SoulSutras 93

“You and Me Babe, How About It? cont…….”

Making love is not only about procreating and having orgasms, although that is a positive side effect.

It is a sacred act, one capable of showing you who you really are – taking you back to wholeness, merging your physical and spiritual natures as one.

It is a sacred act, capable of profound healing.

It is a sacred act, capable of great transformation.

The ancient High-Priestess would use this knowledge of this sacred act to heal and uplift. To transmute and transcend.

They were respected as the great healers.

They knew how to tap into this incredible energy and work with it, and people came to them to heal, to reconnect and to transcend.

A great many of us walking the earth now, in our current incarnation were High-Priestesses and still have this ancient knowledge locked away in our DNA, but over time this ancient wisdom was rebuked rather than revered and it is time to bring it up into the light again.

Divine feminine sexual energy is powerful – and for women it is our natural vibration.

It is a source available to us and within us and when unleashed is unstoppable.

It is wild, and to some may feel uncontrollable, which is why over the centuries people have tried to tame this incredible life force.

When we don’t understand something, we tend not to like it, we tend to try and push it away, get rid of it – and this has resulted in the suppression of the divine feminine and all the beautiful wisdom that goes with it.

Women, standing in their divine sexual power are strong, they are immovable, they are powerful beyond belief and to those who aren’t familiar with this energy it can be terrifying.

I have come across beautiful men, who know what this energy is, and love it.

They happily hold the space for me to express it in its wild and purest form.

I am incredibly lucky in this lifetime to have Julius as my companion, for he too is aware of its incredible power and importance. And he is more than happy to open himself fully so that he too can experience the benefits this profound reconnection brings.

The next time you make love I don’t want you to think about it as a chore, or do it to keep someone happy. I want you to do it so that you can unlock the divine feminine wisdom that resides within you.

I want you to open yourself up to experience love through divine orgasmic bliss.

I want you to make love to reconnect to your self – that wise and ancient being you know you are.

Put all you know about love making aside and let me take you on a beautiful spiritual ride back home.

Home to your true nature, your real self.

I would like to help you unlock this divine feminine wisdom, so that you too can raise the resonance of the planet through the sacred sexual act of making love and reconnect your physical self to your spiritual self.

“A lovestruck Romeo

sang the streets of serenade

laying everybody low

with a love song that he made”

This week’s inspirational song is ‘Romeo & Juliet’ by Dire Straits, and you can listen to it now on TempleTunes – as you listen, tune in to the wild, primal life force within and harness its energy, to reconnect you back to ‘self’.

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SoulSutras 92

“You and Me Babe, How about It?……..”

Last weeks blog on ‘Forgiveness’ was inspired by Mary Magdalene and this weeks blog on divine sexual energy is similarly inspired.

When I first started meditating I used to see the double helix, through my third eye – electric blue and shimmering, pulsing through my source connection channel – I had no idea what it was.

One thing I have learned on this journey is to try not to understand but trust that the answer will come.

Sometimes it comes in a light bulb moment, an epiphany. Sometimes your guides and angels will teach you through the Socratic method, letting you experience the situation for yourself.

Be open to receiving guidance in whatever form it comes. It may not come straight away but it will come, when you are ready for it, in divine timing.

The song I chose this week is very close to my heart and brings back such a beautiful fond memory of falling in love.

Falling in love feels so special because it’s a reconnection of our physical body to our spirit body, and in spirit we are pure love.

Making love feels so special because it’s a reconnection of our physical body to our spirit body, and in spirit we are pure love.

What you are feeling is a reconnection to ‘self’ – you in your purest form.

That’s not to say falling in love is the only way to reconnect, there are numerous other ways, but it is one way, and what a lovely way it is.

When I was 16 I fell in love – head over heels in love, I had never experienced anything like it before.

And when we made love I used to cry.

I had never experienced anything like it, that feeling of pure love, pure bliss, ancient harmony coupled with ancient wisdom.

It bought with it a feeling of wholeness, of completion.

It felt like coming home.

Coming home to my heart.

Coming home to the love inside.

Making love is not just about achieving orgasm but about experiencing divine union.

It is not dirty.

It is not slutty.

It is not wrong.

It is connection

It is wisdom

It is union.

It is pure love.

When two consenting adults make love, there is so much more to it.

It’s not about how many times you do it a week, or how many partners you have, it is about connection.

Connection to source and connection to self – this is the love making I know.

The importance of letting go and becoming aware when making love will make your experience a much more powerful one, linking you and your partner in an energetic flow of love – the double helix – the perfect mergence of divine masculine and feminine – the perfect mergence of our physical aspect with our spiritual.

If you are like me and have been married a long time this is an aspect of love making you may have forgotten about.

In the midst of raising children, school runs, working, studying, love making can at times feel more like a chore, but I encourage you to reset.

To view making love as that – making love, not as a something you have to do to keep your partner satisfied.

I want you to remember the love you have for each other.

I want you to experience the love you have for each other.

I want you to experience the love you have for each other, and then you will experience the love you have for your self.

You are here together to remind each other of who you are as an eternal, spiritual being – one filled with love, one filled with compassion and one filled with ecstatic joy.

Divine sexual energy is a powerful force and one that can be harnessed and used for manifestation, inspiration and creation.

Let’s get to it!!

Part two Wednesday

SoulSutras 91

“Forgiveness cont……..”

Sometimes it takes time to truly learn the art of forgiveness.

If you are hurting so badly and have so much anger inside that it feels like forgiveness is impossible, maybe this is your chance.

Forgiveness is a choice and it’s a wise one because what it will do is free you – clear your precious energy.

The Alchemist is about turning lead into gold: We as spiritual beings have the opportunity and the power to do the same.

We have the power inside us to transmute that negative energy into positive energy through forgiveness.

If you hold onto anger, jealousy or hatred – and you feed it with more anger, jealousy and hatred – every time you think of what happened, you are simply destroying yourself.

This is dangerous.

If you expend your energy thinking about a situation that has wronged you or harmed you, you are adding fuel to the fire……and what happens when we do this?

The energy grows: untamed and out of control – blinding all in its path and consuming everything with its fury.

This then becomes YOUR energy.

You have become the energy against which you were rebelling.

If you harbour resentment, anger and fury for long periods of time, you become that energy – harming no one but you.

Through forgiveness – and I mean truly forgiving – you free yourself from those negative thoughts and emotions; those negative words and actions and you protect your energy.


You bring light to the darkness.


You transmute the anger to love.

You transmute the jealousy to love.

You transmute the hatred to love.

You transmute the lead to gold.


You are the Alchemist – all powerful and in control.


Another person’s actions are their own.

Keep it that way.

How we react to the situation is up to us.

Learning to forgive is an act that will hold you in very good stead.

It will lead to more happiness, more joy and more peace.

Forgiveness not only frees you – it also disconnects you from the other person.

No one has really wronged you, they have just given you a lesson in forgiveness.


Keep that TempleSoul of yours clean, loving and forgiving and with every opportunity life gives you to forgive, say “thank you” for this valuable lesson.


And so it is.


“So break my step,

And relent

You forgave and I won’t forget”

This week’s inspirational song is ‘I Will Wait’ by Mumford & Sons and you can listen to it now on TempleTunes – turn it up loud and dance around the room, offering forgiveness to all.

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SoulSutras 90



How does it feel to carry that anger in your heart?

Does it lessen as the days go by?”

Mary Magdalene, the movie.


This week’s blog has been inspired by the movie, Mary Magdalene – which I watched both last night and the night before.

I’ve never really understood the importance of forgiveness but the enormity of it really hit me last night.

I’m all about inner peace.

TempleSoul is all about finding your own inner peace, your own TempleSoul.

If we raise the resonance of each individual, we raise the resonance of the entire planet.


The power lies within, it does not reside outside of us.


Forgiveness is a very important step in achieving inner peace.

The following was an excerpt from the movie….


“The Kingdom is here now.

It’s not something we can see with our own eyes.

It’s within us now.

All we have to do is let go of our anguish, our resentment and we become like children, just as he said.

The kingdom cannot be built through conflict, not by opposition, not by destruction.

It grows within us with every act of love and care, with our forgiveness.

We have the power to lift the people

Just as he did

And then we will be free,

Just as he is”


The kingdom – is inner peace.

We can’t see it, as it’s not a physical thing, it is a state of being.

We need to not only let go of anguish and resentment, but also hate, fear, anger and jealousy  – anything that goes against love and kindness.

It’s available to us to experience in every moment of our lives and we can achieve it by being love and being kindness and being compassionate. We can experience it only when we let go of any anger that we are feeling inside because while we carry that anger within, we cannot feel peace.

To become like a child may have a double meaning – children trust and forgive and let go effortlessly. We can only find our TempleSoul, if we are like a child – meaning……

We can only find the love inside our hearts, if we let go – of the anger inside and trust like a child – then we find the kingdom – inner peace and eternal love.

Alternatively, like a child could mean living as an extension of divine love – the greater energy of love (often referred to as God, All that is, The Universe etc etc) being the parent and we being a child in that union.

Anything that goes against the energy of love will stop you from feeling it and therefore stop you from achieving inner peace.

“The kingdom cannot be built through conflict, not by opposition, not by destruction”

We as individuals are our own kingdom, and we as a collective whole are a kingdom.

We cannot achieve inner peace while we have any inner conflict, if we oppose love with our actions or we destroy our sense of well being with negative thoughts, words, emotions or actions.

Similarly we cannot achieve world peace through conflict.

We cannot achieve world peace through opposition.

We cannot achieve world peace through destruction,


We can only achieve inner peace and world peace through the act of love.

We can only achieve inner peace and world peace through the act of kindness.

We can only achieve inner peace and world peace through the act of forgiveness.


How will you choose to live your life??



SoulSutras 89

Authenticity cont…..

You are living your authentic truth when you are happy, when things flow effortlessly towards you, doors mysteriously open, the path ahead is well lit and you can see it clearly.

You are living your authentic truth when you jump out of bed each morning and feel grateful to be alive, eager to see what the day brings.

You are in flow, you are aligned with your truth and you are being authentic.

To live your authentic truth sometimes takes great courage but I can guarantee you when you are in line with your soul truth and you are living your life with authenticity, naturally in flow, you can’t help but be happy, peaceful and joyful.

Being true to yourself, no matter what that looks like, is the greatest gift you could give yourself.

Being authentic means to not hide behind a mask of who you thinkyou should be.

Being authentic means to be your self – without compromise.

Learn to honor your soul, learn to honor your authenticity.

Where does your heart lie?

This will get you on your right path.

Always follow your heart, let your heart be your guide.

Do what you love and what so moves your soul – when you learn to do this, you will be living authentically.

By being authentic we are coming back to truth – our soul’s calling.

Authenticity comes from the heart, not the head.

So many of us are a certain way because we’ve been moulded by society, by schools, by families even by friends.

Sometimes we find ourselves living a life we are not aligned with and let me tell you there are no blocks to living your authentic truth – only ones you place in front of yourself.

If we are not following our heart’s truth we can end up creating subconscious blocks that can manifest in our physical reality, in the shape of illness.

A sore throat can manifest because we are holding back, we are not speaking our truth.

Stomach problems can arise if we are not standing in our power, if we are constantly suppressing ourselves, hiding our truth.

Hip problems can occur when we are fearful of the future and taking steps in the direction of our truth.

The right side represents the masculine, the left the feminine.

So be aware of what side your illness or discomfort appears.

If it presents itself on the right side, the issue could lie with a male figure in your life – a husband, partner, son, grandfather etc.

The left side is connected to, or could be connected to a mother, sister, wife or indeed your own feminine energy.

That’s where healing is so fascinating, and physical symptoms can be rectified in some cases immediately just by understanding where the ailment is stemming from.

We block ourselves through blocking our truth.

I’ve been a graphic designer most of my life working in television – a fast paced, tight deadline, high-energy job.

I was told by a number of healers and psychics for years that I was a healer – years before I had even contemplating doing energy healing.

Finally I listened to the guidance and started my course – it changed my life forever, and brought me into alignment with my souls calling and I have never, ever looked back.

Sure, I’m still a graphic designer and it is a vital part of my offering. I design all my offerings and in cases where others contribute to the design process I am keeping a very strict eye on them.

Tap into the source of your authenticity and live your truth openly and confidently, honour yourself and your own unique and sparkly light.

“Sugar, come on! Show your soul,

You’re keeping your love under control”

This week’s inspirational song is Original Of The Species by U2 and you can listen to it on TempleTunes – turn it up loud and dance around the room, authentically and without reservation.

Your light deserves to shine.

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SoulSutras 88


The reason I meditate is to still the mind, to create space within and to tune in to my authentic heart – my soul song.

I still the mind so I can listen to my heart.

I listen to my heart because then I can hear the whispers of my soul – my spirit – my authentic self.

I create space and by this I mean I clear my ‘energetic’ space to allow for the new to enter.

I do this through my healing – giving myself regular sessions to clear the energy – this is what energy healing is all about, helping you clear out the old, the unwanted, the no longer necessary, the negative – all the things that are taking up space in your precious energy field.

Why would I want to do that?

When our energetic field is compromised, and by that I mean clogged up with negative energy, it affects our vision, our ability to see clearly. It can also cause serious disease in our physical bodies if left untreated.

When we clear our energy field we get closer to our authentic self, not the projected self – not the ego.

I so often come across clients who are so convincing with their I am’s– and I always caution them to be mindful of the words they use and who they say they are – they say it with such conviction, they start to believe it.

I ama stay at home mother

I aman investment banker

I ama graphic designer

I aman accountant, (sorry about that)

If we pigeon hole ourselves and believe with every fiber of our being that we are what we say we are then we give ourselves no chance to be anything else.

If you believe you are one thing, how can you ever open up to the possibility of being something else? Maybe if you opened your heart to that higher power and let it flow through you effortlessly, without blocking it with your very convincing I am’s– imagine what could open up for you.

Maybe if you let go and listened to your spirit’s true calling, your authentic self – you might be something entirely different – and you may find yourself on an exciting new adventure, one that you never deemed possible.

If you can dream it, you can be it.

I often say to my clients,

“ Right now, at this very moment, if you could be anyone or anything in the world – what would you be?”

I’d like you to answer that question now.

If you said something entirely different from who or what you are being now I’d like you to ask yourself why?

Why aren’t you living your truth?

Why aren’t you being your authentic self?

And I’d rather not get excuses, I’d rather get action.

I want you right now to take steps to align yourself with your truth. It doesn’t have to be a huge step – just a little step every day in the direction of your truth.

But how do you know if you’re living your authentic truth, aligning with your authentic spirit?

SoulSutras 87

Perfect – real and illusion, cont…….

How are you going??

Are things feeling more peaceful???

When you detach and learn not to expect something to be a certain way, let things happen as they should without force and control – perfectly – then you’re life and the way you move through it will begin to flow so much more smoothly.

Peace comes from inside – no matter what’s going on outside.

Peace comes when we are able to just accept things for what they are, and not have to react aggressively or angrily. Peace comes when we are able to detach ourselves from people who are no good for us. Peace comes when we let go of harboring resentment or anger at someone who we think has hurt us. Peace comes when we learn not to be jealous, spiteful or hurtful.

Accept every situation as perfect.

Instead of thinking, 

Why is this happening tome?


Why is this happening for me? 

What is my learning from this situation, person or nightmare?

You’ll soon see that indeed everything that happens for you is happening perfectly.

Why not let yourself make mistakes, and happily look at what you can learn from them, not beat yourself up over them.

Instead of striving for perfection, know you are perfect just as you are.

So as you go about your day today, think of me and smile at your adversity, smile at your misfortunes, smile at your achievements, smile at the grump who served you coffee this morning, smile, because everything that is happening for you today is happening perfectly.

I hope you have the most perfect day.

And tonight as you are drifting off to sleep I want you to log on to TempleTunes and listen to Lou Reed’s Perfect Day,and be glad you spent the day with you – you perfectly gorgeous being.

SoulSutras 86

Perfect – Real or Illusion?

Perfect – real andillusion.

On the one hand, perfect conjures up a kind of feeling that everything has to be ‘right’ and ‘just’ or a ‘certain way’ for us to be happy and joyful.

But perfection can make you feel undervalued, unloved and not enough.

Striving to be perfect in everything you do is exhausting and a very stressful way to live indeed.

On the other hand – knowing you areperfect – just as you are – whole and complete can help you live a stress free life.

At the core of your being, in the centre of your heart – lies your truth.

That’s why so many light workers tell you to ‘go within’ or ‘find the space inside your heart’, it’s because it is there that everything is perfect.

We create an idea of what perfect is and what it is not – it is just based on our individual perception.

How do you view perfect?

I would like you to spend today practicing the following –

No matter what happens to you throughout the day, whatever the experience ‘appears’ to be – whether you deem it to be fabulous or frustrating, a success or a failure, spend a moment just letting it be.

Detach from reacting to the situation out of habit or fear and view it from the outside looking in.

I want you to take a different view, today and everyday.

Instead of stewing all day over your morning coffee that wasn’t quite hot enough, your partner not texting you back, being cut off on your morning commute, not getting that raise you were hoping for, not getting that promotion you were after – whatever the case may be – I want you to take a different view.

I want you to experience that moment for what it is – perfect!

Bad, good or indifferent – it is perfect – whole and complete.

Perfectly designed by you, for you, so that you can move into alignment with the greatest version of your ‘self’.

Every person you meet has stepped across your path at the perfect time and for the perfect purpose, so that you can move into alignment with the greatest version of your ‘self’.

Every situation you encounter has been sent to you at the perfecttime and for the perfectpurpose, so that you can move into alignment with the greatest version of your ‘self’.

Not your perceived ego self, but your soul truth – your spirit – your real self, your perfectself.

What a gift!

Aren’t you lucky!!

SoulSutras 85

How Do You Handle Stress cont………

Faith & Trust.

Now, before you get hysterical like I use to and stop reading, let me explain further.

When I started meditating I use to get this guidance over and over again.

I was angry because I didn’t really understand what it meant.

But now I do.

I have been through some incredibly challenging times over the past 7 years, but I’m not alone.

We all face hardship on our journey through life – I am certainly not the only one, and hardship brings with it stress.

Stress is a bi-product of your reaction to a situation and your reaction is merely a choice.

It is important to relinquish control of a situation you know you can’t change.

Stress arises when we feel overwhelmed, out of control, uncertain, uncomfortable.

When you notice you are stressed – snappy, tense, clenched fist, clenched jaw, first, take a deep breath,

And then

Have faith.

The universe always works in your favor.

You’ve probably heard the universe often dismantles the old to make way for the new.

And the new always arrives, and is always in line with the path you are meant to be on.

If some drastic situation arises in your life, take a step back – – relinquish control and let it unfold, naturally, in it’s own way and in it’s own time.

You don’t have to have all the answers.

You can just let things be.

Have faith that everything is happening for a reason.

And trust.

Trust in a higher plan.

You can’t go through life pushing, forcing and controlling – if a situation is meant to be then it will be, if a partnership is meant to be, then it will be.

If you lose your job, don’t stress, trust there will be another, better suited and more aligned with your values.

If you lose a partner, don’t stress have faith the right person hasn’t shown up for you yet and trust that they will show up when they are meant to.

Having trust and faith enables you to let go, relinquish control, let things be.

This in turn lowers your stress levels as you let everything unfold as it should.

Sometimes the best thing you can do is step back. 

Don’t anticipate an outcome – let the universe surprise you!

The next time someone is squeezing your skull –breathe – and connect with your inner TempleSoul, that place of calm and knowing and say,

I have complete trust and faith that what is transpiring in my life is for my own highest and greatest good. And so it is.

Then let it go.

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SoulSutras 84

How Do You Handle Stress?

I was sitting in my office the other day, Finders Keepers on Riversdale Road, and looked up and noticed a woman on the far side of the café.

She looked familiar.

So familiar.

You know you know them but you can’t quite place them.

It has been ten years since I’ve lived in Melbourne so I had to dig quite deep.

Was it school, kindy, yoga????

And then it hit me, she was my old neighbor, at least I was pretty sure.

I finished my coffee and my blog and grappled with whether I would go and interrupt her.

I did.

What did I have to lose?

I excused myself and then asked if she had lived in my neighborhood.

She hesitated and replied yes with a quizzical look on her face.

I said, “It’s me Annie, Rachael, from Percy Street!”

She jumped up, screamed and gave me a massive hug.

We had such a lovely chat and I met her gorgeous son I had held as a baby just before we left for Singapore – now ten years old.

I am so glad I took the chance to go and speak with her. We exchanged numbers and rekindled a lovely friendship.

So why am I telling you this story and what has this got to do with stress???

Well, she said to me,

“ I noticed you sitting there typing away on your computer and I thought, I have never seen such a relaxed and content woman, I wish I could be like that!”.

So how do I stay so relaxed and comfortable, even in the midst of turmoil and uncertainty – which is my life right now?