Silas was back but it would be some months before Inanna came face to face with him.

He hadn’t asked her to bring supper, nor held any lavish dinners, he was barely seen at all, preferring to keep his head down and slowly readjust to life back behind the castle walls.

He was exhausted physically and emotionally and stayed in his room most of the time.

This was to be expected – the battlefields were gruesome and bloody and the scars from his time away would take time to heal.

He needed this time and she would give it to him.

Inanna seemed to have moved from a state of desperation to a state of acceptance.

Yes, she did love Silas, but knew beyond a shadow of a doubt, he would be the only one that would initiate this relationship – it wasn’t up to her, not in this lifetime.

She thought he could go either way and decided to step out of the way and see what unfolded.

Silas had obviously had enough time and scheduled a feast to thank the staff for looking after things while he was away.

He was curious to see if Inanna would be there, he had a feeling she wouldn’t have stayed around when he was gone, preferring to be at the temple instead.

She was very headstrong, and he admired this quality in her.

Inanna was feeling composed and self-assured – moving from a state of desperation to acceptance, altered the focal point back to centre, back to the present.

Letting go a helpful tool in releasing the binds and taking back the power.

She did look exceptionally beautiful this evening and may have spent a few extra minutes on her appearance and dress tonight.

Silas noticed a difference in her immediately, she seemed stronger, was holding herself differently.

He watched her as she moved gracefully around the room and when she got to Max, his mood changed.

Max was a gorgeous, gregarious Englishman and had been at the castle a while.

Inanna and he had forged a close bond while Silas was away.

He could see the way she relaxed totally in his company.

They seemed to read each other and shared the same sense of humour.

There was a knowing between them, an ease and she felt extremely comfortable around him and Silas noticed this.

It was the first time Silas had felt the pangs of jealousy where Inanna was concerned.

It was more to do with rejection. He knew he held the power over Inanna and now he felt he had lost it.

He didn’t like this feeling.

It felt foreign and uncomfortable.