energetic transmutation.

This one was different to my last spontaneous kundalini awakening a few years ago – Jules rode the benefits of that for years after (No pun intended) – no this one was different as it was a full body transmutation, the last one, although just a partial awakening – from solar plexus to throat was quite primal, wild and almost unstoppable in nature – this was different.

This one was blissful in a different way.

It was just incredible and I new something special was taking place and I would just lie in a state of grateful receptivity for the remainder of the session.

You are so much more than you think you are.

SoulSutras 67

“Goddess, Warrior, Earth……”

At the next acupuncture session I told Trudy what happened.

Was I allergic to something in the herbal capsule??? We did some muscle testing on this which did bring up a few things but we concluded that actually the acupuncture coupled with the wildness of Katrin’s energy sessions had stirred up my energy perhaps a little too much.

I admit I smiled briefly when she said to perhaps lay off the kundalini for a while and let things settle.

I smiled because I was booked in to do a full day Divine Goddess Kundalini Transmission the following week in Bondi.

I wasn’t entirely sure that doing the workshop was a good idea but something was telling me to go.

I wasn’t sure whether I was going to share that with Trudy now or ever – I think I would just see how things went.

The Saturday rolled around and off I went in comfortable clothes with a yoga mat under my arm.

This day would be divided into three sessions




Three sessions in one day!!!!!!!

Oh god! Was I ready for this????

SoulSutras 66

“The Epic Purge…….”

I admit it.

I thought I was going to die.

I can be a bit dramatic but this was quite a harrowing experience.

Now, I’m not saying everyone will experience this, it’s just that I tend to throw myself at things whole-heartedly which can sometimes lead me asunder.

It was horrendous.

The entire contents of my physical body decided to empty.

It was out of control and actually quite frightening.

That coupled with the fact that actually no-one could hear me! How could they not????

I dragged myself into the shower and then out of the shower and onto the cool floor of the bathroom. I just lay there waiting for someone to come and rescue me – and clean the bathroom :)

Alas, when it seemed apparent no-one was coming to rescue me, I dragged myself back to the bedroom, onto the bed and woke Jules.

After he had surveyed the damage he was getting ready to take me to the emergency ward at the Royal North Shore.

I assured him that although it did look like a murder most foul, I was actually fine. I just needed to sleep and sleep I would – soundly, with no more interruptions.

Now that was a purge of very epic proportions.

I told you that kundalini energy was powerful and not to messed with lightly.

I wonder if I could heed my own advice every once in a while?

SoulSutras 65

“Yin and Yang…..”

In addition to my kundalini sessions I was attending weekly acupuncture sessions to treat a mild prolapse.

My practitioner knew what I was doing and Katrin, Trudy and I were all working together to try and strengthen this root/sacral area.

I love acupuncture – it is so profoundly different to the whole WildFrau experience but so perfectly complimentary.

For an hour I am in a pure state of relaxed bliss as she manipulates my energy trying to get the balance and harmony right within.

She said my energy pools in the stomach area – we are trying to clear this so it can flow better.

I had my session, floated home on a blissful cloud and went quietly about my day. This time she introduced herbs.

I was to take one capsule instead of the recommended three just to see how I went.

When the kundalini energy rises and reaches the upper chakras an increased sensitivity to foreign substances in the body takes place.

My sensitivity is always to alcohol and contributes to me having to give it up completely. That and red meat.

Anyway, I’m not great with anything foreign in my body – except babies – I’m very good at those!!

So I took my herbal tincture at about 1pm, went about my day and then went to bed about ten.

An hour later it started.

Just a slight stirring in my stomach.

I tried to just breathe deeply and methodically, calming my system, reassuring myself that everything was ok.

But it wasn’t.

Yes, I had stirred something up and it was on its way out and I hurled myself out of bed, down the hallway and into the bathroom with literally seconds to spare.

SoulSutras 64

“Clearing to Heal…….”

When the screaming subsided the tears flowed.

Cleansing me – body, soul and spirit.

And that was followed by very aggressive movements in the hips.

I could not control them. It was almost as though they were releasing – releasing fear – releasing opposition – releasing stored up emotion and they were finding their balance again.

These movements went on for a very long time and when the music stopped and Katrin brought us all back to the physical I was well and truly spent.

Now that was an afternoon I won’t forget in a hurry.

I just lay there unable to move for a good fifteen minutes. I lay there until everyone else had shared their experience and it was my turn.

All I could do was say thank you.

It was life changing.

But not over yet.

Experience has taught me that the energy that was released will also now take a moment to settle and this kundalini energy was powerful and very, very strong.

It’s a clearing energy, and we heal to clear.

We clear to expand our conscious awareness, to raise our vibration but this means we need to clear the dirt first.

I knew the next few days, weeks, maybe even months would be uncomfortable and I prepared myself for the ride.

What happened next wasn’t something I expected either but true to form – dramatic, wild and unexpected.


SoulSutras 63

“The Divine Goddess Circle……..”

There were six goddesses all up.

All spoke their truth as to why they were there and all spoke their intentions of what we wanted to release and what we were willing to integrate.

I nearly died when Katrin said this session went for three hours!!!!

That’s a lot of kundalini energy.

Oh dear.

It was time to buckle up and get down to business.

The session was divided up and Katrin would make her way around to each one of us.

What I absolutely LOVE about her sessions is the soundtrack she chooses and the volume she plays it at.

It is brilliant and she tells me she puts the music together herself and was actually a rapper once. She’s a seriously cool chick. Look her up.

The music is at times tribal and manic and then more emotive and slow it flows effortlessly and she manages it perfectly.

A little bit of pace, to get things moving, followed by a slower pace for integration.

Apparently in this session I did have something to get off my chest.

And although it took a fair bit of coaxing to come out when it did – it was nothing short of extraordinary.

I have never felt so much anger, so much grief and so much pain.

It was spilling out of every part of my being.



She didn’t hold back.

This was old anger.

Old pain.

Old sadness.

My entire body was shaking and I was screaming into the pain, trying to disperse it, to heal it with sound.

And it went on.

And on.

And on.

And the goddesses so gracefully held the space for me.

To grieve and to heal.

I could let go, uninhibited with my sisters support and love and for that I am eternally grateful.

The sisterhood is a powerful beast.


SoulSutras 62

“A Blockage In The Pipe………..”

And there it was again.

The old throat chakra – stubborn and closed as always – afraid of being unblocked should I really step into speaking my truth.

What was it that I didn’t want myself to say?

What part of me doesn’t want to speak her truth?

Katrin and I just looked at each other – a little bemused and perplexed.

“I think you’ve got a blockage in your throat?”

Very perceptive.

” I think you just need to have a good scream – to really unblock it – get it out”

I knew this, but somehow screaming made me nervous – expressing myself in this very surrendered state terrified me.

I’m not sure I can explain why.

And I can feel where the blockage is and so could Katrin. During the transmission she would press her finger just lightly between my breast bone and my throat chakra at the exact spot. What was it???

Did it matter???

We don’t really always need the answer, we can just let go and let the healing take place. All I knew was that it was linked to profound anger and sadness – that I could feel and it was very raw and overwhelming.

So our two hour session was done.

I admit, it had left me wanting more.

It had left me wanting that serpent to crash through that stubborn, bloody throat chakra so I could step into my true voice of expression once and for all.

Katrin just smiled and said

“I have a goddess circle starting at 6pm. Why don’t you stay for that?”

The power of any energy work is amplified in a group session.

So stay I would.

I had time to have a warm mug of herbal tea and then it was time to meet my goddess tribe.

SoulSutras 61

“The Kundalini Fire……..”

Well no matter how conscious you think you are, there can be unconscious patterns and beliefs, negative emotions still lurking about in the shadows and that is exactly what raising the kundalini is about.

The kundalini fire burns away all these outdated patterns, learned behaviours, anger, pain and guilt so that all that remains is the light – pure and loving.

It’s not a gentle process by any means – at least that is my experience.

No, it’s like a freakin’ roller-coaster – a really fast, horrendous one  – hard, fast, with twists and turns so intense you truly believe you can’t hold on anymore – and then relief, when you open your eyes and the world has stopped turning and everything is still again.

That’s what my first experience with Katrin was like.

As I have explained recently, kundalini is a spiritual energy and has enormous power – it is a part of each and every one of us and in most cases lays dormant within us.

It is either dormant or active, awake or asleep.

I didn’t know how my body would react but I just let it do it’s thing as much as I could.

I could feel it rising up and as it passed through each of my lower chakras I would have a beautiful but intense clearing – much like the calm after a storm.

I felt like I was on fire as it made it’s way up smoking out all the debris, clearing away the dead wood, cleansing and clearing the path for ascension to occur.

I felt intense sadness – sadness on a scale I had never felt before and it was old, very old. I had flashes of past lives, vivid recollections and not nice ones either.

My body responded in its usual way – highly energetic – it was just moving all over the place, in a kind of chaotic way. I would be calm one minute and then be doing the bridge pose the next – the exposure of my heart centre and throat chakra feeling free and at the same time exposed and vulnerable.

It was working its magic.

This powerful, electric, goddess energy was purifying every ounce of me rising up through the chakras one by one, I could feel how far it was traveling – it’s ascension made more frantic and in tune with the very loud rock music WildFrau had chosen as the backdrop.

And then just like that, it stopped.


SoulSutras 60

“Darling it Hurts to See You Down Darlinghurst Tonight………”

Before I begin with my story I shall share a bit of Katrin’s.

“KAP is a direct Kundalini transmission that activates the kundalini awakening process. Spontaneous movements can and do arise. Some consider it a cathartic experience or something that gives them deep insights or realisations. But these are just some of the side effects that can happen. A profound rewiring of the brain structure and central nervous system takes place with continued exposure. “

What happens in a KAP session

“You lie down on a yoga mat. Some music is played. The facilitator touches or presses some of the chakra or meridian points on your body. That’s all that happens on the outside. What happens on the inside is a totally different story!”

You’re damn right it is.

I don’t even know where to begin!

Sometimes a divine soul steps across your path at exactly the right moment – well lets face it that always happens, such is the Universe’s way.

Katrin is a very special lady, with an extremely special gift – authentic and humble she doesn’t even seemed fazed by what she can do and what she does is nothing short of extraordinary.

After a brief chat and lots of smirking I lay down on the yoga mat.

I opened my heart and made my intention clear – I was going to hold nothing back – this would be the day I would finally learn to let go.


SoulSutras 59


It was Tuesday.

Time for my Kundalini Activation!!!!!

I was absolutely intrigued. I had viewed the video on the website and it looked pretty intense!

As I’ve said my body does respond rapidly to energy transmissions and activations – what would happen this time????

It was time to find out.

I arrived at the corner of Oxford and Crown a few minutes early, luckily because I had to visit the 7-11 and various other shops before I could find where I was meant to go.

I walked through the rather drab foyer, up the rickety old lift and out onto the second floor.

I didn’t need directions, I just followed my nose and ears – toward the wafting incense and hippy tunes and there she was – WildFrau – Katrin.

She was beautiful, with youthful skin and clear blue eyes, her hair tied loosely in a plait to one side.

She seemed so gentle, so demure – in some ways her physical being seemed to contradict the very powerful resonance of the kundalini energy.

But she had strength behind those eyes – this one knew exactly what she was doing.

I asked her how long she had been practicing for.

Her response of four months shocked me!

Then again my spiritual growth was like a tsunami – so no different for her I guess.

She didn’t seem Wild either as her name would suggest but all that was about to change…..


WildFrau – Katrin Suess


SoulSutras 58

“Love Is All We Have Left………”

So exactly what does remain when all we hold true is lost?

“One must lose everything it thinks it needs in order to gain everything the heart truly desires”

This sentence meant so much to me as I realised what the hell was going on.

It’s non-attachment and letting go.

It’s releasing the ego and being in flow.

There it is again, letting go.

And just what does remain when one loses the ego, the attachment to things it thinks it needs?


And Love is all we have left.

What remains is all we have in our heart.

How  spectacular!

A reunion with the divine – pure love and compassion, tolerance and joy.

Why wouldn’t you???

Imagine a world where love is all we had left.

Where no one was attached to things, to cars, to houses, to what they looked like or how much they had in the bank.

Imagine a world who loved with all its heart.

Who saw the beauty in everything and everyone.

Who didn’t want to hurt, kill or maim.

Imagine if all that was left was your big, open heart full of love and support for Mother Earth and all her inhabitants – including you.


SoulSutras 57

“When All Is Lost We Find Out What Remains………..”

I’ve been ‘losing’ things since my awakening began 5 years ago. (Possibly longer, it is just that I became aware of it 5 years ago)

Reading this bought so much clarity, so much meaning and purpose to what was swirling around me.

Singapore, TempleSoul, precious and adored friends, houses, jobs, financial security, a life I utterly adored and loved – everything felt like it was being taken away from me – the very foundation of who I thought I was, was being shaken to the core.

I felt unsupported on so many fronts.

Here is the prolapse again, which has been worsening and extremely noticeable over the last 5 years – the unsupported woman in me.

How am I going to strengthen her and support my wants and needs going forward???

Support comes from strengthening your core.

Strengthening and lifting.

It’s about finding the strength that lies within you, finding the strength to stand in all your womanly power – independent, powerful and strong.

It’s about looking after yourself, offering yourself support, not looking after everyone else’s needs and ignoring your own.

Everything you need lies within you.

You are powerful beyond belief, capable of incredible transformation, growth and extraordinary healing.

It’s all on offer if you would just tap in.

Find out who you really are and what you are truly capable of.



SoulSutras 55

“Womb Wisdom……”

When my girlfriend came to look after our house and mad, crazy brown lab Coco I was showing her around when she suddenly pulled a book from my shelf – it was Womb Wisdom by Padma and Anaiya Aon Prakasha

I had bought it off the internet months ago but just popped it on my shelf.

She had pulled it for a reason.

I had read some of it a while back and the bookmark was still sitting snuggly in between chapters 3 and 4,

It kept following me around the house until finally I picked it up from the chair outside my bedroom and resumed reading.


Talk about synchronicity and flow.

I knew I was here to transform but up until last night I didn’t realise to what extent.

I knew it had something to do with my kundalini but I wasn’t quite aware of the strength and power it would unleash.

I’m here for a reason, as we all are, I’ve chosen my path and now it is time to “die into the vortex of the womb” – crazy stuff!

This particular chapter was resonating with me very strongly especially the following sentence……


Womb Wisdom  – Padma and Anaiya Aon Prakasha

SoulSutras 54

“Unleash the Wild Woman Within…….”

As always I heed the advice from the Universe.

I immediately emailed Katrin to book an appointment and jumped on her website to see exactly what I should expect.

She’s pretty wild!

Thankfully I like them wild.

“In past centuries the Divine Feminine was repressed and had to learn to speak the language of the warrior.

She had to learn to express her truth through the active and dominant masculine energy in order to be heard.

She fought many fights and is claiming her spot in this patriarchal, masculine world.

But times are changing fast and we’re now entering a new era that asks us to reclaim our sacred essence, to nurture ourselves and to heal our collective ancestral wounds.

It is time to re-emerge our souls with the Divine Feminine to honour ourselves, and our relationship with Mother Earth”

Katrin – WildFrau

I love her already and we haven’t even met.

“Katrin has designed this workshop to assist women to reconnect with their wild woman in order to step into their authentic power of love, creativity, intuition and inner strength.”

Let’s get to business and set about reconnecting me to my wild woman and raising that kundalini baby!!

Oh my goodness, seriously – I can’t wait to meet her!!!!!!


SoulSutras 53


As promised I went into meditation and started my pelvic floor exercises in sync with my breath.

On the in breath I was to relax and on the out breath contract.

I finished my 30 and then released the hold on my breath.

That’s when the first shift occurred.

I had a magnificent throat opening – it was beautiful – expansive and freeing.

I felt so much clearer, so much lighter and a beautiful sense of clarity and space around my throat and heart chakra and also my source connection channel – the channel that runs like a column of light around the spine – it felt like it had an enormous clean out.

The second was a real clearing and releasing through my hips, which have been tight and have felt restricted for most of my life.

So much happened and after just one session!!

I actually can’t wait until the next one and will be taking the children as soon as I can.

After my meditation Jules said he had come across a woman in Sydney who activated the kundalini – her name is Katrin or WildFrau – German, naturally!

Yes please.


SoulSutras 52

“Shifts and Flow……..”

The session was amazing and exceeded my expectations.

My practitioner started on my back – placing the needles all over the sacrum and across my lower back in line with my solar plexus – I hardly felt a thing as the needles went in.

It’s incredibly relaxing.

She left the room as I lay gently drifting in and out of consciousness, some peaceful music aiding my blissful state.

I’m not sure how long she left me for but it must have been a while as the entire session took an hour and a half.

Once the back was done I flipped over and it was onto the front. This time there were needles also placed on the soles of my feet, my hands and even my head.

At the beginning when she felt my pulse she could feel that swirling vortex of energy and this is what she wanted to work with first, to try and get it flowing not stagnating.

Thankfully I am quite a fast worker when it comes to shifting my energy.

She was very pleased with the progress made today and I was just blown away I had never dabbled in this before.

It was all energy based!!!

It makes perfect sense to me and is so complimentary to what I do.

I walked home on a big, fluffy white cloud and it was back on the couch to lie in the afternoon sunshine.

I promised to do 30 pelvic floor exercises each day to assist and I would do these at the beginning of my daily meditation practice.

SoulSutras 51

“Wild, Free and Independent…..”

They are in fact all associated with the root chakra.

How very interesting.

Lilith is red, fire, earth, heat, sexuality, fertility, passion, wild, free, independent, untamed..

She is passion, but most of all sexuality. She also stands for survival, individuality, courage and impulsiveness.

Kali’s esoteric attributes are passion and physical and transformative energy. Be alert to those who undermine your self-confidence – Kali is here to hurl your life onto a new path that will ultimately prove to be more fulfilling than your current path.

Oh dear!

Time to strap myself in.

And then there is Lola and all those beautiful strong-willed wild aspects of me I have been trying to suppress.

To me these attributes are my very foundation, they are who I am at my core – they are my essential self and absolutely necessary if I am to become whole.

So given the guidance from the previous night, all about harnessing the kundalini energy, I realise now why I am being guided to this foundation.

I must have a strong foundation – root in order to be able to hold that very strong and powerful kundalini energy – as well as clear and balance my chakras so it can rise freely.

I chatted to the practitioner about whether or not she could work directly with the kundalini energy to which she replied yes, but that’s not what we were here to heal, but by the very nature of what I was trying to heal and its position the kundalini energy would be affected.

I seriously love the sacred and divine dance of life.

SoulSutras 50

“Energy Healing…………”

I told my practitioner about our move back from Singapore, closing down TempleSoul, my husbands three job losses in four years – how we moved back for Jules work and now we were in Sydney and one year in he had no job at all.

She explained that while giving birth and carrying and delivering four children definitely had impacted my prolapse its inability to heal was also because of how I was feeling – which was largely unsupported.

I work in a spiritual way now – with energy because that is what we are made of.

It is possible to heal physical ailments with a few adjustments to our thought patterns and limiting beliefs or even through drastic changes to our lifestyle if it is indeed this that is having an impact.

It is good to have an overall look at things rather than resorting to one way of healing.

We chatted about where she was going to put the needles and she explained as I mentioned before, they would be around the spleen chakra or sacral chakra, the digestive system or the solar plexus chakra and Muladhara – the root chakra, our foundation.

The Solar Plexus chakra represents our personal power, our self-esteem and confidence.

The Sacral chakra our creation/creativity, intimacy, sexuality and enjoyment.

The Root chakra is our foundation and support.It represents intention and manifestation, your right to be here, self-worth, self-preservation and our physical identity, it also represents our financial stability.

No wonder mine is on shaky ground!!!!

Mula – in Sanskrit means Root and Adhara, Support or base.

Could it be that my three lower chakras were also in sync with my three goddesses, Lilith, Lola and Kali???

SoulSutras 49

“Chinese Medicine……….”

After a little sleep-in and a late breakfast on Blues Point Road, it was off to my first acupuncture session.

Might I just say, I cannot believe I have never had this before!

I have been dealing with a mild prolapse since the birth of our youngest child 14 years ago and upon our return to Sydney I decided to do something about it.

I researched specialists in Sydney whom were referred to me and briefly explored the option of surgery.

I’m not a big one for surgery, especially not where my yoni is concerned.

Imagine if something went wrong down there???

After an horrendous examination I was given some options – neither of them were very appealing.

After a chat with a friend who is an obstetrician I started looking at alternative options.

Whilst back in Adelaide my sister Millie suggested I try acupuncture first.

I would much rather try this first before I rush into surgery.

Oh Life!

It just does work in the most incredibly magical way.

I sat and had a chat to the acupuncturist and we talked about my symptoms.

I mentioned I was an energy healer and that I would be working alongside her to bring the maximum results to healing this very sacred feminine vessel.

As the talk progressed I realised I was not only here to fix my prolapse, I was here to become aware of other meanings of prolapse and of course to strengthen my root chakra, spleen chakra and solar plexus chakra – for ascension of course!

Of course there was more to it than having babies.

SoulSutras 48

“The Darkness……”

“Explore the darkness and the light it shines,

The Fear in front and the joy behind.


For the dark we see and the shame it brings,

To others is light or a heart that sings.


From darkness we run, from darkness we hide,

Escaping to light, but the dark stays inside.


Without the dark, there is no light,

Faith and trust gives the blind child sight.


There is no wrong, there is no right,

There is no dark, there is no light.


Without the dark, there is no light,

Faith and trust gives the blind child sight.”

Jules – SoulPoet

SoulSutras 47

“The Dark and the Light…………..”

“Your three most powerful allies and strongest supporters, Lola, Lilith and Kali are with you, pushing you forward – supporting you and holding you.

The dark you are exploring and feeling now, creates the light of the future.

You are surrounded and supported by strong, feisty, confident, sexy goddesses and this energy is tiring – but ready to be turned into positive, uplifting, self-confident strength.

Your kundalini shakti energy is manifesting enormous abundance and swirling inside you – bursting to come up to the surface – but in remaining inside is making you tired and creating self-doubt.

Lola energy was everywhere last and Kali and Lilith are with you.

Take the energy of Kundalini through a ceremonial process and transmute it to your powerful goddess light.

Once this is done – 

don’t do, just be.

Trust your TempleSoul goddess, Lola.

Be her.

Heal, teach, touch, love.

Trust Lola.

Trust you.

Trust TempleSoul.

Move forward in confidence, self-love and joy with your goddess.


And So It Is.”

SoulSutras 46

“Her Name Was Lola, She Was a Showgirl…….”

So the guidance was clear…..

“It relates strongly and directly to my acceptance of my beautiful, sexy, powerful inner goddess.

Kali, Lilith and Lola are swirling and swirling within you.

The energy they are creating is tiring and bringing up feelings of doubt but they are – in their own nature feelings that should be – and can be transferred in to feelings of ecstasy, joy and self-love. Feelings of sexiness, confidence, ecstasy, sensuality and eroticism.”

Well now you’ve got my attention.

In various other blog posts I have spoken about Kali, Lilith and Lola.

Kali is the warrior for truth and freedom, she is tough love.

Lilith is a banner for female power, authenticity, and the act of reclaiming parts of our selves – she is wild and strong.

Lola is my divine feminine energy – a mix of Kali and Lilith with a little bit of me thrown in for good measure.

Lola is sexy, powerful, confident and mysterious. She is happy, relaxed, soulful and radiant. She is worthy and smart, funny and independent – quirky, creative, trustworthy and fun.

Oh, and did I mention naughty – or perhaps a little mischievous.

Her name is Lola – she is a showgirl after all.

She is 100% authentic.

Lola is pure and light, radiant and bright, she is powerful and strong, a virtuous song. She is knowing and wise with calm, gentle eyes. She knows no bounds and her love surrounds. She is perfectly free and uniquely me.

Yes, the guidance was very clear – it was time.

Time to bring into union all facets of myself that I was keeping hidden.

“These energies are manifesting within you daily and are growing and growing. Kali and Lilith are very present, as is Lola…..urging you to release your Kundalini Shakti energy and power to lead you in to the next phase of your Goddess reality.”

Bring. It. On.

SoulSutras 45

“Shiva and Shakti……….”

I’ve spoken about the kundalini energy before and how it is not to be taken lightly. Your body has to be strong and ready to hold this incredibly powerful energy.

Your chakras have to be clear, clean and balanced, your source connection channel strong – there is a lot of work that needs to be done not only on a physical but spiritual level aswell.

I’ve been doing a lot of healing over the past two and a half years, preparing my vessel for ascension, but there’s still a little way to go but by coming aware of this part of my journey I can consciously transmute this energy.

“Only when Shiva and Shakti combine can action, movement and creation arise. Until energy is impregnated with consciousness it is ignorant, disordered, aimless and “blind”.

Energy alone can produce nothing; consciousness bestows upon it content, form and direction.

Conversely, consciousness without energy is dormant power, sleeping energy, and on its own is unable to be the cause of anything.”

Shiva and Shakti exist within each of us as the masculine and feminine principles.

Shiva in the crown chakra – Sahasrara and Shakti in the root chakra – Muladhara.

When both energies unite in balance and harmony at the crown chakra –

“knowledge, knower and the object of knowledge become one. Once we have experienced this no desires remain within us because we realise unequivocally that everything we have ever yearned for is carried within us. In this state of absolute consciousness there are no polarities and therefore no more sorrows; there is only everlasting joy, unconditional love, unlimited compassion and total understanding for all living beings.”




SoulSutras 44

“Kundalini Transmutation………”

The guidance was clear, very clear.

It is amazing how your life can transform when you become conscious of who you are and what you are made of.

A whole new world comes into view when the veil of illusion is lifted.

We know this power, this kundalini Shakti energy was activated in me back in 2013.

There are two powerful energies that lay within us, the Hindu’s refer to them as Shiva and Shakti they are the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energy.

“Shiva symbolises consciousness, the masculine principle.

Shakti symbolises the feminine principle, the activating power and energy.

Shakti energy means power, movement, change and nature – it is the material principle – the provider – abundance.

Shiva is pure consciousness – the unchanging, unlimited and unswayable observer,

Shiva and Shakti are manifestations of the all-in-one divine consciousness – different sides of the same coin.”

In order for the Kundalini to rise, we need to have a balance of these two energies.

For most of my youth and young, adult life my masculine energy was very pronounced. I was assertive, strong-willed and opinionated but there was another energy present – a very earthy, powerful and inherently sexual energy – it was very strong.

I can feel it – and at times it really frightened me – I could feel its power and spent the majority of my teens, twenties and thirties trying to suppress it.

I was terrified that should I integrate this energy, this power, what would happen???

In fact it felt like anything could happen and I wasn’t sure I was ready to let go, to surrender to this wild and natural force that lay within.




SoulSutras 43

“Ask And Ye Shall Receive…….”

After the beach I went home and passed out this time on the couch in the winter sunshine.

I couldn’t quite believe I had to go out but I pulled myself together and found the strength – after all I could make a few more friends!!

I was home by 11.30pm after a really lovely night.

I had a quick chat with Jules and promptly fell asleep.

Julius all of a sudden woke up startled and said,

“Did you mention darkness today?”

and then got up out of bed.

I knew to expect several A4 pages of guidance from the Universe laid out on my bedside table in the morning.

Jules is getting very good at this!

I awoke, and there they were.

6 pages of divine guidance – well I had asked.

“Ask and ye shall receive”

Thank you my angels

SoulSutras 42

“Drifting Further Away…………”

So that very night, after I had popped up the boundaries of protection, X came to me, as he often does, in a dream.

See how it all links up???

Everything and everyone is connected.

He comes to me spiritually with messages of encouragement, support or with guidance of what I need to learn and he always comes in the middle of a big shift.

So he came and hugged me so proudly.

This is different to what usually occurs, which is that I am feeling self-conscious, or I am doubting myself and my ability.

Could it be that I have finally integrated the energies he evoked in me???

This was straight after I had flexed my divine goddess muscle and protected all that was dear to me – he did come into my life to activate my divine goddess after all.

I was feeling fabulous that morning and had enrolled in an abundance workshop at the last minute as that is also what I am working through at the moment.

(I’m a busy goddess)

His name was Jason Snaddon and he was fabulous.

He is The Abundance Activator!

So as part of the two hour talk, he activated our abundance, pity it wasn’t my kundalini, but don’t fret – that is this coming Tuesday with WildFrau. I’m slowly finding my tribe in Sydney!!!

He also did a beautiful meditation and ran through all our chakras.

It was powerful stuff and lots came up for me.

Sometimes you feel elated after a meditation, sometimes you feel like crap.

Unfortunately mine was the later.

Rather than going to lunch with the others, I took myself off to Balmoral Beach to lay in the warm, winter sunshine.

I lay there crying whilst listening to Powderfinger – I’m not sure if I was crying because Powderfinger really should never have broken up or because the meditation and activation had bought up some slightly unsavoury flavours.

I cried because I was confused again and I asked the Universe possibly in a not so polite way if they could please show me what I was supposed to do because clearly I wasn’t all that good at doing it all by myself.



Powderfinger – Drifting Further Away

Jason Snaddon – The Abundance Activator



SoulSutras 41

“Get Out Of Your Own Way…….”

See this is what I love.

When you ‘wake up’ and become mindful and aware – you work with the universe – you learn to co-create and to see the bigger picture.

You can , “Get Out Of Your Own Way” and observe the chaos and learn from it, learn to turn the whirlpool into a river….

let it go to flow.

This was the perfect guidance, as per usual.

It resonated on so many fronts.

Rather than fight fire with fire we have to learn to put the fire out with love, while also asserting boundaries and this is exactly what I needed to do.

I could quite simply not let my energy be negatively affected by her or anyone else.

Not only my energy but the energies of those close to me and the businesses I run that mean so much to me and others.

I could not let her get away with this.

I had to stand in my power and protect myself and those I loved.

And that is exactly what I did.

So with assertiveness and the help of my guides and angels, I set the boundaries and the intention to protect all that is sacred and precious to me and to keep out all harmful and detrimental energies.

And then, as if by magic, I stepped into flow, and all I had been enduring over the last seven years was coming into clear focus.

I was taking back control of my energy.

I was stepping into my assertive power.

I was unleashing the divine goddess, Lola

She will not be silenced.

Not by anyone.


SoulSutras 40

“Giving in is the collapse of the self under the pressure of another………”

I still wasn’t out of the woods yet.

I still wasn’t completely back to myself, but I was getting warmer.

On the Monday after a healing I pulled a card to see what she was teaching me.

For those of you who have followed my blog for a while, you’re going to love this…….

I pulled

Let Go!

But this time it was inverted – which in this oracle deck meant it had a slightly different meaning.

“Giving in is the collapse of the self under the pressure of another.

What do you want to happen here?

Are you letting something slip through your fingers without a protest?

Are you really going with the flow or just meekly following the path of least resistance and letting someone else call the shots?

Could it be that your low self-esteem is undermining your authority?

You may feel like you’re being very understanding and easy-going. But with your hands up in a gesture of surrender, you could easily be robbed of what is rightfully yours, or taken somewhere you don’t want to go.

Stop saying, ‘It doesn’t matter’ or ‘I don’t mind’ when deep down it does and you do.

Sometimes we are faced with situations where we have to fight to keep what we have or for what we want. Not with anger, desperation or wild emotion, but through clearly expressed feelings and strong boundaries.

Review what is happening.

Don’t let anything happen that you don’t want to happen, without protest.

You may not get what you want, but that isn’t the point.

The point is that you engage with the situation rather than stand back in mute acceptance”

The Mirror Cards

Geoff Charley and Lucy Lidell.

SoulSutras 39

“Psychic Attacks……”

I was still feeling rotten, completely out of sorts.

This time I called on my teacher – wonderful, amazing spirit that he is.

I told him the story and of course received some amazing and very helpful guidance from him.

He too gave me a healing.

He’s so amazing.

As always it takes a bit of time to process or integrate the new energies or to release the old ones but I am mindful of how this works now and tried to sit as gracefully as I could within it.

He gave me some sage advice on psychic attacks and how he doesn’t like to use the word ‘attack’ as it suggests we become victims and brings about a sense of powerlessness.

Interesting that.

When we become the observer we look for the lesson.

Rather than trying to work out why this woman would want to attack me what was the lesson she was trying to show me?

We can use this little formula in every situation that occurs in our lives.

We can try not to become stuck in the vortex of negative energy bought on by strong emotion and irrational thoughts and simply stand aside, observe and ask the question,

“What is the lesson here?”

….and of course the answer came rather swiftly.

She was trying to take my power, throw me into fear and self-doubt about my ability as a healer and a peace-maker.

Had I not been aware, she could have succeeded, but as I have been working on my Solar Plexus chakra for the last seven years, she merely served as a reminder I had just a little more work to do to fully integrate the beautiful energies of my solar plexus –


The city of jewels.

So instead of feeling victimised, traumatised, hurt or angry I felt empowered, strong and grateful. Grateful to her for showing me where my weakness lay so I could fully assert myself and stand firmly in the belief of who I am and what TempleSoul is.

Thank you,

my friend.

SoulSutras 38

“Appearances Can Be Deceptive……”

I’m so very, very fortunate to have a trustworthy team around me and thankfully now I know who to trust and who is genuinely there for me.

Again it was my healer in Singapore who jogged my memory.

He said he had done the healing and that there was a woman around who was trying to take my power, who was extremely jealous and very dangerous.

He said he cleared her energy and that I should be feeling better in a few days.

There it was again and confirmation of the reading I received in the Rocks a few months earlier.

I didn’t feel angry, I just felt disappointed.

Disappointed that someone I trusted could be so vindictive, so hurtful.

My healer also said

“I think the person / woman was sucking your energy, she wanted your power, self belief, and this was a test or testing time as we say in Egypt for you, it is ending now. No one can take an others energy without a cost incurring.”

Heavy stuff!

I felt a little better after that healing but then she struck again, and this time she targeted Jules.

It was one thing to attack me, but to try and go after me through members of my family was not ok.

None of this was “in spirit”,

Not. At. All.

SoulSutras 37

“Danger Will Robinson……..”

I had been told by many psychics and even as far back as 2009, that I was to be wary of a woman around me.

This woman wasn’t who she seemed to be and she definitely wasn’t to be trusted.

She was jealous.

She was manipulative.

She was dangerous.

And I was told that whatever I did I wasn’t to connect with her energy.

This year when I went to see a psychic down at The Rocks, she came up again.

In fact she came up over and over again – 7 times to be exact.

The psychic was worried – she knew this woman would do something – something to try and harm me but she wasn’t sure what.

I knew things weren’t right after that shift – I knew that someone was consciously tampering with me.

It felt awful, I felt awful and it was not only affecting me but those around me too.

I rang my very talented healer who lives in Singapore and he said he would kindly give me a healing and tell me what the hell was going on with my energy.

He said he would do so, the following day.

This shift in energy was exactly what they were trying to tell me now and all those years ago and many times in between.




SoulSutras 36

“All Is Not As It Seems………..”

I’m an energy healer.

I feel energy.

And on June the 9th this year I felt an epic shift in my energy.

I literally feel it. It feels like someone has flicked a switch, has moved my energy using a dial, shifted it from one vibration to another.

The last time this happened was mid way through 2013 – I know who flicked that switch!!

And that shift was fabulous.

That shift made me feel so happy to be me. So free, more myself than I’ve ever felt before. Jules and I called that energy “Lola” – we love Lola – she’s a little bit wild and a little bit naughty.

She’s a very important part of me and a part of me I love more and more every day.

That energy was sexual.

It was creative.

And it was necessary so that I could progress on my spiritual journey and birth TempleSoul.

But this, this wasn’t pleasant  – it was uncomfortable and actually made me physically ill.

I was exhausted.

I was angry.

I wasn’t myself at all.

I had lost all compassion and couldn’t find the love anywhere.

What was going on?????

Thankfully, as I am a healer and I work with energy, I know when mine has been tampered with – and someone was tampering with me now.



Virtues – B



“I am benevolent. I open my heart and care for others.

I am aware of others feelings and show kindness and compassion “


“Being benevolent is being kind toward yourself and others.

You show compassion, goodwill and charitableness.

It is said that the universe is benevolent – it only wants the very best for us.

By being benevolent we are being an expression of universal energy.

Being benevolent is having goodwill, being thoughtful and considerate, having a big, open heart and a generous spirit.

Benevolence is showing kindness and goodwill and not expecting anything in return.

It doesn’t mean however that you only give and do not receive.

Receiving things is just as important as giving and we must be open to receiving as much as we are open to giving.”

Head to


to read more on how you can practice benevolence and in turn teach your children the importance of practicing benevolence.

All too often we put ourselves down and nit pick our faults, when really we should be showing the most kindness and compassion to ourselves. That way we can radiate it out to the world and show kindness and compassion to others.

How do you practice benevolence?


Aum to Zen



“Your Breath is the river of life to your lungs,

If you slow it right down,

You hear your song being sung

So take your time to breathe in and out

And your world will change

Within and Without”

Jules – SoulPoet

Head to https://templesoul.com/aum-zen/ to download this weeks colouring in sheet for your little one.

I’d LOVE to see your work.

Please send to rachcox@templesoul.net

SoulSutras 35

“Now You’ve Made Two………..”

I had a tantrum last night.

Quite a big one.

I just lost it.

I have been doing a Mindvalley course on Abundance with Christie Marie Sheldon (abundance is my sixth bind).

Yesterday was lesson 10 and I obviously have been bringing up the dirt, slowly but surely over the last couple of days (Which is a good thing!). It has been simmering, just below the surface and finally it blew.

I was mildly hysterical, which doesn’t happen too often, but does happen on occasions.

I won’t go too deeply in to what was bothering me but it did have something to do with my current geographic location.

Obviously I was harbouring some ill feeling towards that and a few other things – I still had some things to heal.

I watched Midsomer Murders on the couch. Barnaby let three through to the keeper before he found the killer. It strangely calmed me down.

I said goodbye to Sydney the first time in 2000 and have extremely fond memories of working at the ABC and in particular, the beautiful people with whom I worked.

When I moved back to Sydney almost a year ago, one of the first people I thought of was a dear friend I used to work with in the News Graphics department of the ABC, in Gore Hill.

He was such a gorgeous man and really did make me smile – I loved working a shift with him. We used to laugh about “Aerial PingPong”, the term he used for Aussie Rules: he is English and a huge fan of the Tottenham HotSpurs.

Over the three years I worked at the ABC, he went from a very strong, healthy, capable man to a man confined to a wheelchair, his MS diagnosis both debilitating and aggressive.

But today would be the day.

I was going to get out of my own way, stop thinking about “my problems” and find my way to Parramatta, to see a man who may not remember me!

I grabbed some orange roses, and some shortbreads – he was older now – and made my way down the M1.

A very lovely lady showed me the way to where he was living.

As I walked down the corridor I noticed a couple of things: the vacant look on a lot of the aged care patients faces and the remarkable job our aged care carers, do. I literally felt such sadness in there, such loneliness.

I poked my head around the door and there he was.

I didn’t recognise him at first, and he didn’t recognise me – it had been twenty years – but the thing that was familiar was the sound of his voice. It was unmistakably him.

He still had that wicked sense of humour, and just as we had twenty years ago, we got along famously. The familiarity becoming more apparent as the hours ticked by.

He said lovingly, “Oh, you’re a quirky one! Will you come back and visit?”

How could I refuse?

We chatted all things ABC and talked about who I worked with during my time there and I was so pleased to hear most of them still came to visit him.

The visit humbled me, and made me realise I’m not the only important one in the world. It reminded me to expand my view and think of others and not just myself. Sometimes we just have to be reminded.

Under 24 hour supervision, bed-ridden and unable to move at all, I had to put his glasses on so he could see me. He started to fill me in on the last twenty years of his life and if I felt humbled before, I now just felt love and appreciation. Love for this beautiful man facing adversity – and appreciation for all he was teaching me.

He told me how his son was brutally murdered in 2013 by a psychopath and marvelled at the fact I hadn’t heard the story (I was in Singapore at the time). He was brutally murdered not far from where I now live. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, it certainly put things into perspective.

My worries were not worries at all. All was well with me.

And there I was: complaining about being in Australia and how hard it seemed to be to make friends.  There he was: Motionless from the neck down – upbeat, smiling and full of life, even though his body wouldn’t let him experience life how he used to. There he was: without his son, the images in his mind of how he died etched in his brain for him to play again and again – over and over – as he lay immobile in his bed.

And still complaining I said to him, “I can’t believe I’ve only made one friend in a year”.

He smiled at me sweetly and said:

“Now you’ve made two”.

SoulSutras 34

“The Importance of Being You……”

I’ve noticed in my healings that certain patterns come in waves.

I will have ten clients and all will be receiving guidance with a similar message.

This week, while healing in Singapore and even prior to that in Sydney, the theme has been connecting to your higher self, that all – knowing, omnipresent aspect of you.

It is the part of you that is truly you – who knows exactly what to do, who knows exactly what it means to stand in your power.

To honour our truth, we must accept ourselves and love ourselves for the amazing people we are – unique, amazing, talented and beautiful.

No-one else can shine a light the same as you can.

Expressing individuality and honouring who you are wholly and completely with confidence and acceptance is what it means to connect with your higher self.

By being true to you, your life will flow and you’ll be on the right path.

Life just feels right.

You are comfortable in your own skin and make absolutely no apologies for being you. You love every aspect of your divine nature and don’t deny yourself the freedom to be yourself.

Start noticing how you treat yourself. Are you honouring your soul’s desires? Are you living your dream? Are you being true to you?

And if the answer is no, why not?

We don’t all have to be the same. Just because someone else is doing it, doesn’t mean you have to.

Your uniqueness is yours and yours alone.

Connect with it, feel it, become it.

I’m often asked how to connect with your higher self.

When I use to connect with mine during meditation I would cry – every time.

I could not believe my magnificence, my radiance, my power. It was quite simply overwhelming.

If you’re not into meditation, you can still connect to your higher self easily and effectively.

You can either sit or lie down, close your eyes and just intend to open your heart and connect with your higher self.

It might not happen the first time, but practice makes perfect and you will most certainly know when you have made the connection – back to your truth, back to your centre, back to you.

Make absolutely no apologies for who you are.

Go out into the world shining and radiating your own unique vibration.

Once you accept yourself fully – the world will accept you back.

Love you xxx

I’ll leave you with some lines of wisdom from The Avett Brothers

“Decide what to be and go be it”

Virtues – A

“Assertiveness – Radiate Your Power”

Everyone is unique.

Everyone has their own unique energy signature, their own talents, their own belief systems, their own ideas and their own opinions.

Assertiveness is about standing in your power, being able to embrace these unique qualities and having the ability to express these qualities articulately and with grace.

It is also about seeing and acknowledging the same qualities in others.

To stand in your power and ask for what you want and what you need takes practice and courage.

Being assertive means that you radiate confidence and positivity.

Children and adults alike who show assertiveness think for themselves and tend to march to the beat of their own drum. They are not swayed by popular opinion and connect strongly with their own truth.

Assertiveness is associated with Manipura, or the Solar Plexus chakra.

Yellow in colour and situated at the base of your sternum, Manipura is a powerful energy centre. It is characterised by personal power, confidence, self assurance and self-discipline, belief systems, personality and independence.

We can teach ourselves and our children the importance of standing up for ourselves and our beliefs and being able to make choices based on how we, the individual feels, not how society, family or friends think we should be.

Assertiveness is about being true to you, standing up for what you believe with grace and certainty.

Look for opportunities that will help you and your children become more assertive in day to day life.

Celebrate each time your child displays signs of assertiveness. Encourage them to keep being true to who they are, that their opinion is valued and that it is important to stand up for what they believe is right and just.

Radiate your power, and help your children radiate theirs.


Soul Sutras 33

“Don’t do, just be………”

Today I felt compelled to write about the importance of down time for children.

Well, not only for kids but for adults too.

Our world is ever-changing and at the moment it seems so fast paced with everyone hell bent on filling every single minute of every single day with activities or screens and we have all but forgotten how to simply be.

Be in nature.

Be in our own company.

Be in the moment.

I don’t know about you, but I feel a little sad when I see a family out to dinner and they have a two year old sitting there with an i-pad or an i-phone.

When did we have this sudden urge to stop communicating with our kids preferring them to be occupied by a screen?

Why is it more important for them to be ‘entertained’ instead of allowing them to have a conversation, look around, discover, explore and create or simply to just be, in their own company.

By teaching our children that doing, doing, doing all the time is beneficial, we will raise teenagers that constantly need to be doing, doing, doing and adults that constantly need to be doing, doing, doing which makes us exhausted and unable to hear the whisper of spirit or harness our creative energy. We lose touch with our imagination and our inner voice.

Being is just as important.

Let’s make quiet time a part of their day – a routine that they all do together. It could be after their bath and dinner, when they are clean and beautiful and their tummies are full. Then it is time to turn off all electronics to sit down together allowing some time to just be. The older ones could read to the younger, they could colour in, make up a play, or just talk about their day: to just be there in each other’s company with no distractions.

Put on some nice, gentle music, light some incense and they will soon get the picture. They will love this time when mum or dad – or both – give them their undivided attention for one hour. Where we connect with them, ask them about their day, give them the space and the opportunity to create, imagine and dream, to talk and to unwind.

We actually don’t have to fill the day driving from footy to cricket, from music practice to ballet, to play dates and kinder gyms. We can simply teach them how to be: quiet and peaceful. This is just as important as allowing them to be social and engaged.

It’s all about balance.

For busy parents and busy children.

Aum to Zen – A



“Aum is the sound,
at the heart of it all
It keeps rivers running, and trees strong and tall
It’s the glue that holds us close and tight.
It’s the kiss on your cheek,
When you’re tucked in at night.
So close your eyes and make the sound
It’s the chant that keeps the world spinning around”

Jules – SoulPoet

Aum to Zen is a spiritual dictionary, teaching you and your children about the wonders and magic of the universe and once a month I will be bringing you a collection of poems and drawings from the Aum to Zen collection.

This month is bought to you by the letter A, where angels and archangels, aura’s, affirmations and angel numbers abound, all dancing in unison to the sound off the universe – Aum

Enjoy xxx

TempleSoul – A Sanctuary Within – Healing

“Chapter 2, Healing…….”

“When I talk about healing, I am referring to energy healing.

The human body is made up of a multi-dimensional energy field,

or aura, created by what we call energy bodies. These energy

bodies are not only within the physical body but extend out

beyond it. They are made of energy, vibrating at different levels.

We have seven main chakras in our physical body, and many

more on the spiritual and etheric levels. The main chakras in our

physical bodies are our Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat,

Third Eye, and Crown chakras. Each chakra has its own energy

body, and these energy bodies make up your aura.

Often, we create blockages in our energy bodies through

repressed thoughts, emotions, and our beliefs. Energy healing

works on clearing these blockages, so energy can flow through

your chakras and into your physical body more effectively.



Energy healing is a beautiful, safe, and gentle process. It uses

natural energies, from higher dimensions, to assist in the healing

process. It not only heals on the physical level but on our

emotional, mental, and spiritual levels as well. When I am

healing others, I act as a conduit for this energy, and it enters

through my crown chakra, into my heart, and flows out of my

hands. I merely assist the process, and you, under the guidance

of your higher self, are actually doing the work.


The results of frequent energy healings can be profound, and is

always for your highest and greatest good. Nothing will be

brought up that you cannot handle, or for which you are not

ready. It gets deep down inside you to heal things you have

buried or hidden away. It leaves nothing behind.

Healing is an important step in your spiritual development, as

clearing these negative and dense energies makes way for the

love and light to enter. The more of this beautiful light energy

we have in our bodies, whether physical or etheric, the more

our lives will flow with grace and ease.

After a healing, a few things can happen. You can feel a little

tired and emotional, which will pass, or you can feel reborn,

revitalized, and rejuvenated, full of energy and love.

Energy healing can improve so many things, and even those who

think they don’t need healing, will benefit. It can increase vigor,

absolve stress, raise energy levels, and can help clear the mind,

and balance the emotions.


Healing is for those who would like to bring balance and

harmony to their lives. It can help those who feel stuck and


stagnant, by working through barriers and blockages, and once

they are removed, your zest for life will be restored.

It gently peels away the dense and negative layers, revealing a

little bit more of the light, bright, sparkly side of you—the real

you—the one effortlessly connected to source, who has

boundless energy and uninterrupted creative flow.”


An exert from my first tome,

TempleSoul – A Sanctuary Within

Available next month on Amazon

International Women’s Day

“To All The Beautiful Women In My Life………”

Today I am not going to talk about the importance of equality among women,

Or that it’s time to stand in our power – there are examples of this happening all over the world – which is truly wonderful to see.

So, today, because I am feeling incredibly loved, empowered and inspired, held tightly in the bosom of all the magnificent females in my life, I am just going to take a minute to thank them all.

All are strong and vital, all are passionate and wise, all are well mannered and good humoured, all are supportive and accepting, all are nurturing and empathetic.

A few of them are wild, sexy and free and some of them are reserved, gentle and peaceful.

All of them have helped me enormously.

To my beautiful daughter Jemima, whose strength and ability to rise above adversity fills me with both inspiration and courage. Whose generous heart and loving nature, nurture all those around her. Both assertive and gentle, she brings so much joy and happiness to my life and when I look at her I am filled with the most enormous amount of love and gratitude.

To my mother, Annie, for teaching me the importance of good manners, the importance of family and of hard work and most importantly the importance of having a good time. A good judge of character and enormously giving, her support and love of all those around her, especially her children and grandchildren is amazing. She has always taught us to be ourselves and nurtured our individual qualities and for this I am eternally grateful.

To my mother in law, for her generosity of spirit and for welcoming me so freely into the Cox clan. A beautiful woman, with a sharp wit and generous heart, she has the ability to make all the people she meets feel special and loved.

To my sisters, Millie and Melissa, who support and reassure me every day. Fiercely protective and enormously encouraging they have brought so much joy and laughter to my life. When the three of us are together there is a special knowing, an understanding, and an unbreakable bond. I love you both enormously and am lucky to have your love and laughter fill my life.

To my sisters-in-law: strong, accepting, encouraging and fun. Never ones to shy away from a challenge, hard-work or good fun, you have all been a delightful edition on my journey.

To Nornie, Nan and Great Grandma, what a fierce, strong and empowering bunch you were. Able to overcome hardship and adversity with strength, love and determination. Your laughter and good will, love, wisdom and faith inspire me each and every day.

To my cousins, you fill my days with such love and laughter and I adore every single one of you. All strong, all fierce, all supportive, all wild and free I simply adore being in your presence. I feel so lucky to have you all in my life and I know with all my heart you have my back at every turn. You have shown me how to be brave, how to be strong and definitely how to stand in my power. I love all we have shared – the love and the sadness, the good times and the bad, the laughter and the tears, the sing-a-longs and the dancing. I love you all enormously.

To my incredible nieces who I love and adore. I have been fortunate enough to be able to watch you all grow and become the magnificent women and young ladies you are today. A new generation dawns, one filled with passion and a desire to change the world. Keep pushing and keep insisting on having your voice heard. Use the wisdom of your hearts to weave a new story and never give up on your dreams.

To my gorgeous Aunties – I can only describe you all as incredible. I feel I have got a whole tribe of mothers looking out for me and supporting me. I feel so blessed to have been part of our family circle and when I look back – and even now – I remember your support, your good humour and the fun we have shared. I am grateful for all the treasured memories. For teaching me resilience, teaching me strength and inspiring me to be comfortable in my own skin. For loving me for who I am, wholly and completely.

And last but by no means least, my gorgeous girlfriends, my soul sisters.

How lucky am I?

To be on this journey with these incredible women fills me with so much joy and happiness. You have all shown me enormous love and support and for this I am extremely grateful. As I said earlier, some of you are wild and powerful, some reserved and shy, some mystical and magical, some gentle and unassuming.

All unique and incredibly beautiful.

You all fill my heart with so much joy and I am beyond grateful to each and every one of you for being such incredibly beautiful and inspirational women.

Happy International Women’s Day, all.

I love you.


TempleSoul – Healing


Healing comes in a million ways.

A mother’s touch,

The breaking waves.

The beating sun,

On a furrowed brow.

Healing deep.

Here and Now.

Healing is the song you sing

That takes you back – to where you’ve been.

To heal the past, the now and then.

Put the old behind.

Begin again.

Healing is touch.

It is sight and sound.

It is light and dark.

It is lost and found.

Let healing in,

in every way.

Don’t start healing tomorrow.

Start healing today.

Jules xxx


SoulSutras 32

“L.O.L.A, Lola……….”

Lilith came up after a not so subtle discussion with Shane about my alter- ego Lola.

Thankfully I trusted Shane fully even though it was our first meeting – well in this lifetime anyway.

I was kindly gifted that name by Jules and not because I was a cross dressing transvestite but rather because Lola was quite the showgirl, uninhibited and somewhat forceful.

Yep, Lola channeled all the energies of Lilith – unashamedly and unequivocally.

I, Rachael, also ‘tuned out’ when she appeared – literally had a period of being conscious but totally unconscious at the same time.

Basically, my sub-conscious was ready to integrate her powerful and fierce energies, but apparently my conscious mind was not.

“Lilith’s archetypal energy is about the untameable, wild free spirit.  She wants you to claim your inner power, spiritual activism and embody your personal truth with integrity and authenticity.” http://www.mikailah.com/liliths-story/

She had been knocking on my door for years, literally.

In the form of channelled messages from Jules, guest appearances in my meditations, in oracle cards and in the not so subtle form of ‘X’.

Remember mirrors?

X was in my life to show me I had forgotten about this raw, primal force and I needed her back in my life to reignite my inner power, spiritual activism and embody my personal truth with integrity and authenticity.

X accepted Lola fully, and Lola was very comfortable in his company.

He accepted her, and the journey and her reappearance was about me learning to accept and awaken this vital but forgotten energy.

Thank you X.

Look, if the information came to us more easily life would be boring wouldn’t it?

This way it’s a puzzle, a game and one should always remember to stay playful with it.


SoulSutras 31

“Healing The Wild………..”

She first appeared, out of no-where a few years back now.

Lola in all her raw and primal glory.

I had done a meditation earlier in the day and felt a surge of energy running up my source connection channel, the space around your spine.

It was running from my heart chakra to my throat chakra.

I wasn’t entirely sure what it was at the time but certainly noticed it and it was definitely related to what happened that night.

It was a spontaneous kundalini awakening.

Now, I have talked about kundalini energy before but just in case you have forgotten……

Kundalini is a sanskrit word meaning snake. Also referred to as serpent power. This energy lies, like a snake, coiled around the root chakra. Said to be ‘sleeping’ until the practitioner awakens it.

Once awakened it travels through each of the chakras until it bursts through the crown gifting you with all its spiritual glory.

Kundalini is not to be messed with – the energy is incredibly intense and can be dangerous if not treated with respect.

I have been taught to treat it very gently and absolutely never try and make it rise before its time.

Shane asked me if I’d heard of the archetype Lilith before.

I had as it happened, years ago – it was in one of my journals back in Sydney with a whole heap of information on how to integrate her beautiful, wild and primal energy.

I obviously wasn’t quite ready to do that as I never did do that meditation.

The guides were gently ushering me to her, subtly at times, more forcefully at others,

(sometimes they don’t like to be ignored).

But here she was again, sometime later, still trying to grab my attention.

Well she did this time.

So after my fortuitous meeting with Shane the astrologer it was off to Sacred Source on Glenferrie Road to purchase

Lilith – Healing The Wild

By Tom Jacobs.

Oh, why did I wait so long to learn about this beautiful energy?

Who wouldn’t want to be wild, fiery and primal?






“Introducing Child Of The Week and a Word or Two on Virtues…….”

After an argument between our then 4 year old Jacob – and our five year old Jemima – over who was going to tell me about their day first over dinner, I decided on a system for our children, that I believed was fair and just and gave everyone an equal turn.

We called it “Child of The Week” and we have used this system in our house until this day.

In 2013 we had several other families at our house with their children, and when they saw how effective and useful it was they suggested I share the concept – so I did exactly that, and developed an App. (For more information head to www.childoftheweek.net)

As time has moved on and I have discovered energy healing and the benefits of meditation and yoga, I have become even more passionate about children and how important teaching them early about their beauty within, is. So, as part of my monthly Child of The Week posts, I will be discussing Virtues. 

We teach children, maths, english, history and art. We teach them the importance of their physical health and nutrition – and while these are essential, I also believe teaching them about virtues and how they can be applied to all situations, at every stage of their life – is paramount.

Each month I will introduce a new virtue for you to share with your child, and if you don’t have children simply take on the learning yourself. Even as adults we can use the constant reminder to stay virtuous throughout our day.

Each month I will also be putting out a worksheet for you – and your child – to discuss and to play around with.

We have to build this up in children – we have to teach them about becoming their own TempleSoul. We have to teach them the importance of compassion, of acceptance and of peacefulness – and we have to teach them how to develop strategies to implement these virtues in their daily lives.

Being virtuous takes practice and commitment and sometimes a great deal of strength, however if children are constantly reminded it will become second nature.

And won’t that be good for them now, and for humanity in the future?

SoulSutras 30

“The Stars Align…………”

I woke excitedly the morning of the 9th, grabbed a coffee at Finders Keepers and jumped in my car.

I was a little nervous, but excited.

Shane was instantly likeable.

Warm, trusting and kind, with a little twinkle in his eye.

We sat down for what would be a two hour reading. Of course we could have talked for two days.  The charts are so complex – and to be honest I would have really loved that, however Shane had other things to do!

It was fascinating!

He explained how astrology works and what the various parts of the chart meant.

I’m a Virgo with Leo Rising, my North Node is in Aquarius in the sixth, I have Venus in Virgo, the Sun in virgo, Mercury in Leo and Pluto in Virgo all in the first house etc etc.

More information!!

So much more information and really useful information too.

Different to a psychic reading, an astrological reading shows you why you are wired a certain way and how the planets affect your personality.

It shows you what to look out for, shows you the karmic scar you were born with and some of the things you can expect on your journey through this incarnation.

The most informative information came in the form of ‘Lola’ – or Lilith as she’s known in the spiritual realms.

I haven’t introduced you to her yet, but she is a very, very important part of my journey and it all ties back to ‘X’ – and the energy he was reigniting in me.

Life is fun when you start to dance in its magic.

Get in there.

Unravel her mysteries, dig around for her truths and experience her wonder,

Dance in her magic……I dare you



Aum to Zen

“Please Allow Me To Introduce Radio Bambini and Aum to Zen………..”

As I said before, my current website is being re-designed to accommodate all my creative offerings in the one place.

When I visited Yantara Jiro in Singapore many years ago, he said to offer all my creative projects up to source until I was ready to know what to do with them.

I did just that and know I now.

I adore kids, love them. Any age, any gender, they are just cute.

Radio Bambini is a website for kids I developed and launched in 2015.


Aum to Zen is a new offering for kids and is kind of a spiritual dictionary.

In it I introduce kids to all things spiritual and magical in my own creative and unique way.

Once a month I will be introducing a new letter, complete with illustration and gorgeous poetry written by Jules, to help your kids become enlightened little beings of love and light!!

The illustrations will be offered once a month, in their entirety on the website for your kids to download and colour in. I would LOVE to see their creations – either stories or coloured in pics for us to share with the TempleSoul community.

Please make sure to email me with your kids imaginative creations.

My gorgeous niece Camille, 9, has already written the most beautiful story on Mother Gaia and I can’t wait to share it with you all later this year.

So if you have any little ones, you can start familiarising yourself with Radio Bambini and all the gorgeous music, stories and learnings it has on offer, and as the year progresses we will be adding more and more little surprises to the website for the kids and their parents to enjoy.

Eventually we will be migrating all three Facebook pages under the one banner of TempleSoul.

So for now, please be sure to start following


on both Facebook and Instagram

where you will find Aum to Zen, Radio Bambini, Child of The Week (which I will introduce you to next week) and TempleSoul.

I’m beyond excited to open everyone’s hearts and minds to the real you. Endless, timeless and limitless.

Everyone is welcome at TempleSoul.

My TempleSoul, Your TempleSoul.




TempleSoul – A Sanctuary Within

“Please Allow Me To Introduce TempleSoul – A Sanctuary Within………”

So, one leg of the journey I’d like to take you on this year, is a slow walk through my latest book,

TempleSoul, A Sanctuary Within

(Which will be coming soon, all in divine timing right????)

Each month I will be bringing you little snippets of each chapter.

The book is all about creating your own TempleSoul within – a calm, peaceful place, where you can retreat to at any time of the day or night when life is becoming overwhelming or challenging.

I will teach you a new way of looking at things, so anything that crosses your path, whether you perceive it to be good or bad, you will see as a valuable lesson on your own journey, in this lifetime.

We are all on a different road, a different path, a different time on our timeline.

Everyone is on their own spiritual path, learning different lessons, experiencing different things and although we are all on our own unique trajectory’s, there are ways we can all approach life differently.

By becoming the observer, becoming aware of the hidden gifts behind confrontation or challenges or deciphering the messages your feelings are trying to convey to you – I would like you all to embrace life – the good and the bad, the love and the heartache, the challenges and triumphs and for you to realise you are the most incredibly gifted person on the planet with an incredible ability to manifest, heal and love openly and unconditionally.

Learn to find your hidden happy even during times of adversity – it is possible.

You’re powerful,

You’re strong,

And you’re magic!!!

Let’s turn this year into a year where you find your own TempleSoul – your own little sanctuary of love and become the best spiritual version of you that’s possible.

Feel free to contact me via the blog or email should you have any questions or queries.

I’m really excited to be helping you along your own special journey.

Let’s get started!!!

Join the growing TempleSoul community, each and every one of you is welcome.

Love me xxxx

www.templesoul.com (coming really soon, I promise!!!)





“Please Allow Me To Introduce My…………”

Extremely talented and creative husband Jules.

I finished off the blog last year with my spiritual journey to date and will continue on my journey with all of you alongside me.

If you have read both streams you will know that we have relocated to Sydney from Singapore and we are finally finding our feet.

TempleSoul is slowly coming together and is going through a massive change itself.

A new website, logo and brand will be here in a few weeks with all my creative offerings under the one roof; Radio Bambini, Child Of The Week and TempleSoul.

Thank goodness for Andrew Killey of BrandA, the team at Blackbocks South Australia and to Fuel Sydney for their amazing efforts.

I am really proud of how it has all come together so engagingly, creatively and effortlessly and thank each and every one involved.

This stream of my blog is going to take on a slightly different feel this year and I hope you enjoy it.

Follow SoulSutra’s on Wednesday’s for everyday musings and up to date spiritual shenanigans and follow A Soul’s Journey on Monday’s for a compilation of all I have learned over the last few years.

In the next couple of months my first book,

TempleSoul – A Sacred Space Within,

will be available for purchase, and this years blog will follow the guidance of the book and help you to create your very own sacred space within, your very own TempleSoul.

As TempleSoul has developed over the past 18months it has all come together in such a beautiful, creative way and my handsome husband Jules has played a big part in helping me bring it all together.

A cornerstone of TempleSoul will be his beautiful poetry that flows seamlessly and effortlessly through his being – a channel of divine light pouring forth for you to enjoy.

I will start each month with one of his beautiful poems from my upcoming book and hope you enjoy them as much as I do. I will then post guidance and tips and tricks weekly to help you flow more graciously with life.

Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram @TempleSoulHealing so you don’t miss a thing.

I can’t wait to share my journey with you, thanks for coming along for the ride.



My TempleSoul – Your TempleSoul

Is the place inside

It’s where there’s no need to run

Where there’s no need to hide


It’s where Golden Light streams from deep in your heart,

It’s where calmness descends and self-love starts.


It’s where freedom and joy

Dance together as one

It’s where spirit and soul

Bathe in the sun


It’s where you love all around you

And speak as you should

It’s where you live in spirit

It’s your soul neighbourhood


Your TempleSoul – is where your true voice sings

So listen to that voice

And feel the joy that it brings.

Jules xxx




“It’s Written In The Stars………”

Sometimes you meet people who change your life, or at least your perspective on life.

I was lucky enough to meet one such person in Melbourne on January 9th this year.

The divine union came about in December last year, over a quinoa salad and a glass of rosé.

Zoe and I had popped over to the Dog Hotel in Randwick after a healing to meet her brother and a friend he’d just met on a plane to LA.

She was a live-wire.

Fun, energised and oozing personality!

We got chatting, the usual questions ensued, where are you from, what do you do, yada yada.

“Oh you’re coming to Melbourne, you MUST meet my astrologer Shane.”

I must!

“Text me when you get there”.

I will!

As soon as I arrived in Melbourne I had managed to get Shane’s number and sent him a text. I was beyond excited.

An astrologer!

This was a first for me. I had read my stars each and every day and of course have had an interest in astrology but had never seen an astrologer.

So I sent my date of birth, time of birth and place of birth and waited.


Was he going to text back??????

It seemed like years before I received a lovely text back with potential dates for our meeting.

That was it.

It was written in the stars.

I was locked and loaded, beyond excited and fascinated at what was to come.

On your journey through life I encourage you to stay open, listen carefully and follow leads.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again,

“No man is your friend, no man is your enemy, every man is your teacher”.

You are being divinely guided at ALL times.


SoulSutras 28

“Her beauty and her terror. The wide brown land for me……”

So, here we are at the beginning of the new year. 2018.

I’ve just returned to Sydney after a magnificent 4 week very Australian family holiday.

I can honestly say, it was one of the best we’ve had.

4 weeks of just being:

Being with family.

Being with nature.

Being with friends.

Reconnecting to this beautiful land we are again calling home.

Last year bought with it a great many changes – I guess thats why the number 555 kept appearing in my life!

Jules and I were exhausted, both emotionally and physically.

It was time for rest, relaxation and reconnection.

It was decided. We would jump in our car and do a road trip through three states – just to reacquaint ourselves with this vast and beautiful country.

I have always loved road trips. It doesn’t matter how long they are, I never tire.

Off the freeway and out on the open road, this ancient and wise land stretching out before us, mother earth exposed in all her glory.

Surprisingly there wasn’t a lot of music or a lot of chat, the occasional dulcet tones of Bernard Fanning when it was my turn to drive, and familiarising ourselves with Songs Of Experience every now and then but on the whole, it was time to just soak it all back in – with little or no distractions.

The air outside was hot – 41 degrees – a typical Aussie summer. The light was refracting on the highway ahead, water-like puddles in the distance, disappearing and then reappearing as we go.

And the sky, my goodness, the sky!

You just forget about the sheer enormity of it. Vast, endless and perfectly blue, falling down effortlessly to kiss the gnarled and weather-beaten earth beneath it.

The Hay Plain stretched on and on and just when you thought it could stretch no further, it did just that. Hundreds of kilometres of lifeless, barren land – extraordinary.

It offered us a chance to pause; to reflect; to go within.

Over the weeks we covered over 3,000kms.

My favourite stretch being Melbourne to Sydney, stopping along the way for a bite to eat at The Long Track Pantry in Jugiong, the stifling, still, 42 degree heat hitting you in the face as you go from air-conditioned comfort to the oppressive heat outside; flies buzzing noisily around our faces, a stillness that can only accompany a harsh Australian summer.

This stretch of land was enchanting and in parts took my breath away.

You could see the brushstrokes of Albert Namatjira, of Sidney Nolan and Fredrick McCubbin, that unmistakable all Australian landscape. The majestic, old gums, en masse, sticking up out of shards of ochre rock – it was unmistakable, unforgettable and undeniably Australian.

The landscape was in parts wild and untamed and you could sense the spirit of the land whistling and caressing through the shrubs and trees.

She’s not to be messed with this land, her ancient wisdom, her sacred spirit, her volatility, her unpredictability, stretching out for miles in front of our eyes.

“……Her beauty and her terror. The wide brown land for me”.

It was a magnificent four weeks of reconnections and for me particularly, a theme I will continue to explore throughout the year.

Reconnecting to home, to friends and loved ones I haven’t seen much over the last decade. Reconnecting to the wild nature of this sacred land, reconnecting to spirit at every opportunity, reconnecting to my Divine Goddess – Lilith – or Lola as we like to call her.

As I mentioned in my last post, this a Universal 11 year and a personal 7 year for me. It is a time for privacy, solitude and quietness; for working on my magic in the form of manifestation and the laws of abundance; it brings with it the energy of truth, wisdom, dignity, fulfilment and perfection.

I can’t wait to again share my spiritual journey with you all and wish everyone a year full of love, joy, wonder and magic.

Yours in love and light

Rachael xxx






A Soul’s Journey – 53

“De Ja Vu……….”

…and so 2016 was drawing to a close.

Another big year for my spiritual journey.

The integration of The Divine Goddess and a healed heart, amongst other things.

But something wasn’t quite right, and it seemed history was indeed repeating itself.

In November of 2016 our third child Remy would be diagnosed with anxiety and depression.

He went to the school councillor after seeing an ad for men’s mental health on Facebook and realising he felt the same way, went to seek help.


And so we would roll up our sleeves, dig deep, gather our resources and take the necessary steps in ensuring everything was in place to allow Remy to make a full recovery.

Then December 14th came and Julius received his notice from the consulting company he was working for, two years to the day after he was given his notice from his previous employer.

Then there were the crazy, jealous rages.

Hang on.

Hasn’t this happened before?

The lease on our house was up on December 31st and the car would have to be taken off the road in April.

The only blessing was there wasn’t the arrival of a tall, dark and handsome man.

Thank god for small mercies!

But where too now?

What didn’t we learn the first time around that we had to learn again?

And so again, the wheel of change was turning.

How would we react this time?


“May you leap fearlessly into this New Year, with a heart full of hope

and eyes full of wonder and may all your wildest dreams come true”


TempleSoul xxx



A Soul’s Journey – 52

“Healing Hands, Healing Heart……”

I love the way Dr Theo works.

He is subtle.

He takes his time to ‘suss’ you out – to see if you’re a seeker and then he will guide you.

Slowly and almost with a whisper, he will just utter two or three things but they are of vital importance, direct guidance and clues as to your next steps.

It was taking a while to clear the pain in my heart, and it hurt!

It hurt a lot!

But we got there.


I had to pay a visit to Paul Filmer down at The Blue Lotus – he’s one of my favourite healer’s in Singapore.

I always go to Paul when I can’t seem to clear the debris.

He knows exactly what to do.

“Oh. It’s your heart. I can feel it. It’s sore”

How many times?

How long would it take?

“Did you ever consider Jules might be Patrick?” He said after the tumultuous healing.

Jules had said this a million times, however I chose not to listen on this occasion.

I rather liked Patrick separate! They were similar but I was convinced their energy wasn’t a direct match.

Same, Same but different, as they like to say in Asia.

But let’s face it – there are similarities.

  • I did meet Jules, the farm boy, at 16
  • and although he didn’t play the lute, he was in a rock-n’roll band
  • Black hair, brown eyes and dark skin, he does fit the bill

Coincidences, I’m sure!

Anyway, I digress.

In time we did heal my broken heart.

My favourite words Dr Theo ever uttered were,

“Well. the good news is, your heart’s open and it’s receiving”

Oh. My. Goodness.

Thank God for that!!!

I now know I can see Patrick anytime – I just have to connect with his unique energy signature – and there he be.

My gorgeous Irish lover.

There’s no space and time in the Infinite Universe – everyone exists in the now – in a massive field of love, and everyone who has ever existed in this physical realm, can be accessed at anytime – through the portal of your heart.

…..and just so you know,

when Jules isn’t around, and I’m feeling a bit pathetic, I call on Patrick to come lie with me to lull me off to sleep with his soothing Irish lilt.

It works a treat.

Merry Christmas everyone xxx


SoulSutras 27

“Wisdom, Integration and Reflection……”

As this year comes to a close I find myself thinking about the next.

For me, next year is a personal 7 year and boy do I like the sound of that.

“7 energy flows in an atmosphere of privacy, solitude and quietness”


“It is seeking truth, wisdom, dignity, fulfilment and perfection”

I like the sound of that.

“7 emphasises introspection, emotion, analysis, intuition, reflection, seclusion, research and FAITH. This is meant to be a quieter, “inner” year in which you can learn the answers to your most burning and often avoided questions.”

Well at times the last 7 years in Asia has felt like I’ve been on tour with The Rolling Stones – yes I’m looking at you Clubhouse!! So a little introspection and quiet time sounds positively glorious.

“In 2018, everything you experience will be influenced by 7’s power of reflection.

“Reflection not only means looking back and pondering the past, but also looking at everything and everyone in the present, and seeing your reality being mirrored to you through these people and things.”

I love the idea of mirrors and reflection and write a chapter on it in my new book. By becoming aware that this is the energy of the new year I can consciously observe and learn from everyone I come into contact with and view them all as precious gifts, instrumental in my spiritual growth.

“Use this year to gain knowledge, confidence and expertise. Realise just how unique and gifted you are.”

Why thank you, I will.

“Accept that you are a free spirit. “

If you insist!

“Embrace the diversity of life and your place in it. This year of introspection and soul-searching is a chance to rediscover yourself as you are now – and to let go of the person you once were.”

There’s that ‘let go’ guidance again, just in case I still need to be reminded.

“Life is not confined to one field or locality.”

Ain’t that the truth!

“Get reacquainted with the ‘big’ world, along with its beauty and its horrors; its excitement and its mediocrity. Recognising these extremes will help you secure a balanced position for yourself”

I really like this guidance as it really is time for me to find balance. Although I love going out, keeping busy, working, playing, dancing, creating, I’ll admit I do sometimes push it a little too far. I absolutely believe rest is in order. When there’s too much noise, too much of a certain energy, you can drown out the guidance, miss things, important things.

“This is your year to learn the basics of magic. Yes, magic. The secrets of manifestation. The laws of abundance. The Will determines what it wants by the way it feels”

I am definitely happy to connect with my inner Samantha Stevens and have always fancied myself as a sexy witch!

“This the personal year 7, the 7th year of the cycle sees your growth slowing and your understanding maturing. After the previous years of forward movement and expansion you now come to a period of stillness and quiet.You have advanced through the cycle of growth and have overcome many obstacles and learnt many lessons along the way and now it’s time to rest.”

I could not agree more.

“A 7 personal year promises to be a very introspective year, a period of some pause and reflection between very active years in your life. It will be good for you to spend time alone or in quiet activities, as free from outside responsibilities as possible”

I hope that includes the ironing.

“Certainly it is best for you to focus your attention on your talents and your skills in an effort to use the time you have now to refine them. Spend free time in reflection and meditation”

I am very much looking forward to the new year and all the mystery and wonder it brings. If I take on an appearance of coolness or detachment please forgive me as I will be busy being restful and reflective and refining my nose twitch.

Thank you for your support and love in 2017. I look forward to bringing you a deeper, richer blog in 2018. One where I teach you all I have learned.

To find out more about your personal year number you can go to the following websites…..




May you all have a truly beautiful Christmas surrounded by family, friends and loved ones and may 2018 see all your wildest dreams come true.

See you, I’m off to meditate and reflect now.

Later Witches!

Yours in love and light

Rachael xxx


A Soul’s Journey – 51

“A Heart Full of Love……….”


I have a plethora of spiritual guides to thank for their assistance in healing my ‘broken heart’.

I knew it wasn’t from this lifetime, and I now know why Patrick had entered my life all those years ago.

I was ready to heal this broken heart – albeit centuries later.

This is what I believe happens.

We carry things over from one lifetime to the next.

Until we are ready to heal.

Ready to release karma.

Ready to learn our lessons.

Ready to ascend.

I was ready now.

It was another opportunity for me to learn to let go.

Let go of the pain and the suffering I had been carrying around with me for lifetimes.

There was no doubt Patrick meant a lot to me and I had trouble letting him go but by doing so I could heal my heart and this is imperative to spiritual growth.

The heart, is the way ‘in’.

The way ‘home’, is in through your open heart.

Everything you ever needed lies within you.

Happiness, joy, abundance and love.

It’s all there.

And freedom.

Freedom from suffering, limited beliefs and negativity.


Love like you have never felt before.

Love that dissolves hatred, fear and anger, jealousy, desire, fear and rage.

Love that can heal.

Love that can make you whole.