SoulSutra’s 19

“Coming Full Circle…………..”

On December 30th 1997, Julius and I packed up our home and one year old daughter and headed for the bright lights of Sydney!

It was a far cry from Adelaide and did take a while to adjust, quite a long while actually.

I was 6 months pregnant with our second child so it was a race to find a new obstetrician, a hospital and somewhere to live.

I managed to get a job with the ABC as a Broadcast Graphic Designer soon after I arrived, which was very fortunate, but definitely a tricky transition.

With no family there to help we had to get a nanny and organise childcare all while trying to find our feet in this new city.

The houses were much smaller than in Adelaide and no sooner had we found a home in which to live, we had to send most of our furniture back!

We lived in a groovy little enclave on the North Shore, close to the harbour.

It had everything we needed.

Restaurants, a fabulous book shop, pubs, views of the water and my favourite yoga studio in Sydney right at the end of my street.

I practiced Ashtanga yoga 6 days a week and became obsessed!

I always thought one day how much I’d like to buy that little yoga studio – (Just putting it out there!!!)

We were only in Sydney for two and a half years as due to severe postpartum depression we decided to move to Melbourne where we had cousins and aunts and it was a place I knew well.

But, I have always held a very special place in my heart for that groovy little enclave on the North Shore.

So a change in direction was initiated and a strong desire to listen to my heart sees us going back to Sydney.

After two and a half years in Sydney, ten years in Melbourne and almost 8 in Singapore, we have decided to return to the beautiful shores of Sydney Harbour.

TempleSoul has successfully been incorporated back in Australia and so the hunt is on to find the perfect healing location.

Happy now.