Silas was well aware that since Inanna had arrived at the palace, the mood had lifted – it wasn’t so sombre and bleak. With her it was sunshine and happiness – she was a great entertainer and made everyone feel welcome.

She spoilt Silas rotten and always had his favourite food and drinks for him and it was these little touches that began to open his heart.

King Silas entered the kitchen as was his routine these days – more so to see Inanna, than Minnie, but this morning sadly she wasn’t there.

This was Minnie’s chance.

“Do you think Inanna would like chocolate or vanilla, M’aam Lisa?”

“Oh, definitely vanilla, Minnie”

“You’re making a cake Minnie?”

“Why yes Sire, it’s Inanna’s birthday next week, Thursday.”

“Oh I see” he murmured and promptly left the kitchen after whispering something in Minnie’s ear.

Inanna had been at the temple that day to attend an important ritual, but she made sure she was back to bring Silas his supper.

She went to the kitchen at nine thirty as she always did, but to her surprise Silas had asked another of the servants to bring his supper.

She immediately went into self-doubt.

Had she offended him? Did he think she was a crazy nut-pot because she was a healer?

Had she read the signals all wrong? Did he not love her, like her even?

Was she making all this up?

She could feel their chemistry, she was sure.

It was beginning to mess with her head – so she tried busying herself. She would take extended walks or ride the horses to clear her head.

Silas was purposely making himself scarce.

Little did she know, he was keeping a close eye on her, during dinner, watching her from his bedroom window, he was aware of her every move.

He’d ignore her during the day, ask Minnie or another of the servants to bring his supper, why he even stopped going into the kitchen.

A week had passed and she was sick with worry.

What had she done to upset him?

She had almost forgotten it was her birthday.

Her friends could see what was going on and could see she was upset.

This is what Bella hated about Silas – he played games, he was a master manipulator, why couldn’t Inanna see it?

Love was blind, she supposed.

Minnie knew what was going on and kept her mouth shut and went along with the game.

Her friends decided to surprise Inanna the morning of her birthday with a trip back to her beloved temple.

With the help of William Abel and Lilith, they transformed the temple to a wonderland.

There were candles burning, fresh flowers everywhere and her favourite incense burning.

They had a beautiful breakfast prepared for her – breakfast being her favourite meal of the day.

She was overwhelmed by their generosity and kindness and never felt worthy enough of receiving such attention and love – the beliefs she made about herself firmly cemented in her field during her time with Beircheart.

They had a lovely morning with Bella and Zoe battling for the spotlight.

Both were large personalities and loved being the centre of attention, which suited Inanna perfectly because she did not.

Bella’s laugh could be heard from the temple to the neighbouring village it was that boisterous.

They were carrying on, talking about King Silas and the other men at the castle, at times being less than kind.

They had certainly managed to take Inanna’s mind off things and she was having a wonderful morning.

After some hours, Minnie came to find her.

“You’re needed in the stables Inanna darling. It’s one of the horses”.

Duty called.