There was no doubt Silas unlocked something in her.

It was as though she got in touch with something very deep inside herself when she was with him – it was almost primitive and she could imagine if she gave herself to him, it would be tender yet wild.

Sensuality and sexuality – he held both, he was mystical and exotic but she sensed he could be psychologically dangerous.

He gave off so much sexual energy and like water it was deep and she could see women sensed that when they were in his presence.

She sensed it too.

Inanna was rattled and flustered for the remainder of the night.

She was dropping things, spilling things – Silas took great pleasure in seeing her this way.

Everyone had gone thankfully and it was some hours later.

The staff sat around the kitchen table – Minnie was telling stories and keeping them all entertained. Inanna relaxed for the first time since that fateful moment.

M’aam Lisa came to the kitchen door,

“King Silas will take his supper now. Inanna, he’d like you to bring it”.

She felt sick.

She looked at Minnie who could see what had transpired over the course of the night. Much like Mrs Emmett she made it her business to know exactly what was going on between these castle walls.

The two of them shared a moment together.

She neatened her hair, freshened her up and calmed her down with a shot of warm port.

“Remember who you are Inanna – calm, self-assured, alluring” she added cheekily. “Go on now darlin’, you’ll be right”.

Inanna took the tray in her hands – she was visibly shaking and had to take a moment to breathe – deeply.

She was terrified.

Terrified of loving him, terrified he wouldn’t love her back, terrified he would hurt her, terrified he would leave.

Never before had anyone evoked such turmoil within.

This love felt terrifying, unfamiliar – what had he awoken in her and was she ready for it?

She took a deep breath and knocked on the door.