On her way to the prison one day she noticed she felt a sense of anticipation, of excitement at speaking with him, spending time with him.

She felt she was finally breaking through.

In their first few months together he was showing no emotion at all, no feeling.

It was almost as if it were easier for him to get through life by not feeling, perhaps this is what intrigued her about him.

She felt life so intensely.

To Inana, no one could get through life without feeling.

Maybe in his line of work it made it easier to navigate his way through if he abandoned feeling and just stuck to the facts. 

She was more empathetic, feeling her way through life, perhaps naively ignoring the facts.

Facts to her seemed foreign, feelings to her, natural.

Facts to him seemed natural, feelings it seemed, foreign.

After almost a year together Inana believed she was here to teach him to feel again.

To feel alive after years of feeling dead inside, years of suppressing his feelings causing his own self- imprisonment.

She believed deep inside that he would find freedom from the confines of his prison when he learnt to love again, when he learnt to feel again.

Of course she couldn’t force it, this she knew.

She could help him, guide him, but ultimately the law of the Universe gives humans free will and he would learn as much as he needed from her and she from him.

When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.

Over the year, Inana had visited the prison almost weekly.

Jack Henry was showing positive signs – he was gaining weight, speaking, his spirits had lifted.

And then one day it happened.

Inana had gone through prison procedure but this day she was ushered into a different part of the prison.

She was told to go and wait on a chair in front of a winding staircase.

She was told that Jack Henry would see her shortly.

See her, she thought.

A wave of anxiety and anticipation flowed through her.