Her life changed forever when, as a 16 year old girl, she looked out the window and saw a young man – the latest farmboy.

Her father’s harsh ways meant he went through them quite regularly and she was used to seeing men come and go: tending to the horses, keeping the hedges trimmed and the grounds neat and tidy.

As soon as she locked eyes on him, she felt something stir deep inside her.

It was a knowing – a warm feeling that sent flutters through her entire body.

It would be days before she would meet him.


Inanna had a deep love of horses and rode them daily.

She was always brushing them, feeding them and spent most of  her time down in the stables.

She had a magnificent black stallion, Mr Tim, and had just been for a long ride.

As she approached the stables, she slowed to a trot, preparing to dismount.

Out of nowhere a hand came out and grabbed the bridle.

She looked down, a little cross at first. She was more than capable of getting herself off her horse.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you”.

And there he was.

She’d never been in love before and found it curious she was feeling this way having never said a word to the young man in front of her. The feeling was unmistakable. The knowing undeniable.

Inanna let him guide her off her horse and let him lead it to the stables.

“I’m Eamon” he said – “The new Farmboy”. He bowed in front of her, an exaggerated and over the top gesture.

She smiled coyly and nodded.

His eyes were a deep, dark brown. His hair long, black and curly. His skin olive.

He wasn’t a huge man, quite the opposite, but his arms were well defined from all his hard labour.

It was his skin she noticed first – smooth, unmarked, familiar.

He had a lovely Irish lilt and a gentleness and kindness of heart she had never encountered before.

He had a way about him, an ease.

He was to be her first love.