SoulSutras 86

Perfect – Real or Illusion?

Perfect – real andillusion.

On the one hand, perfect conjures up a kind of feeling that everything has to be ‘right’ and ‘just’ or a ‘certain way’ for us to be happy and joyful.

But perfection can make you feel undervalued, unloved and not enough.

Striving to be perfect in everything you do is exhausting and a very stressful way to live indeed.

On the other hand – knowing you areperfect – just as you are – whole and complete can help you live a stress free life.

At the core of your being, in the centre of your heart – lies your truth.

That’s why so many light workers tell you to ‘go within’ or ‘find the space inside your heart’, it’s because it is there that everything is perfect.

We create an idea of what perfect is and what it is not – it is just based on our individual perception.

How do you view perfect?

I would like you to spend today practicing the following –

No matter what happens to you throughout the day, whatever the experience ‘appears’ to be – whether you deem it to be fabulous or frustrating, a success or a failure, spend a moment just letting it be.

Detach from reacting to the situation out of habit or fear and view it from the outside looking in.

I want you to take a different view, today and everyday.

Instead of stewing all day over your morning coffee that wasn’t quite hot enough, your partner not texting you back, being cut off on your morning commute, not getting that raise you were hoping for, not getting that promotion you were after – whatever the case may be – I want you to take a different view.

I want you to experience that moment for what it is – perfect!

Bad, good or indifferent – it is perfect – whole and complete.

Perfectly designed by you, for you, so that you can move into alignment with the greatest version of your ‘self’.

Every person you meet has stepped across your path at the perfect time and for the perfect purpose, so that you can move into alignment with the greatest version of your ‘self’.

Every situation you encounter has been sent to you at the perfecttime and for the perfectpurpose, so that you can move into alignment with the greatest version of your ‘self’.

Not your perceived ego self, but your soul truth – your spirit – your real self, your perfectself.

What a gift!

Aren’t you lucky!!

SoulSutras 85

How Do You Handle Stress cont………

Faith & Trust.

Now, before you get hysterical like I use to and stop reading, let me explain further.

When I started meditating I use to get this guidance over and over again.

I was angry because I didn’t really understand what it meant.

But now I do.

I have been through some incredibly challenging times over the past 7 years, but I’m not alone.

We all face hardship on our journey through life – I am certainly not the only one, and hardship brings with it stress.

Stress is a bi-product of your reaction to a situation and your reaction is merely a choice.

It is important to relinquish control of a situation you know you can’t change.

Stress arises when we feel overwhelmed, out of control, uncertain, uncomfortable.

When you notice you are stressed – snappy, tense, clenched fist, clenched jaw, first, take a deep breath,

And then

Have faith.

The universe always works in your favor.

You’ve probably heard the universe often dismantles the old to make way for the new.

And the new always arrives, and is always in line with the path you are meant to be on.

If some drastic situation arises in your life, take a step back – – relinquish control and let it unfold, naturally, in it’s own way and in it’s own time.

You don’t have to have all the answers.

You can just let things be.

Have faith that everything is happening for a reason.

And trust.

Trust in a higher plan.

You can’t go through life pushing, forcing and controlling – if a situation is meant to be then it will be, if a partnership is meant to be, then it will be.

If you lose your job, don’t stress, trust there will be another, better suited and more aligned with your values.

If you lose a partner, don’t stress have faith the right person hasn’t shown up for you yet and trust that they will show up when they are meant to.

Having trust and faith enables you to let go, relinquish control, let things be.

This in turn lowers your stress levels as you let everything unfold as it should.

Sometimes the best thing you can do is step back. 

Don’t anticipate an outcome – let the universe surprise you!

The next time someone is squeezing your skull –breathe – and connect with your inner TempleSoul, that place of calm and knowing and say,

I have complete trust and faith that what is transpiring in my life is for my own highest and greatest good. And so it is.

Then let it go.

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SoulSutras 84

How Do You Handle Stress?

I was sitting in my office the other day, Finders Keepers on Riversdale Road, and looked up and noticed a woman on the far side of the café.

She looked familiar.

So familiar.

You know you know them but you can’t quite place them.

It has been ten years since I’ve lived in Melbourne so I had to dig quite deep.

Was it school, kindy, yoga????

And then it hit me, she was my old neighbor, at least I was pretty sure.

I finished my coffee and my blog and grappled with whether I would go and interrupt her.

I did.

What did I have to lose?

I excused myself and then asked if she had lived in my neighborhood.

She hesitated and replied yes with a quizzical look on her face.

I said, “It’s me Annie, Rachael, from Percy Street!”

She jumped up, screamed and gave me a massive hug.

We had such a lovely chat and I met her gorgeous son I had held as a baby just before we left for Singapore – now ten years old.

I am so glad I took the chance to go and speak with her. We exchanged numbers and rekindled a lovely friendship.

So why am I telling you this story and what has this got to do with stress???

Well, she said to me,

“ I noticed you sitting there typing away on your computer and I thought, I have never seen such a relaxed and content woman, I wish I could be like that!”.

So how do I stay so relaxed and comfortable, even in the midst of turmoil and uncertainty – which is my life right now?

SoulSutras 83


So we have established we are an energetic being, and we are part of one eternal energetic field that vibrates at the highest frequency – love.

How beautiful.

You are love, at your core and it is from this we come and to this we return.

Our universe is made up of realms and dimensions and they all vibrate at different frequencies.

I like to think of our Universe as a 12 story building and as we go from the first floor to the twelfth we resonate at higher and higher frequencies, the twelfth being pure love.

So by becoming aware of how we work, we can start getting rid of all the lower vibrational energies trapped within our being, and start resonating at a higher frequency – aligned with love and peace.

If you think of your own being in terms of this 12 story building – the aim is to try and vibrate as close as you can to the top stories.

I tell you what – when you take the lift to the 12th floor, it’s a pretty spectacular view!

So by understanding you are energy, by understanding resonance, by understanding lower and higher vibrational frequencies, you will begin to understand how the universe works, and you will begin to understand that we are not only one with the universal energy of love, but we are all connected to each other – extensions of one divine frequency.

Are you still with me???

Feel free to start a chat if you are feeling confused. And I will be more than happy to answer your questions.

Negative energies also become trapped in our field – not only our field, but everyone’s field – all of our collective energy flows into the larger field of consciousness and creates either peace or turmoil on a global scale depending on what we are emitting.

Think of yourself as a little transmitter – transmitting negative or positive energy out into a bigger energetic grid.

What are you transmitting??

If we emit love, joy and happiness can you imagine the state of the world???

Can you see what might happen if we emit fear, sadness and loathing???

We would have a hostile, aggressive, fearful world – what are you seeing now???

Finding your own inner peace is not only beneficial for you but beneficial for the entire planet, the entire universe.

Send out good vibes – receive good vibes.

It is possible to live a peaceful and joyful life and I’m about to show you how.

Welcome to your journey, your journey within to find your own TempleSoul.

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It is my wish to make you happy and to make you feel alive!




SoulSutras 82


“My TempleSoul – Your TempleSoul

Is the place inside

It’s where there’s no need to run

Where there’s no need to hide

It’s where Golden Light streams from deep in your heart,

It’s where calmness descends and self-love starts.

It’s where freedom and joy

Dance together as one

It’s where spirit and soul

Bathe in the sun

It’s where you love all around you

And speak as you should

It’s where you live in spirit

It’s your soul neighbourhood

Your TempleSoul – is where your true voice sings

So listen to that voice

And feel the joy that it brings.”

Jules – SoulPoet

Before we get started I want to familiarize you with your spiritual body. 

I’m sure it’s not something many of you have considered or been taught about but it’s really important you know a few basic principles about the universe and you, as a spiritual being – that way what I teach you will make more sense.

Why is this important???

Because just like nutrition and exercise is important for our physical and mental health and knowing how these things affect our bodies, we need to know how we work as an energetic being – as our energy, our vibration, creates our reality.

When you become aware of this, you can start to manifest what you want into your physical reality.

When you become aware of this, you can start directing your energy towards the things you want and you will become mindful of not directing your energy towards the things you don’t want.

Everyone and everything is energy – everything in this entire universe.

We are not matter, we are energy – energy vibrating at different frequencies – and all part of ‘one’ eternal energetic field.

I’m trying to keep this simple, so as not to lose you and we will get down to practicalities as soon as next week, but I feel it’s important to know this first.

You are energy, your words are energy, your thoughts and feelings are energy.

When we talk about lower vibrational energies we are merely talking about negative energies that lower your vibration.

Hate, jealousy, sadness and fear are some examples of what can lower our vibration.

Happiness, joy, gratitude and love are some examples of what can raise our vibration.

Why do we need to raise our vibration??

Because then we can live a life filled with happiness, joy, gratitude and love – peace on earth, as they say.

What I am passionate about teaching is a simple way for you to find your own TempleSoul – all of you on an individual basis because ultimately that will raise the resonance of the entire planet – the entire universe and that’s the ultimate goal.

Peace on Earth.

SoulSutras 81

“An Alternative View……”

I threw myself into my energy healing course with great vigour – with passion and with purpose.

Those who know me well will attest I do that with everything I love and this was no exception.

This energy healing thing, really resonated with me.

I went from enroling in the course in January 2016 to opening TempleSoul – the physical space in Singapore in May of that same year.

I opened my own space as I wanted it to reflect my energy, my style, my uniqueness – this was very important to me.

The same goes for teaching.

I want to teach you in my own way, in my own style, my own uniqueness.

When I heal, I see everyday people, every day.

People like you, going through every day challenges most of us face daily.

My job is to help you, through the ancient practice of energy healing.

As I am Intuitive, I get a reading from your higher self with guidance about what you need now – at this very present moment in time to help you through whatever it is you are facing.

This is my clients favorite part of the healing and it always resonates very deeply.

That’s what I’m here to do, to hold your hand and give you practical solutions to your problems.

To give you guidance and advice that you can put into practice immediately with astonishing results.

I’ve taken all that I’ve learned over the last three years of study and gathered it all up and will deliver it in a way everyday people can understand.

Just little things you can do, every day, to help you smile throughout your day and your journey through life.

As challenges arise throughout your day, as they will, I will be there to guide you through.

So I’m changing direction.

I think I’ve told you enough of my story and I’d like to now bring you ‘life’ stories.

Life stories we all share – life lessons we all face.

To build a strong community of like minded people (who aren’t so interested in angels and tarot but more interested in the science behind the human body – the energetic vehicle that we all are) as it’s being shown to me.

Through ‘real’ life experiences that you are experiencing and I am experiencing – 

divorce, heartache, job loss, financial pressure, unrequited love, uncertainty, fear, blocks, the list goes on.

Sounds fun doesn’t it???

But don’t worry, this blog is all about bringing light to the darkness – or in other words, bringing peace to the challenges you are facing.

I’m going to show you a different way of looking at life, give you an alternative view.

It’s all about perception.

So, I’m going to base this years blog on the healings I give.

The inspiration and guidance I receive each and every day to help you love and enjoy every day here on earth – even if the times are tough – in fact especially when the times are tough.

You are important to me.

Your wellbeing is important to me.

I am here for you.




PS I haven’t forgotten what I said to you at the end of last year. So stay tuned for the TempleSoul Sealed Section – SoulSeductions – which will be available later this year.

TempleSoul – A Sanctuary Within

SoulSutras 80

“Be The Teacher You Wished You Had…….”

Last night as I drifted off to sleep I was thinking of the best way to teach you.

My latest book, TempleSoul – A Sanctuary Within, was written with the soul purpose of helping you navigate your way through life more peacefully, mindfully and joyfully.

This is why we’re here – having this physical experience so we can raise our vibration, so that not only we as individuals feel more peaceful but we as a collective feel more peaceful.

I want to teach you how to become your own TempleSoul.

When I attended the HayHouse Writers Workshop in Melbourne in 2018, I was lucky enough to see Rebecca Campbell, author of Light Is The New Black and Rise Sister Rise.

Something she said really struck a cord and has stayed with me since then.

She said,

“Be the teacher you wished you had”.

All of my teachers have been incredible and I feel blessed that each and every one of them crossed my path. They all offered incredible guidance and wisdom in their own unique way.

But for me there seemed to be something missing.

(Which I later found while studying energy healing with Ashati)

I’m a pretty straight forward person, honest and upfront and do not get me wrong I love ALL things spiritual no matter what form it arrives. But no-one really taught me ‘how’ the Universe worked, or ‘who’ we were as energetic beings, or ‘why’ we were having this life experience.

There was talk of tribes gathering and circles forming, the sisterhood rising but I wanted practical guidance.

The type of guidance I could use every day to make my life more peaceful, more joyful.

I wanted something to help me navigate my way through the often turbulent waters of life.

Times change, people change, perceptions change and it is important we change with it.

It is important to relate to people in a real sense, relate to people in a way they understand.

I feel it is my duty to teach spirituality in a new way – one that you will understand. I want to take the ‘weird’ and ‘crazy’ out of spirituality because whether you like it or not you are a spiritual being –  A spiritual being having a physical experience.

You are an energetic being and if you know the way you work as an energetic being, you will dance with the flow of life effortlessly, with grace and ease.

SoulSutras 79

“Should I Stay Or Should I Go……………”

We all have choices in life.

It’s one of the great things about being human.

But when you’re in a marriage with children involved you usually make choices with everyone’s best interests at heart, rarely are they based solely on yourneeds and yourneeds alone.

But this last year and the challenges it brought with it pushed me to actually stand in my power and affirm what is was that  Ineeded.

It’s not selfish to have your needs met – it is a necessity.

If we deny ourselves what we really desire in life, based on the happiness of others it is a recipe for disaster!

What came out of last years big challenge for me, was the realization I had lived my entire life making other people happy.

Don’t get me wrong I was happy to, but I was putting myself and my needs last, and sometimes, not at all.

When Jules and I sat down at our first Barefoot Investor date night at the Boozy Rouge in Richmond, (More on that later) I wrote on the table cloth how many houses we had lived in while we had been married.

The answer was 19.

I was actually tired.

I was exhausted.

Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne, Singapore, Sydney, Melbourne. (And they were just the places we lived)

Moving, moving, moving.

Unpacking boxes, culling, re-sorting, canceling, readdressing, new schools, new houses, new cars, 

Oh dear.


It was time to lay down some roots.

The six weeks in solitude gave me the space to really dive deep, deep into my soul and find out what it was that Ireally wanted going forward.

Where I wanted to expend my energy.

What was taking up space unnecessarily in my body?

What needed to stay?

What needed to go?

It was my turn now – well you know it always has been but I am only just realizing the fine balance between giving and receiving.

Do you give too much and feel unworthy of receiving???

Are you aware of what is taking up space, energetically in your body?

What is it that needs to stay and what is it that needs to go?

SoulSutras 78

“Attached to nothing, connected to everything……..”

This year as the clock ticked over to the new year, a personal number eight year for me, I have never felt so relaxed, so at peace and so content.

This year as the clock ticked over I didn’t feel the need to madly make new years resolutions, be thinner, be happier, be fitter, create this, create that, go here, go there.


I think for the first time in my life I was completely happy with myself, happy just to be, knowing all was perfectly in its place and I was exactly where I was meant to be.

Having that knowledge brings with it such a profound sense of peace.

I have spent the last seven years madly doing, doing, doing.

I’ve created apps, websites for kids, written a book, started another, opened three new businesses, created a candle and incense range, created a jewellery range, illustrated a picture book for kids, traveled the world  – it has literally been go, go, go and now it’s time to 




To breathe and just to be.

The work is done – the foundations are set.

The most important thing for me to do right now is just to open my heart and watch life flow through me, bringing life and movement to all the offerings I have created from spirit, from my heart.

There’s no sense of urgency, no feelings of regret, there’s not a million thoughts racing around my head, there is just a profound sense of peace.

And a feeling that all is well – I have learnt to let go and put my faith and trust in that much higher power – that part of me that is unpenetrable, unmovable, unflustered – calm, knowing and wise.

Attached to nothing, connected to everything.

(Anon – These are not my words but someone else’s)

But of course peace rarely comes from a smooth ride – we learn to become peaceful on this journey when we go through the tough times, when we overcome difficulties, illness, death, separation, change, movement, unexpected surprises and as with everyone, we certainly have had our fair share.

SoulSutras 77

“I Can Breathe…………Now”

A warm welcome back to TempleSoul and a Happy New Year to you all.

I have taken some time off to be by myself over the last couple of months.

I moved…..again, which is not unusual for this gypsy soul but this move is going to be for the next four years at the very least!

(I say that now with firm conviction, but realize that’s not how it always works)

I have been with my current partner for the last thirty years and at 47 that is most of my life. Time alone hasn’t served much of a place in my life and towards the end of last year I decided I needed some time out – just for me, to clear my head, create some space and reflect on where I’d been and where I was at.

Four children, a partner, a brown dog and constantly moving hasn’t left much time just for me.

It was time to reassess.

The last seven years have been extremely challenging and last year was no exception, possibly the most challenging but as I always say, if you are aware and in tune to the workings of the universe you will know that every situation whether you deem it to be a challenge or not is for your learning and growth.

I will be discussing these challenges as they will be ones you yourself have no doubt faced at some stage of your lives, but that’s for later.

What’s important now is now.

I drove down to Melbourne on November 16thlast year, armed with all I would need for the coming weeks. (Until the family arrived later that year).

I would have six weeks off.

Just me.




It was truly a life changing experience.




It was just me, for six glorious weeks.

I knew this alone time was critical for me. It would be make or break if I didn’t affirm my power and have my needs met and get the space I needed.

The move back from Singapore was tough but closing down TempleSoul one of the hardest things I have ever had to do.

But what came out of that was one of the greatest learning’s of my life.

“We are people borne of sound

The songs are in our eyes

Gonna wear them like a crown”

Bono, U2