Divine Dance

Divine sex – you know – you’ve always known.

The divine way you taught me

Teach me how, now.

On the slab, every time.

You know.

Take yourself higher and higher with me

For some reason each time with me


I’m Yours

You feel the serpent rise, you feel, you know.

I serve

I teach

I’m yours

You know

She’s here

You need the slab, on the slab

Spirit and serpent rises on the slab, you remember, you taught me
You created me and I am back

We are back.

You know what you want

You know what you need

You know what you see

Don’t be scared of your sex

She’s here

She wants to come back

She’s here

The Priestess

She’s here

Welcome Priestess

Feel her

It’s so important

Feel her

You are one, it’s all encompassing and magnificent





Divine sexual union and One.

Inanna, the goddess

With you again, seeking again

She’s here

Welcome Priestess