SoulSutras 13

“It Is What It Is……..”

We’ve been given this choice a couple of times in the last few years.

The first was January 2014 when Jules lost his job after twenty years, but that just wasn’t an option.

Mimes was mid way through year 12 and after everything she was dealing with we were hardly going to uproot her and start her at a new school in another country.

We could have gone back with Mimes at the end of year 12, as a family and started up again in Melbourne.

That too was an option, a choice.

However, now we had Jacob to think about.

He would have moved because he’s very gorgeous but he did want to stay and finish his schooling at AIS with his mates and we really didn’t want to deny him that.

Roll on December 2016.

The lease on our house was coming up for renewal December 30th.

Julius lost his job December 14th.

Our car was being taken off the road in April 2017 (They do that here in Singapore)

Our green cards expired April 25th.

The lease for TempleSoul would come up for renewal April 30th.


When you put it down in writing it looks as though we should definitely have headed back.

So many things were coming to an end, and Julius didn’t have a job.

Perfect timing one would say.

I’m sure a few of you know what it’s like to move house, and I’m sure a few of you know what it’s like to move countries.

This move in Singapore, would be our 14th move in 22 years.

I was tired, exhausted actually and the thought of another move, with the potential for another a few months later, should Jules not secure a job, was a little daunting.

(I would get into the reason why I couldn’t secure an Employment Pass, but it really is very long winded.)

So now we find ourselves in a bit of a pickle.

No employment passes, means no work, which means we are now on Tourist Visas.

Yes, I would no longer be able to use the long term pass holders gantry at Changi and would have to line up with all the other foreigners visiting Singapore.

We would now have to go in and out of the country every month until we left.

The kids were on student visas until they finished school but we were the problem.

It is what it is.

Time is running out.

A decision has to made.