SoulSutras – 2

“Well, Your Heart’s Open and It’s Receiving……”

I’m very pleased to report that the first ten days without alcohol have been a breeze!

And actually, we are both feeling so much better!!!!

There seem to be an extra 12 hours in the day.

We are exercising daily, have changed our eating habits and are spending heaps more time with the kids.

Present and Aware.

There have been no jealous outbursts and the whole feel of the home is different.

Nights are spent either chatting, blogging or reading and days are fabulous as there is no alcohol haze hanging over our beings.

Clear & Focused.

Just as I intended.

First hurdle may be this Friday night when my beloved cousins come for dinner. I’ll keep you posted.

Yesterday, I had another appointment with the Light Chiropractor, Dr Theo Kieu. I started seeing him about three months ago at the advice of one of my healers, Yantara Jiro. Yantara explained to me that sometimes energy gets ‘stuck’ deep within us and it needs to be removed.


He said if I felt guided to go and see Theo that it would be very beneficial.

Of course I arrived home, rang and my appointment was booked.

Dr. Theo is amazing.

And I love the way he works because not only is he putting your bones back in place but if you are into all things spiritual, he will give you the spiritual meaning behind why your body holds itself in a particular way. We have been working on my ‘broken heart’ for months. This is a past life wound carried over, obviously the time is right for me to heal it in this lifetime. Every healer for the past two years has been talking about this broken heart of mine, and I know what caused it, but this is for another post.

Best to gain your trust before I start bringing on the crazy and talking about past lives!!


Finally after so much work. healing, meditation, mantra, holy springs, sound baths my heart is finally open…..

and it feels GOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can’t stress enough the importance of healing.

We must.

In order to open up and be able to receive all the universe wants for us….

Happiness, joy, peace and love.


And bring some of those loving vibes into your being.

Sending you much love and a little extra light