She gave up on Silas, or at least trying to push the healing on him – he just wasn’t ready.

For now, just being with him was enough.

Silas and Inanna could often be found in the kitchen garden where he would watch her make her healing potions and oils from plants and herbs – she really was an incredible talent.

She would talk him through the procedures, show him how it was done and then what could be done with the oils and potions she had made.

He talked to her about starting a business, harnessing this knowledge and building an empire.

She would laugh at him – Silas, ever the opportunist.

She was more interested in helping people, giving to the community, that’s what she was all about, he couldn’t understand this.

He would work on her.

Silas needed someone who would match his intelligence and Inanna certainly did this.

She was more than capable – independent, free thinking, non-judgmental and he learned a great deal when he was with her.

They would take long walks around the grounds of the castle and occasionally he would bring her fresh flowers from the garden.

He was beginning she thought to open up. It was obvious he had to garner ones trust before he would let his feelings be known.

Being vulnerable was not one of his strengths.

He asked her about her favourite colours, her favourite memories, her favourite songs – he enjoyed getting to know her.

She was open and warm.

He began to think she would make a good wife, but was hesitant as he also knew independence and freedom was something she cherished deeply and after her disastrous first marriage to Beircheart he wondered whether she would ever marry again.

Of course being King, he could demand her hand in marriage – but he knew this would destroy her and he admired her too much now to do that.

Inanna had also told him about her one true love and he wondered as he looked at her now, if she ever held out hope that he would return one day, whether the love for him was still in her heart.

This was always at the back of his mind.

Never before had anyone spoken of such a deep love – he thought it must have been one-of-a-kind, and wondered whether they could ever share such a deep connection