SoulSutras 16

“Be The Change You Wish To See In The World…….” Mahatma Ghandi

Yes, on paper, everything looked like we had to pack our bags and head back to Australia.

One of us, or both had to get a job, stat, and get back to what we knew.

The corporate grind.

There were still kids to get through school and university, there were still bills to be paid.

Back to reality and there was a sense of desperation, of distress and anxiousness.

The lovely feeling of peace in Wat Ounalom, just a week before had vanished and in its wake stood desperation and anguish.

This is when I needed to harness all my spiritual strength, put into practice all the knowledge I have learned over the last four years and apply it to the situation.

Jules and I were sitting on our balcony overlooking Bukit Timah, the sun setting and both of us were in disbelief.

How could the Universe let us down so much, how could we be doing all this good work and seemingly getting nowhere?

Why wasn’t it showing us, giving us clear direction?

What more did it want from us?

It was at this moment of sheer desperation I had a moment of sheer clarity.

As Deepak likes to say, “You are the Universe”.

What was I trying to show myself, what were we trying to show each other?

The benevolent Universe had done it again, calmly and peacefully.

It had actually shown us so clearly, that when we took a moment to actually observe, to look and listen through divine eyes and ears it was perfectly clear.

It was showing us two perfectly clear choices.

One focused on love, service and spirit, together, doing what we are here to do

or to step back into what we knew, to step back into corporate abyss.

We were being given the opportunity to make a choice.

Would we fall back into what we knew, what we had always known, what had provided us with security, stability and a fabulous lifestyle,

or would we step off boldly and courageously into a future, vastly different from the one we had led and both step fully into service?

For me, the answer was clear, I knew exactly the choice to make.