SoulSutras 10

“The Power of One…….”

Part 4

Together now as we were made to be, still laying perfectly still, both our palms together so as not to break the divine circuitry.

In perfect union with the divine, a circle of energy pulsating through our bodies.

You could trace it with your awareness, follow it rhythmically with your breath.

You could feel it rising up from root to crown kissing and caressing every chakra on its way  through.

Perfectly still.

Yet engaged in an act so sacred, so utterly divine it is hard to put into words.

As the momentum built and the energy became stronger and stronger it was imperative we hold still, make no movement just connect with the energy.

Follow its lead.

Let it guide us.

Let it show us just what we are made of.

Moving our awareness form the physical to the spiritual and being fully present and aware in its power and grace, wrapped in its ecstasy and love.

Trusting it to lead us and to show us the way.

The way back to our divine nature.

To show us what we are made of and what we are capable of being.

Riding the wave of this sexual, loving energy as it pulsated through every cell of our body, circling through us, dancing around us, caressing our flesh and blood, awakening us to Divine Spirit.