Inanna had made some wonderful friends at the castle and they had all become extremely close.

Aside from M’aam Lisa and Minnie, she had become very close to Isabella Gina.

Bella was as black and white as you could get. She didn’t mince words and you knew exactly where you stood with her. Some were afraid of her but Inanna could see past the bravado to the kind and caring woman she was.

Inanna knew William would be perfect for her and had introduced the two – they had hit it off instantly.

He was the yin to her yang – He gentle and soft, she feisty and powerful.

Bella wasn’t too keen on King Silas and could see Inanna’s affection toward him. She thought him to be unstable and unpredictable – untrustworthy.

She was very protective of Inanna and did not want to see her get hurt. Bella had been at the palace a very long time and had seen many women come and go and she did not like the way Silas treated them.

Inanna listened to Bella and always went to her for advice. She was a very good judge of character and did not mince words.

She made her feelings be known from the outset – she thought Inanna should not trust Silas – he was a snake, a bullshitter, she could see it a mile off.

Zoe and Bibi were two cousin’s, so similar in looks and personality they would often be mistaken for sisters. Real beauties, they really made a name for themselves in the castle as the go to good time girls.

You were always guaranteed a fantastic time when you were with either of these two.

They were both strikingly beautiful – hard to ignore, with long blonde hair and sparkly blue eyes.

They loved music and singing and were the life of the party, that’s for sure.

They were a lovely compliment to Inanna’s sometimes reserved and intense nature.

They came from a long line of entertainers – The Sheridans as they were known around the land.

There seemed to be hundreds of them – they would come and go from the palace on their way through the village.

There was always a sing-a-long in the kitchen when a relative arrived, and Will Sheridan had a band called The Court Jesters and even the King would get up and dance occasionally, but only with Inanna.

Inanna loved dancing, and she giggled at Silas’s style – he wasn’t terribly co-ordinated, but William Abel, he on the other hand was a dancers dream! He matched Inanna move for move and once the two of them hit the dance floor – there was no chance of getting them off.

The Sheridan’s were all gifted in some way – but music, singing and acting was definitely their thing.

Inanna came alive with music and dancing and the King loved watching her move.