He couldn’t be more different from Inanna in this way – in this realm they were total opposites.

Inanna didn’t see the need to sleep with every man she came into contact with and certainly didn’t use sex to lift her self esteem – she was incredibly comfortable in her own skin and did not need anyone to validate her worth – especially not a man.

Apart from Beircheart, and this she didn’t even count, Eamon was the only man she’d ever made love to.

To her sex was a sacred act, her body a sacred temple.

Sexual and orgasmic energy was life force energy, creative energy and present within all of us.

She used the sacred act of sex and orgasm to manifest – she worked with source energy, not against it.

Sexual energy is a powerful force and when directed with ones intention, magical.

One of the most powerful experiences we can experience is the power of orgasmic energy.

This was Inanna’s view and her practice.

Alone, with a partner, or with multiple partners  – of the same sex or of different – she wasn’t fussed, it was the sacred act and the energy this produced, and the power of the energy this produced that she wanted to experience.

She wasn’t after instant gratification – she was after long and sacred practice – building the energy slowly over time. She wanted it to ebb and flow, be long lasting and meaningful.

She wanted to harness this energy, work with it, create magic with it – this was her sacred practice.

This potent energy could heal, could manifest, could connect you to source – it was all powerful and available anywhere, anytime.

No partner was even necessary, although helpful at times.