Her body moved sensually and rhythmically to the music – she became luminous and alive when she moved.

It was as though she was in tune with her very essence her soul and he loved watching her embrace the music within.

When she moved her joy was contagious and at times he grabbed her pulling her close and swaying with her.

He’d let her lead and she admired him for this. It wasn’t easy for Silas to give control over to anyone.

She often wondered what he’d be like in the bedroom.

He was so powerful and controlling in his every day proceedings, how would this translate when he made love.

Would he be firm but strong, a little rough and ready? Inanna quite liked it that way.

Would he let a woman take control?

Or would he be attentive, slow and measured?

Would he let another woman join them and would he be open to practicing sacred sex?

When she looked at him, her mind wandered and she became very aware of him.

He was so close now she could literally hear his heart beat, and could feel him becoming aroused.