The Creative Spirit Retreat - 2
March 19th – 24th 2017

Part 2

And so it was time to visit the private residence of Emmo and Narcisse Italiaander, that housed one of the most impressive private collections I have ever seen.

Their beautiful home sits on a hectare of land bordering the rice fields surrounding Borobudur temple – it’s peaceful and powerful energy emanating across the land and filtering through this stunning abode.

Designed by a young Indonesian Architect he has managed seamlessly to fuse together traditional Indonesian design and contemporary, modern architecture finding the perfect balance.

A 120 square metre traditional Javanese pavilion or ‘Joglo’ as they are known, is the first structure that greets you. The high white walls just beyond the pavilion cleverly create an air of excitement and mystery at what lies beyond – and I can assure you we were not disappointed!

I absolutely love art and architecture and this modern home was the perfect companion for this incredible modern art collection and to be able to be shown through it by its owners was very special indeed.

The collection was truly breathtaking. I have never seen artwork like it - only in a modern museum, certainly not a private collection. I couldn’t quite believe I hadn’t fully charged my camera and had no mobile to take photos on - just as well I have my memory where I can store it all. The few images I managed to capture are here below.

Being the daughter of a very contemporary architect, this home’s clean, contemporary lines are what I am used to and what I love. Although the architecture itself wasn’t all that ground-breaking, the surrounds, and the gardens, the sculptures, the clean lines and minimalist feel accentuated the extraordinary artwork housed inside.

Despite its very modern look and feel, this home settled seamlessly into the Javanese landscape - Borobudur visible from the second story when the weather permitted.

I will never forget this very special home and have enormous gratitude to our hosts Emmo and Narcisse for graciously giving up their time on the day and so generously showing us around and familiarizing us with the creative hearts of Java.

For more information on Emmo and his beautiful home and extraordinary art collection please follow the link below to a recent and very informative online article of this exceptionally talented Dutchman.

After the wondrous amble through that stunning private collection, it was back to the hotel to freshen up, have some lunch, enjoy a beautiful meditation and then it was off on foot through the streets of Java to the 9th Century Buddhist temple – Borobudur.

This meditation would bond the circle and call in our guides – my divine goddess was front and centre.
I took my place in this warm, light filled room against the large, open window – that familiar warm, Asian breeze blowing gently at my back.

As we were about to start the breeze blew in the call to prayer.

Dani used this to enter meditation.

We started with four rounds of four breaths followed by kriya breathing. We then pulled the breath down into our Sacral Chakra – Svadisthana - the second energy centre.

Orange in colour it is the centre of our creativity and sexuality, our movement and our emotions.

As per usual I started crying – this is common practice for me, as when I connect with my Higher Self and feel the love and the power from which we are made, it just overwhelms me. She sat before me showing me my etheric body and some of the magic it could do and then she filled my entire being with this beautiful creative energy – bright orange like the glow of the setting sun – it was magnificent.

She was holding up a mirror to my soul and I was both luminous and magnificent - strong and powerful, wise & all knowing, both pure energy and pure love.

Can everyone please start meditating, already!

After this extraordinary meditation it was off to the ancient temple. We met our guide, Latif, who was gorgeous and smiley in that unmistakably Indonesian way. We had a fabulous guided tour and one cannot help but think of the incredible history and spirituality of this amazing temple – of all the people before us who have walked these sacred steps to the highest stupor.

Borobudur is a spectacular display of craftsmanship and the detail and work that has gone into this incredibly ancient site blew my mind. The sense of peace that ensued when you were either standing, looking in awe at this holy shrine or when you were meditating against that ancient stone, looking out over the valleys, with the hills at your back - the sense of peace and calm could not be ignored. I get that sense every time I visit a Buddhist temple – such is their way.

After the tour we had an hour to spare. Some sat in meditation, some in contemplation, I decided to do a spiraling meditation. Our teacher had taught us how to do this earlier in the day, so this is what I would do.

I walked in a clockwise direction starting at the top of the temple at the highest stupor, making my way down to the bottom.

Shoes off so I could connect directly to this sacred earth I made my dissent, in silence and in prayer.

I would stop at each cardinal point, North, South, East and West where there was a gorgeous stone lookout over the surrounding valley’s and would put my hands in prayer at my third eye, breathe in through my crown and decree my intention out through my heart and into the Universal flow.

Oh Great Spirit,
Please fill my mind with creativity, inspiration and abundance
So that I may birth my offering
to the world.
May it be filled with divine love, divine joy, divine happiness and divine grace.
And so it is
And so it is
And so it is.

Needless to say, I have never in my life felt so connected, loved and supported.

If you feel compelled to visit this sacred site please follow your heart.

I didn’t feel like crowds after that, so when the others went to dinner, I went for a massage. It was the perfect end to a perfect day.

My massage took place outside under cover by the pool. My need to submerge and cleanse myself in water after that meditation was very strong and I obliged its calling.

It was dark, the rain was falling softly outside and again the call to prayer was wafting on the wind. After a firm, strong massage I dived straight into the cleansing water. Two little frogs accompanied me on my laps. The rain was falling harder now and I could feel it washing away all I had released today and integrating all I was ready to receive.

I was feeling more myself than ever before - the universe cradling me in its arms - safe and sound.