These nightly meetings took place for months.

Silas and Inanna had formed a very strong bond, a deep relationship and they could communicate easily these days.

He was keen to learn everything about her, and she about him.

They shared the same sense of humour, liked the same things – and there was chemistry, that’s for sure.

Curiously though, neither of them would admit their feelings to the other.

Was it stubbornness, or did they see in each other’s eyes the fear of rejection?

Both wanted to say more but for some reason they with held.

It was as though Silas held up a mirror to her soul and at times this made her uncomfortable, perhaps for him it was the same.

Inanna had grown very fond of Silas and enjoyed life at the castle.

He seemed to pop up wherever she was and he always called for her should he need anything done.

She was upset to learn that he was going away for a while.

This terrified her.

She felt a connection so strongly between them and when she was with him, there was a glimpse of the Inanna of old.

When she was with Silas she felt bold and brave, strong and sexy, confident and whole – she felt herself.

It was as though she couldn’t be this person without him, and dreaded the days he wasn’t around.

He made her feel alive.

Of course Inanna was the one asked to bring Silas his horse.

She knew he was leaving and this upset her terribly.

She didn’t know for how long he was going and this made her heart break.

Will the chemistry still be there when he got back? Would he miss her as much as she would miss him?

Would he ever return?

It was the first time she had felt something for anyone since her beloved Eamon, and she was still a little guarded in the area of love given what she had been through with Beircheart.

As he was sitting atop his stallion, all dressed up in his battle gear he looked powerful, strong – she admired these qualities in him.

As she brushed the horse, she looked up at Silas and with a look of longing asked,

“Do you have to go?”

And there it was – a moment of surrender – and with that she had exposed the treasures of her heart.