It was late one night and Minnie, Master Mitchell, Old Tom and Inanna were all chatting in the kitchen.

Silas happened to be lurking nearby and listened in on the conversation, careful not to be seen.

Lilith had formed a strong bond with Master Mitchell and had ways of signalling him from the temple, when she required Inanna’s help.

They would meet at nightfall and Master Mitchell and Old Tom would help Inanna out of the castle without alerting anyone.

Security was strict when Silas was in residence.

Silas did not like to be undermined. He may have let Inanna get away with this before he went away but something had changed in him and he would have to show her he was still the boss.

Everything went as planned, Inanna made her way out of the castle and safely to the temple.

She spent the following few hours healing the sick and it was the middle of the night when she returned.

It was cold and quiet and she made her way across the moonlit fields and through the castle gate.

She was through and immediately felt safe – it was the run across the field that always terrified her, even though she knew she had Master Mitchell and Old Tom looking after her.

She had just pulled the hood of her cape down when she came to an abrupt stop.

She looked up. It was Silas.

He didn’t look happy and forced her against the castle walls. She felt the chill and the damp on her back.

He was definitely showing her he was still boss and he was to be obeyed.

“Can I help you Silas?”

“What were you doing Inanna?”

“I was at the Temple, healing Sire.”

“Without my permission?”

“Yes Sire, without your permission”

The sexual tension between them was tangible.

He stared at her, a look of longing in his eyes, she could tell he wanted to fuck her and hard.

She remained composed and strong.

“What am I going to do with you Inanna?” he said.

She smiled up at him seductively and said, “I’ve got a few ideas”.