After a short while he descended the stairs. 

After almost eighteen months the stone wall had come down and she was standing face to face with the man who had only existed in her mind and in her heart.

He was bigger than she imagined, broad shouldered and tall but lithe and lean.

A little unkempt and dishevelled, his beard grew wild and unruly.

His hair was grey, cut short and his round rimmed glasses accentuated his light blue eyes.

He had beautiful, straight, white teeth, a rarity in these times and one of the first things she noticed.

To her at first he seemed distant, aloof, a little apprehensive.

He looked at her intently but with caution and distance. His stare intense and foreboding.

Inana was intrigued.

She looked at him lovingly and with acceptance, eager to embrace all she had felt for him, but it seemed he wasn’t quite ready for her open heart and intense feelings.

Her openness and self assuredness, even foreign to her.

When she spoke he listened, he never took his eyes off her. 

He was inquisitive, didn’t give much away and often used head gestures to answer yes or no rather than speaking. 

He rarely smiled during their hour together but when she left he said something about living his truth, to which she replied, “Oh, I don’t think you are” – he roared laughing.

His laugh would become Inana’s favourite thing about him.