Inanna had a terrible night that night.

Minnie looked after her.

She was vomiting and feverish – alcohol certainly did not agree with her.

She was crying and upset and had a fitful sleep.

She swore off that dreadful stuff right there and then – it was not for her.

Silas came into the kitchen that morning, he was more chipper than usual – lighter.

“Good morning Minnie. It’s a beautiful day – I shall take breakfast in the courtyard by the southern tower. Inanna can bring it.”

“Oh, I am sorry Sire, Inanna is unwell this morning. She is spending the day in the temple. She will be back this evening,”

She was unsure how the King would react – he was usually such a gruff and unappealing fellow, but on this occasion he let it slide.

“Well, I shall see her this evening when she brings me my supper”.

It became a nightly ritual now and one Inanna looked forward to very much.

Silas knew not to offer her wine and instead made sure there was a pot of tea for her.

Inanna was beginning to think he enjoyed the nights with her as much as she did with him.

He relaxed and opened up a little bit more each time she visited.

He told her all about his life, how his mother had died when he was young leaving him with his father.

His father took lots of mistresses – there were always women coming and going and when he died in battle – Silas inherited the throne, and a few of his father’s traits thought Inanna.

He was twenty-one.

He didn’t look much older than this now.

“I saw you noticed my beads. They were my fathers.” He took them off and handed them to her.

She knew them as Mala beads – prayer beads.

She looked curiously at the Ankh.

“He was Egyptian”

“Aah, that explains the Ankh.” Said Inanna.

“Are you familiar with Egyptian mythology?” “A little’ she said.

“The Ankh represents the beauty of life” continued Inanna. “It certainly does” he replied.

“Tell me about you Inanna, I’m interested in your life”.

She told him everything and he listened intently. Inanna was an open book – she wasn’t ashamed of her life – she knew all facets of it were important and relevant.

She told Silas how she missed the temple terribly and that healing was her passion. She missed Lilith and Ren but she had also made some lovely friends at the castle.

He seemed genuinely interested in the healing but she didn’t know whether this was just a ruse or he actually was.

“You have a way with horses. Do you like them?”

“Oh yes Sire, very much. I used to ride daily. It would be my dream to have a horse of my own again one day.”