SoulSutras 12

“3 Months, 8 Days, 20 Hours and 31 minutes…….”

…and I can tell you that Gin and Tizzle tasted mighty fine!

Things had got a little much that week.

Still no job for Jules and when you are in a foreign country that’s no good.

Our work passes expire shortly, which means neither of us can work, which means I have to shut down my beloved TempleSoul.

This, to be honest, just made me very sad.

I have loved running my little business and loved getting to know my TempleSoul community.

Everything was just going so well and now seemed to be going so horribly wrong.

It’s one thing to lose your job in your own country, but to lose it overseas just makes everything a little worse.

Not to mention the fact that it’s the second time in three years.

We decided on a week in Cambodia with cousins would do us all the world of good.

Apparently ice cold gin and tonics, red wine and espresso martinis were also a fabulous idea!!!

They were, at the time, but I can tell you now the next day, it didn’t feel like such a great idea.


Where to now?

The prospect of heading back to Australia excited me at first.

We would be reunited with our two other kids, we would be back amongst the sea and surf, the outback, that big, blue sky, but Singapore has been our home for the last seven and a half years and yes, my god we were dealt some challenges, but there is not one part of this journey I would ever change.

I have loved Singapore with all my heart.

I love the friends I have made here with all my heart.

I love TempleSoul with all my heart.

Leaving the red dot is not going to be easy and I must summon all my spiritual strength to do so with grace and ease.

It all comes down to choice.

With challenges, comes choice.