The Creative Spirit Retreat - 3
March 19th – 24th 2017

Part 3

Day 3 Sunrise at Borobudur.

There is one thing I love more than a Buddhist Temple and that is a Buddhist temple at sunrise full of worshipping monks. It just opens my heart and fills it with love and peace.

This morning we arrived at Borobudur under the cover of darkness and were met by a dozen monks on their morning pilgrimage. I’m not sure what it is but seeing those holy men clothed in orange exuding peace and calm just centres me and fills me to the brim with gratitude for our sacred earth.

We made our way up to the top of the temple - the number of stairs barely noticeable as the first rays of sun touched this majestic monument.

It was hard to find a spot as it appeared we weren’t the only ones who thought of watching the sunrise at Borobudur today. I was in heaven. I just followed the monks as they made their way in a circular motion around the top stupor chanting a mantra as they went.

Words cannot describe the view – the mountains and valleys shrouded in mist, mirroring the ancient secrets of this sacred site. It was quiet and still except for the soft hum of Buddhist prayer. It was a magical experience and one I will never forget.

The magnificence of this temple has to be seen to be believed.

Sony Santosa and the Eloprogo Arts Project

The first gallery we visited today was Sony’s – a man of extraordinary character – unique, uninhibited, free and easy. He spent his days amongst the most lush and fertile surroundings, painting. I just loved his style.

After taking in his art, and buying a piece, we sat for meditation at the junction of a river where the masculine and feminine met - Elo - the masculine, and Progo - the Feminine.

This meditation at this very sacred union was to unify the two archetypal energy flows of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine together in our heart space.

I loved this sitting and the writing exercise that followed. The words ran so freely onto the page I astounded myself!

Never had anything flowed so beautifully and effortlessly.

We would use that piece of writing later that night to voice our decree again amongst the circle of goddesses, but first it was a beautiful local lunch prepared by Sony’s wife as we sat high above the strong and vocal current of the river.

Dragonflies darted across the sky, butterflies played happily amongst the wild flowers and life was good.

It was then onto another gallery before heading home to shower and briefly rest before gathering by the lotus pond to meditate.

Out of nowhere, as so often happens in Asia, came the most beautiful and fierce storm I had encountered in a while. As you become familiar with my writing and spiritual journey, you will realize just how important storms are for my spiritual progress. Storms herald in my wild, uninhibited side and I feel very comfortable in that space.

As we all sat down - our pieces of paper in hand from our lunchtime meditation - we were all shocked out of our skin when the most thunderous clap came right above us. We were all left wide eyed and buzzing, the electrical current making its presence felt in our causal bodies.

It was a lovely gathering and stating my Divine Goddess decree (Java, Indonesia Part 1) felt like I was welcoming back an old friend. We might call her Lola! The ferocity of the storm heralding in a divine integration of energy I had lost contact with many years ago and had called back fully today. She was making her fierce, free and powerful self known and I felt whole and complete.

Day 4

The morning meditation by the water’s edge worked with the creative energy of the Sacral Chakra. It was a long meditation, well for me anyway, and my teacher sat diligently by my side until the last of my tears had fallen and peace ensued. During this meditation I again remembered that I am divine – a divine creative expression of the Universe.

I am love.
I am all that is within my heart.

This is what meditation is about - to silence that busy mind and connect in with the heart, to find that divine communion with all that is and to realize there is no duality - you are in fact one in the same.

That’s a powerful realization.

I must say after that meditation I didn’t much feel like going out, however I was here to see the art, so I would soldier on. It was a long day and for me a bit tiring. The galleries we visited were absolutely spectacular and on any other day I would have reveled in it but sometimes a day spent in contemplation is far more constructive.

I think we visited three galleries that day, all diverse, all amazing. I did manage to buy one more piece. I was so restrained, I could have gone crazy!

Day 5

Our last day in Indonesia started with another gorgeous meditation – this time it was to connect with the spirit of Shiva energy, through Japa Mala.

Japa Mala is a traditional meditation where you recite a mantra through the 108 rotations of the Japa Mala.
If you have read my ‘Bali SoulJourns’ you will be familiar with the Mala.

This morning we would be chanting

Om Namaha Shivaya

Again, my Divine Goddess was with me and this time we were blessing my sacred space - TempleSoul - the physical space on the water’s edge, I often see while meditating and as yet to come into the physical.

Then it was off to Prambanan Temple.

Prambanan is a 9th century Hindu temple on one of the biggest grounds in Asia. It is made from Volcanic rock which gives it a similar look and feel to the temples in Siem Reap.

It is a beautiful temple, twice destroyed by earthquakes - the people of Java doing an excellent job restoring it each time. It has three major temples dedicated to the three great Hindu divinities

One to Shiva – The Transformer
One to Brahma – The Creator
One to Vishnu – The Preserver

It was so very resonant and I actually found the energy here much stronger than that of Borobudur, particularly in each of the temples.

Our guide kept highlighting the fact that all religions are relaying the same message in their own unique way.

What a fabulous journey. Tiring but fabulous. As always I managed to open up a little bit more of myself, which is why I go on these Spiritual Quests – to open my heart just that little bit more and find my way back to wholeness. I am grateful to our hosts and facilitators of the retreat and the wonderful group of strong, creative, divine goddesses that accompanied me on this special pilgrimage.

Life is incredible.

If you can, make the time to travel – travel far and travel wide – there’s a whole world waiting for you to discover and explore.

Love, laugh, travel and grow.

Let the world be your playground.