There was much excitement in The Village of Nor in anticipation of the king’s return home.

Inanna felt exhilaration, mixed with trepidation.

She wasn’t sure what to expect when he returned.

King Silas was volatile, unpredictable and while she liked this part of his personality it did make it more difficult to read him.

Her feelings for him hadn’t changed in the slightest and over the year, she had become a little more together, had learned to stand in her power a little bit more.

She and Lilith had dived deep into spiritual practice while he had been away and there was no doubt this helped her feel this way.

She had been working on her third chakra – Manipura, the City Of Jewel’s as it was known.

It shone yellow like the sun and was the seat of one’s power.

Lilith thought it would be very important moving forward that Inanna learnt to harness the energy of this beautiful chakra.

This chakra brought with it the gifts of clarity, self-confidence, knowledge, wisdom and the ability to make correct choices.

It was about radiating your power into the world.

Lilith had seen the woman Inanna had become over her months at the castle and when she was with Silas there was a sense of attachment and desperation she thought fuelled her actions.

Inanna was a strong girl, this she knew, and Lilith knew she was going to have to exert all her power if she chose Silas as a partner. She would need to meet him head on, or risk getting walked all over.

She would need to meet him at his level if there was going to be any equality in this partnership.