SoulSerenade – 1

“Honesty is a funny thing…..”

Lots of people don’t really like it and, quite frankly, I have realised I didn’t really like it until the last year or so!

To me it’s like a good Bob Dylan song. It makes you feel uneasy.

That’s the point.

Every time Bob asks you “How does it Feel?”, you gaze in to your glass and ask “How long have you got, my friend?”.

Like that Paul Kelly song telling you things ain’t quite what they should be: You’ve had a magnificent day in the surf. You’re slightly sunburnt, cold beer in hand washing down the days’ rolling waves. But there is a niggle: Is it about what’s right or wrong? Is it about you or “them”? Is it about what you expect of yourself, or what others expect of you?

Over the past few weeks Rach has posted some heartfelt, honest and revealing stuff. Yes, at times, I haven’t really liked it…….but at the end of the day, we are on this journey together. I have read, re-read, and then read again every single post prior to posting…..and while sometimes they have not been that easy to read – they are truthful and beautiful. What more can you ask?

Rach has been selfless and majestic:

She chose not to write about those times that I was so drunk I crawled over rooftops screaming obscenities. Absurd accusations spewing from my mouth.

Rach chose not to write about those times I wept on the couch, raging about the fact that we had to sell our house and couldn’t pay the school fees or the mortgage.

Rach chose not to write about those times, in the not too distant past, when she cradled me in her arms as I wept like a baby not knowing what would happen next.

She stroked my head until I fell asleep…all the time whispering it would be OK.

One more child to look after.

Instead of revealing me, Rach has revealed herself: That is courage. That is beautiful honesty.

We understand that many people will not comprehend why we have decided to share these experiences, so candidly. Life is a rich and torrid tapestry of weakness and strength, difference and indifference, love and devotion – but all I want to say is this: Rach and I have chosen to live our life honestly – documenting it as such, in the hope that others realise that we all can.

And we all should.

We love each other, our children, our families and our friends – and all that we share together – more than anyone will ever know, and more than we should ever need to explain. We decided we wanted to share our experiences in the hope that others realise that life is real.

Sometimes it is not easy: It is not all chilled champagne, oysters and kids that fit the mould. It is not all red roses, candle lit rooms and catalogue lingerie. Life is challenging. Make no mistake.

It is what you make of those challenges, that defines who you are. With honesty and commitment anything is possible.

Don’t hide behind what others believe – stand in front of what you know is true.

Thanks for your love, light and concern. It is truly appreciated.