SoulSutras 14

“Honouring a Sacred, Divine Union………..”

Before I get to the choice and how you can summon your spiritual strength to do so calmly and with clarity we will take a side trip to Cambodia.

As I said in my previous post, things were a little overwhelming here in Singapore so we decided to take the two boys to Phnom Penh.

We have been visiting Phnom Penh for over seven years now and have developed a real love of it.

It helps to have family there but the opportunities it has shown us and the experiences the children have had there have been life changing.

We’d left Singapore and we were in our happy place.

I love nothing more than just hopping in a tuk-tuk and meandering through the crazy streets of PP.

There’s a certain sense of freedom, adventure and curiosity I feel when I am in these developing countries and seeing what the Cambodians have achieved, after being suppressed and ruled by the Khmer Rouge for so long, is extraordinary.

I love visiting the temples too and do so each time I visit.

Julius was interested this time.

He was desperate to get to Wat Ounalom and meditate. Just the two of us.

Over the course of this year, spiritually we have grown a great deal more connected.

There is no doubt, no alcohol strengthens that connection deeply but I have realised all the inner work I have been doing over the last four years not only affects me but also affects the entire family.

Jemima can tell when I’m tuning in and now Julius can tell, or receives guidance on the steps we are to take next.

To be honest, that gets a little freaky sometimes.

But back to the Wat!

It’s one of my favourite temples, calm, peaceful, inviting.

I didn’t get thrown out because I wasn’t a Buddhist or because I was a woman. No: both Julius and I were graciously welcomed.

There was a monk checking his Facebook when we arrived, and we asked whether he could give us a blessing.

He did.

I do love receiving a blessing from a monk, there’s something very magical and meaningful about it.

Once done, Jules and I sat in front of the alter, lit some incense and meditated for a while.

I meditated on my Divine Goddess mantra, which I will share with you later and received very clear guidance on what to do next.

I was to get Julius to face me, take both his hands in mine and facilitate not only a deep healing process but to honour our sacred and divine union.