The time had come.

Inanna had packed the last of her things and said goodbye to Ren and William Able and finally to Lilith.

“Inanna, you’re only going a hundred feet up the road. We will see each other often. I am sure you will be able to come and visit the temple when you please.”

Inanna was indignant.

She grabbed her bag and walked to the castle, she refused to let anyone accompany her.

They were told of the day’s proceedings in the courtyard of the castle.

Everyone was beyond excited at this once in a lifetime honour and saw it as a privilege, that they were the chosen ones, everyone, except Inanna. She felt her rights had been abused and she wasn’t the slightest bit amused – her fury was written all over her face.

They all filed into the Great Hall, one by one.

It was opulent and ostentatious – and the refines of this temple felt very restrictive indeed.

If it wasn’t bad enough that she had been forced to abandon what she loved to come and work for the king, she now had to bow before him and accept graciously her new life – one that he had chosen for her.

Far from seeing the opportunity such an honour could bring, Inanna only saw hardship, veiled by the anger of her emotions.

She knelt reluctantly – the energy in the hall was electric, full of excitement, a new beginning for these lowly peasants.

She turned to the woman next to her.

She had a beautiful face, flawless skin, and a nurturing smile. She made Inanna feel a bit more at ease. She held out her hand.

‘I’m M’aam Lisa” she whispered, “It’s a pleasure to meet your acquaintance”.

She was so polite, and seemed a little nervous and shy.

“Inanna”, she said quietly back.

Inanna was kneeling at the right hand side of the corridor. It was all very stately and over the top. M’aam Lisa knelt by her right side.

The trumpets sounded and heads were bowed.

Under no circumstances were you to look at the king as he made his way through the crowd that was made very clear from the beginning.

One was not allowed to speak, or look at the king.

“This should be a fun place to work” said Inanna to M’aam Lisa.

She smirked and held her finger to her lips, urging Inanna to be quiet.

And then in he walked.

As hard as it was for Inanna to admit, he did have incredible energy, presence, and it felt particularly strong today.

He made his way slowly through the throngs of new workers.

Inanna couldn’t help herself, as soon as he approached her she raised her head towards him, looking him directly in the eye, she wanted him to see her contempt.

His pace slowed as he approached her. M’aam Lisa’s head almost hit the floor she would never have had the courage to look at the king.

She didn’t know whether Inanna was mad or fearless, perhaps she was both.

King Silas stopped in front of her and looked towards her – he read her immediately.

If it were anyone else he would have been furious but he simply looked ahead and resumed his walk.

She had hoped he’d got the message.