TempleSoul Offerings

Rachael loves nothing more than connecting with people on the spiritual level and seeing first hand the significant impact energy healing can have on peoples lives is incredibly rewarding. Each and every time she facilitates an Energy Healing she is brought back home, to her truth, to what she knows is her divine life purpose. Rachael is passionate about sharing everything she has learned and helping people find their own truth and unique gifts and abilities through the healing process. 

One-on-one Intuitive Healing Session – 2 Hours 

Energy Healing is an extraordinary process that can yield extraordinary results. These energy healing sessions are both gentle and revealing. Each person Rachael sees is entirely different and the healing journey together is private and sacred. Energy Healing is a great way to get more in touch with your intuition, your higher self and the sessions are designed to bring forth aspects of yourself that need healing so you can move forward more graciously and effortlessly. 

A one-on-one Intuitive Healing session takes around two hours. In the first hour the healing takes place and in the second Rachael discusses the intuitive guidance she received and answers any questions the client may have. During the healing session Rachael opens up and channels all the energies to which she has been attuned. She works through the chakras and aura and if guided to do any extra work will do so. 

Energy healing works to balance and harmonise the four energy bodies: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. It can help increase vitality, release stress, clear the mind, re-balance energy and the chakras and so much more.

These sessions can take place in person or remotely. 

Rachael has worked with men and women of all ages; with cancer patients, teenagers and toddlers, people experiencing extreme grief and anxiety and people who are just curious. She has formed beautiful bonds with those who come to her regularly and over a number of years.

This healing can invoke profound change and healing and is a miraculous gift we can all tap into.

Cost AUD$220

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Group Healing and Meditation Sessions, tailored to your needs

Having experienced her own spiritual awakening during a group meditation Rachael is an absolute advocate for this type of practice. Group healings are so powerful as the energy amplifies, the more participants take part. It’s also a beautiful place to share and to feel held and witnessed by others in a safe and non-threatening environment. These group circles can be quite general in nature or tailored to specific needs of the participants. Rachael has held many healing and meditation circles over the years with fabulous results and really enjoys this method of healing. 



Rachael is passionate about working with people and teaching them strategies on how to navigate their way through life more peacefully, mindfully and joyfully. 

Her workshops are designed to demystify spirituality and through her unique way of looking at things, she hopes to teach her clients a new and brighter perspective on life. 

These workshops have been designed to help people who are highly stressed, highly anxious, stuck-in-a-rut, or lacking purpose, motivation or drive. Rachael hopes they will clear away negative energy and help people live with more joy, passion and love. 

Rachael is a warm, open and authentic teacher, with a vast knowledge on energy and how we work and make our way through this world as an energetic being. She creates a beautiful, safe and sacred space for those who are ready to take control of their lives and get back on track.

Her sessions are light-hearted and practical and Rachael loves nothing more than to teach what she loves and  help people reconnect with their soul and authentic purpose.

Workshops are a wonderful way to dive a little deeper into the healing process. Rachael finds that once people relax after a meditation, sharing what they have experienced during a group setting is so beneficial and incredibly healing. 



The ZenMen sessions have been specifically designed for the health and wellbeing of the Divine Masculine. Long the provider, the risk taker, the action man, the masculine often overlooks their feminine side, that of the nurturer, the wise intuitive, the heart-centred, and the compassionate. 

Achieving balance within both of these two main archetypes is of the utmost importance if we are to see balance in our everyday physical reality. 

Rachael hopes that through these sessions and by addressing both these qualities the participant will reach a harmonious balance within, therefore reflecting that without.


Ashati 1, 2 & 3 and Reiki 1,2 & 3

Rachael studied with the Ashati International Institute of Energy Healing over 7 years. She took her time during this profound transformational spiritual journey and is a certified Energy Healer and is now able to offer energy activations for Ashati 1,2 & 3.

Working with the Ashati Institute and in particular with Jerome Baudel and Francois Awad, Rachael was fully supported and nurtured through this incredible soul transformation. Guided with a soft hand and an open heart, Ashati was able to bring the best out in Rachael and her healing abilities, encouraging her and gently guiding her towards being the best version of herself, aligning her with her true soul’s purpose and opening her up to fully experience her own unique spiritual abilities. 

With each energy activation through Ashati, her passion for Energy Healing and the non physical dimension grew and grew until it eventually became her life.

Rachael is honoured to be able to pass these activations onto others and guide them gently through their own spiritual evolution. She is passionate about helping others connect and open to their own intuitive abilities and does so in a nurturing and loving way.