That broke the ice and they were soon back on track.

Their nightly ritual resumed and Inanna was enthralled by all Silas’s stories from the past year.

She tended to his battle wounds, some still lingering and festering over the months.

She made it her duty to be his private physician, tending gently to his every want and need.

She offered him massage and healing, of which he declined both.

She had hoped one day he would take her up on the offer.

She knew there was a lot to heal but felt sure he’d much rather keep it in then ever bring it up to the light. There was a lot of deep emotion she felt sure he wasn’t ready to explore.

She wasn’t offended, just intrigued and longed to dive into his field and explore the deep connection they shared, but for now he wasn’t letting her in.

She loved his mystery and wanted to unravel it.

He wasn’t an easy nut to crack however, but she was patient and persistent. She knew not to push him too hard as he would always push back.

He was very guarded and the walls around his heart were very thick indeed.

She suspected it had something to do with his mother’s sudden death when he was young.

Inanna would bring it up occasionally and he would shut it down just as quickly, unwilling to talk about it.

The mood of the castle had lightened finally.

Inanna and Silas were getting on especially well and this made everyone happy.

Silas could see how much she’d grown, how many friends she had made and how happy she seemed.

She really did have such a lovely personality, a lovely energy to her.

She was cheeky and mischievous and then tender and gentle, he had grown very fond of her.

At times he wondered how anyone could like him, he was such a moody and aloof bastard at times.

To Inanna, his sense of self-worth, seemed compromised.

Who would think someone like Silas would ever have any self worth issues – he was exceptional looking, lived in a castle, had servants waiting on him hand and foot and he was a King, revered by many throughout the land.

Inanna felt he was hiding a sense of worthlessness behind a façade of superiority.

Rather than valuing himself, he seemed to measure his worth on his roles and material success, not to mention his womanly conquests.

She feared he had maybe even convinced himself that this is who he was. He definitely had an over-inflated ego and she felt this clouded his truth – his essence.

It was part of his mystery, part of his intrigue.