Healing helped people clear their energy.

Like an onion, it would peel away the layer’s one by one – each layer lifted brought you one step closer to the truth.

People hid behind masks – tightly held belief systems, hard to break habits, intense and deep emotion, fear, jealousy, hatred and anger.

Inanna believed your journey here on earth, in this time and space was for you to grow, evolve, learn and become.

Inanna believed whole-heartedly in the power of healing and was sure she had been a healer in many past lives before – it was the running thread throughout her lives.

It brought her so much joy and she could think of nothing better than sharing this gift with others.

Helping them uncover their truth, change their belief systems, step out of fear and into courage, raise their vibration – it was beautiful to watch.

She admired those who had the courage to front up and delve into something many didn’t understand.

Energy is invisible to most, but can be seen and felt by others.

She was absolutely passionate about teaching people about their energy bodies.

Yes we are physical beings, but we are non-physical as well.

We know we have a liver and lungs, organs and blood, a brain and a heart but many of us were unaware we also had chakras, and auras, spirits and souls.

Chakras were energy centres each one with their own qualities and gifts.

Each chakra had an energy body that made up the aura.

Our aura vibrated at a certain frequency and was evolving and changing every minute of every day, affecting our very natures.

Every thought, every word, every feeling, everything affected this energetic field, and if negative energy was left in the body and left to accumulate, it would eventually cause dis-ease within the physical vehicle.

Healers had a great gift, the gift of being in touch with this energy. They could feel it, see it and move it around.

Just as the body has five senses, taste, touch, sight, sound and smell, so too did each body possess five clair-senses .

Clairvoyance – Clear vision, Clairaudience – Clear hearing, Clairsentience – Clear feeling, Clairalience – Clear smelling, Claircognizance – Clear knowing

And everyone had the ability to develop these psychic sensitivities – it was just a matter of trust and faith and learning to tune in to the right frequency through meditation.

To Inanna, energy was the most important factor anyone needed to know about – every single thing in this entire universe is made of energy and the energy of each individual affected everything else on the planet.

In her eyes it was the single most important thing a person could learn – and she had made it her mission to teach all those willing to learn.