Inanna stood in front of Lilith positively fuming.

“I’m sorry Inanna dear but these are orders from the castle, and you must obey”.

Inanna was exasperated.

“How long has this tradition been going on?” She asked furiously.

“As long as I can remember Inanna dear, it is a great honour to be asked to work at the castle.”

Inanna sat down clutching the scroll in her hand.

Some honour! She pointed out to Lilith she wasn’t being asked, this wasn’t a question, it was an order. She couldn’t say, no thank you, even if she wanted to.

Why was it that there were men in her life that deemed it their responsibility to make decisions on her behalf? It had happened with her father when he married her off to the repugnant Beircheart Laird and now it was happening with the King.

This was not her choice, this was not something she wanted to do.

She did not like being told what to do and she desperately did not want to give up her life as a healer and become a servant of the kings!

No matter how handsome he was.

She loved her life at the temple. She was the happiest she had ever been.

It was times like these she hated being a woman.

Where were her rights?

Where was her freedom of choice?

She felt stuck and trapped in this male dominated world.

She felt a sense of powerlessness, of hopelessness.

She knew her purpose in life was to fulfil her potential, to grow and to learn – and she felt the men in her life were inhibiting this freedom of expression, limiting her, holding her back.

It was at these moments Inanna fell back into her old habits and belief systems, forgetting she had the power to change the circumstances.

She had an over-baring father who had taken it upon himself to make the ‘right’ decisions for Inanna and now it was as though history was repeating itself.

To Inanna she had no choice.

It was her fate and in two weeks she would become an employee of the mighty King Silas.